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JFS CURRENTS The Short List An Abundance of Thanks

Winter 2021

JFS Hosts Unique Blue Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser

Cousins Samantha, Lia and Maya Goldberg and their families donated more than 12 bags of food to support the JFS Turkey Drive. Their generous giving helped provide local families with a Thanksgiving dinner.

Beautifully Crafted Masks

Abby Stephens and the Human Rights Club at the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES) donated handmade masks to JFS staff and clients.

Birthday Supports Food Pantry

To celebrate her 12th birthday, Kassie Johnston asked family and friends to donate non-perishable food to support the Food Pantry. Kassie and her mother, April, delivered more than a dozen boxes of food to stock the pantry shelves.

Growing a Village Garden

There’s still time to participate in JFS’ Blue Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser, presented by Geoscape Solar. From now through January 31, you can flock your friends, family and neighbors with this bevy of beauties. For $50, you can send 20 vibrantly colored birds and for $75, you can remain anonymous so they’ll have no idea who flocked them. For $150, you can supersize your flock and JFS will send up to 100 radiant blue flamingos to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Want to prevent your yard from ending up in the flamingo landing zone? Purchase Flocking Insurance, courtesy of Scott Brown Insurance Agency, for $100, and your home will be protected from these feathered invaders. Flamingo migration territories include Downbeach, Atlantic City, Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield, Egg Harbor Township, Absecon and Brigantine. Additional fees apply for Mays Landing and Galloway. Flamingos will nest in the yard for up to 48 hours. “When it comes to fun and creative ways to raise money to support the agency’s programs and services, the JFS staff truly thinks outside of the box,” said Andrea Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer of Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties. “This Flocking Fundraiser is a new and unique way to raise essential dollars for our agency while also bringing joy to neighborhoods,” she added. For more information or to arrange for a Flocking, Flocking Removal, or Flocking Insurance, visit jfsatlantic.org or contact Kirby Reed at kreed@jfsatlantic.org or 609.822.1108 x144.

2 | CEO Report 3 | President's Report Harvey and Michele Hamburg show off romaine and mesclun lettuce from their DIY Container Garden. Each month, Village by the Shore offers gardening workshops to grow vegetables, herbs and plants. Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

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State of the Agency CEO Report The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges for all of us. While the tangible effects such as job loss, food insecurity and healthcare are making headlines, the unseen obstacle of mental health is a new encounter for many. Fear and anxiety about getting sick and what could happen can be daunting. Physical distancing rules can make people feel isolated and lonely causing increased stress and anxiety. Everyone has been affected differently by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing a range of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Andrea Steinberg, CEO The universal impact has brought about like challenges. In today’s environment, mental health is now at the forefront of conversations and people feel more comfortable speaking openly with friends, family, and medical experts. While no one knows the long-term mental health effects, a study by Britain’s Oxford University showed that, 1 in 5 people who had tested positive for COVID-19 reported having a first-time diagnosis of anxiety, depression or insomnia. Now, imagine what the percentage is of people who never contracted the virus, but have been impacted mentally by the pandemic. When coping with the daily stressors topped with anxiety of the pandemic, community members turn to JFS for assistance. Our team offers an attentive ear, kind smile and thoughtful insight. While adults are more able to recognize and seek assistance, we must be vigilant in noticing stress and changes in children’s mental health. Kids' daily routines have been altered with virtual school, cancelled sports, eliminated playdates and while children are resilient, they are affected by the pandemic in a variety of ways. Noticing changes in a child’s attitude, appetite, interest and even non-communitive or physical interactions can be indicators to their mental stability. Their daily routines have changed over the past 10 months which could affect their quality of life. A change in a student’s behavior, concentration, and work performance may be an indicator to an internal struggle with isolation, anxiety, depression, fear or confusion. At JFS, our compassionate counselors, case managers, social workers and staff are trained to understand what brings someone to JFS and provide the needed support. With more than 20 years of expertise in the mental health industry, including 11 years as a practicing clinician, I firmly believe that we must elevate and discuss mental health issues to remove any stigma. JFS is working locally to assure mental health needs are met and nationally with the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (NJHSA), to review data, patterns and evaluate needs. This collaborative effort allows for national advocacy and future program and service support beyond the pandemic. Jewish Family Service motivates and empowers people to realize their potential to achieve personal goals and enhance their quality of life through a wide range of support regardless of their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or background. At JFS, we encourage strong families, thriving children, healthy adults and energized seniors. Together, we can strengthen our community by supporting each other. As we embrace 2021, please make mental health a priority. While we may be apart, we are in this together.

Anti-Racism Committee Formed at JFS in Response to Minneapolis resident George Floyd's death marked a pivotal moment in our in the communities we serve and in very deep ways, our staff, as brought to listened and responded by holding a two-day open forum, co-facilitated by turn encourage staff members to ask the same of the community members Then the question was posed, "Where do we go from here?" It was agreed an First Case Manager) and Vickie Perry (HR Coordinator) volunteered to serve The purpose of the ARC would be to address issues in ways that facilitate and education, thereby breaking down barriers, internally and externally, which diversity and inclusion of all facets are important to be able to address existing established mission. Since September, the ARC has met to cover topics such as amplifying JFS staff and leadership that are more diverse to better serve JFS’ mission in the a better community and workplace for all. In 2021, the ARC plans more community-based engagement, including grassroots were generated and action steps are being planned including having ARC appropriate advancements to the Board of Directors. Other goals include innovative educational experiences and cultural competency of color, grassroots involvement through giving back to become more part uplift each other – the benefit being ‘we all rise.’

