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Winter 2011

Message from MP Judy This has been a busy and productive time in both the riding and Ottawa as I carry out my responsibilities as your Member of Parliament. As always I have enjoyed the challenges and the opportunities to make things happen in our riding. Some of those things I have outlined in this householder. Rural Is Important I am also pleased to report that the federal Liberals have been working hard to put in place initiatives that will be important for the future of rural communities if we are successful in defeating the Harper Conservative government in the next federal election. Some of those initiatives include 100% high speed internet connectivity and increased mobile phone coverage; put in place a Rural Canadian Postal Service Charter that will restore rural mail service and prevent any further deterioration of rural mail service; provide a $3,000 tax credit for volunteer fire fighters for the emergency public service they provide to our communities; put in place Canada’s first ever National Food Policy which will help Canadian farmers get more of their product onto the tables of Canadian families; work with the provinces and territories to attract up to 1,500 more doctors and nurses a year to underserved rural communities because 20% of Canadians live in rural areas while only 10% of doctors practice in rural communities. We would do this by forgiving the federal portion of any student loans incurred up to $5,000 a year for a maximum of $20,000 over four years for those doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners who choose to practice in a designated underserved rural community. I invite you to visit for more details on our rural platform. Family Caregivers Another initiative that a Liberal government would put in place is help for family caregivers which I told you about in my Summer 2010 householder. It is a plan to stand with Canadian families by helping family caregivers with the cost of caring for sick or aging love ones at home. For more details visit Harper Breaks Promises It has been difficult watching the Harper

government make promises over and over to the Canadian people only to have them break those promises time and time again. In fact we have identified 145 such promises which you can read by visiting On page 2 I have listed some of those promises which would have benefitted our province and riding if the prime minister had delivered on them instead of breaking his promises. One such promise was to make the coast guard a stand-alone agency however it remains a special operating agency. Search and Rescue As you know, one of the first things I did when I became your MP after the tragic crash of the Cougar helicopter which claimed 17 lives, two from our riding, was to introduce a private member’s bill in the House of Commons. It called on the Conservative government to move quickly to allocate the necessary resources to put in place a full-time dedicated helicopter fully equipped to search and rescue standards at the airport nearest to offshore oil activity and that it be available on a 24 hour basis with a crew trained in all aspects of search and rescue. My motion received the support of the majority of the members in the House of Commons more than a year ago unfortunately, the Conservative members of Parliament voted against it. That tells us everything we need to know about a government that spent almost $1 billion on a three day summit for the G8/G20 including $200,000 to build a fake lighthouse but said NO to providing the resources necessary to the Coast Guard to do everything that can possibly be done to try and ensure there will never again be such a tragedy. I had hoped that the report of the Offshore Helicopter Safety Inquiry, which also called for a dedicated first-response helicopter, would convince the Harper government of the need to move quickly and put such a helicopter in place but, unfortunately, there is no indication at this point that they will do so. Please feel free to get in touch with my office if you have questions about any of the initiatives mentioned above. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Small Craft Harbours Recognition Awards Maureen Fleming, Harbour Supervisor, Treasurer and Board Member of the Lamaline Harbour Authority, won the National Individual Commitment award at the Small Craft Harbours Prix d’Excellence awards presentation in Ottawa. The Environmental Stewardship Award was presented to the Burgeo Harbour Authority and the Harbour Authority Achievement Award went to the Fortune Harbour Authority at a presentation in Gander.

(l-r) Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea, Maureen Fleming, MP Judy, Assistant Deputy Minister Fisheries and Oceans Guy Beaupré.

MP Judy presented a certificate of congratulations to the Harbour Authority of Fortune. (l-r) George Hillier, Aubrey Wells, Earl Rose, MP Judy, Paul Wells, Derrick Warren, Barry Spencer.

Welcome Home Jason Jason Stacey, Fortune, recently returned home after serving his fifth tour of duty, the most recent being a second tour in Afghanistan. Jason has served in Haiti, Bosnia, Camp Mirage, UAE, didthree tours of duty in CFS Alert and he will be returning to CFB Greenwood NS. Jason and his parents Eric He has served 15 years with the and Elsie Stacey Forces.

