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Quick Guide Using the Jerry Falwell Library

What resources are available in the Library? The library has over one million resources in physical and electronic formats. These include books, e-books, journals, DVDs, CDs, video streams, and more! The library also has over 500 databases with millions of additional resources.

How many items can I check out and how long can I keep them? The number of items that can be checked out and the length of the checkout period depend on the type of item. • General collection materials — 25 items for 30 days (Graduate students can check out 35 items.) • DVDs — 3 items for 7 days • Curriculum textbooks and teacher resource materials — 3 items for 3 days • Reserve materials — 3 items for either 3 hours, 24 hours, or 3 days, depending on the item


Does the library have any special collections? The JFL has several special collections to meet unique needs: • Curriculum Library — PreK-12 textbooks, teaching resources, juvenile literature, and English as a Second Language materials (Terrace Level) • Archives & Special Collections — Historical materials related to the university, Falwell ministries, Baptist traditions, and more; Special collections such as Moral Majority papers, Conservative Caucus papers, hymnal collection, and Civil War Chaplains Museum collection (Terrace Level) • Counseling Library — Discipline-specific resources for the Department of Community Care & Counseling and the Department of Counselor Education & Family Studies (701 Thomas Road Campus in the Carter Building)

How can I access items stored in the robot? Students can request materials stored in the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) directly from the JFL website. The materials are typically ready for pick up at the Customer Service Center in about 10 minutes. Distance students can request materials stored in the ASRS as well as other materials from the JFL collection via InterLibrary Loan (ILL). The items will be shipped to their home address.


How can I access electronic resources? Currently enrolled students can access electronic library resources such as e-books at Students who are off-campus will be prompted to log in before accessing full content.

What can I do if I need something that the library doesn’t own? The JFL is often able to acquire materials that the library does not own through ILL services. Visit for more information and to submit requests.

How can I get assistance with my research? Research assistance and instruction are available in person, by phone, via email, or through online chat. You can visit Ask-a-Librarian for contact information, hours, and details. Students can also explore librarian-created research guides at Research-Guides.

How can I improve my research skills? The Research & Instruction Department offers Research Smart Workshops which can be attended via a live stream. Previous workshops have been recorded and are also available for viewing. A complete listing is available at

Can I leave my materials in the library if I plan to come back later? Any unattended items will be reshelved or turned in to lost and found. Students, faculty, and staff can use one of over 175 lockers to store their personal items and library materials that have been checked out. All lockers have outlets and USB charging capabilities.


Is the library quiet? Recognizing that there are many different learning styles and preferences, there are three different levels of quiet in the library. Deep Quiet spaces are designated with this symbol and are completely silent. This means no talking, no eating, and devices on silent. These are found in the Pou Learning Commons (3rd floor), the Scholars Learning Commons (3rd floor), and the Archives Reading Room (Terrace Level). Quiet spaces are designated with this symbol and are appropriate for whispering and devices on vibrate. These are found in the Scholars Lounge (3rd floor), Caudell Reading Room (2nd & 3rd floors), Gwin Learning Commons (2nd floor), Dodak Technology Commons (1st floor), and the Terrace Learning Commons (Terrace Level). Collaborative spaces are all spaces not otherwise designated. These are appropriate for normal conversations. These spaces include the Gallagher Learning Commons (2nd floor), the Carter Learning Commons (1st floor), and the Curriculum Library (Terrace Level).

Can I reserve a space? Current students, faculty, and staff can reserve one of over 30 group study rooms in person, by phone, or online at Room-Reservations. All group study rooms have writable walls and projection equipment. Faculty and staff can request to reserve other meeting spaces within the library by contacting Anyone not currently affiliated with the university who wishes to reserve a space will need to coordinate that request with the university events office by contacting

Are there food vendors available? The Tinney Café, located in the Jerry Falwell Library, houses several food vendors, including a Starbucks. Additionally, there are vending machines on all floors. Food and covered beverages are welcomed in the library. The only exceptions are the Deep Quiet Zones in which eating is not permitted and the Archives & Special Collections Department which does not allow food or beverages.

Are there any special spaces in the JFL? There are a number of special spaces in the library: • Lecture Capture Space — Special group study room with Kaltura video equipment (Room 351A) • Cisco Telepresence Technologies — Suite of interactive, virtual telepresence technologies (2nd floor) • Osborne Assistive Learning Technology Center — Special collection of equipment and software specifically designed to assist those with disabilities (2nd floor) • Active Learning Classroom — Collaborative technologies for interactive instruction (Room 171) • Media Wall — Interactive 24-foot-by-11-foot visual display (Esbenshade Atrium) • Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) — Viewing windows for the robotic system which houses the majority of the physical collections (Terrace Level)


Library Hours

Sunday 1-11:45 p.m. Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m.-11:45 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday 9:30 a.m.-10 p.m. *Closed during Convocation

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Quick Guide: Using the Jerry Falwell Library  

Quick Guide: Using the Jerry Falwell Library  

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