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of wine and animals, set up a picnic on the pet-friendly grounds and enjoy live music at this festive winery. Dogs are also allowed in the cool and airy tasting room. The family-friendly winery also provides a fun opportunity to introduce your children and dogs to goats, sheep, pigs, turtles and highland cows. www.marthaclaravineyards.com 6025 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY

Duck Walk Vineyards This eco-friendly vineyard is ideal for a Sunday morning wine-tasting. With a wide-open space behind the tasting room dotted with picnic tables and chairs, Duck Walk Vineyards can accommodate large gatherings. Although dogs are expected to stay on leash in the tasting room, no rules seem to apply for friendly dogs wanting to explore the large outdoor space. Duck Walk uses geothermal energy for heating and cooling, pumping well water from deep beneath the vineyards, a zero-emissions system that has reduced their carbon footprint. www.duckwalk.com 44535 Main Road, Southold, NY

Croteaux Vineyards You will not find a more enchanting winery in North Fork than the Frenchowned Croteaux Vineyards that specializes in dry and fruity rosÊ wines. The tasting barn and garden provide an idyllic setting overlooking the vineyards. A large weeping cherry tree shades the garden, daffodils and forsythia bloom at the entrance and the resident terrier named Sergeant keeps guard. While the winery is dog-friendly, pooches must be leashed at all times and near their owners, and must get along with Sergeant. Croteaux Vineyards is ideal for a romantic afternoon wine-tasting. www.croteaux.com 1450 South Harbor Road, Southold, NY If you are visiting for the weekend, book your stay at the dog-friendly Blue Inn, located in East Marion, close to the wineries and gorgeous beaches. Visit www.theblueinn.com. Happy wine-tasting with your dogs!

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