Committee Co-Chair Vickie Perry Human Resources Coordinator “I have always been in pursuit of opportunities to teach, learn and uplift others knowing that knowledge and understanding are the building blocks for a society to move forward. Our monthly meetings, coupled with working directly with JFS’ Diversity committee, has allowed us to share concerns, propose ideas to strengthen inclusion and equity and achieve JFS’ goals within the community.”

Sam and Luke Goldstein Honored with Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award On November 19, 2020, National Philanthropy Day was hosted to recognize the people and organizations who provide great contributions in their communities. JFS nominated Sam, age 13, and Luke Goldstein age 10, who won the prestigious award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy by the Association of Fundraising Professionals New Jersey Southern Chapter. The brothers, along with their parents, Jason and Jessica, are active participants in their community raising money and collecting goods for various non-profit agencies. From helping at food drives to stocking the pantry to coat collections for the homeless, these brothers are a staple at JFS. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached our area, the brothers did not miss a beat in helping their community members in need. While adhering to the current social distancing guidelines, Sam and Luke knocked on neighbors’ doors, visited local businesses and embraced family and friends in order to either get products donated or secure financial support. As these motivated pillars of our community shared, “If everybody does a little, it’s a lot of goodness in the world. It makes the world a better place.”


Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

George Floyd's Death country. The situation had far reaching ripples, touching the lives of those the attention of JFS leadership by ICMS Case Manager, Tempestt Smith. JFS Tempestt, for staff to check-in and ask “how are we doing” as individuals, and in we serve daily. Anti-Racism Committee (ARC) would be formed and Fatimah Archie (Housing as co-chairs. deeper conversations and understanding of racial diversity through training do not support JFS’ mission to heal the world (tikkun olam). Recognizing that injustices in our community would strengthen JFS’ ability to serve its long messaging of inclusivity in the communities we serve, encouraging agency community, and to address racism inequality and racial insensitivity to assure participation to address concerns, growth and stability. Recommendations members participate in Community Advisory Board meetings as well as report trainings for staff, mentorship and a path to career advancement for people our communities, and partnerships that unite neighbors in a common goal to

Committee Co-Chair Fatimah Archie Case Manager “My decision to co-chair the Anti-Racism Committee derived from my desire to accompany JFS in promoting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. The ARC, Diversity Committee, and JFS managing staff have been working in tandem to identify and implement meaningful change that would establish comprehensive short and long term initiatives to improve JFS’ operations, as well as the experiences of the community members we serve.”

State of theReport Agency President's As I reflect on this year, I am humbled by the strength of our community. Now more than ever, Jewish Family Service has truly felt the embrace of what community means. In addition to facing a pandemic of unfathomable magnitude, our community has been one of the hardest hit economically. The increase of individuals and families in need has skyrocketed and surpassed that which we saw after Superstorm Sandy. Once again our community has risen to the occasion. In the past 10 months alone, individuals, businesses, and organizations have donated more than $535,000 and thousands of pounds of non-perishable food and basic Johanna Perskie, President essentials to JFS Emergency Relief Fund. Regardless of the amount of money or items donated to those in need, it is a lifeline. This pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another, whether that means something tangible you can see -- job loss, housing or food insecurity -- or intangible stress, anxiety, or depression. For some people, this is the first time they have ever asked for help. This is when JFS rises to the occasion with open arms to anyone who walks through our agency doors. While the strength of JFS lies in its dedicated and knowledgeable staff, the feasibility of a non-profit agency being able to help is dependent upon the community. Every gesture makes a difference and together heals a community. Should you ever find yourself or a neighbor in need of help, JFS will be here to serve.

JFS Earns Bronze ‘Best of the Press’ Award Each year, The Press of Atlantic City hosts the Readers’ Choice Awards to recognize local businesses, services, organizations and individuals. The 19th annual contest provided readers with the opportunity to vote and for the first time, the 2020 categories included ‘Best Non-Profit Charitable Organization’. With readers casting more than 358,000 votes, Jewish Family Service earned third place and was presented with the Bronze award. Congratulations are extended to the other non-profit winners and finalists – Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Atlantic City Rescue Mission, Earth Angels for Dementia, and Starfish Equine Rescue.

Greg Rosenblit Named Senior Director of Human Resources Greg Rosenblit has joined JFS as the Senior Director of Human Resources. In this position, Greg is responsible for navigating an employeecentered, performance-oriented culture for the staff. “The JFS Board and staff are pleased to have Greg join our team. His Human Resources centric expertise, coupled with his career background, will complement our hard-working staff,” said Andrea Steinberg, JFS CEO. With nearly a decade of experience in manufacturing, corporate and retail industries, Greg most recently served as the Human Resources Manager for the AJM Packaging Company. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and is currently pursuing a Professionals in Human Resources (PHR) certification. “I look forward to playing an active role in the organization’s continued success by recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse and sustainable workforce to positively influence the communities we serve,” said Rosenblit. Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

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Programs & Services Atlantic City Police Department and JFS Partner on Multi-Year Program The Atlantic City Police Department, in collaboration with JFS, received a $740,576 grant from the Department of Justice to improve public safety responses and health outcomes for individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse. Since 2005, the AC Police Department and JFS have closely partnered to deliver justice involved services to people with mental illness. To further expand on the goal of providing services and programs to the city’s homeless population, especially those with mental illness or substance abuse, in 2012, JFS embedded a Case Manager with ACPD to support officers on daytime shifts. To use over a 36-month period, the DOJ grant will build on that program by filling the critical after-hours outreach gap and providing better equipment to officers and social workers so that they can deliver on-site support. “Stories of police interactions with individuals who have mental illness continue to lead media headlines and this program combines the strengths of both the Atlantic City Police Department and Jewish Family Service to better serve the people of Atlantic City. JFS’ talented and knowledgeable team specialize in de-escalation, mental health treatment and responding in crisis. We are ready to collaborate in this program that will break down barriers and provide real time help to individuals with mental illness during police encounters,” said Andrea Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer of Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties. In the public safety in 2019, the AC Police Department received 714 calls for service specifically involving individuals with mental illness. In addition, statistics show there’s a strong prevalence of co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse amongst Atlantic City’s homeless population. In January 2019, a survey found 357 individuals were experiencing homelessness in Atlantic County. Of them, 162 were individuals with severe mental illness and 115 experiencing substance abuse. “This federal grant will allow us to better serve those dealing with mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness in Atlantic City,” said Interim Officer in Charge James Sarkos. “Each day, our officers encounter individuals that fall into at least one of these three categories. It is our duty to offer the necessary services that many others already have access to. Our partnership with JFS will allow us to do just that,” he added. “The goal of my administration is to provide essential services to all of our community members,” said Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, Sr. “This federal funding will allow the ACPD and JFS to better serve the City of Atlantic City. I applaud the commitment of these two community minded organizations to help those individuals who are in a mental health crisis, and this administration fully supports their efforts,” he added. This innovative program implements real-time interaction between law enforcement and social workers. The multi-year, evidence-based partnership incorporates nine months for a planning phase in partnership with Stockton University, and 27 months implementing the program. The collaborators will work to enhance the training and social interaction between all parties as well as help to get people out of the system and make productive members of society.

JFS Offers Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-housing Program With the current economic environment surrounding our regions, specifically Atlantic County having the highest unemployment rate in the nation, many individuals and families who may never have thought they were in fear of losing their place to live, may now be in danger of doing so. JFS’ Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-housing Program assists with back rent to households in imminent risk of homelessness due to an eviction summon. In addition, temporary rapid re-housing assistance, for up to 90 days, is provided to people living on the streets or in emergency shelters. HPRP can provide financial assistance to help move individuals and families from crisis to stability. In addition, with case management and on-going meetings, HPRP pays a portion of rent for those who qualify. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Kristen Alzamora at 609.822.1108 x269.


Justice Involved Services Offer Individuals Personalized Support Mainstreaming back into society after being released from jail may seem like a daunting task. With JFS’ Justice Involved Services, our staff work to create a person-centered, wrap-around re-entry plan that will assist individuals to live more cohesively in the community. JFS provides help at the Atlantic County Justice Facility (ACJF) to inmates with a mental illness to successfully re-integrate them into the community by connecting them with mental health and housing services. The program also provides weekly community post-incarceration group support that offers vocational and GED services to those released from jail. The innovative connection of resources meets the needs of vulnerable populations while assuring a seamless transition and diversion from potential future criminal justice involvement. For more information, contact Mental Health and JIS Supervisor L a u re n G r a s s o , M S W, a t 609.822.1108 x133.

Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

COVID-19 Update As the world watched the spread of COVID-19 across the globe, JFS leadership took swift action to create an environment focused on the safety of clients and staff, while ensuring the agency’s programs would continue uninterrupted. Understanding the needs of the community would likely increase, the agency focused on modifying critical services, among them the expansion of the Village by the Shore Shop at Home program, a pivot to tele-health counseling and the relocation of the JFS Food Pantry to the boardroom to accommodate the surge in families requesting assistance. The work of staff and volunteers relies on the generosity of our community and business partners. Since the start of the pandemic, JFS has received an outpouring of support. From grant funding and donations to in-kind gifts of sanitizers and masks, JFS is humbled by the kindness and philanthropy of its supporters. For a timeline of the agency's accomplishments this past year, view the previous edition of JFS Currents at jfsatlantic.org and visit Newsletters under News & Events.

Since the Pandemic began, JFS has: Provided 5,767 tele-health sessions

Delivered 3,394 meals to isolated seniors

Responded to 2,228 calls for assistance

Fed 5,267 individuals through on-site Food Pantry



Donated for emergency relief efforts

Community members gave an average gift of $50

Stats as of 12/11/20

Thank you COVID-19 Donors Givers listed July 16 to December 22, 2020. To view more givers, visit Ways to Give - View Our Supporters at jfsatlantic.org. Shelley Arch Cila Behr Mervin Cherrin Gail Dembin Reva Dubin Leonard & Elizabeth Dworsky Lloyd & Ellen Eisen Mathew & Sindy Finkelson Leroy & Gail Friedman Alan & Sheila Friedman Scott & Kathy Fuerman Marcia Gelman David & Andrea Goldberg Judith Goldman Patricia Goldstein Kenneth & Janet Grossman Scott & Kathy Hafetz Paula Hartman Israeli Investment Club Beth Joseph-Arentz James Klinghoffer

Shy & Janet Kramer Janet Levine Dennis & Jane MacGrogan MANNA at the Shore Harry & Carol Marder Robert & Susan Mayer Ilene Miller Susan Neustadter New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund Patricia Reynolds Rochelle Salway Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz Ann Segal Ellen Strenger The Jewish Federations of North America Michael & Janet Toland Robert Vatter Patricia Wild & Ron Ruff

Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

Safety in Numbers Jewish Family Service is committed to the health of its employees, clients and volunteers. Throughout the pandemic, the agency has invested $82,700 to keep our community safe.

JFS Provided

17,500 Medical-grade Masks to Staff

718 Containers of Hand Sanitizer

7,400 Pairs of Medical Gloves

1,510 Cloth Masks to Community Members

130 Face Shields for Transporting Clients

145 Containers of Disinfecting Wipes

97 Plexiglass Dividers Installed in Offices

218 Directional & Safety Signs

2 Temperature Check Stations Installed

63 Deep Cleaned Agency Vehicles

12 Foot Operated Sanitizer Towers

15 Gallons of Electrolyzed Water

8 Electrolyzed Water Sanitization Machines

5 Boxes of Specialized Masks for Hearing Impaired

250 Hand-made Masks Donated by Volunteers

275 Daily Communication Emails to Staff

Stats as of 12/15/20

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Village by the Shore jfsvillagebytheshore.org

Member Spotlight: Rochelle Salway At 84 years of age, Rochelle Salway lives an incredible trailblazing life filled with professional accomplishments, commitment to the community, dedication to family and friends and just as importantly, a bright outlook every day. During her 30-year tenure with the City of Atlantic City, working for six different mayors, Rochelle spent 24 years handling applications for residents to fix up their properties. Her thought process was if she worked one-on-one with homeowners to better their living environment, then they would remain in the city, potentially work in the city and create a community atmosphere. She was also committed to the city’s educational system having been elected three times to the Atlantic City School Board and serving for nine years. For the remaining six years of her career, Rochelle worked for the Senior Outreach department that included two primary programs -- Meals on Wheels and Tax Assistance for the elder community – an endeavor she still continues to this day. Just as JFS was founded on the principles of helping the elderly and poor, Rochelle knows her work knowledge continues to impact and help those who need it. “For years, I belonged to organizations including B’nai B’rith, Atlantic City Lions Club and ORG which are committed to helping people. When I initially began to support JFS nearly 10 years ago, I appreciated the diverse work they did to assist others. Besides helping a dear friend’s son receive much-needed counseling to better understand and help with his mental health matters, I knew JFS also provided food, housing and senior services,” said Rochelle. Rochelle knew the abundance of benefits associated with a Village membership and wanted to make certain that if she needed help grocery shopping, rides to doctor appointments or simply wanted to participate in an event, the Village would be there. She came to rely on the services when the pandemic hit. Each week, she gets groceries delivered which brings piece of mind. “The staff and volunteers are delightful, kind and wonderful, and the work JFS does is to be commended. Someone is doing something for you and that’s a mitzvah,” she said. “Rochelle is so appreciative of the Village’s Shop at Home program, which has enabled her to continue to do what she loves the most, cook for her family,” said Cyndi Zubia, JFS Volunteer. “She is always kind, happy and always appreciative when my cousin Deanna and I deliver her groceries. After our visit with Rochelle, Deanna and I smile a bit more that day,” added Cyndi. One of the Village’s other programs is the weekly phone check-in where Rochelle can chat about what’s she’s cooking from scratch including her favorite soups, Matzo Ball and Beef & Barley, and enjoying in her spare time, reading newspapers and playing puzzles on her Kindle. “I love to talk on the phone and the connection feels like you are spending time without being together,” said Rochelle. Rochelle’s parents, Morris and Frances, instilled in her and her younger sisters, Bobbie and Arlene, the importance of helping others. She was raised in the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia, a close-knit neighborhood filled with row homes. “Put an extra piece of bread on the table in case someone knocks at the door.” Rochelle explained, ‘The Village puts bread on my table each week with my grocery delivery so I can remain safely at home. Since the shopper who delivers my order will not take a tip, I give back by making a weekly donation to JFS, which in turn will help put bread on someone else’s table.”

$25,000 Donation from Federation and KAVOD SHEF Supports Survivor Services As a partner with Jewish Family Service organizations in communities around the country, the KAVOD SHEF matches grants to assure survivor emergency needs are met. Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties recognized the need and donated funds to fill the deficit for the remainder of 2020. The funds help survivors with housing assistance, utilities, transportation, food and social services as well as medical, vision and dental. JFS has 33 Holocaust survivors residing in our community who require regular or on-going assistance and support services from our agency. Our staff is committed to making certain that these survivors live a comfortable quality of life as they age with grace and dignity. JFS works with the Claims Conference, but anticipates a $120,000 deficit for 2021. 6

Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

This contains content from Village by the Shore Fall/Winter 2020 newsletter. To receive the newsletter in its entirety, contact 609.822.1109 or villagejfs@jfsatlantic.org.

Get Social

Emergency Preparedness:

With the DIY Container Garden, you can embrace your green thumb to create an indoor garden. Participants will learn how to grow and care for all types of vegetables, herbs and house plants. The Positivity Project shares ways to boost your wellness – mind, body and soul – with self-care, gratitude, meditation and resiliency. Experience the thrill of capturing your life’s adventures, history and ancestry at a Memoir Workshop led by award-winning author and Drexel University Professor of Creative Writing and Publishing, Harriet Levin Millan. Share a favorite recipe and the memories they invoke with the Comfort Cuisine program. Each month features a different culinary creation. Insightful, animated and fast-paced conversation with friends and neighbors spanning both sides of the aisle and the middle. At Coffee Klatch, you share thoughts on politics, technology, world events, the arts and more.

For more information about Village by the Shore events, contact Tina Serota at 609.822.1109.

