Oak & Olive New Product 2023

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FOR 2023 Bottle Stoppers | 056/2 Anchor PSA-380AN Guitar PSA-380GT Flip Flops PSA-380FF Horseshoe PSA-380HS Hermit Crab PSA-380HC Peacock PSA-380PK Shark PSA-380SK Snowflake PSA-380SW Palm Tree PSA-380PM Christmas Tree Ornaments PSA-380XO Whale Tail PSA-380WT Nutcracker PSA-380NC Foodie Bite Trays | 0051/2 Sunflower PSA-361SU Starfish PSA-361SF Check out what’s

Peri Marble Board PSM-542

Large round walnut acacia wood serving board with grey wavy marble inlay. Large enough for a beautiful charcuterie presentation, serving appetizers or stunning butter or cheese spread board. 18"w x 12"d x ¾"h | 0562/1

Pearl Cheese Board PSM-576

15"w x 6"d x ½"h | 0051/2

Cheese Board

PSM-563WH | 0523/1

Sea Horse Serving Board PSM-544SH

Striking walnut acacia wood board with white marble inlay.

Anchor Serving Board

PSM-544AN 14"w x 10"d x ½”h | 0562/1

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USA Bear Board PSU-630C 14"w x 10"d x ¾"h | 0021/1
Rich acacia wood rectangular serving board with an iridescent genuine mother of pearl inlay making it strong, and stain resilient. Holds cheeses, meats and more.
Plateau Marble Serving Tray PSM-582
Solid grey & white cloudy marble serving tray keeps cheeses, meats veggies and butter and cheese spreads cold while offering a stunning contemporary look. Silver handles for easy carrying. 19 ½"w x 6"d x ½"h 0022/1
Verdi Marble Cheese Board
PSM-560WH | 0004/1
Large enough to use for a serving board, cheese board or unique butter board. 10"w x 14"d x ½"h | 0562/1
Rich walnut acacia wood serving board holds cheeses, charcuterie, and appetizers. Silver boat cleat handles with a nautical ornament. 21"w 6 ¼"d x ¾"h | 0022/1 Kennett Square Serving Tray PSU-626 Large Amish made cherry serving tray holds serving dishes, desserts, glassware and appetizers securely with a walnut rounded trim edge and genuine black leather strap carry handles. 20"w x 12"d x 1"h | 0524/1 Artos Serving Board PSU-631C Extra long cherry bread board or serving board with crumb catcher channel. USA Blacksmith made wrought iron handles. 24"w x 6"d x¾"h | 0053/1 Helm PSM-588HE Crab PSM-588CR Turtle PSM-588TT Seashell PSM-588SS Starfish PSM-588SF Sea Horse PSM-588SH made in USA made in USA america
Bowline Serving Board