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MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to strengthen Jewish identity, energize the relationship with Israel, and meet human needs that are uniquely the obligation of the Jewish community. We are the central Jewish community-building organization of the greater Palm Beaches, serving residents from Boynton Beach to Jupiter and west to Wellington.

The mission of Federation and the business that we do is really crucial and really essential, and you can see the results of it. We make a tangible difference in the community and that, to me, is amazing. As a people, we have so much to offer, and as a Jewish person I have an obligation—to the community here, the community overseas and the people who came before me.


Perspective: A Conversation

Between (and with) our

President & CEO

Federation President Mark F. Levy and CEO David Phillips recently sat down to reflect on the challenges and joys of guiding our community during 2011-2012. Here are some of the pointed and pertinent questions they asked — and answered — during their candid conversation.

MARK: In 2012, the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County marked its 50th anniversary. As someone looking through a “new” lens, what would you say we have to show for our five-decades? DAVID: While I’ve been here a relatively short time, this is a remarkable community. We have all the makings of a stunningly successful Jewish community, complete with synagogues, and social, recreational and educational outlets. We also have extraordinarily dedicated leaders and staff — at Federation and our partner agencies — who all share a desire to see our institutions healthy and maximizing impact. ANNUAL REPORT 2012


MARK: What do you think makes Federation different than our partners? DAVID: Here at Federation, we don’t run summer camp, give therapy, rehabilitate people, provide inspirational Shabbat services or the tools for Jewish educators. That’s the role of our partner agencies*, each of which are spectacular in their function. Federation’s responsibility is planning for our community’s future, helping develop capacity for new and innovative programming. *The Jewish Community Center of the Greater Palm Beaches, Commission for Jewish Education of the Palm Beaches, Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy and Lola and Saul Kramer Senior Services Agency, Inc., a subsidiary of MorseLife.

DAVID: How would you define our business? MARK: I think a lot of people don’t know the extent of what we do! We’re in the business of Building Community, which we accomplish with a diverse group of outstanding volunteer and professional leaders of all ages — from all walks of life — who join us at the Federation table, where we plan for the collective future that we all wish to realize. People need to understand the wealth of expertise we bring…the value we add to the community. We provide guidance and counsel, help and assistance, and longterm vision. We breed leadership, and direct resources that we spend wisely, monitor carefully and evaluate collaboratively.

MARK: What would you say our product is? DAVID: When you think about it, our real product is people. We work to keep them safe, sound and secure, whether hungry, unemployed, or having special needs. Whether in want of a Jewish education, summer camp or Israel experience, financial assistance to feed their families or pay their rent, or exercise program. Whatever their issues are, Federation is focused on addressing these concerns every day, working to raise and distribute the funds that keep the programs, institutions and values that enrich Jewish community — at home and abroad — vibrant and strong. MARK: The fact is, Federation is active in 70 countries around the world. That’s a lot of countries…and a lot of people. A lot of mouths to feed, and bodies to clothe, provide shelter for, counsel and rescue. We do that — and much more — and we all consider our work both an honor and a privilege. We also advocate, mediate, educate and train future leadership. We are a complex, multi-dimensional agency, the impact of which is so important that it can actually be difficult to grasp and explain. 4


DAVID: If you had to encapsulate our actions of the past 50 years, how would you define our role? MARK: In our 50 years, we have directed millions of dollars into the Jewish world and done infinite good.

MARK: How do you think the next 50 years will be different than the previous 50? DAVID: This past year we took a long, hard look at ourselves, noting that the world around us has changed and we needed to change as well. In 2012, we started on a new path, our goal being to achieve new standards of excellence and be ready to accept and adapt to the rapid cultural and technological advances that society has made, and that our donor base is demanding. I like to think of Federation as an infinite source of renewable energy…a breeding ground for leadership…a safe place to direct dreams and resources. We are thinking strategically and planning our infrastructure for the next five to 10 years. We will lead. We will be the role model. We will run towards issues, pushing forward to build on our past successes while embracing the change necessary for our future.

MARK: The following pages of this Annual Report will share a capsule of the year that was. What message(s) would you like our readers to come away with? DAVID: Moving towards tomorrow, we will continue to strive to provide every person with a life of dignity and comfort. We will continue to dream of a rich, vibrant, engaged and connected Jewish future. We will continue to aspire to lead…creating a spirit of giving and hope for others to emulate. We are committed, passionate, goal-oriented and ambitious. The future is in our hands. Together, anything is possible…if we dream big and bold.



A note of thanks from the President & CEO Your contributions

— of time, talent and philanthropic dollars —

touched the lives of so many in so many areas throughout the world. Thank you for taking part in our community-building efforts, as a volunteer, participant and/or contributor. You are our heroes.

We are going to build true partnerships that’ll not only enhance the lives of Jews here in our own community, but help us engage in issues that are of a national concern to Jews, and the international concerns that we all have; the Jews who live in the former Soviet Union, the Jews that live In Israel and around the world. It’s a small world…getting smaller all the time, and when we are engaged with Jews everywhere, we are all stronger and better for it. – MARK F. LEVY, President




hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

– Bob Dylan

We’re going to end up with a very strong, very vibrant, hopefully very financially stable Jewish Federation, which will make Palm Beach County a great place for my kids, their kids, and everybody else’s kids! – RON PERTNOY



There are heroes among us every day,

whether we know them or not…or

fully realize the impact their actions make.