MP Judy questions closure of Service Canada Community Offices The closure of Service Canada Community Offices leaves many rural Canadians without local access to federal services, information and resources. There are 13 community offices being closed in Newfoundland and Labrador, including four in Random-Burin-St. George’s in Burgeo, Harbour Breton, Ramea and St. Alban’s. The Service Canada community offices were established by a Liberal government, in partnership with community organizations, to ensure people in rural remote communities have direct access to the federal government. MP Judy Sheri Fiander, Ramea Service questioned the Minister of Canada Community Office, assists Human Resources about the Arthur Marsden with the Canada closures in Parliament. Summer Jobs applications. MP Judy Foote: Mr. Speaker, the Conservative government is giving our largest corporations billions of dollars in tax breaks while shutting the doors of Service Canada community offices throughout rural Canada. These centres are open every day and are a lifeline for those who Shevonne Dominey, Burgeo need to access federal government Service Canada Community information on a daily basis. Office, assists John N. Warren. In NL, people are being told to go online or wait until a Service Canada employee visits the community, which may be two days a month. I ask the minister, how can the government save money on the backs of rural Canadians and give billions in tax breaks to our largest corporations? Hon. Diane Finley (Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development): Mr. Speaker, our government is committed to providing Canadians with access to information and to the benefits and services to which they have a right. That is why we are actually improving the service to be delivered to her constituents. Right now, the people who are there do not work for the government. They cannot offer very much in the way of information or service. So what we are doing is that we are putting in government employees there who will actually be able to provide services to these citizens, in terms of helping them get their old age security, or their CPP, or a social insurance number. We are going to make sure they get the service. MP Judy Foote: Mr. Speaker, sending people to the Internet when many rural Canadians do not have access to high-speed Internet is an insult. Expecting people to organize their lives to coincide with the schedule of a Service Canada employee who may get to the community, depending on the weather and, in my riding, on a ferry schedule, is completely unreasonable and inconsiderate. Hundreds of jobs will be lost throughout the country. Why is it that the Prime Minister can find all the staff he needs to put up 10,000 signs worth $40 million but will not find the dollars to keep the people who provide these essential services? In the House of Commons February 2, 2011

Events and Meetings …….. Clarenville Wintertainment

Hot chocolate to warm everyone on a very cold night as parents, children and grandparents came to the opening of Wintertainment. (l-r) MP Judy, Charlene Kenefick, Recreation Director Garry Gosse, Gerald Kenefick, Graham Bursey, Reverend Karen Bursey. MP Judy with Wintertainment mascot Pokey. MP Judy with Gerard Green, president of Clarenville and Area Recreational Association. He accepted a plaque recognizing CARA’s 40th anniversary.

Grand Bank-Fortune Winter Carnival

Front (l-r) Little Mr. Winter Carnival Devon Trimm; Little Mr. Winter Carnival First Runner-up Liam Barber; Little Miss Winter Carnival First Runner-up Nicole Collins; Junior Miss Winter Carnival First Runner-up Sara Cornish; Little Miss Winter Carnival Liana Dominaux. Back (l-r) Miss Winter Carnival Sarah Pierce; Miss Winter Carnival First Runner-up Madison Smith; Junior Miss Winter Carnival Rebecca Green; Miss Friendship Britney Brady.

Harper’s Broken Promises

2006 Conservative Platform: 1. Ensure that regional development agencies are nonpoliticized. Government Action: Broken. The Board of ACOA is stacked with Conservative insiders and programs like RInC send more money to Conservative ridings. 2. Extend the 200 mile limit to the edge of the Continental Shelf, the nose and tail of the Grand Banks, and the Flemish Cap in the North Atlantic. Government Action: Broken. 3. Make the Coast Guard a stand-alone agency. Government Action: Broken. It remains a Special Operating Agency as the previous government had made it. 4. Create evidence-based benchmarks for medically acceptable wait times, starting with cancer, heart, diagnostic imaging procedures, joint replacements, and sight restoration are established as soon as possible, as promised in the Health Accord. Government Action: Broken. 5. Create 125,000 childcare spaces. Government Action: Broken. 6. Replace the Indian Act with a modern legislative framework which provides for the devolution of full legal and democratic responsibility to aboriginal Canadians. Government Action: Broken. 7. Treat Canada’s veterans with the respect and honour they deserve. Government Action: Broken. From drastically paring down their promise of $3 billion to veterans exposed to Agent Orange to failing to fix the lump sum payment system for severely wounded modern day veterans, the Conservatives have let down veterans both young and old.

Front (l-r) Eloise Newport, Fred Collins Volunteer of the Year recipient for 2010; Marlyese Simms, Town Clerk received 25 year service award. Back (l-r) Jody Manning, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Fire Chief; MHA Darin King; Mayor Ches Kenway; Don Cooke, firefighter – 5 years service award; Fred Collins; MP Judy.

North Harbour Seniors Christmas Dinner

Marystown Winter Carnival

MP Judy was represented at the Marystown Winter Carnival by student assistant Mark Browne. (l-r) Mark, Bill Grandy, Bill Cheeseman, Clyde Anstey, Carnival Patron Barb Cribb, Gordon Lomond, Dora Cooze, Steve White, Harry Cooze, Robert Lymburner, Geoff Lomond

Stephen Harper has not kept his promises from 2006 and 2008 election campaigns covering government spending, child care and health care. To view the list of 145 promises that were made and broken by Stephen Harper, visit Here are some of the promises that were made and broken:

Winterland Volunteer Appreciation

2008 Conservative Platform: 8. Reduce Tax on Diesel Fuels. Government Action: Broken. 9. Allow families where one spouse is not working full-time to care for one or more family members with disabilities – whether children or adults – to split their income between spouses for tax purposes. Government Action: Broken. 10. Modernize the administration of our fisheries to ensure greater focus on conservation and using administrative sanctions, rather than court proceedings, to deal with violations. Government Action: Broken. The new Fisheries Act died when Stephen Harper called an early election in 2008 – the bill has not been reintroduced. 11. Reforming or Abolishing the Senate. Government Action: Broken. Stephen Harper broke his pledge to only appoint elected Senators, instead he appointed 38 Senators - all Conservatives - since the last election. 12. Create a new, refundable tax credit on up to $500 of eligible fees for children under 16 who participate in eligible arts or cultural activities, such as music lessons, drama or art classes. Government Action: Broken. 13. Enhance the Children's Fitness Tax Credit by making it refundable. Government Action: Broken. 14. Ensure we acquire the ships, aircraft, vehicles and other equipment our Forces need in a manner that ensures our troops have the best possible equipment and that taxpayers' dollars are prudently spent. Government Action: Broken. After promising an open and transparent competition to replace Canada’s CF-18s, the Conservatives flip-flopped and announced that Canada would purchase 65 F35s without holding a competition – costing taxpayers at least $21 billion. 15. Increase funeral, burial assistance rates for veterans to bring the rates in line with those of active duty Canadian Forces, RCMP officers. Government Action: Broken. 16. Take additional steps to ensure that Canada's communities and hospitals have more doctors and nurses where they are most needed. Government Action: Broken.

North Harbour Seniors Christmas Dinner, sponsored by the Lions Club. Front (l-r) Calvin Pearce, Lloyd Barrett. Back (l-r) Clarence Eddy, Terry Mueller, Wesley Manning, Vida Fiander, Henry Fiander, Rev. Jim Pollard, MP Judy, Larry Drover. (Inset) Frank Dean and Inez Manning, the oldest citizens attending the event who were invited to cut the cake.

Congratulations to a Top Student! MP Judy’s assistant Carol Anne represented MP Judy at the John Burke High Awards Night, Grand Bank. Catherine Price, Fortune, received the Governor General’s Academic Medal 2009-2010, for the highest academic average in the graduating class; Howard Patten Memorial Scholarship, for achieving the highest academic grade on two public exams; Category 1 Academic average of 80% and higher and Eastern School District Scholarship, first place. Catherine also received a $1000 Entrance Scholarship to Memorial University. Catherine is the daughter of Lloyd and Kim Price.

A Fun Time in English Harbour East

The Lions Club ensured everyone had a good time at their annual Christmas party. Entertainment was provided by (l-r) Lauren Kearley, Delaney Labour, Hope Hackett and well-known musician and music teacher Juanita Hackett. The oldest citizens at the event, Thomas and Ann Kearley, were invited to cut the cake.

