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Cinderella By: Carly Ross and Jackie Foster

Once upon a time, there was a kindhearted, loving girl. Her name was Cinderella. She had wonderful parents. They were perfect together. Unfortunately, Cinderella’s mother died in a sudden, and tragic

Cinderella was crushed and deeply hurt by the loss of not only her mother, but her best friend. She became closed off from the world and very bitter.

When Cinderella’s father met and married a new woman, Cinderella was devastated, and became even more spiteful. She especially resented her two new step-brothers.

Cinderella’s new stepbrothers were very excited to have a new sister. They hoped that they could all hang out and be best friends. They were very accepting of Cinderella and would take her in as a real sibling.

Cinderella, however, did not feel this way. She never spoke to her stepbrothers unless she was saying something mean or bossing them around. She made them do all of her chores around

Cinderella’s father and stepmother absolutely adored her. They thought that she was the perfect child. They thought that she was a hardworking girl who completed all of her chores wonderfully.

Little did they know, Cinderella did absolutely no chores and made her stepbrothers do all of them for her while she took all the credit. Their parents favored Cinderella way more than the boys. To them, Cinderella was a perfect angel and the boys were the ones being mean to her.

Whenever the stepbrothers tried to explain to their parents the truth about Cinderella, they never believed them. “My perfect Cinderella would never take credit for something she didn’t do.” Cinderella’s father would say about his stepsons’ accusations.

One day, while Cinderella was getting her hair done and her stepbrothers were working in the yard, her stepmother came into her room. She was very excited to inform Cinderella about a very important ball coming up. There would be lots of princes there and it would be a good opportunity for Cinderella to meet a prince that she might like.

Cinderella was very excited for the ball and started to get ready immediately. She hoped to meet a prince that she could fall in love with and marry. Then she would be a princess, and she really wanted to be a princess.

Hahahaha! In your face!

Her stepbrothers became curious about what was going on with Cinderella and why she was so jolly. When they asked her what was going on, she replied “I’m going to a fancy ball to meet a prince! You have to stay home and do my chores!” Then she laughed in their face. The brothers walked away slowly, disappointed that they were being treated so unfairly.

After their stepsister left, the brothers were busy mopping the floor, wishing they could go to the ball. They just wanted to get out of the house for a night and have a break from Cinderella and her chores.

Just when they were finishing up their chores, there was a huge flash of light in the kitchen. When they walked in to see what happened, there was a short man standing there. “Who are you?” one of the boys asked. “I’m your fairy godfather! Who else would magically appear in your house out of nowhere when you are in need?” Replied the man.

With a quick wave of his magic wand the fairy godfather turned the two brothers- dressed casually in dirty work clothes- into classy men in fancy tuxedos. “Woah, what are we dressed so nice for?” asked one of the brothers. “The ball, of course! You two are going!” the fairy godfather exclaimed.

Just be back by midnight!

Before they could say another word, the fairy godfather had both boys in a limo on their way to the ball. “Just be back by midnight!� The fairy godfather yelled as they pulled away.

As soon as they arrived at the ball, the boys immediately noticed two beautiful princesses standing together across the room. The princesses noticed them too, and it was love at first sight. They had to dance with those princesses.

The brothers began talking and dancing with the two princesses. They explained how they were brothers, and how they were trying to avoid their evil stepsister, Cinderella, since she didn’t know they were at the ball. The girls explained that they were best friends.

As the brothers danced with the princesses, they saw Cinderella come walking towards them. The boys got really scared for a second, thinking that she would catch them. But she looked right at them and kept walking. She didn’t even recognize them! They were so dressed up they didn’t even look like their normal selves!

The brothers were having the time of their lives dancing the night away with the princesses. Unfortunately, before they knew it, it was five minutes to midnight. The boys had to rush out of the ball to get home on time! They turned away from the princesses, the girls they were in love with, and ran out the door without another word.

The princesses were shocked and confused. They hadn’t even gotten each other’s names! The girls noticed that the brothers had accidentally dropped the two white roses that they had pinned to their tuxedos for the ball. They were the only people there with white roses.

Meanwhile, the boys were safely home right at midnight. As soon as the clock struck twelve, their fancy outfits disappeared and turned back into their original work clothes. The limo disappeared, and their lives were completely back to normal like nothing ever happened.

The next day, the brothers were working outside in the garden. They didn’t want to hear Cinderella bragging about what a great time she had at the ball, so they decided to get an early start on chores for the day.

The boys were trimming the white roses in their garden when a limo pulled up to their house and two girls climbed out. It was the princesses from the ball! “Excuse me,” one of them said, “we are looking for two boys with magical white roses. Do you know if they live here?” They obviously didn’t recognize the brothers in their everyday clothes instead of tuxedos.

Instead of answering the princesses, without saying a word, each boy reached down and picked a white rose from the garden. They both presented one to their princess, and when they did, they were magically transformed back into their tuxedos from the night before.

After admitting their feelings for each other, both couples realized that they were truly in love. The fairy godfather appeared as an angel flying above them and dropped two diamond engagement rings down to the brothers.

In two beautiful moments, each brother proposed to his princess. Everything turned out perfectly. They had finally escaped the evil Cinderella for good and lived happily ever after with their lovely princesses.

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