Who are these heroes? The people who are doing the right Volunteering is not something I do because I say to myself, ‘I have to volunteer.’ I guess it just comes from inside of me.


thing, living their lives to the fullest, and creating impact around them by making a difference in the communities they care about and support. They’re volunteers. Family members. Friends and neighbors. Teachers. Learners. Organizers. Event, meeting, program and lecture participants. Where are they? Everywhere in our community’s fast-paced, active and engaged life.

At the gym, preschool, day school and office. On the other end of your telephone. Behind a computer. Thinking, planning and addressing issues that help keep the community vibrant and thriving…celebrating its uniqueness and many successes. There are so many ways to make an impact, so many things to do…so much of a difference we can all make! The days flow one into the other, humming with purpose and direction as we share in cultivating this precious community and planning for the future we envision in this place we all call home. 8


Federation is very important in this community. It always has been and continues to be. We need leadership and strength. We need to come together. We need to work together. We need to be strong and unified like never before.


A strong aspect of being Jewish is providing leadership, and leading by example…giving other people the opportunity to take part in that… being a productive member of your Jewish community…making the Jewish community here stronger. – ANDREW COMITER

Everyone in our community has the opportunity to be a hero. There are heroes among us at every turn; some we know, others who are unseen and unsung, and still more who will join the ranks. The story of the Federation system is more than a century old. It began with a need: to care for our extended Jewish family…to nurture and sustain our people. For 50 years, this is exactly what the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County has done — together with its partner agencies and our generous donors. 2012 was no different; as we’ve done in years past, we accomplished some extraordinary things. Each and every day — with humility and

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to change people’s lives, help them solve problems and to educate. I get up every day with more than 13 million people who are my responsibility, and that’s big! This community has come a long way in 50 years, and there’s still a lot of opportunity here. – BARBARA KAY

a keen awareness of our great communal

responsibility — we formulated ideas and acted for the betterment of Jewish life…honored our past, traditions and remarkable growth…took note of where we currently were and — even more importantly — where we hoped to be tomorrow. The tomorrow we envisioned has, at its core, a Jewish future with prepared and informed Jewish leaders. This past year, we began to lay the groundwork to ensure our shared successes that are yet to come.




Saving and lifting lives Sometimes we face overwhelming challenges

I believe that Federation is the basic entity for the Jewish people of this community, and it’s critical. The survival of the Jewish people is a very serious matter. – H. IRWIN LEVY

that can’t be overcome alone.

That’s when a community comes together to share its strengths, whether that means helping a family cope with a crisis or steering a child in the right direction. Through our comprehensive network of services, we help make life better.

49,163 kosher meals-on-wheels were served. 3,910 people received Homebound Mitzvah Program

packages from the Lola and Saul Kramer Senior Services Agency, Inc., a subsidiary of MorseLife, for the High Holy Days and Passover. More than 900 seniors received subsidized services from home health care to meals-on-wheels, adult day care, chore assistance, medication management, case management, enhanced companion, emergency response, counseling and psychological evaluations. 440 volunteers helped 3,700 Palm Beach County schoolchildren succeed through the JCRC’s Anne & Sam Klein Jewish Coalition for Literacy.

186 families received food from the Ferd & ...DID YOU

Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service kosher food pantry.



? Referrals to a wide array of services are available, including emergency housing, financial assistance, legal assistance, housing for the disabled, assisted living, case management services, home delivered meals, counseling, psychiatry and emergency protective services.

[] FAST FACT... Grants from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches helped train unskilled women unable to qualify for state vocational training, and offered senior Jewish women the opportunity to focus on issues of importance as they enter new stages of life.



Enriching Jewish life People come to Judaism in different ways, so it’s no surprise that Federation supports a range of initiatives to create a community that’s welcoming and vibrant for all, regardless of religious

More than 5,000 people attended advocacy sessions throughout the year by Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), with elected officials at the local, state and federal level.

1,825 people

attended programs and classes — on Israel, Jewish history, family life, holidays, current events, culture and spirituality — sponsored by the Ewa & Dan Abraham Project.

background or affiliation. With a multitude of creative and exciting programs, we inspire Jewish life and respond to each individual’s search for meaning, connection and community.



FAST FACT... 50,000 people watched MOSAIC, our Federationproduced TV program.




I feel like I’ve put down roots. I feel connected to the Jewish community here. Jewish tradition is really, really important. For me, it’s huge. To get involved is to lead by example…so that your children will do the same. – SASHA KLEIN


72 young adults ages 25-42 are currently participating or active alumni of the Emerging Leadership Project, a two-year program that identifies and develops the next generation of Jewish leadership.



Building our global Jewish community Federation is Jewish Palm Beach County’s most important partner in uniting Jewish communities around the globe. Through innovative initiatives with our colleagues in Israel’s Tzahar Region and St. Petersburg, Russia, we transform the lives of at-risk youth, rejuvenate Jewish spirit and culture and cultivate a continued vigor in Jewish life.

