ICU Clip Strip Sell Sheet

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Shield your eyes from blue light ICU introduces Screen Vision™ – fashionable eyewear for your digital lifestyle. Our fashionable frames utilize coated lenses to Filter out levels of blue light created by digital screens, reducing eye strain. • Reduces Digital Eye Strain. • Fashionable Frames, without magnification, are perfect for the younger shopper.

Protects eyes from digital sources:

ScreenVision™ Clip Strip® Program • • • •

Includes 1 pre-loaded Clip Strip® display unit. Holds 12 pairs of ScreenVision™ Glasses Per Clip Strip®. p®. Light-weight and ready to hang. Light profile with a small footprint.


#900135 ICU Screen Vision™ Clip Strip® 12 Pieces - MSRP: $19.99 each Dimensions: 28.06” H x 7” W.

Wholesale Cost $120.00 Retail Value: $239.88

Assorted ScreenVision™ Item: #900135 (1 Unit)






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