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M3345 Line Regen Modules Overvoltage Solutions for AC Drives


M3345 Line Regen Modules are used with AC Drives to eliminate overvoltage faults. Bonitron’s M3345 Line Regen is used in systems with extended braking times or frequent regeneration, and makes any VFD more energy efficient during braking. It is used to aid in: • Stopping high inertia loads such as saws, fans and centrifuges • Eccentric loads such as slicers, punch presses, stamping operations, tumblers and dryers • High duty cycle loads such as machine tools, stackers, and pick and place systems


Power Savings Savings Calculator Features $ Savings = (Drive hp) x (Duty Cycle) x (Days of operation) x (Hours operational per day) x (Cost per kWh) x (0.746 kW/hp) For Example: A 45 A, Model M3345-44S, is used for braking a high inertia centrifuge with these characteristics: 50 hp peak, 25 hp avg. during deceleration; 10 hours a day, 33% duty cycle, 6 cents per kWh: $ Savings = (25) x (.33) x (365) x (10) x (.06) x (.746)= $ 1348.00 per year The M3345 Regen module is able to reduce the centrifuge’s braking time from 300 to 90 seconds which results in 30% more throughput and saves money!

Features • Continuous Braking Duty, 0-120 Amps single unit, 230-460AC line voltages available • Returns power to the line at 95% efficiency • Interlock protected enclosures available • Compatible with any variable speed drive with DC bus terminals • Minimal connections and wall or cabinet mountable enclosures available • Includes AC line and DC bus fusing • Master / Slave selectable on 60, 90, and 120 Amp modules • 5-wire installation

Advantages • Able Features to handle 100% duty cycle applications • TYPE-13 enclosures for use in environments that cannot support TYPE-1 enclosures • Easily configured for integration into existing safety configurations • Can be installed as retrofit, with initial installation, or to an existing cabinet or drive location • Fits most VFD electrical configurations • High efficiency means low enclosure heating, resulting in reduced cooling over resistance braking

Benefits • Minimizes downtime by removing overvoltage trips • The Module quickly pays for itself in mid to high duty applications due to energy being returned to the utility instead of being wasted as heat • Higher cycle rates equal more production with lower energy cost

• Stock to 2 weeks available • Does not require line chokes, RFI filters, or precharge modules • Reduces installation complications with simple, 5-wire installation

• (Isolation transformers and input reactors are not required)

M3345 Specifications Voltages............230, 380, 460 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz Current Limit....100% DC Rating Connections.....Drive DC Bus (2) AC Line (3) Fusing...............Internal Fast-Acting (2-DC Bus and 3-AC Line) Indicators..........Run Current Limit Overload Humidity...........Below 90% Noncondensing Atmosphere......Free of Corrosive Gas and Dust Standard Features.............Transient Suppression (Varistors & Fuses)

Control Logic Monitor

Industry Applications Automotive............Pick and Place Paint Booths Assembly Lines Glass Handling Downhill Conveyers Elevators...............Industrial Elevators Cranes...................Shipyard Cranes Industrial Hoists Food Processing...Food Bi-product Separating Pharmaceutical.......Centrifuges Railroad...............Rail Dumping Cars Testing...................Dynamometers Sports Stadiums...Retracting Stadium Ceilings Fibers.....................Web Presses Printing..................Paper Rollers Tension Controllers


The Regen control logic monitor monitors the Regen DC bus reference voltage and the drive DC bus feedback to determine if regeneration is necessary. Regeneration occurs when the DC Bus exceeds the AC Line by 5%. The control logic monitors: - Current Limit Condition - Undervoltage Condition - Bus Overload Condition - Phase Loss of AC Line - Thermal Overload

Model Number Selection Table

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TYPE-1 style

Typical Connections

NOTE: Isolation transformers and input reactors are not required.

M3345 Schematic

TYPE-13 Style

More Solutions M3575T • Bonitron M3575T Standard Duty Braking Transistors can be used to increase throughput by decreasing stopping time and are designed to be used with all drives with DC bus field terminals. The Bonitron M3575T Braking Transistor Modules monitor the drive DC bus levels and control power to a resistive load for dissipating the regenerated energy. Standard modules are available rated up to 600 Amps DC with Braking Duty Cycles up to 20%. M3452 • Bonitron M3452 Heavy Duty Braking transistors are used in applications that have continuous or high duty cycle requirements. The modules are used with drives that have inadequate or no internal braking transistor. They work with any AC drive system with DC bus field terminals. The Bonitron M3452 Braking Transistor modules monitor the drive DC bus levels and control an IGBT power switch which is connected to a resistive load for dissipating the regenerated energy. Standard modules are available rated up to 1200 Amps DC and braking Duty Cycles to 100%. 521 Fairground Court | Nashville, TN 37211-2008 | U.S.A. Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00pm CST | Phone 615-244-2825 Email - | Fax 615-244-2833 |


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