More than 3,500 people took part in programs designed to reestablish ties to Jewish traditions at Adain Lo Jewish Family Center in St. Petersburg. The International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah is a major tourism draw that attracts nearly 30,000 visitors annually.

1,130 Ethiopian-Israelis benefited from

pre-school, literacy development and enrichment intervention programs in the city of Ramla.

16 teens participated

in Gesher Hai (Hebrew for living bridge), a month-long trip to Israel, where they were hosted by their peers.





There are a lot of needs in the Jewish community, both locally and worldwide. If my family and I do not actively participate — and try to help the Jewish community — who else will? I don’t believe it’s an obligation; it’s something I want to do…feel like I have to do…need to do.




The Ethnic Tourism Jewish Soul Food program has enabled women from the Tzahar Region to establish a registered, successfully operational culinary cooperative that preserves their ethnicity and traditions. The women traveled to the greater Palm Beaches to participate in last year’s Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebrations and provided programs throughout the community.

[] FAST FACT... Our Israeli Shlichim (Emissaries)/Israel Educators brought a taste of Israel to the greater Palm Beaches, educating on Israeli culture, collaborating with multiple organizations, schools, synagogues, youth groups and more.



Making an impression on young minds

Children in the greater Palm Beaches

We develop our own little community in the classroom so students feel connected to something; they feel a sense of belonging. Hopefully the foundation we lay now means an involved future, where they are a part of the Jewish community and involved in Jewish life. – LITAL DAYAN

are able to develop and explore their rich Jewish

heritage through a strong network of Jewish preschool, day school and supplementary educational opportunities. Our commitment to ongoing learning sparks and encourages the natural curiosity of children, building their Jewish identity and connecting them to Jewish life. Additionally, opportunities to learn are everywhere: bookstores, video stores, museums and the Internet. At summer camps, in school clubs, youth movements, communal agencies and synagogues. As a community, we support programs that make any time a teachable moment, and every moment an






opportunity for Jewish learning.

12 classes participated in School Twinning, connecting teachers and students through an annual educational plan; a delegation of Israeli teachers visited their colleagues and partner school in Palm Beach County, bridging their virtual and long-distance relationships.

Nearly 725 teens attended Jewish Teen Initiative (JTI) programs.

More than 737 are involved in Jewish Student

Connection (JSC) clubs at their schools or JTI/Synagogue partnership youth programs.

More than 240 teens learned about

82 children

38 families

received $33,000 in Jewish Right Start incentive vouchers to send their first child to a Jewish preschool.

attended Jewish overnight camp with our help: 77% received a scholarship; 15% received a grant incentive; and 8% received both.

philanthropy, fundraising, the allocations process and community service through the Commission for Jewish Education’s Teen Tzedakah Project, which has distributed over $60,000 to date.

865 children

attended JCC summer Camp Shalom; nearly 270 were enrolled in the organization’s preschool program and 130 participated in the Chaverim after school program.

[] FAST FACT... 310 students were enrolled at the Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy, 136 of whom received tuition assistance and discounts totaling $765,041.



PLUS: We were also active in…

“ Supporting our synagogues n

I love the unity we are discovering within the community which, as rabbis, we have the ability and responsibility to create. The trust and confidence level that we are building together allows us to rethink the way we relate to each other – as institutions and as individuals.


Federation’s Synagogue Institute

facilitated the collaboration of our

community’s synagogues and communal agencies on many exciting initiatives, which bolstered the relationships between both our partner agencies, and professional and lay leadership of synagogues. n

Temple Israel and Temple Judea held joint Mussar (Jewish ethics) classes and shared a scholar-in-residence.

Temple Emanu-El and AJFCS religious school students to meet and learn from each other through a series of educational programs.


Temple Beth Tikvah and Temple Beth Kodesh hosted a collaborative


brought together Holocaust survivors and

.. . D



Federation provided synagogue lay leaders with opportunities to meet and learn from national synagogue outreach professionals, strategize and develop new ways to increase affiliation and engagement in our community.

Shavuot holiday program.

[] FAST FACT... The rabbis of our community, together with Federation CEO David Phillips, convened to address community issues and challenges through the Synagogue Institute’s Rabbinic RESHET Council, resulting in increased collaborative planning for the future.



The continuation

of the Federation story would not be possible without its

generous supporters. They, too, have stories…of a common heritage, involvement in Jewish communal life, making a profound difference in people’s lives — and giving of themselves — and getting so much more in return. The stories we have shared

within these pages — and

I am involved. I am committed. I love this community. It’s not where I grew up. It’s not where I raised my family. But I am here now…it’s my home… and it’s yours too.


those we have yet to tell — have a distinct pattern in them, woven with the thread that has crafted our common tapestry for thousands of years, and shapes who we are and what we want to become.




We are philanthropists…



2012 Financial Resource Development Team

I’m a firm believer that one’s roots and history shape them into the person that he or she is destined to become. We are all in this journey together — creating a better world and community in which we live. We must use where we came from to move us into the future.