USS Truxton and USS Pollux St. Lawrence Academy Student Liam Way represented MP Judy at the 69th Anniversary Memorial Service recalling the grounding and sinking of the USS Truxtun and USS Pollux near Chambers Cove and Lawn Point in February, 1942. A total of 203 sailors lost their lives trying to reach the shore while another 186 were rescued by local residents. Shown with Liam is Sea Cadet Candace Beck, PO1 of 269 Endeavour.

….. Throughout the riding Milestones

MP Judy with Clayton Johnson, Grand Bank, who celebrated his 103rd birthday December 23th.

MP Judy with Nellie Caul and her first grandson Reigan, Stephenville, who celebrated her 90th birthday February 11th.

MP Judy’s assistant Laura Aylward with Josephine Doucette, Stephenville Crossing, who celebrated her 102nd birthday October 25th.

MP Judy’s assistant Laura with Alfreda Gillis, Highlands, who celebrated her 100th birthday December 5th.

Burnt Islands 34th Annual Firefighters Banquet. Front (l-r) MHA Kelvin Parsons, Janet Courtney, Selma Neil, Marie Bond, Angie Thorne, Christina Thorne, Linda Thorne, MP Judy. Middle (l-r) Francis Herritt, Fire Chief Roy Lawerence, Denise Bond, Tina Harvey, Della King, Lorraine Munden, Nancy Taylor, Jacqueline Keeping, Alice Francis, Colleen King, Daphne Chant. Back (l-r) Allan Munden, Harry Lawerence, Victor Hatcher, Chester Harriss, Murray Hardy, George Thorne, Eric Hodder, Minter Walters, Clarence Hardy, Shawn Hatcher, Chesley Thorne, Jamie King, Roberta Francis.

MP Judy with Kenneth Lemoine, Port aux Basques, who celebrated his 89th birthday March 11th. MP Judy’s assistant Carol Anne Haley with Alfreda Henebury, Point May, who celebrated her 90th birthday January 19th.

The 39th Annual St. George’s Firefighters Banquet. Front (l-r) Theodore Bennett, Dean White, Allan McLean, Brian Bennett, Fire Chief Harry Piercey. Back (l-r) MHA Joan Burke, Kenneth Lee, Jeffery Lee, Kevin Dunphy, Stanley Harper, Wanda Cutler, Dean Cutler, Josh Piercey, Laurie Fillatre, Arthur Lasaga, Stephen Bennett, Jon Piercey, Cory Sheppard, Toby White, MP Judy.

MP Judy with Stanley Symes, Fortune, who celebrated his 81st birthday December 17th. MP Judy with Maude Stoyles, Grand Bank, who celebrated her 87th birthday December 6th.

MP Judy with Rose Carter, Port aux Basques, who celebrated her 86th birthday December 26th.

MP Judy’s assistant Laura Aylward attended the 33rd Annual Firefighters’ Ball in Margaree. Front (l-r) Laura, Clifford Lillington, Peter Ingram, Wayne MP Judy with Livenia Pinksen and her grandson Clevett, John Billard Sr, Matthew Sweet. Middle (l-r) Carolann Ingram, Dana King, Fire Chief Brian Northcott, Bradley Ingram, Wayne Billard, Colby Bradley, Stephenville. Livenia celebrated her 75th Lillington, Wilfred Luedee, MHA Kelvin Parsons. Back (l-r) - John Billard Jr., Karl Park, Marcelle Domimie, Bernard Warren, Wade Keough. birthday February 7th.

MP Judy with Everett and Jean Walters who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary January 13th.

MP Judy with Arthur and Fronie Ralph, Grand Bank, who celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary February 10th.

