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Issue No 16

24 January 2014


Headteacher’s Message Thank you for your support with the punctuality drive. The numbers arriving late to school have been significantly reduced over the course of the week and this has led to a far more purposeful start to the day. This is a key skill for life and it is extremely important that all QK students know what to expect in the world of work. Over the coming weeks we will be looking at how QK acknowledges those who always get this right. On that note a new set of 'Show Pride and Be Positive' praise cards have been printed and they should start to come to you soon.

explain the world’s beginnings and many other unsolved mysteries. He had described the theory of ‘dark matter’, few ideas about Black Holes and how scientists are puzzled about the fact that the observable universe represent only 4% and there is a 96% still unaccounted for, something called ‘dark energy’, which we cannot see. The physicist told us that there is a high possibility we will have found the fourth dimension within the next few decades, and that the discovery of this would not only be a huge advancement in our knowledge of the universe, but would excite the new generation of potential physicists.

I am looking forward to meeting year 7 parents on Tuesday and seeing how their first five months at QK have gone. I am also looking forward to year 11 students taking the advice from the recent parents evening in preparing for their Pre Public Exams. It is so important that all year 11 students really put the hours in to give themselves the best possible chance of a fantastic set of grades in the summer. Thanks to all of you who came to the year 12 study skills evening. Some new staff I would like to introduce are:  Heather Johnston Acting Deputy Head  Amy Samuels Acting Assistant Head  Kate Sanders English Teacher  Amanda Hamilton HR Officer  Simone Raby Student Learning Advisor Opening Minds Finally QK would like to wish Lamene Aghile all the best when representing QK at the ‘Young Chef of the Year’ competition next Tuesday. Alex Atherton Headteacher Science in Switzerland

In December, the year 12 physics AS class visited CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is a scientific institute which has seen the likes of Tim Burns-Lee, the founder of the internet, amongst many other renowned Nobel Prize winners and great physicists, including the late Peter Higgs who won the Noble prize of Physics for discovering the Higgs boson. The 3 day trip consisted of stretching our syllabus beyond to what it is at school. On the first day, the trip had been based on settling down just outside of Geneva. We took some time getting to know the area, which was very interesting located between both France and Switzerland. After resting for a while in our hotel we used the tram to travel to the centre of Geneva where we had our dinner. On the second day, my class and I attended a lecture, led by Professor Majid Boutmer who specializes in Quantum Physics, an incredibly interesting topic consisting of many theories to

The remainder of our trip consisted of viewing models of the large hadron collider, visiting the universe of particles and the microcosm exhibitions, which were hands on and very interesting. We also watched a 3D film and conducted various tours around CERN, namely the ATLAS control room and parts of the large hadron collider. Not only did we all thoroughly enjoy our time in Switzerland, visiting various tourist sites such as the flower clock, but seeing at a scientific exhibition showed all how interesting physics could be, and how it could affect people diversely.

Our thanks and gratitude to the all the teachers who accompanied us to Geneva and to the science department especially for organising such a high profile educational trip.

QK ARTiculation Prize Heat On Wednesday 15th January eight Year 12 students participated in an art speech competition in order to choose our representative at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge later this month. All the presentations were not only of a high standard, but every student provided singular and fascinating insights into various pieces, paintings, sculpture and architecture, contemporary installations, historical and challenging subject-matter. Wenni Yuan presented Mathematics and Art, Iman Mouloudi discussed Art Inspired by Science, and Zain Cahill deftly produced a presentation on the Art of War. All three tied third. Roden Derveni gave a commanding speech about the Polish painter Zdislaw Bekinski and came second. Zack Lewis- Griffiths won with his knowledgeable piece on the work of Le Corbusier. However, Charlie Roche's piece on Raphael's School of Athens was informative, Shahnaz Raimi's presentation Olafar Eliasson was ambitious, and Karim Fawaz is to be commended with his delightful insight into Botticelli's Birth of Venus, despite not actually studying Art History for A level! Many thanks to Mr McGillicuddy for being an excellent adjudicator, Mr Atherton, Lamar Joseph in Year 13, and the Library Team for their support. S. Worthington Humanities Department & Corporate Liaison – The Leigh Day Debates The evening of 16 January saw the culmination of The Leigh Day Debates an extremely rewarding legal mentoring scheme supported by one of our key partners. Leigh Day is a specialist law firm with some of the country's leading personal injury, product liability, clinical negligence, employment and discrimination, international and human rights teams. Unlike other law firms, they act exclusively for claimants who have been injured or treated unlawfully by others. The scheme supported by Leigh day enabled twenty of our most talented Humanities Year 12 students and debaters to be mentored by a law professional in preparing a legal case within a traditional debating format. The subject matter and debating topics were extremely relevant and included legal cases which are currently in the national and international press. These debating topics included “In January 2014, restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians right to ‘free movement’ in the UK will be relaxed allowing them free entry to work. Should the UK be limiting its borders and restricting the free movement of workers as some propose?” “The Supreme Court have recently found in favour of a gay couple who were turned away from a B & B by the Christian owners as homosexual relationships did not align with their religious beliefs. Is it ever right to restrict someone expressing their religion?” “Uruguay has recently legalised cannabis, to regulate its production, sale and consumption meaning the state will take control of the cannabis market. Are there any positives to this course of action, and should the UK follow suit?” “Should smokers be allowed to receive treatment for their respiratory problems on the NHS?” “Six London cyclists were killed in 13 days in November 2013. Would mandatory licensing of cyclists with compulsory insurance prevent any of these deaths?”

After an extremely lively session to an audience of the mentor lawyers from the firm two students were judged the overall winners Jozef Pell and Usama Yusef. Their prize will be a week’s placement at the firm, which will obviously look fantastic on their professional resume. Second place prizes of vouchers were awarded to Mark Paul and Zack Lewis-Griffiths as well as an honourable mention to Iman Mouloudi for her hard work. All students represented the school well and certainly embodied its spirit of positivity and pride. The feedback from our partners at Leigh Day reflected this and the students can all be proud that they have added to their own QKCV with a unique new set of skills and experiences as well as continued to add to QK School’s wider reputation.” QK Corporate Liaison and Saatchi and Saatchi Creative Mentors Programme Eighteen students from QK’s Year 13 cohort presented their work so far on the Saatchi and Saatchi Creative Mentoring programme on Friday 17th January at QK. This scheme sees our student paired with a marketing professional from one of the world’s most prestigious creative advertising agencies in the world. Our students have been given a live brief to launch a new product range for Walls Sausages (a globally recognised food brand). This programme is designed to improve a range of business skills making those participants more employable and adding value to their QKCV. At this stage the students were able to present their initial strategies and ideas for our students to receive feedback from a panel of professionals. The final presentations, to be held next month, will give the students’ final creative solutions to this very real business case study. The winning presentations will be rewarded with placements at Saatchi and Saatchi allowing those students to gain even greater business insight and further expand their own portfolio of skills making them even more competitive in the tough employment market! Feedback from the Saatchi & Saatchi team was tough and uncompromising reflecting the company’s high professional standards, our students found it hugely beneficial. Good luck to all of those involved in the coming weeks in the final lead up to the big event to be held at Saatchi & Saatchi’s global HQ! Nathan De Garis

Art Work of the Week

9N 9K 9Y 9S 9A

By Sadia Begum 8N Students of the Week Year 7 7Q Syed Ahmad For always respecting others 7U Sufiyan Charkaoui For having improved behaviour by remembering the thought of the week 7T Labeeb Chowdhury For being a great Self Manager 7N Waheeda Rahman For always being helpful and having an excellent attitude to learning 7K Nura Mansur For being helpful and creating amazing art work 7Y Neimah Hammoud For excellent behaviour and work in class 7S Moammel Al-Bediery For working hard to reach his targets 7A Farida Thomson For being a helpful member of the tutor group Year 8 8Q Issa Hamzeh For his consistently calm, well behaved manner during registration 8U Noor Al-Hassani For being a good QK role model 8T Filsan Ahmed For her positive attitude around school 8N Tringa Shabani: For her positive contribution to tutor time 8K Serene Riabi For setting a positive example during tutor time 8Y Ayyoub Choaibi For his good behaviour in form, and around school 8S Ayoub Reffas For outstanding work in art and for having a positive week 8A Menaz Miah For his consistently calm, well behaved manner during registration. Year 9 9Q Rizwana Rahman For bringing a wonderful smile to tutor time 9U Joseph Rhodes For having a great attitude 9T Jone Yen Lau For excellent punctuality to school

Naji Eldin For trying really hard last week Joshua Paul For trying really hard over the last couple of weeks Mohima Ali For fantastic punctuality and attendance Bouchaib Hilali For being so resilient Joe Little For always being so patient and calm

Year 10 10Q Berna Gjyshinca For a fantastic contribution to the reading session 10U Zakary Kahir For showing pride in his work and being positive about his studies 10T Sabahudin Hasanovic For great attitude towards his learning 10N Cerys Hurlet For great effort this term across subjects and with attendance/punctuality 10K Khalid Mohamed For improved behaviour during registration and around school 10Y Najibah Ahmed For effort in maths 10S Rayan Jamzeh For being polite, mature and respectful in form time and for making a great start in all her subjects 10A Manar Dafla For great attitude towards the start of term Year 11 11Q Aslima Akthar-Jahir For being an outstanding student and a positive role model. 11U Hajar Hassoun Soussi For focussed energy shown when working in all subjects 11N Nazmul Ullah For holding all of us to account 11T – Kelsey Saunders For attending all of those revision clubs 11K Ri Power For his effort in Btec Sports 11Y –Ify Tudeme For her resilience, diligence and maturity. Well done! 11S Alison Kembi For her hard work in English 11A Alaa Hamade For his progress and hard work in Geography 11E Bakeir Bakeir For his effort in all subjects Thought of the Week Big thinking precedes great achievement - Wilfred Peterson Keyword = Achievement

DATES TO REMEMBER 28 January 11 February 14 February 25 February

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