– HAL DANENBERG, Annual Campaign Chair

We are a community; a kehilla. Working together we can accomplish so much — ensuring a stronger Jewish future around the world where the basic needs of hundreds of thousands of people, who are unable to meet them on their own, are satisfied.

– AMY JONAS, Women’s Philanthropy Campaign Chair

We have a common bond being a Jewish people. We’re having a good time today working with young people, and trying to get them mentored and motivated to be the next generation of people who’ll be leading this community. They’re going to be the ones making the decisions, involving the synagogues, Jewish day schools and all of the activities that make this a Jewish community.

– SANFORD M. BAKLOR, Planned Giving & Endowments Chair



Heritage Endowment Society and Lion Of Judah Endowment Members The following community heroes are making an impact today — and tomorrow. The legacy they will leave through their permanent endowments as members of the Heritage Society (with a donation of $100,000 or more) or as a Lion of Judah Endowment (by perpetuating their Lion-level or above gift with a minimum $120,000 donation) ensures that what we have started will continue for generations to come.


$250,000 -$499,999

Iris Barrel & Carl Apfel ✡ Arlene Kaufman & Sanford M. Baklor ✡ Arlene & Victor Belson ✡ Joan Davis Chorney ✡ Sophie* & Leonard* Davis ✡ Sheila & Alec Engelstein ✡ Geraldyne O.* & James B.* Gaynor ✡ Linda & Ray Golden ✡ Adrienne & Samuel W.* Jacobs ✡ Irene Sacks Kornhauser* ✡ Margaret S.* & Eugene W.* Kramer ✡ Claire & Melvin Levine ✡ Ceil N. & Robert S. Levy ✡ Erna & Sam Liebovich ✡ Marie* & Earl* Lipnick ✡ Vicki & Arthur S. Loring ✡ Beatrice* & Hyman* Messing ✡ Suzanne & Joseph S. Michaan ✡ Morris Morchan* ✡ Martha Richman* ✡ Babette & Benedict* Rosenberg ✡ Vivian & Seymore* Scharer ✡ Alfred Scheer* ✡

Theodore Blumenthal* Jacqueline Eder* ✡ Sybil & Saul Freed Sadie* & Harold* Friedman Carol & Irwin* Galkin Lillian* & David* Goldberg Hannah (Honee)* & Joseph* Goodfriend Ruth Granat* Sara* & Arnold* Grandberg ✡ Esther* & Alexander* Gruber C. Lorraine & Martin* Hoffinger Edith Jacobson Barbara G. Kay ✡ Charles Kelman* Anne* & Samuel* Klein Annette & Harold Price Muriel & Nelson Saines Susan R. & Elliot Weinstein Jesse Yolles Meyer Zlotnik*

$500,000 - $999,999 Dorothy Adler ✡ Cecile* & Dr. Seymour* Alpert Dorothy* & Martin* Eisenbach ✡ Jack Fleischer Irma* & Fred* Lederman ✡ Harriet & Edwin Levine ✡ Harriet L. & Alan Miller ✡ Leslie E. & Ronald Y. Schram ✡ J.N. Somers Charitable Will Trust ✡ The Robert J. Stelzer Family ✡



$100,000-$249,999 Ruth Abramson Inge & Max Adler Ruth Albert Judith* & Sam* Alter Harriette K. Baime Lois Baker Beth Bates Lorraine Beck Edith Beldock* Linda Cortell Benjamin & Roger E. Benjamin Marjorie G. & Barry S. Berg Harriette Berger Eileen Berman

Florence Bernstein* Constance Blacher Beatrice W. Bloch Rita & Ernie Bogen Sandy Bornstein Bess* & Melvin* Brenner Phyllis & George Brindis Betty* & Murray* Byck Kenneth Case* Greta & Alvin Chaiken Leona F. & Marcy* Chanin Barbara Danenberg Sheryl Davidoff Rosalee Davison ✡ Elsie Dekelboum* Sylvia & Robert* Dillon Gertrude Dorson* Mildred & Maurice* Drees Shirley Duhl Edith Easton Rose* & Roman* Englander George Epstein* Joan F.* & Sidney* Faber Esther Feldberg Maggie Feldman Lionel Fendell Marjorie Fink ✡ Selene Fishkin Miriam & Alec* Flamm Elaine Fleisher Eleanor Frank Selma Freudenberg* Pearl R. Fried* Beulah* & Jack* Friedman June & Benham Fuhrman Rose F. & Gabriel Galperin Elma Gilbert

Heritage Endowment Society and Lion Of Judah Endowment Members Jaye & Harold Gillet Elaine Gimelstob Fay Glassman* Lillian* & Selig* Glick Benjamin Glickman* Lucille Goldberg Sandra E. Goldberg Simone S. & Norman Goldblum Doris Pearlman Goldenberg* Adele* & Irving* Goldfarb Sally Goldman Shirley S.* & Meyer* Goldstein Phillip Goos* Jean R. Green* Carol W. & Lionel P. Greenbaum Eileen Ludwig Greenland Rudy Grunfeld* Natalie Rosenberg Harlan Harriet Hartman Willard Harzoff* Rita Dee & Harold* Hassenfeld Tillie* & Arnold J.* Havenick Ruth Hilton* Cynthia Hirsch Linda Hirsch Lorraine Hoffinger Helen G. Hoffman Natalie & Jeff Jaffe Mona Joffe ✡ Amy Jonas ✡ Jane H. Karp Leona F. Karp* ✡ Deborah & Martin V. Katz Nancy G. Katz* ✡ Nathan L. Kerbel* Charlotte K. & Henry L. Kimelman Eleanor H. Klein Marilyn & Judah Klein Teri & Jack Klein Vivian S.* & Harold J.* Klein Leonard Knaster* Ruth Knox Charlotte Kornbluh Sandra Krakoff ✡ Lola* & Saul* Kramer

