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January/February 2013


s the parent company of Colonial, Community Behavioral Health, Community First Pharmacy and Partners in Prime, Community First Solutions touches

more than 40,000 Butler County residents annually.

We are one of the leading providers of mental health and behavioral services in the region, the largest provider of Meals on Wheels in Butler County, the operator of two top-ranked senior living communities and the developer of the second non-profit pharmacy in the nation. Our non-profit mission is simple. We want to provide services that benefit you. We want to invest in the long term sustainability of this community. Because of this, each of our companies has a vested interest in finding a solution for the viability and well-being of the Butler County community. From the older adult in West Chester receiving a nutritious meal right to his door, to the family in Middletown undergoing counseling during a rough year and the kindergartner in

Let’s face it. Wellness is multifaceted.

social opportunities at Partners in Prime, undergo

What works for one person will likely not work for


another. That’s why our job is to look at every client’s

Behavioral Health and receive medications through

needs holistically to assess how we can help them

the Community First Pharmacy.

Hamilton mastering her language art skills – your community

achieve their best quality of life. Among our diverse

is our mission.

network of services, our CORE WellnessTM philosophy

For more information about Community First Solutions visit or call 513-785-4060.

Your community. Our mission.

is interwoven throughout every business in Community First. We believe that fulfilling physical, social and spiritual needs is essential to the core of every person. It’s all about your quality of life.











story, we want people to understand that the path to a quality of life with staying power is one that empowers clients to achieve their best self at any age. From age one through 101, we want you to achieve your

An older adult who is experiencing social isolation as a

best quality of life, and we think our CORE WellnessTM

result of injury or illness can receive rehab and wellness

philosophy is the way to make it happen.

services at Colonial, utilize diverse programming and

Our Roots



For over 90 years our non-profit businesses have been committed to serving the needs of this community.


1954 ®



Physical: Fitness, proactive behavior, healthcare and proper nutrition

Social: Connection to others and engagement with one’s community

Spiritual: Sense of purpose, state of being & selfactualization | 3

For more information on the Community First companies mentioned in this story, please contact:

Community First Pharmacy | 513-645-5447 | 210 South Second St. Hamilton, OH 45013

“It’s an example of revolving door syndrome. If we don’t empower them to manage their plan of care,

Filling Prescriptions Fulfilling Needs

counseling and empowering individuals to make the best decisions for their health is the most potent solution for preventative health measures.

alk into the Community First

by their physician. If the combination is not yielding

This theme seems to be shared by all non-profit

Pharmacy at 210 S. 2nd St.

positive health outcomes, then they’re likely to

partners in the 210 S. 2nd St. building. Marc Bellisario,

and you might think you’ve

neglect taking their medication altogether.”

CEO of Primary Health Solutions, says that it’s not

Marilyn Schwemberger, Vice President of Patient

visits, they are trying to find long-term solutions for

In a day where it’s common to spend more time in the waiting room than speaking

treatment efficacy.

with your physician, the role of the pharmacist is

motivate patients to maintain the outcome? Some

rapidly evolving into more of a medication manager

physicians are adopting a practice what you preach

and counselor. Stiens explains further, “People are

philosophy; others are asking questions to clearly

inclined to stick to a medication regimen prescribed

identify obstacles to patient success.”



and deliver that kind of customized care.”





Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton

S. 2

“Just like other drug stores, Community First Pharmacy accepts

available at a much lower price and I have the opportunity to consult

–Local Client







my insurance. But, unlike big box





my pharmacist when I need to.” 4 | Community First Solutions

happy to be a resource for community members



“At the end of the day,” Stiens continues, “we are





individuals are sticking to their plan of care,” says





pharmacies, my prescription is


it also provides an effective way to ensure that Bellisario.

