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Village by the Shore Spring/Summer 2016

JFS Village Embraces Community Something for Everyone


ver the past couple months Village by the Shore has made tremendous inroads towards meeting the needs and wants of our Village members. The agency has listened to the community and updated programs, services and partnerships. Where JFS was once known for “older adult services,” Village by the Shore has begun to experience a shift in generations from the “older adults” to the “Boomers”. Members span several decades of life from their 50’s to their 90’s. The different perspectives are adding richness to our discussions and activities, whether political, science and technology, the arts, religion, or Israel and the world.

month included in their benefits. To meet the rapidly growing need for door-to-door transportation, the Village now has four dedicated drivers. For members who are looking for companionship, whether a chess partner or walking mate, Friendly Visits have been life changing for our members and volunteers. The Village has also started phone reminders to keep members upto-date with the latest programs, activities and service partners. The Village by the Shore network of Service Partners is growing each month. These quality, reliable and trustworthy businesses include cleaning services, HVAC contractors, handyman services, pet care services, local restaurants, non-medical support services and hospice care. Village by the Shore has added a dozen Service Partners to our resource and referral network. The Village has also welcomed its first Restaurant Retail Partners. The most recent listings of the Village partners can be found on the Village by the Shore website (www.jfsvillagebytheshore.org) under vetted Service Partners.

For those unfamiliar, Village by the Shore is not a physical location but a neighbors helping neighbors initiative. There are three program branches, members, service partners, and volunteers. Each branch of the Village intermixes to create a stronger, happier and healthier community. Members continue to share a vibrant and active lifestyle with family and friends as they build new relationships within the Village network. Most recently, membership benefits have expanded to include a variety of services from new educational programs to technology support and even meal delivery.

The Village has dozens of volunteers helping with everything from trash valet to running errands. Volunteers are the backbone of the Village as they infuse knowledge, creativity, energy, and care into everything they do. In late February, Village by the Shore hosted a Volunteer Appreciation event at Sophia’s in Margate. Nearly 30 attendees enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and a wine tasting to celebrate and thank them for all they do every day for members and the community. This was the first of many “thank you’s” for an incredible group of people.

In January, Village by the Shore grew its social and cultural programming based upon member requests. Activities offer something for everyone including current event conversations, needlework gatherings, luncheons, memoir writing and multimedia art. To learn about Village events and programs, see our Program Spotlight on page 4. Transportation has always been one of Village by the Shore’s most requested services. From trips to the store to doctor’s appointments, every Village member receives two rides per

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For more information about Village by the Shore, please contact Tina Serota at 609-822-1109 or tserota@jfsatlantic.org.


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Village Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter  

Village Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter