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Table Of Contents 3……..Heat On His Feet 4-5……..KD All Day 6-7……..J’s On My Feet 8……..Coby’s Kobe’s 9……..Spontaneous Mountain Shooz 10……..Run Straight On ‘Till Morning 11……..Letter From The Editor 2

Heat On His Feet $199.99



KD All Day KD VI “Bamboo”



65% Off Of A Wendy’s Frosty

KD All Day KD VI “Energy”

$209.99 5

35% Off On A Big Mac From McDonalds

J’s On My Feet

$349.99 $189.99


Jordan 4 “White Cement”

Jordan 5 “Oreo”

J’s On My Feet $399.99


Coby’s Kobe’s

Buy These Together As a Package $434.99

Limited Edition Get These Today!




Spontaneous Mountain Shoes $104.99 Very Durable


Run Straight on 'Till Morning $175.99


Letter From The Editor • We put a lot of time into this magazine. All pictures are our original ideas. We took and edited all of the pictures ourselves!

Hope you enjoyed!

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