“In other words,” says Schwemberger, “how can we

In addition to serving uninsured and underinsured clients, Community First Pharmacy accepts all major insurance providers including the following:

their appointment. Not only is it convenient, but

What does it mean to be the second non-profit pharmacy in the nation? Community First Pharmacy employs a non-profit business model, a concept that is new to the health care industry. So new, in fact, that there was only one other of its kind when it was developed in 2008. It was modeled after the first non-profit pharmacy, situated in Cincinnati’s historic downtown neighborhood, Over-the Rhine. This innovative model is designed to offer all of the services of a corner drug store without the high prices. Non-profit pharmacies seek to meet the needs of the insured and the underinsured in the community.



Scan this code with your mobile device and view a video on the non-profit pharmacy difference.

S. 2

a shift that is being echoed nationwide.

for excessive readmission and emergency room

they can fill at the pharmacy immediately following


of Cincinnati’s College of Pharmacy, is attributed to

says that because hospitals are paying the price

“We’re able to write prescriptions for patients that


The reason, says Stiens, a graduate of the University

Care and Clinical Services at Fort Hamilton Hospital


the best multivitamin for their 4-year-old.


unintended side effects of a new generic brand and

it’s all part of the collaborative approach designed to best help community members. Community First Pharmacy. Rather,


about a recent combination of medications, the

an accident that they share a building with the


Customers wait to talk to Craig Stiens, PharmD,

And, as it turns out, maximizing patient outcomes benefits more than just the patient.


wandered into your primary physician’s office.

United Health Care

Moreover, studies consistently show that educating,



they’ll end up right where they started.” | 5

For more information on the Community First companies mentioned in this story, please contact:

From Grief to Hope A Journey of Healing


hen Jane Miller’s husband passed away in 2010, her loss evolved into insurmountable grief. And while gloomy feelings are normal, her turmoil manifested into social isolation and lethargy, which is not.

This is true for many older adults in the United States. Depression is largely overlooked and dramatically untreated. As a result, the loss of a spouse, dealing with declining health, retirement and other major life transitions are met with overwhelming stress and anxiety. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

CBH - UPLIFT 513-868-5126 | Prime Club Fairfield 5108 Sandy Lane | Fairfield, Ohio 45014 | 513-737-5752 Prime Club Hamilton 140 Ross Ave. | Hamilton, Ohio 45013 | 513-867-1998 West Chester Activity Center 7900 Cox Road | West Chester, Ohio 45069 | 513-779-7360

Making It Routine After several months she began to take comfort in her routine at Partners in Prime. She continued to explore what interested her. At 65, Jane had no idea how many things she could still discover about herself.


Getting Physical Reaching Out After seeking help through UPLIFT, a program developed by Community Behavioral Health, Jane was able to meet with a counselor on a weekly basis. She learned how to define her feelings, a crucial first step in the healing process.

Creating a Goal Next, Jane’s counselor helped her set goals to work toward. They discussed ways to support that goal through designated activities that contribute to a positive wellbeing.

After lunch, one of Jane’s friends convinced her to take a yoga class. Reluctant at first, Jane began to rely on taking meaningful, meditative breaths. For the first time in a long time, she felt a sense of self-connectedness.

Nia Movement Class


Social Support SPIRITUAL

Jane joined Partners in Prime, and slowly began to add structure to her day. Jane made plans to meet friends for lunch once a week. She also began to open up and share stories with friends who were experiencing similar situations.

4 Ways To A More Positive Outlook


Eat Well: For older adults it’s more important


Stay Connected: Try to regularly catch up with

than ever to fuel appropriately to maintain energy and health. Your body needs the strength and hydration to help you feel your best - giving you the confidence to explore new opportunities and make the most out of life.

friends and relatives. Social connectivity can go a long way. Lunch with a former coworker, Wednesday night book club or a game of cards with friends can help stave off feelings of social isolation.

6 | Community First Solutions


Find Activities You Enjoy: You might


Cope with change: Check in with yourself. Is grief, stress or anxiety weighing you down? Don’t be afraid to reach out to support groups or volunteer organizations. Many people experience stress related to a dramatic change in lifestyle.

be surprised how much your interests have changed. It’s not too late to learn a new language, pick up an art class or grow your own herb garden.

Popular Activities at Partners in Prime

Depression affects more than 6.5 million of the 35 million Americans age 65 years or older. Source: NAMI

Hamilton Prime Club Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. The classes offer a unique combination of 52 moves corresponding to the main areas of the body: the base, the core and the upper extremities.

Beginning Tai Chi West Chester Activity Center Tai Chi reduces stress, increases muscle strength and flexibility. It can also increase energy, balance, agility and feelings of well-being.

Springtime in the Mountains This 4-day, 3-night motorcoach trip to North Carolina includes a tour of the beautiful Biltmore Estate and its famous gardens and winery, a visit to the North Carolina Arboretum, Chimney Rock State Park, and the city of Hendersonville. Pick up a brochure at your local Prime Club for more details. | 7

For more information on the Community First companies mentioned in this story, please contact:

Colonial At Home | 513-889-2461 Colonial Rehab | 513-497-7429 Elements Wellness Centers | 513-896-8087

But it’s not just the services and amenities that have Elements members talking. “The culture of Elements is so unlike any other wellness center in the area,” says an Elements member. “They cater to the needs of older adults and really encourage members to set – and reach their goals. It’s a really comfortable environment.”

your home Need an extra hand with midday errands? What about transportation to the doctor’s office? Colonial At Home provides an array of in-home services designed to keep you, or an aging parent living comfortably at home. Caregivers are available anywhere between two and 24 hours a day. They’re happy to assist with light yard and


Your life, Your way

house work, preparation of meals and much more. Jane Ripberger, Director of Colonial At Home, notes the impact that caregivers can have. “Just a few hours a week with a caregiver can help negate the effects of social isolation and depression. For people who have

become more reclusive with age, perhaps

esearch indicates that older adults are

center, your home care service and your road to

because of the death of a spouse or the transition to

on a quest to live independently longer.

recovery. It’s your life. We just want to help you

retirement, it can be just the push they need to get their

In fact, an overwhelming majority of

live it your way.

life back,” says Ripberger.

Your Wellness CONNECTION

your recovery

Elements is so much more than just a wellness

The Colonial Communities of Berkeley Square and

But more than anything, they want the self-

center. At The Square, members read the paper

Westover are the ideal spot for older adults to rehab

reliance and assurance that they have resources

over fresh fruit and their favorite breakfast

following surgery. Mindy Poling, MPT, DPT, Area Director of

to maintain their active lifestyle.

coffee. They get a few laps in before lunchtime

Operations for Colonial’s Rehab, notes the unique concept

adults report high expectations for retirement. They want it all – hobbies, entertainment, trips, friends and fun.

and enjoy exciting trips all over the tri-county Marcia Koenig, President of Colonial notes, “It’s

that is embedded into the journey of rehabilitation. “It’s

area. While just a few minutes away at Elements’

a transitional time that evokes questions from

all about helping clients regain their quality of life,” she

second location, The Bever, members start

older adults. It can be difficult to identify what

says. And through the delivery of coordinated care – from

their morning with a high cardio, low impact

they need to implement into their lifestyle to

nurses and therapists to the dining staff, Colonial ensures

cycling class followed by a 90 minute anti-stress

achieve their best self.”

that everyone is on the same page to help patients achieve

massage or a one on one session with a licensed

their goals and return home quickly.

That’s where a network of resources like Colonial comes into play. We are your wellness

8 | Community First Solutions

Elements trainer.