Will you be ready if disaster strikes? Now that the cold winter months are here, it’s important to be prepared for any weather-related occurrence. As a JFS Village by the Shore member, we’re here to help you get prepared. If inclement weather causes your power to go out for an extended period of time and your refrigerated or frozen groceries that you purchased through the Shop at Home program spoil, JFS can assist with restocking your pantry. The same holds true for your Kosher Meals-on-Wheels. At JFS, we want to eliminate the worry about how you’ll get food in an emergency. More importantly, if you should need to leave your residence due to inclement weather, JFS can provide a list of county-approved shelters for your consideration. It’s always prudent to be prepared for a weather-related situation whether it’s potential flooding, high winds or a blizzard. A JFS Case Manager can provide you with a comprehensive list of what is recommended for an emergency supply kit including non-perishable food, water, medication, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries and, if relevant, pet supplies. In addition, you should fully charge all devices – cell phones, computers, iPads and more. Whether you live in a home, condominium or apartment, be sure to bring in outdoor furniture and ornaments so they don’t become projectiles. If you are unable to move heavy items, a volunteer can help. Don't forget to fill up your vehicle with a full tank of gasoline and be aware of scheduling changes if you rely on public transportation. If disaster strikes, call JFS for help.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jordan Kleinman Jordan Kleinman is a busy man. In addition to working as a local real estate agent at Berkshire Hathaway for the past 20 years, Jordan has also steadfastly been a volunteer initially delivering Kosher Meals on Wheels from Seashore Gardens and now from Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties (JFS). Two days every week, Jordan drives throughout the island to deliver prepared meals to Village by the Shore members who are unable or uncertain about leaving their homes. As the spry 83-year-old shared, “I get personal satisfaction helping others. It’s good for the psyche. ”He added, “I’m happy to see the JFS members and spend a few minutes chit chatting – now socially distanced – to get caught up on the week. Overtime, you develop relationships with them and you know how important it is for them to get the food delivery.” As JFS Volunteer Services Supervisor Vanessa Smith said, “Jordan has always been a great asset to the volunteer team, and has demonstrated that ten-fold during this time. He has adapted to the changes and processes we use to deliver member meals due to the pandemic. Just as importantly, he is always willing to help at a moment’s notice.” The accolades are mirrored as Jordan shared, “Vanessa and Mary (DeMarco) are phenomenal and dedicated to what they do. JFS is fortunate to have them and Village members are fortunate to be able to rely on JFS.” In his spare time, the Marine Corp veteran, who was part of the specialized second force recognizant which required skills in paratrooping and underwater swimming, enjoys reading war stories and today’s bestsellers. In addition, he regularly donates blood to the American Red Cross and volunteers to assist with programs and services established by the Marine Corp League. Moreover, while it has been difficult getting together with friends and family, Jordan enjoys his phone conversations with his two daughters and four grandchildren. Jordan Kleinman emulates the best attributes of a JFS volunteer – caring, compassion and genuine – and demonstrates how important it is for our community to have volunteers helping residents. Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties


Development News Gormley and Levine Families Support JFS Former New Jersey Senator William Gormley, Atlantic City to the generous financial contribution, the Gormley and Levine to community members in need. “For more than 30 years, Senator Gormley proudly served the his commitment to helping his constituents of our state continues we are thankful to the Gormley and Levine families for their time.”

Republic Bank Helps Clients Achieve Financial Stability Republic Bank Mascot R. Dog; Northfield Store Manager Walter Olszewski; and Senior Vice President and Retail Market Manager Leslie DiLuigi hand JFS Chief Executive Officer Andrea Steinberg a $3,000 check. The contribution will fund JFS programs that provide community residents with information and guidance to achieve fiscal responsibility and stability.

Food Pantry Receives Assistance from ACME Foundation As part of the Acme Foundation’s Nourishing Neighbors program, JFS received $7,062 for the Food Pantry. Part of the contribution was garnered at the Ventnor Heights store where shoppers and employees donated to JFS. Funds were also provided through a grant program. All proceeds will assure the pantry remains well-stocked to provide to Atlantic County residents.

Each week, approximately 30 families are delivered food through since this past March, the contribution will be used to purchase and families in need. “ We are doing this in the spirit of Sam said Bill Gormley. You can follow in the steps of the Gormley and Levine families by Pantry. Non-perishable items are accepted at the Margate office across the county. Requested items include: cereal, pasta/sauce, fruit and vegetables, hearty soups and canned tuna or chicken. JFS Food Pantry, contact Vanessa Smith, Volunteer Supervisor, vsmith@jfsatlantic.org.

Margate Homeowners Association Hosts Food Drive David Grossman and Jay Weintraub of the Margate Homeowners Association delivered a $3,000 check and more than 125lbs. of food to JFS’ Food Pantry. Margate Homeowners Association members collected canned goods and monetary funds in front of Casel’s Supermarket during the month of December. The contribution will be put to good use as the need for food and basic essentials has dramatically increased from community residents since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MANNA Provides Ongoing Support to Food Pantry JFS Board President Johanna Perskie (left) accepts a $1,000 check from MANNA at the Shore Board Member Tonia Howard to support the JFS Food Pantry. MANNA has given a total of $3,800 to keep the food pantry well-stocked since the pandemic began.

Seaboard Building & Restoration Named Leader Donor As a business committed to helping the community, Todd Arsenault and Karen McClellan of Seaboard Building & Restoration, have pledged $10,000 to support JFS as a Leader Donor. The funds will assist JFS to continue to provide services, programs and food for area residents. Todd also serves as the JFS Co-Chair on the JFS & JCC Golf Tournament Committee and the couple have donated coats and winter accessories to the annual Point in Time collection. 8

Kaskey Foundation Keeps Seniors Fed with Donation to KMOW The philanthropic Jeanne & Richard Kaskey Foundation has generously donated $10,000 to support JFS’ Village by the Shore Kosher Meals-on-Wheels program. Since mid-March, the Village has been hosting virtual programming for older adults to enjoy from the safety of their own homes. In addition, staff and volunteers have delivered more than 3,400 meals to isolated seniors. Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

Special Events Golf Tournament Raises $40,000 Attorney Lee Levine and their families donated $10,000 to JFS. In addition families gathered their children and grandchildren to deliver bags of food

residents of New Jersey and while he may be retired from the government, to this day,” said Andrea Steinberg, JFS Chief Executive Officer. “At JFS, dedication to help those in need, especially during this unprecedented