Shirley Krellenstein Cecelia Kriser Marilyn Lampert Pearl Lawrence Shirley G. Leibow* ✡ Barbara A. Leidner Marie & Joseph* Levin Gladys Cole Levine Bernice Levinson Judith A. Levy Karen J. Levy Shirley F. Levy Vivian Lieberman ✡ Cynthia S. & Robert E.* List Karen List Bente S. Lyons Ruth M. Mahler* Lillian F.* & Eli B.* Malkin Arthur Mantell Zelda Mason Sydelle & Arthur I.* Meyer Gladys Meyers* William Michaelson* Gaye Moelis Jerome Moff Gail & Melvin B.* Nessel Frances S.* & Alvin L.* Newman Kala & Jack* Norton Shirley & Samuel (Pat)* Patent Ruth Pearl Ruth & Irwin Peckman Ron Pertnoy Mildred Poland Dorothy N. & Benjamin M. Polayes Perle & Monroe Potash Eleanor R.* & Norman S.* Rabb Judith & Edward Radel Beverly & Edwin Robbins Selma Rosen Judith Rosenberg Lillian & William Sandler Audrey Schwartz Eve D.* & Joseph L.* Sewall Lisa & Brian Seymour Adele Shamban

Diane & Alpert* Shapiro Lois Shapiro Elaine Sheft Elizabeth Sterenberg Shulman, Ph.D. Betty Siegel Joan M.* & Fred K.* Siegel Hope Silverman Freda & Herbert* Sinberg Jean & Jack Skodnek Charlotte Skoler* ✡ Diane Sosman Marilyn Spungin* Tubby Stayman Susan* & Paul* Stein Barbara Steinberg Milton Susman* Dorothy Tanzman Sandra M.* & Howard Taylor Alan Wager* Renee & Albert* Waldman Rita & Dr. Irving* Weinstock Anne* & Mortimer* Weiss Violet M. & Harvey L.* Werner Audrey Wilson Marilyn T. & Michael D. Winer Elaine Wolff Rita Goldstein Wolfson ✡ Evelyn Woolman Marjorie Yashar ✡ Julie & Mark Yadgaroff Carolyn Yasuna Joyce T. Yeckes ✡ Sarah Zalesch* ✡ Anita Zeiler* Joan & Stanley Zeller

✡ = Star of David society members have created a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) or Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) of at least $200,000 or a permanent endowment of $500,000. = Lion of Judah Endowment. *Of blessed memory.



PG&E Report

Planned Giving & Endowments helps donors maximize their tax and philanthropic benefits, while developing permanent endowment resources to ensure the continuity of vital programs and services for Jews everywhere. Over the past year, Federation — through its various endowments, donor advised funds and supporting foundations — distributed more than $6.8 million. Of that amount, 70% of all charitable distributions went to Federation, its partner agencies or other programs and projects in Israel. The remainder was distributed to other charitable organizations that qualify for grants under Federation’s guidelines.

10% Other Jewish organizations

20% Miscellaneous programs



Philanthropic Funds Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts


Charitable Remainder Unitrusts


Designated Funds


Annual Campaign Endowments (ACE)/ Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) Funds


Charitable Gift Annuities


Community Trust Funds


Supporting Foundations


Insurance Policies at Face Value


ACE/LOJE and Other Known Expectancies Total Asset Base




24.0 $130.3


Federation, partner agencies, overseas partners and Federation projects

Campaign Allocations 2011/2012 The following provides a summary of public support and revenues, allocations, distributions, expenses and net assets for the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Inc., and Palm Beach Jewish Community Campus Corporation, Inc. for the years ended June 30, 2012. LOCAL COMMUNITY SERVICES The Jewish Community Center of the Greater Palm Beaches*1 $2,039,487 Academy of Continuing Education; Adult Programs; Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Camp Shalom and Leonard and Sophie Davis Camp Shalom; Center for Jewish Spirituality; Chaverim Children’s Centers; Claire and Emanual G. Rosenblatt Early Childhood Center; Community Outreach Programs; Cultural Arts Programs; Edward and Thelma Glantz Early Childhood Center; Holiday Programs and Celebrations; JCC Maccabi Games Delegation to Israel; Recreation and Wellness Programs; Ruth and Stanley Granat Athletic Center; Senior social, recreational and wellness activities in a Jewish environment; Special Events Programs; Teen Programs; Youth Recreation Leagues. Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy* For students in kindergarten through eighth grade.


Commission for Jewish Education of the Palm Beaches*2 540,111 Center for Teacher Excellence; Conversations with Jewish Women Writers; Florence Melton Adult Mini-School; Israel Educators’ Exchange; Jewish Family Life Department, including PJ Library® for the Greater Palm Beaches and Grandparents Circle Program; Professional Networks; Special Needs Education Department (J.J. Somers YAD Hebrew School for Children with Special Needs); Teacher Education & School Services Department; Teen Education Department; Teen Tzedakah Project. Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service* Ambassadors; Children’s Services; Community Directions; Counseling and Mental Health Services; Emergency Financial Assistance; Guardianship Program; Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program; Jewish Domestic Abuse Outreach and Support Program.


Melvin J. and Claire Levine Jewish Residential & Family Service A subsidiary of the Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service, offering a continuum of residential services for adults with developmental disabilities, chronic mental illness and learning difficulties, including: The Apartment Program; Group Home; LifePlanningProject.


Jewish Campus Capital Expenses* 85,950 Jewish Campus Occupancy and Administration* 128,986 Former West Palm Beach JCC Building3 142,136 Senior Services Subsidies Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service Case Management, Counseling, Emergency Response, Enhanced Companion Service, Psychiatric Evaluations and Medical Reviews; and the Lola & Saul Kramer Senior Services Agency, Inc. (a subsidiary of MorseLife) Adult Day Health Center, Chore Service, Homebound Mitzvah Program, Home Health Care, Home Relief, Kosher Meals-on-Wheels, Medication Management. Jewish Overnight Camp Scholarship Taglit-Birthright Israel


38,000 96,374

Jewish Community Relations Council Anne & Sam Klein Jewish Coalition for Literacy; Countering Messianic Activities; Interfaith Clergy Institute; Intergroup Relations; Israel and Security Affairs; Public Affairs and Government Advocacy.


Strategic Initiatives


Chaplaincy Services Administrative Service for the Palm Beach County Board of Rabbis; Board Certification from the National Association of Jewish Chaplains; Chaplain Aides; Client Referrals to Federation’s Partner Agencies; Community Outreach for Emergency Organizations, including the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.


Jewish Teen Initiative Campership Incentive Grants and Overnight Camp Scholarship Program; Community-Wide Programs; Gesher Hai; Israel Incentive Program; Jewish Student Connection clubs; Leadership Programs; Synagogue Partnerships; Teen Professional Network.


Community Planning & Allocations Community Missions Focus, Federation’s Newsletter Mosaic TV Program Synagogue Institute Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership

436,388 19,603 25,000 51,061 25,000 44,884

SUBTOTAL — Local Community Services $7,284,151 ANNUAL REPORT 2012


Campaign Allocations 2011/2012

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL AGENCIES AND SERVICES Hillel Foundations of Florida Advocacy; Cultural Programs; Israel; Jewish Service Corps Fellows; Leadership Development; Religious Programs. Florida Government Affairs Committee OVERSEAS NEEDS

14,664 SUBTOTAL — Regional and National Agencies and Services $204,664

Jewish Federations of North America Ethiopian National Project; School Performance and Community Empowerment (SPACE); Parents and Children Together (PACT); PACT Plus; Partnership 2Gether; St. Petersburg Partnership; Youth Futures. Israel & Overseas Projects



Partnership 2Gether – Local Initiatives Bridge to Education; Volunteer Schlihim; Teen Israel Experiences.



74,921 SUBTOTAL — Overseas Needs $5,413,391

Administration Management, Financial Resource Development, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Information Technology. Fundraising and Collection Reserve for Losses on Collections Credit Card Fees DESIGNATED GIFTS



3,537,017 380,681 53,408 SUBTOTAL — Federation Operations $4,913,517

Local Designated Gifts Hurricane Action Network Delivery to Seniors (HANDS); Jewish Teen Initiative; Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership; Mosaic TV Program; Senior Subsidies; The Anne & Sam Klein Jewish Coalition for Literacy; Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy; Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service; Hillel: Foundation for Jewish Campus Life; Joseph L. Morse Geriatric Center; Lola & Saul Kramer Senior Services Agency, Inc., a subsidiary of MorseLife; Commission for Jewish Education; Melvin J. and Claire Levine Jewish Residential & Family Service; Palm Beach County Board of Rabbis.


Overseas Designated Gifts The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)


SUBTOTAL — Designated Gifts $5,027,200


* This amount includes Campus Corporation expenses for the provision of space and related occupancy costs, demonstrating the additional value these agencies are receiving in addition to its operational allocation. 1 Includes two Federation matching grants totaling $92,500. 2 Includes Federation matching grant of $50,000 for synagogue enhancement and professional development. 3 Represents the related costs for repair, maintenance and capital resources for the former JCC building.



Public Support and Revenues, Allocations/Distributions/Expenses The graphs presented show historical trends in a manner intended to assist financial and non-financial users of the financial statements.

2012 PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUES The following graph presents the major sources of revenue reported by the Jewish Federation for the year ended June 30, 2012.