Elements At The Bever

855 Stahlheber Road | Hamilton, OH 45013

Elements At The Square

100 Berkeley Drive | Hamilton, OH 45013

513-896 -8087

w w E lem e nts is a Si lve rSn eak e rs ® lo c ati o n! | 9

No matter your age

Discover what Community First Solutions has to offer At Community First Solutions, our mission is to develop meaningful ways to enhance the lives of everyone in the community—not just a particular age group. Find out how our programs and services are meeting the needs of a variety of generations.

social & supportive programs

Caring support and programs for teenagers

Shirley Smith

Kyle McDermott

As a Westover resident, Shirley enjoys easy access to an array of activities and programs at the Colonial Communities, such as water aerobics at Elements At The Bever, line dancing and a variety of social events, including a recent trip to the Hollywood Casino in Kentucky with her girlfriends. Shirley can rest assured her needs will be met later on with Colonial’s supportive continuing care services.

A place to connect and recharge Bob Young Elements member, Bob Young is both active in the community and at Elements. A regular at the morning cycling class, Bob never misses an opportunity to get in a good cardio workout. He is also familiar with Colonial’s collaborative approach to rehabilitative services.

Amenities and services for professionals in the community Kelli Kurtz As a Coach House Tavern & Grille member, Kelli enjoys using the popular restaurant as a destination for business lunches. She has also partnered with Community First to introduce a volunteer and community outreach program, SPARK, to Badin High School. .

10 | Community First Solutions

When Kyle’s parents divorced, his family sought the services of CBH’s family counseling, which helped them heal together. He’s also had the support of other CBH services, including school based counseling, which has given him the resources he needs to excel at school. Kyle also enjoys the many programs offered at the West Chester Activity Center, including the center’s art classes and the strength-training class where he can condition for his upcoming baseball season.

Enriching activities for young children Penelope Cannon An energetic and curious preschooler, Penelope wakes up every morning ready to have fun at Colonial Schools. During free playtime she enjoys working with the innovative Tap-It® kiosk, which lets her access her favorite interactive learning games with just a touch of the screen. Penelope can’t wait to begin dance classes in the spring at the West Chester Activity Center. And her mom and dad, local Young Life leaders, look forward to using a rental space at WCAC to host an after school event for local high school students.


CORE of the Community Collaborating with Others to Bridge Gaps in our Community The healthiest communities know how to evolve to meet the changing needs of residents. Community First leaders collaborate with others, investing in meaningful partnerships to create a network of vital supports and a sense of renewal in the community.

Bringing Affordable Healthcare to the City It’s not by accident that Primary Health Solutions and the Community First Pharmacy share a space downtown on 2nd Street. The pharmacy satisfied a need for accessible, low cost pharmaceuticals in the city. Patients can leave the health center and make their way to the Community First Pharmacy to fill prescriptions. This partnership makes affordable and convenient healthcare a reality for many Hamilton residents.

Finding Employment For those in our community who have difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment because of social, situational or mental health barriers, Community Behavioral Health collaborates with the Butler County Department of Jobs and Family Services. This provides the unemployed with valuable resources and support to get them into the workforce again. CBH also partners with Workforce One of Butler County to provide local businesses with job ready employees who are well trained, prescreened and ready to work.

Delivering Informative Programming A new partnership with TV Hamilton will help reach many residents, providing them with informational programming about what’s going on in the community. Together with Fort Hamilton Hospital, the City of Hamilton, Hamilton City Schools, and the Hamilton Community Foundation, we will work to help educate and inspire all residents in Hamilton. Your quality of life is at the core of our mission. By working together in the community, we are creating a thriving, sustainable future.

Our Economic Impact Let’s take a look at the numbers...

• 3rd highest property tax contributor in the city with $4,652,250 assessed valuation. • 5th largest employer in the city of Hamilton with over 600 employees. • We make a conscious decision to support regional business by working with local partners. | 11




520 Eaton Ave, Hamilton, OH 45013 Chairman of the Board Stephan C. Sullivan President & CEO Jeffrey P. Thurman Vice President of Business Development & Marketing Danielle Webb

Your Community. Our Mission. 速

CORE Wellnes  

Our CORE Wellness philosophy helps you achieve your best quality of life. This magazine shows the connectivity of services with Community Fi...