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The Persona Collection

Our Persona collection celebrates the different sides of our personalities, from the Daydreamer to the Homebody and beyond. Honor all that you are.

Coconut Wax Blend Clean Fragrance Cruelty Free

DAYDREAMER neroli flower white tea driftwood

You’ve earned this. Sit back. Relax. Take a deep breath. Trust and let go. There’s nothing to worry about. Everything is in its place.

HOMEBODY smoky cade white bergamot vanilla

You’re home. Sweet home. Curl up under a cashmere throw. Set your tea down. Pick up your favorite book. Retreat. A better place is hard to find.

LUMINARY white grapefruit basil rosemary

You’re feeling the spark. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Anything you can imagine is possible. You’re in the right place at the right time.

REVELER fresh cut pine cedarwood fir balsam

You’re feeling festive. Merry. Joyous. There are a million reasons to celebrate and you can come up with a million more. This is the place to be.

ROYAL plum cassis iris

You wear the crown. Opulence and grace. Influence and power. Freed from the ordinary to become positively extraordinary. Your kingdom awaits.

SINNER smoke leather vetiver

Charmer. Tease. Seducer. They can say what they want about you. There’s nothing wrong with a little mischief. Especially when being bad feels this good.

SOLOIST turkish rose black currant muhuhu wood

You’ve been waiting all day for this. Finally. A moment to yourself. Shift your focus inward. It’s about you. Say hello to your happy place.

STUNNER violet sandalwood rosewood

You are flawless. Radiant. Confident. The brightest star in the sky. You make it look easy. You own the place.

The Vibes Collection

Our Vibes collection celebrates those magical moments in life that go beyond a simple memory, becoming imbued with lasting and relivable emotion. Bring the most memorable moments back to life.

Coconut Wax Blend Clean Fragrance Cruelty Free

BEACH VACAY mango blossom coconut husk palm leaves

Sandy toes. Sparkling skin. Warming in the tropical sun. Cocktail in-hand. Blissed and beyond.

FESTIVAL blonde woods grapefruit apricot

Wristband clasped. Gang’s all here. Buzz in the air. Dancing front stage. The beat drops. Moving as one.

FIRST KISS toasted praline raspberry jasmine

Heart racing. Breath shortening. Soul stirring. It’s finally happening. How to make this moment last forever.

HIS PILLOW purple sage teakwood pine

A perfect night. Cozy, warm, euphoric. A lingering scent that can only be his. The start of something new.

NEW CRUSH mediterranean fig white peach sandalwood

A dream. An ache. A need. Yearning to be near. Anticipation turns the ordinary into magic.

SKINNY DIP water minerals river stone salty air

Stripping down. Wild and free. A thrilling splash. An excited gasp. Ready for whatever comes next.


Soft touch finish Gold foil stamp Each scent has different color package

Iridescent/Reflective gradient Full color spectrum wraps around each box Packages line up to create rainbow effect





Beach Vacay


First Kiss





His Pillow

New Crush

Skinny Dip

All Vibes vessels are the same iridescent vessel, colors are just to illustrate the iridescence.

8oz | 227g $14 Wholesale | $28 SRP 6 Units/Case $7 Testers Coconut Wax Blend Clean Fragrance (no parabens, phthalates, sulfates) Cruelty Free

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