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The new cell-laboratory standard

- non-invasive adherent cell counting -

An instrument to count on

The new cell-laboratory standard

HoloMonitor™ M3

The HoloMonitor™ M3 is an imaging cell analyser containing both quantifiable digital holographic microscopy (DHM) and the well established phase contrast imaging technique.

DHM allows non-invasive cell counting of both adherent (and suspension cells), 3D- topographic images, morphological analysis and software autofocusing “after image capture” and all this without any stains or markers. It is

therefore perfect for time-lapse imaging. The HoloMonitor™ M3 can give you data on all levels, from each individual cell, image or cell culture flask of your choice. Now you can monitor you adherent cells as often as you want without interference directly in any cell culture vessel. It is as simple as that, what more can we say.