The 7th Annual JFS & JCC Golf Tournament raised $40,000 to benefit both agencies on October 1 at Harbor Pines Golf Course. Nearly 100 golfers enjoyed on-course contests including Longest Drive, Hit the Float, Putting, and Hit the Solar Panel, sponsored by Geoscape Solar. In addition, a hole in one contest provided a chance for players to win a two-year lease on a Jeep Wrangler Sahara from Gary Barbera.

making a donation to the JFS Food or at designated drop-off locations peanut butter and jelly, canned For more information about the at (609) 822-1108 x249 or

This year’s sponsors included The Jack R. Linsky Foundation, Seaboard Building & Restoration, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Atlantic Coast Alarm, South Jersey Paper Products, BCA Insurance Group, Polistina & Associates, Harrison Beverage, Law Offices of Melissa Rosenblum, Roth-Goldsteins’ Memorial Chapel, Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni & Kelly, CPA, Harbor Pines Golf Club, Calvi Electric Company, Bootleggers Liquor Outlet, and Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Robert and Susan Lang sponsored sanitizer stations throughout the course.

OceanFirst Awards $20,000 to Village by the Shore

The funds help JFS and the JCC further their mission of providing children, families, and seniors with programs and services to enhance and enrich their lives.

a contactless drop-off. With an 80% increase in Food Pantry requests non-perishable food and other essential products to support individuals Greenberg whose life was about uniting the people on Absecon island,"

The OceanFirst Foundation awarded JFS with a generous $20,000 grant to benefit Village by the Shore programs and services available to residents age 50+ in the community. I n t o d a y ’s e n v i ro n m e n t , services for seniors are vital for their safety and health. Funds assure community members continue to receive Kosher Meals on Wheels, Shop at Home grocery delivery, care coordination, and weekly phone check-ins.

Kevin Hamm, Josh Watson, Lee Watson, and William Kein enjoy the Hit the Panel contest, sponsored by Geoscape Solar.

David and Andrea Goldberg Pledge $10,000 to JFS

Canceled House Tour Brings in $10,000

David and Andrea Goldberg recently pledged $10,000 to Jewish Family Service to support programs, services and the agency’s general operation expenses. The Goldberg’s have been ardent supporters of JFS for ten years.

While JFS made the difficult decision to cancel the annual House Tour this past summer, community members still donated nearly $10,000 to support Village by the Shore. These funds will allow JFS to continue to offer virtual programs, Kosher Meals on Wheels, Shop at Home grocery shopping and delivery and more.

Their commitment to JFS assures the agency can continue to offer supportive housing, grocery shopping, vocational services and more for thousands of community members. The couple expressed that the health and well-being of children and local families is paramount.

Giving Tuesday Campaign Puts Focus on Community JFS highlighted staff, volunteers, clients, and board members for November's Giving Tuesday campaign, asking them to share how the agency has impacted their lives. Donations received totaled $1,000 and will fund critical programs and services. Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

Flocking Runs Until January 31 Don't miss out on the opportunity to send flamingos to family and friends. Schedule your flocking now. Contact Kirby Reed at kreed@jfsatlantic.org or 609.822.1108 x144.


Turkey Drive JFS Distributes Hundreds of Holiday Meals to Local Families

Thank you turkey drive donors

Brownie Troop 11057 of Linwood collected non-perishable food for the JFS Annual Turkey Drive. The donation was part of the Brownies ‘Giving Back’ program where the girls can work toward an Entrepreneurship badge.

Tina Abel Absecon Island Internal Medicine Abe & Aren Alfaro Steve & Meryl Baer Jennifer Barnett Fran Baronowitz Cheryl Bennett Steven & Ilene Berman Beth El Synagogue Adam Busler Janice Cambron Marc & Lauren Carpenter Joseph & Susan Clark Eve Cohen Jerry & Joan Cohn Jessica Colyer Congregation Beth Israel Susan D'Amico Richard & Wilma Dannenbaum Jeff & Lisa Dematte Richard & Randee Dutton Robert & Marcia Fiedler Barbara Fossett Alan & Sheila Friedman Marc Friedman, Esq. Ida Fritsche Tom & Joanne Gahr Leonard & Judy Galler David & Ellen Geiger Bernice Gelfont Glenn Insurance, Inc. David & Andrea Goldberg Eric & Claudia Goldberg Howard & Margaret Goldberg Scot & Debbie Goldberg Judith Goldman Michael Goldsmith Paul & Jodi Goodman Mitchell & Linda Gordon Jane Gottlieb Lawrence & Frances Gradman Bonnie Greenetz Tracy Greenfield Douglas & Barbara Groff Judah Gross David & Lois Grossman Kenneth & Janet Grossman Susan Hamberg Hartman Hometeam, LLC Barbara Harvis Earle & Nancy Hitchner Shelly Hochbaum Sheila Hollander Dr. Diane Holtzman Larry & Judie Horowitz Christine Hughes Marc & Jeri Hurvitz Norma Jacobs Sarah Beth Johnson Fran Jonas Marie Jones Linda Joseph & David Nelson Jules Joseph

The Margate Sharks Swim Team donated more than 80 pounds of canned goods and $300 towards the JFS Turkey Drive.

Jason Conway, owner of Galloway Auto & Tire Center, held a collection for the JFS Turkey Drive at his business in Somers Point.

With an outpouring of support from our community, Jewish Family Service collected more than $37,000 during the annual Turkey Drive. The monetary and in-kind contributions assured that families could enjoy a traditional dinner on the Thanksgiving holiday. With contributions from community members as well as businesses, organizations and groups including: Esthetica, Eugene A. Tighe Middle School, Linwood Fire Department, Margate Playgroups Plus, Platinum Real Estate, Preferred Care, and Triad Chiropractic. “Every year, JFS strives to assure everyone has a turkey on their table during the holidays. Thankfully, the contributions and support has been overwhelming and JFS was able to feed anyone who turned to us for a holiday meal,” said Andrea Steinberg, JFS Chief Executive Officer.

