rareESSENCE Aromatherapy Holiday 2021 Sell Sheet

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Scents of the Season 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS

Holiday Sign ( Size 13” x 10” ) included with $150 purchase.

Three Festive Holiday Aromas! PURE SOY WAX CANDLES

100% pure essential oils. These long-burning, soot-free soy wax candles create a soothing glow and rich aroma to any room. 6 oz / 175 g Candle with Lid 36 hours approx. burn time - Juniper Spruce 131250594 - Bay Laurel 131260594 - Vanilla Peppermint 131270594


The perfect way to bring in the holiday cheer. Spritz into the air to freshen any room or spray onto arrangements or an artificial tree. Also an easy way to impart a wonderful aroma to your car or office. 118 ml / 4 fl oz Room Mist - Bay Laurel 400260066 - Vanilla Peppermint 400270066 - Juniper Spruce 400250066


For use in ultrasonic diffusers, oil warmers, add to potpourri or holiday arrangements. 5 ml / .169 fl oz Essential Oil Blend 7500100014

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Juniper & Spruce Real notes of Juniper and Spruce bring this fresh-cut holiday tree scent into your home. Sweet, festive and “fir real”!

Bay Laurel & Frankincense Spicy Bay Laurel combined with spiritually grounding Frankincense bring joy and glad tidings to your surroundings.

Vanilla & Peppermint Soothing Vanilla and refreshing Peppermint are the perfect blend to create a joyful atmosphere in your home this holiday season.

NEW HOLIDAY CANDLE! Juniper & Spruce with a wonderful real “fir” scent! 10.5 oz / 625 g Candle with Lid 60 hours approx. burn time 1322557414