Burgoyne’s Cove Post Office to Re-open MP Judy presented petitions in Parliament, wrote to the MP Judy’s assistant Carol Anne Haley attended the St. Lawrence 47th Annual Minister Responsible for Canada Post and questioned him MP Judy with Calvin and Firefighters’ Banquet. Front (l-r) Randy Edwards, Fire Chief Daryl Doyle, in the House of Commons about the closure of the Burgoyne’s Cove Post Office. When the Burgoyne’s Cove Jean Pearce, North Harbour, MHA Darin King, Carol Anne, Mayor Wayde Rowsell, Eric Lake, Hubert who celebrated their 45th Stacey. Back (l-r) Mario Perrot, Glen Hodge, Gene Turpin, Ernie Lundrigan, postmaster retired, roadside community mail boxes were Isaac Kettle, Patrick Fong, Brian Drake, Kirk Slaney, Tony Champdoizeau, put in place as a temporary measure until a postmaster was wedding anniversary on December 3rd. hired. Wayne Pike, Donnie Lambe, Pat Miller, Rodney Doyle. However, Canada Post conducted a survey in July, when Volunteer Appreciation Night For Information or Assistance many residents were on vacation, and used the results to MP Judy’s close the post office permanently despite the federal assistant Carol government’s announced moratorium on post office Grand Bank Stephenville Anne Haley closures in rural communities. Naturally, the residents of 3 Church St., P.O. Box 370 83B Main St. represented MP Burgoyne’s Cove and surrounding communities were Judy at the Grand Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0 Stephenville, NL A2N 1H9 outraged. Tel: (709) 832-1383 Tel: (709) 643-4189 Bank Harbour Fax: (709) 832-1380 Fax: (709) 643-5171 The Minister has reversed the decision of Canada Post. Authority Annual MP Judy’s hard work and that of the people of Burgoyne’s Ottawa Volunteer Room 712 Confederation Building Cove and surrounding communities paid off. This is good Appreciation Ottawa, Ontario news for them. They deserve access to federal government Night. (l-r) Hugh Barter, Lloyd Hines, Mayor Darrell Lafosse, Clayton (613) 996-8655 resources and services, as do all people who live in rural Strowbridge, Henrietta Hillier, Fred Follett, Don Hollett, Derek Reach me by email at: Strowbridge, Harbour Authority President Archie Evans, Carol Anne, communities throughout NL. or call toll free at 1-888-237-2455. Grand Bank Harbour Master Levi Matthews.

On Parliament Hill

MP Judy Recognizes Constituents in the House of Commons

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff with Allison Stoodley, Grand Bank, and MP Judy. Allison visited Ottawa with the Encounters with Canada Program and toured Parliament and took in Question Period while in the Capital. Allison also met Justin Trudeau, Marc Garneau and Ken Dryden.

Mr. Speaker, the small communities in my riding of Random—Burin—St. George's remain vibrant because of the many dedicated volunteers who get involved in ensuring our community, our province and our country are better places to live. I rise today to honour one of those fine individuals. Harold Wells has spent much of his lifetime helping both the towns of Stephenville Crossing and Stephenville. Mr. Wells was recently bestowed a lifetime membership by the board of directors of the International Association of Lions Clubs in acknowledgement of more than half a century of selfless work for others. Since joining the Lions Club in 1956, Mr. Wells has held every position within the local Stephenville Crossing and Stephenville clubs as well as positions at the district level. Over the years, Mr. Wells has received several awards in recognition of his dedication to Lionism, his community and all residents of Stephenville and Stephenville Crossing. I ask all members to join me in saluting Harold Wells, a shining example of the best that volunteerism has to offer. Presented in the House of Commons on December 8, 2010

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to salute an exceptional young woman from the town of Kippens in my riding of Random—Burin—St. George's. At just 17 years of age, Katarina Roxon has accumulated a lengthy list of accomplishments and records as a disabled athlete. She has travelled the world, representing her province and her country and along the way has set numerous world and national records. She has participated in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, 2006 and 2010 World Championships, the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 2007 Parapan American Games and the 2006 IPC World Swimming Championships. Katarina is now proving that her athletic ability is not limited to swimming, as she is now proving to be equally adept in track and field. This remarkable young woman is proof that the human spirit can help us overcome any obstacle and that with determination, we are capable of reaching new heights of achievement. I ask all members of the House to join me in wishing Katarina Roxon all the best as she continues to purse her dreams as an athlete.

Katarina Roxon

MP Judy with Keara Lundrigan, Lewin’s Cove, who is currently working as a page in the House of Commons while pursuing her studies at University of Ottawa. Students interested in becoming a page should visit or contact MP Judy’s office.

Presented in the House of Commons on Feburary 8, 2011

MP Judy Presents Petitions in the House of Commons Calling for a Transmitter Mr. Speaker, I stand today on behalf of a volunteer in my riding of Random—Burin—St. George's who has given of his time and money to operate a non-commercial 5 watt FM transmitter to broadcast to the residents of the Grand Bank area and, in many cases, to the shut-ins who are in the Blue Crest Senior Citizens Home. Larry Osmond of Grand Bank has been doing this but for some reason the CRTC has decided not to allow him to continue. Hundreds of people have signed this petition asking that such a transmitter be offered because it is a desired service for everyone in the listening area. The petitioners are calling upon the Minister of Canadian Heritage to invoke the appropriate exemption from licensing clauses to allow Mr. Osmond to operate his non-commercial transmitter. This is something that is a good service for everyone in the listening area. It is something that senior citizens have benefited from and they were really disappointed when Mr. Osmond was taken off the air. The petitioners are asking the CRTC to reconsider and the Minister of Canadian Heritage to get involved to reinstate this particular service which is so badly needed and was so appreciated by so many in the listening area. When we have a volunteer like Larry Osmond who gives of his own time and money to do this, we should show our appreciation.

Learning on the Job MP Judy met Skills Link participants Rozlyn Young and Brady Harvey who interviewed her for Burnt Islands Community Radio. Rozlyn and Brady are getting experience in radio production, publishing and website development working for the Burnt Islands Economic Development Committee, with the support of the federal Skills Link program.

Aboriginal Business Gala

MP Judy’s assistant Laura Aylard represented MP Judy at the second Presented in the House of Commons on November 24, 2011 annual Aboriginal Support for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Business Mr. Speaker, I have been asked to present this petition on behalf of any number of MS patients in my Gala, riding and the petition has been signed by individuals who support those MS patients. Stephenville. The petitioners have said that there is some degree of urgency to this. I know for a fact that there is an (l-r) Laura urgency because I have witnessed constituents of mine having to travel in order to avail themselves of Aylward, vascular scans and the resulting surgery. The petitioners are asking that this be made available in Canada Odelle Pike, chair of the Aboriginal Business Gala; Keisha and that follow-up treatments for MS patients be made available in Canada. Sheppard, local Mi’Kmag youth; Brandon LaSaga, local One of the issues now is when MS patients return to Canada after having had to travel to other countries Mi’Kmag youth; Chris Googoo, general manager for the treatment, they are not eligible or invited to be part of any kind of follow-up program. The Ulnooweg Development Group Corporation; Anne Hart, petitioners are asking the Government of Canada, through the Minister of Health, to have a look at this. chair of the Long Range Regional Economic Development Presented in the House of Commons on December 16, 2011 Corporation.

Commemoration Ceremony in Port aux Basques

MP Judy attended a ceremony in Port aux Basques to commemorate the loss at sea of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship HMCS Shawinigan K136. The warship was one of three Canadian warships lost during the Second World War and the only ship to be sunk in Canadian waters with no survivors. It was torpedoed and sunk in the Cabot Strait just off the approaches to Port aux Basques. Ninety-one crew members perished. (l-r) Commander Mike Edwards, Shawinigan Project Officer; Lieutenant Commander Niall Hanratty, Commanding Officer of current HMCS Shawinigan; MP Judy; MHA Kelvin Parsons; Commodore Jennifer Bennett, Commander of the Naval Reserve; Mayor Brian Button; Legion President Leo Connolly; Max Harvey, Project Manager Naval Reserve Centennial 2010.

How Well Do You Know Random-Burin St. George’s?

Where was this photo taken? To help you become more familiar with Random-Burin-St. George’s photos of the communities in our riding will be carried in householders. You are invited to identify the community and have your name entered in a draw to win a Canadian flag. To enter mail or e-mail your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and your answer to my constituency or Ottawa offices. Remember it doesn’t cost anything to send mail to your MP! Little Heart’s Ease was the community featured in the last contest. Winter 2010 photo contest winners - Congratulations! Dave Patey – Clarenville Dale Slaney – St. Lawrence Wayne Tulk – Fortune Agatha Fitzpatrick – Lord’s Cove

Newsletter 2011 Spring  

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