Tweezerman Clip Strips Program 2021

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RETAIL CLIP STRIPS September 15th, 2021

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2021 CLIP STRIPS A new clip strip program will launch in 2021 that will highlight best selling skus across manicure and pedicure. This is a great option for accounts that hold secondary location opportunities and provide increased exposure for branding within stores. • Utilize impulse buy section and increase brand visibility at POS • Pre-packaged on clip for easy hanging – no assembly required • With increased foot traffic as stores begin to re-open this is a perfect option for secondary location opportunities

• Clip strip prominently features white Tweezerman logo and holds 6 skus

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CLIP STRIP ASSORTMENTS Clip Strips Each clip strip has the ability to hold 6 skus and arrives fully assembled with assortments on strip for simplified transfer from box to hanging location. Designed to be featured in highly visible impulse sections, clip strips offer visibility to core manicure and pedicure items. Blister items fit perfectly within the clip strips and alleviate the risk of weighing down strip. Hooks are included. Items approved for clip strip program and seen in mockups (right):




8853-R Neon Nail Files



8850-R: Combo Clipper



Dimensions of clip strip : Height - 19 inches

Width - 4 inches