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December 2012

A Message from the CEO

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s hard to believe that nine months have passed since our family made South Florida home, and rare that a day passes without someone introducing themselves and saying “Oh, so you’re the new guy!” — which begs the question, how long into one’s tenure are you still “new”? For me, new, old or established matters far less than impactful! However, change is a curious thing, and instantaneous shifts in policy are always a challenge for an organization with the breadth and depth of Federation.

A Letter from David Phillips, Federation CEO Our history, stability and impact are born out of careful and thoughtful investment and planning. Balancing fast and furious with studious and careful is the ultimate challenge for those I work alongside and for me as the CEO. It’s a tightrope we walk every day. Fortunately, most people “get it,” and recognize that with 50 years of experience behind us we are in it for the long haul. As an investor in this community, you should know that dynamic change is underway. I believe you deserve a report on the progress-to-date, so that: (a) you are in the loop; (b) you can either approve or disapprove of our direction; and (c) get involved in whatever way you find comfortable. My only request is that if you disagree, you share your opinion of our choices with me and help us solve the problem. Passion and ownership are the hallmarks of a great community...and we are a great Jewish community! COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATIONAL Campaign Annual Campaign


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One significant shift in agency culture speaks to our fundraising process. Over the next two years we will be introducing a donor-centric Total Financial Resource Development (TFRD) approach that gives our constituents the choice of various “products” that we believe will match your philanthropic goals with our local, national and international partners’ service objectives and funding needs. While the Annual Campaign retains its primacy — it is truly the most heroic gift one can make, as it represents a vote of confidence that Federation has identified and met the strategic needs of our community — we want to engage folks where THEIR hearts and minds are. Choice, strategy, impact and

evaluation are the future of philanthropy and we will strive to be your partners in tikkun olam (repairing the world).

various local law enforcement agencies, as well as the Secure Community Network (a Jewish Federations of North America [JFNA, our national umbrella organization] team that is the official conduit to the U.S. government on matters of Jewish communal security). Over the coming months, we will keep you up-to-date on our progress. Your safety, and that of our agencies, is paramount and represents a valueadded that Federation brings to the community, touching your life and that of your family, friends and neighbors.

We are also taking a long, hard look at our own governance structure and a committee, headed by Gary S. Lesser, will soon recommend a new approach to providing volunteer oversight and developing talented new leadership to help move us forward. Governance and fiduciary oversight is truly a delicate mix as we aim to ensure a pipeline of both seasoned and experienced, and new volunteers. For me, it is an absolute priority as training, mentoring and providing We want to engage in a REAL partnership; we want leadership roles are at the heart of Federation’s value proposition. With a strong to know what you think about your Jewish community. leadership structure, we fulfill our promise of stability, growth and excellence — for Federation and all community agencies As 2012 draws to a close, our thoughts turn to our 2013 and synagogues. Annual Campaign; and here again, you’ll see change. Our donors deserve to hear from us personally wherever possible, and it should not just be a request for money. Another area of focus is the central We want to engage in a REAL partnership; we want to know function that Federation provides as what you think about your Jewish community. This year, instead of getting a solicitation call on Super Sunday, we the community planner. want to reach out to and thank you (yes — you heard me — thank you!). We want to hear your point-of-view on the things Another area of focus is the central function that Federation that matter most — to you and those who mean the most provides as the community planner. We are at the earliest to you. After all, you are our community heroes…and stages of re-imagining our Community Planning and relationships are developed and improved by listening. We Investment approach, and developing new strategies that also want to let you know just how important your support will help us create the most successful, viable, sustainable is to Jews here and around the globe. So take the call — or and exciting Jewish community on both sides of the ocean. better yet, volunteer to join us and make calls. Doing good There is so much need in the Jewish — and secular — world! feels good, and makes a measurable difference — in the Our goal is to create a seamless process that allows us to lives of those you talk to, and the lives of those who benefit nimbly identify, qualify, quantify and evaluate these options, from our community’s commitment! and ensure that our focus remains on top priorities. All of these changes will take time and there are more The safety and security of our Region is an issue I think to report -- but I’ve run out of space for now. The Annual about on a daily basis. The world has changed, and whether Campaign is still here and I would be naive if I dismissed it’s a natural disaster or more sinister event, I believe that the reality that the Jewish community needs your help. I may Federation is obligated to ensure that we have prepared not have to remind you but, together, we provide the human thoughtfully and are ready to deploy resources if and when safety net to those in need, and ensure the vitality and disaster strikes. To this end, we are currently working closely enrichment of the Jewish people. Together, we are the to develop protocols and infrastructure that offer our keepers of our history and traditions. An Annual Campaign community peace of mind. We are grateful to be partners “ask --” is not always easy, but it’s how we touch lives and with the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and weave a fabric of Jewish life for today and tomorrow. We are ...more A Message from the CEO

a philanthropic people. We rush towards those in need and have survived against all odds because of the compassionate Jewish heart that beats inside us all. I acknowledge that our community has suffered over the past few years, but it is time to move forward and remind ourselves that this is Palm Beach County, simply one of the most vital and vibrant centers of Jewish life anywhere. If you have read this far into my letter you obviously have an interest in our future. I sincerely hope that you will join us and together we will do remarkable things and touch lives for generations to come. Before (almost) ending my letter, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the remarkable and immediate response our community had to last month’s emergency situation in Israel. We established the Israel Terror Relief Fund in response to Hamas’ increased terror attacks directed at innocent Israeli citizens and Israel’s initiation of the “Operation Pillar of Defense” military action. I am proud to report that in just three or four days, we raised the funds needed to meet our part of JFNA’s $5 million commitment to provide rescue and relief on the ground. Our community did what it does best…we were asked and we stood up in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel. For that, we should all be proud. Finally, let me thank my agency and synagogue colleagues for their willingness to see and support Federation as we enter this renaissance. A community with the bonds of trust between its leadership can function in a healthy, productive manner and I am delighted to say that I see trust, cooperation and transparency growing stronger every day. As always, feel free to reach out and provide your feedback. I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, safe and productive secular New Year. B’Shalom,

A Message from our CEO David Phillips Dec. 2012  

David Phillips Quarterly Newsletter

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