Students, parents and faculty at the William H. Ross School in Margate found ways to safely collect and sort donations for the JFS Turkey Drive.


Craig & Jodi Kahn Clifford & Rene Kane Elise Kaplan Ruth Kelman Carole Kessler James Klinghoffer Shy & Janet Kramer Charles & Lynn Kramer Jonathan & Ellie Kremer Joyce Laiter Robert & Susan Lang Paul Langer David & Carol Lebowitz Leeds Builders, Inc. Janet Levine Arnold & Ethel Levinson Robin Lewis Hilde Lewkowitz Ron & Sharon Lewkowitz Linwood Fire Department Ilene Lippman Alan & Paula Liss Valerie Lonkart David & Brenda Lowenstein Dr. Marc Lowenstein Dr. Deborah Davies Norman & Arden Magaziner Charles & Pam Malamut Benvenuto & Claire Malchiodi Margate PBA Local 65 Margate Sharks Sonia Matthews Marilyn Maurer Isadore May, Esq. Robert & Susan Mayer Nellie McDermott Marla Milgram Elliot & Shellee Milgram Joel & Stephanie Miller Ilene Miller Rosalie Mogell Joseph & Eileen Muskett Allan & Joan Naden Alexa Nehmad Frank & Linda Nunziato Roslyn Oberson Gilda Oran Marcia Perkins Jake & Johanna Perskie Steven & Barbara Perskie Daniel Pisetzner Eliana Pisetzner Jared Pisetzner Jack & Marjorie Plackter Benjamin & Kristina Podolnick Jane Quigley Debra Rahn-Oakes Patti Reed-Rosenberg Laura Rodgers Melissa Rosenblum, Esq.

Robert & Gail Rosenthal Daniel & Sarah Rosenthal Gary & Debra Rosman Martin & Davida Ross Philip & Adriane Rothenberg Harvey & Maddy Rovinsky Robert & Mindy Rovinsky Nancy Rubin Etta Rubinstein Michael & Fran Sadek Rob & Phyllis Salad Rochelle Salway Rinata Salzman Susan Sandler Steven & Janet Sarratore Irving & Beverly Schechtman Joelle Schrag Mark & Joyce Schwartz Robert & Ann Segal Dr. Wiliard J. Shanken Morris & Bonnie Shapiro Bonnie Sharps Carol Silverman Florence Silverman Ellen Simon Sharon Simon Matt & Judy Simpson Margaret M. Slattery Arthur & Mary Slomine Jim & Bess Soffer Linda Sohn Mark & Billie Stein Sandra Stein Dee Steinberg Beth Steinen William & Petra Subin Laura Swink Scott & Michelle Taroff Temple Beth Shalom Ellen Ufberg Stephen & Cheri Uretsky John A. Vicari Michael & Regina Viscount Martin Walley Maggie Weaver R.N. Michael Weinraub Lester & Donna Weinraub Richard & Traci Werman Richard & Elaine Wiener Kirk Wisemayer Melissa Wolfe Jacqueline Wolgin Golda Wood Mitchell & Staci Zitomer Alan & Paula Zuckerman

Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties


Meet Liam.

Before the pandemic, Liam spent every Sunday at his Bubbie’s house. He would see his cousins, play games and enjoy his grandmother’s signature apple cake. By April, Liam’s world turned upside down. He had to adjust to virtual schooling, forgo karate class, and hardest of all, he couldn’t see his beloved Bubbie, who was considered high-risk for the virus. Liam was confused. He became withdrawn and sad. Recognizing that Liam needed support, his parents made an appointment with a JFS counselor. Outpatient Therapist Jane Cartwright helped Liam better understand and control his anxiety. They even came up with fun ways to safely “visit” his Bubbie. With Jane’s help, Liam is more engaged at school and has weekly Zoom dates with his grandmother. This year’s Hanukkah looked different, but with the help of JFS, he was able to make it special. JFS strives to raise $35,000 each year for our Friends Campaign. Donate Today @ jfsatlantic.org.

Thank you to our Friends

Friends Contributions January 1 - December 22, 2020

Allan & Andrea Abramowitz Atlantic City Shade Shop Cindy Baen Alex & Alexa Barrera Randy & Michelle Barto Michael & Sherry Bell James & Arlene Berg Larry Berman Alan & Susan Bierig Herbert & Eva Bierig David & Norma Blecker Steven & Susan Blitzstein Sandra Bookach Samuel & Stella Borenstein Bernard & Brenda Casel Stanley Cohen Andy Conover Charlotte Cook Maria De Phillipo Richard & Jessica Della Fave Gail Dembin Linda Dolan Barry & Dorothea Dunayer Myra Eskin Inge Fixler Bennett & Jeannette Flax Robert Fleisher Donald Fogel Paul Friedman Dawn Gadon Michelle Gardner Larry & Carla Gash Anthony & Lynn Gibson Marcia Goldberg Charles Goldfarb Mitchell & Linda Gordon

Stephen & Marge Gosin George & Arlene Groch Douglas & Barbara Groff Howard & Gayle Gross Jerome Grossman Kenneth & Janet Grossman Robert Hammerschlag Martin & Dianne Hamson Roger & Edwina Hansen Larry & Miriam Hirsch Michael & Robyn Hirsch Marc & Jeri Hurvitz Jack Soble Family Foundation Bess Fall Joftis Fran Jonas Donna Josephs Sandy Kahn Clifford & Rene Kane Howard & Linda Karp Ruth Kelman Bonnie Kennedy Samantha Kiley Jean Kohl Shirley Kotzker Shy & Janet Kramer Bruce Kurland Janet Kurland Paul & Carole Letzter Dennis Levinson Joel Levitt Lawrence & Susan Levy Hilde Lewkowitz Ron & Sharon Lewkowitz Leo & Ann Lieberman Louis & Paula London David & Brenda Lowenstein

Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

Marc Lowenstein & Deborah Davies Margate Community Church Robert & Susan Mayer Jeff & Leslie Meltzer Sandra E. Miller Harold & Martha Moskowitz Carol Myerowitz June Nesbitt Larry & Diane Neustader Anne Neustadter Terence O’Neill Roslyn Oberson Scott & Judith Page Marc & Betsy Peck Liz Perskie Martin & Frances Peskoe K. Ronald & Eileen Pitel Jack & Marjorie Plackter Marilyn Podell Marvin & Illeanne Podolnick Carolyn Polisano Sharon Posner Jonathan & Judith Rahn Patti Reed-Rosenberg Patricia Reynolds Melvyn & Linda Richter Eileen Risler Maryann Robson Laura Rodgers Trinna Rodgers Leslie & Marcy Rosenthal Robert & Gail Rosenthal Gary & Debra Rosman Henry & Barbara Roth Nancy Rubin

Robert & Kim Sabo Jeanne L. Sackman David Sagransky Rob & Phyllis Salad Rochelle Salway David & Edith Sanders Neil & Karen Schmerling Gloria Schriber Mark & Joyce Schwartz Morris & Bonnie Shapiro Yitzhak & Sandy Sharon Karl & Sandi Shechtman Pnina Sher Florence Silverman Arthur & Mary Slomine Elaine Small Gerard & Judy Spanier Alan & Billie Staller Mark & Lisa Stein Robert & Leslie Steinberg Herbert Stern William & Linda Stokes Rolf & Gloria Tragbar Marvin & Barbara Waxman Ronald & Debbie Weiner Dennis & Susan Weiss Richard & Rachel Wise Kirk Wisemayer Roberta M. Woessner Jacqueline Wolgin Golda Wood Miriam Zamansky Sherry Zellat Alan & Paula Zuckerman


Jewish Family Service Atlantic & Cape May Counties

Nonprofit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID APLUS 08701

607 North Jerome Avenue Margate, NJ 08402 P 609 822 1108 F 609 822 1106 jfsatlantic.org

Chief Executive Officer Andrea Steinberg, LCSW President Johanna Perskie Vice Presidents Joel Caplan, Ph.D. Matthew Simpson Treasurer Melissa Rosenblum, Esq. Secretary Lawrence A. Reich, DDS Past Presidents* Darren Matik Richard B. Wise, M.D. Board Members Randy D. Ayoob Colin G. Bell, Esq. Alisa L. Elkis Joel B. Frankel, D.M.D. Ali Lieberman Sarah Rosenthal Jeffrey S. Vasser

* Previous Presidents º Deceased

Honorary Board of Directors* Gail Mackler-Carlino Kenneth Eisenberg Alice Epsteinº Anna Feldman Bethanie Gorny, Ed.D Mitchell Gurwicz Larry Horowitz, CPA Shy Kramer Robert Lang, Esq. Marc Lowenstein, Ph.D. Arlene Potler Patti Reed-Rosenberg Carol G. Rimm Lois Rothenbergº Douglas Stanger, Esq. Kenneth Steinberg Eric Wood, Esq. Golda Wood Community Advisory Board Barry Goff, Jr. Jennifer K. Goudy Teresa Katz Samantha Kiley Nancy A. Lynch Alexander C. Marino Alexandra E. Nunzi Sean Riggin James A. Sarkos Matthew D. Sykes John Zarych, Esq.

JFS is an affiliate agency of the Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties and a partner agency with United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey in Atlantic County

Donor Spotlight

Agency Donors V I S I O N A RY

As a supporter of JFS for more than a decade, Wise Family Eye Center is a long-standing Agency Donor, currently giving $5,000 annually. From sponsoring the Golf Tournament and Cocktail Party, to volunteering with his family, Dr. Richard Wise’s support of JFS is cherished. In addition to the financial support, Richard served as JFS President and continues to be an active member as part of the Honorary Board of Directors. For Richard and his wife, Rachel, being part of the community, and in particular, Jewish Family Service, is a lifelong pledge to supporting the neighborhood in which they live and work. Richard and Wise Family Eye Center set a great example for the community.


Bank of America Charitable Foundation Hafetz Family Foundation Harry L. Katz Memorial Foundation Mr. James Klinghoffer Seaboard Building & Restoration, Inc. (Karen McClellan & Todd Arsenault) Susan G. Komen Central & South Jersey The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey The Jewish Community Foundation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties The Dave & Mary Krassenstein Foundation

CHAMPION AkPharma, Inc. Andi & David Goldberg Burns Property Group, LLC/ BANDI Property Group Geoscape Solar OceanFirst Charitable Foundation To become an agency donor or learn more, contact Beth Joseph, Senior Director of Communications & Donor Relations at 609.822.7409.

CHAI Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni & Kelly, CPA Harrison Beverage Steve & Cookie’s By the Bay/7311 The Charles & Lynn Kramer Family Foundation

LEADER Fox Rehabilitation The Wawa Foundation Wise Family Eye Center

BUILDER AtlantiCare CORT Furniture Galloway Auto & Tire Center Ed Gurwicz Mitchell Gurwicz Mutual of America Republic Bank Right at Home TD Charitable Foundation The Herbert & Lois Rothenberg Charitable Foundation Wells Fargo Antoinette & Eric Wood

Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties