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Overnight Trip HYDRATING LIP MASK with Moringa Butter The moringa tree, native to the Himalayan foothills of Southeast Asia, is known as the miracle tree because all parts of the tree have been used in folk remedies for centuries. Now this rich moringa miracle mask soothes and moisturizes dry lips overnight. P.S. Ideal for daytime use, too! SKU 63201 / UPC 8 40259 70024 1 NET WT 0.3 oz



Three starter-set face products to keep you cleansed, moisturized, refreshed, and ready for the next adventure. SKU 68201 / UPC 8 40259 70049 4 SET INCLUDES: Fresh Start Purifying Face Cleanser, 4 fl oz Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask, NET WT 0.3 oz Into the Blue Stress Less Moisturizer, 2 fl oz

Take-Me-Along Bundle


This bundle will refresh, replenish, hydrate, and soothe throughout your trip. A perfect pick-me-up and PS, a great gift! SKU 68202 / UPC 8 40259 70044 9 ONLINE ONLY SET INCLUDES: Wandermist Hydrating Facial Spray, 3 fl oz Eyeland Retreat Cooling Eye Gel, 0.25 fl oz

Your Values

Giving back is part of your DNA–and ours. Our give-back program helps plant muchneeded trees, helping to make our earth a cleaner, greener, more beautiful place to live.

C the World BRIGHTENING SERUM with Camu Camu

Your Earth

Fieldtrip™ has made a commitment to use recyclable, biobased, or PCR components wherever possible.

There’s a lot of world to see with this brightening serum by your side. Like the Amazon rainforest where superfruit camu camu is sustainably sourced for its vitamin c–up to 60 times more than your breakfast orange and one of the highest contents of natural vitamin c known on the planet. A special blend of this superfruit has been shown to brighten, help lessen the appearance of dark spots, and reduce skin dullness with continued use. C for yourself. SKU 62204 / UPC 8 40259 70011 1 / 1 fl oz

Your Skincare

All products are free from: silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, chemical sunscreens, retinyl palmitate, synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes, formaldehyde, triclosan, triclocarban, petrolatum, mineral oil, talc, hydroquinone, BHA & BHT.

Take a Hike* CLEARING ACNE SERUM with Salicylic Acid & Barbary Fig

Breakouts take a hike with this lightweight, gentle serum featuring a combination of salicylic acid and barbary fig flower extract. The salicylic acid penetrates pores to reduce the number of acne blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. The flower extract, shown to help renew skin and improve its clarity and luminosity, is responsibly sourced from organically grown barbary figs. We see a clearing trend ahead. SKU 62203 / UPC 8 40259 70006 7 / 1 fl oz *Coming Soon*

The Fieldtrip brand is clean, cruelty-free, vegan, and certified by PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” program.

For more information about Fieldtrip, please email, or visit Descriptions and fill weights are subject to change and may not represent the final product. Fieldtrip™ reserves the right to make updates/changes/substitutions to the product assortment. 69219-02 / 8 40259 70043 2

We share your passion for the earth. You share our passion for skincare.


Fresh Start PURIFYING FACE CLEANSER with Glacial Clay

It’s a fresh start (literally) every time with this soothing clay from Kisameet Bay. Discovered off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, this unique glacial clay is harvested, combined with kaolin and sweet almond oil, and whipped into a deeply purifying cleanser for your face–and soul. SKU 62201 / UPC 8 40259 70008 1 4 fl oz

Smooth Trails ENERGIZING FACE SCRUB with Avocado Powder




Into the Blue STRESS LESS MOISTURIZER with Indian Wild Indigo


Wherever you wander, take us with you. Maybe a trip to Southeast Asia to see the orchards of rambutan–where upcycled rambutan peels are sustainably harvested for their fresh, hydrating properties. Add a dash of sage and citrus and enjoy a light, water-based mist that refreshes, hydrates, and rejuvenates skin. SKU 62206 / UPC 8 40259 70015 9 3 fl oz

Whatever the Weather* DAILY MOISTURIZER + 100% ZINC OXIDE SUNSCREEN Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Indian Ginseng

Smooth trails–and face–ahead with this avocado powder created from avocados native to South Central Mexico. The eco-friendly exfoliating powder comes from whole, upcycled avocados, leading to zero waste (we love that). Toss in some energizing Guinea pepper and you have an exfoliating scrub that’s refreshing and oh-so-smooth. SKU 62202 / UPC 8 40259 70003 6 3 fl oz * Co mi ng So o n*

This lightweight facial moisturizer and 100% mineral sunscreen blends right in to provide UVA/UVB protection with a sheer finish. The Indian ginseng, which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, is shown to both revitalize the skin and help protect from screenemitted light, making it the perfect ingredient for this 2-in-1 combo. Use it at all times, sunny or cloudy. SKU 62205 / UPC 8 40259 70012 8 1.7 fl oz * Co mi ng So o n*


Blaze a smooth trail anytime, anywhere with this very nourishing, very slick, translucent shave lotion. Extracted with the utmost care from organically grown white birch trees indigenous to Northern Europe, birch sap is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and sugars that helps moisturize the skin to minimize nicks and cuts. SKU 61201 / UPC 8 40259 70000 5 5 fl oz

Head into the blue daily, even twice a day, with this stress less moisturizer crafted with sustainably sourced Indian wild indigo. Known for its restorative benefits, Indian wild indigo has been shown to help reduce stress on the skin. The calm reaches you the minute this hydrating texture touches your skin…and did we mention it’s ice blue? SKU 62207 / UPC 8 40259 70016 6 2 fl oz


Eyeland Retreat

COOLING EYE GEL with Red Maple Bark

A cooling treat for your eyes and your conscience. This lightweight eye treatment, applied with a cooling metal tip, hydrates skin, and helps relieve puffy eyes. And the sustainably sourced, upcycled red maple bark from maple trees native to Canada, is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. BONUS: Blend of ash bark extract and niacinamide helps reduce puffiness and reduces the appearance of dark circles with continued use. SKU 62208 / UPC 8 40259 70022 7 0.25 fl oz

Go Sunwhere*

BRONZING DROPS with Malachite

Go wherever the sun takes you with these bronzing drops that help deliver buildable color to all skin tones. The malachite, traditionally found in Africa, is combined with red algae and Peruvian carob to help protect against pollution and environmental stressors. Keeps you glowing in all kinds of weather. SKU 62209 / UPC 8 40259 70027 2 1 fl oz * Co mi ng So o n*

One shower with this invigorating, sulfate-free body wash and you’ll be ready to get up and go! Used for its soothing properties in European folk medicine for centuries, Iceland moss grows in mineral-rich volcanic soil and thrives only in clean air. Add some eucalyptus and citrus, and you have a this-stuff-smells-great trifecta. Get going. SKU 64201 / UPC 8 40259 70019 7 10 fl oz * Co mi ng So o n*

Pit-Away* ALUMINUM-FREE DEODORANT with Neptune Kelp

If you’re not using an aluminum-free deodorant, it’s time to plan a pit-away. From its home along the cold North Atlantic Ocean floor, Neptune kelp is known for its soothing and hydrating properties. Add that to this free-from-aluminum deodorant, and it’s full pits ahead. SKU 64202 / UPC 8 40259 70026 5 * Co mi ng So o n*