■ Investment income (Loss)

■ Campaign Revenue, Net

■ Legacies, bequests and endowments

■ Other

35,000,000 30,000,000

Campaign Revenue, Net Legacies, bequests and endowments





Investment income (Loss)






15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 0

ALLOCATIONS/DISTRIBUTIONS/EXPENSES The following graph presents expenses of the Jewish Federation by category for the year ended June 30, 2012. Allocations/distributions* $14,968,577 Program services



Fundraising 4,389,233

■ Allocations/distributions*

Management and general

■ Program services


Total $27,442,881

■ Management and general

*Allocations/distributions Breakdown Jewish Federations of North America

■ Fundraising


Board Approved Allocations


Planned Giving and Endowment Grants


Total $14,968,577

This information presented has been derived from the audited financial statements and is not intended to be a financial report under generally accepted accounting principles. The complete audited financial statements are available upon request.



A Commitment to Our Youth We congratulate our future Community Heroes;

the young members of the greater

Palm Beaches who have celebrated their bar or bat mitzvah. Each of these teens will receive a $600 voucher to use toward an Israel experience program — one of several ways Federation is working to sustain and nurture Jewish identity, enriching and supporting Jewish life. Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor

Temple Beth Shalom

Temple Israel

Chava Hadar, Sara Peluso, Arielle Radin, Zachary Rosen, Harry Sapp Alexa Tolstonog

Ali Heyer, Jacob Hoekzema, Harrison Katz, Alexander Lawson, Ian Lazan, Hava Stenn, Emri Stern, Ben Tardif

Liz Cardaman, Vincent Cardaman, Ashley Devore, Mick Flagello, Lauren Haisfield, Madeline Horowitz, Jacob Jacknin, Madison McAuliffe, Stephanie Meehan, Benjamin Reitman

Palm Beach Synagogue Leo Gottenger, Calyn Heller, Dani Mendelson, Eliana Schreier, Adam Shalloway

Temple Beit Hayam Cayla Caskey, Zachary Chaban, Zachary Scott Delaney, Brooke Gelfont, Lyndsey Hope Graff, Nathan Hansen, Rachel Rose Kanter, Megan Manuel, Misha Solomon, Julia Weisberg, Emily Skye Winnick, Benjamin Jack Zinderman

Temple Beth Am Seth Ackerman, Justin Alintoff, Andrew Clayman, Jacob Cornelius, Jonathan Cutler, Jared Dennis, Jared Freedland, Amanda Gelman, Brooke Golzbein, Jacob Goodwin, Jared Kaler, Anna Kevelson, Jake Kleinfeld, Sam Lichtenstein, Emily Locke, Cayla Manoff, Katelyn Michels, Emily Minsky, Marissa Roosth, Hannah Rubin, Ian Schafler, Brianna Steidle, Alex Stohlman, Hannah Strauss, Brooke Taylor, Connor Voorhees, Alex Weinstein, Dylan Weiss

Temple Beth Tikvah Zachary Bregman, Cayla Epstein, Beth Rachel Grabasch, Nicole Schneider, Dean Sheppard, Jared Sheppard, Steven Sheppard

Temple Beth Torah Adam Aqua, Rachel Berman, Abigail Bilkis, Layne Carey, Kolby Cook, Cody Coombs, Allyson Demby, Cameron Douglas, Matthew Engel, Rebecca Georginow, Seth Goldfarb, Gordon Goldhaber, Dylan Green, Sarah Greer, Luke Hollander, Alex Isaguirre, Rachel Kart, Bryce Kleinman, Taylor Koos, Andrew Lent, Ethan Lupowitz, Max Maravankin, Zachary Mayle, Judianna Meyers-Sinett, Jamie Miller, Drew Moshe, Samuel Pess, Ashley Planco, Alex Refowich, Jacob Rosenblum, Matthew Rubenstein, Alec Sunshine, Kaelyn Thomas, Zachary Warner, Sam Weingart

Temple Beth Zion Kimberly Gilbert, Noah Katz, Zachary Luppowitz, Alex Rodney, Jack Shaevitz

Temple Beth David

Temple B’nai Jacob

Jacob Ross Friedman, Benjamin Garelick, George Garzon, Michelle Garzon, Celia Bethany Gerber, Samantha Meltzer, Rachel Milstein, Aaron Sadow, Blaire Victoria Slavin, Alexis Smith, Noah Stadtlander, Rebecca Eden Suskauer, Veronica Weiss

Rachel Cohen, David Mendelsohn, Sydney Rubinowicz, Katey Zmijewsky

Temple Beth El Erica Simone Benamoz, Giuliana Blanca, Ethan Jetter, Alec Merey, A.J. Winer, Joshua Yeckes

Temple Judea Jonathan Chait, Ben Couris, Zoie Danyali, Jenna Enten, Amanda Di Filippo, Alitza Fisch, Faith Fox, Lauren Gerstner, Brooke Gross, Jake Josza, Leah Kaplan, Ethan Kish, Rachel Marks, Jamie Merling, Alec Piotrowski, Madison Prince, Samuel Prince, Maya Rebecca Rosenberg, Brandon Ross, Carly Routman, Rowan Sales, Carli Sley, Cameron Starr, Philip Taylor, Schuyler Wojcik

Temple Shaarei Shalom Howard Burg, Nicole Burg, Raiden Cottrell, Michael Cuthbertson, Amanda Dinkin, Samuel Edelstein, Steven Felker, Morgan Fine, Sabrina Ginsburg, Sophie Golden, Jason Goldman, Sawyer Handin, Dylan Hirsch, Zachary Jacobson, David Jacquish, Rhiannon Karp, Michael Keller, Jared Kushner, Justin Montelbano, McKenzie Moskowitz, Ralph Perkins IV, Kayla Reyburn, Matthew Roman, Justin Rubenstein, Reed Sherman, Andrew Silverstein, Jacob Solkoff, Samantha Steiner, Owen Tendrich, Ty Tendrich, Heather Vaxer, Andrew Webber, Zachary Weinberg, Brandon Weiss, Matthew Whitman

Temple Emanu-El Steven Ginsberg, Seth Guritzky, Emilia Jacobson, Daniel Lomnitz, Zachy Platt, Kole Rosin, Sloane Rosin, Lisbeth Rubin, Benjamin Sekerel, Alexandra Sherman, Maximillian Sherman

Temple Torah Blake Chassin, Joshua Kornblum, Erik Kramer, David Libfeld, Stone Magness, Zachary Mohl, Corinne Snyder

Rabbi Glenn Sherman’s Private Bat / Bar Mitzvahs Harrison Jordan, Kevin Shulman



Executive Committee & Board of Directors Members 2011-2012 Executive Committee Mark F. Levy

Tami Baldinger


Assistant Secretary

Gary S. Lesser

Ira Gerstein

Vivian F. Lieberman

Max Adler

Vice President

Vice President/ Women’s Philanthropy President

Sam Liebovich Vice President

Bente S. Lyons

Vice President

Hal Danenberg


Rick Baer

Assistant Treasurer

Arthur S. Loring

Immediate Past President

Arlene Kaufman Past President


Norman P. Goldblum* At-Large

Helen G. Hoffman*

Amy Jonas


Women’s Philanthropy Campaign Chair

Barbara Kay*

Sanford M. Baklor

Judith A. Levy*

Harold Simon

Craig S. Storch

Vice President/ Annual Campaign Chair

Planned Giving & Endowments Chair

Barry Feinberg

Community Planning & Allocations Chair


Dorothy Adler


Vice President

Hope Silverman

Ronald P. Pertnoy

Jewish Community Campus Corporation President




2011-2012 Board Members Patricia M. Abramson Harriette K. Baime Jim Baldinger Beth Bates Linda Cortell Benjamin Roger E. Benjamin Barry S. Berg Eileen Berman Lawrence R. Beyer Erwin H. Blonder* Sandy Bornstein Keith Braun Stanley B. Brenner* David Brodsky Cynthia R. Brown Martin Cass Andrew R. Comiter Richard B. Comiter Sheryl Davidoff Georgie Duber

Steven Ellison Alec Engelstein* Sheila Engelstein Rabbi Leonid Feldman Jill Fenster Paul R. Fine Malka Fingold Libby G. Fishman Richard M. Flah Rabbi Anthony Fratello Mitchell S. Fromstein Bette Gilbert* Jonathan S. Gilbert Rae M. Ginsburg Ray Golden Benjamin Gordon Lionel P. Greenbaum Paul L. Gross Joel B. Hart Ronald B. Hermann

Suzanne Holmes Gary Hubschman Michelle Jacobson Stanley “Bowie” Jacobson Jane H. Karp Martin V. Katz Stanley M. Katz Jack Kay Michael L. Kohner Gary Krieger Cecilia Kriser Anthony E. Lampert Arnold L. Lampert Jennifer Lesser Robert S. Levy* Stacey K. Levy David Lickstein Lisa Lickstein Vicki Loring Morton L. Mandel

Alan H. Miller* Jeffrey S. Mooallem Bonnie Osher Ed Robbins Dean J. Rosenbach Norma Schulman-Waltzer Brian M. Seymour Adele W. Shamban Irwin Shipper Alan L. Shulman* Elizabeth S. Shulman Susan Shulman Laurie Silvers Rabbi Michael Singer Terri Sriberg Chad Tendrich Ken Tillman Gary Walk Penni Weinberg Joel Yudenfreund *Past President ANNUAL REPORT 2012


Corporate Sponsors Akerman Senterfitt

Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith PLLC

Alpern Rosenthal

Lisa & Dr. David Lickstein

Argonaut Productions

Bill Meyer-NuVista Living at Wellington Green

Bernstein Global Wealth Management

JP Morgan – Monte Resnick

Blue Sky Productions

Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra, LLC

Braman Motorcars

Noble Properties

Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil, P.A.

PNC Bank

Carlton Fields

PNC Wealth Management

Casey Ciklin Lubitz Martens & O’Connell

Preferred Printing

Chapnick Community Association Law

Proskauer & Rose, LLP

Comiter, Singer, Baseman & Braun, LLP

Sabadell Bank & Trust

Credit Suisse


Dignity Memorial

TD Bank

Alan P. Fabricant – Met Life

Tercilla Courtemanche Architects

Flah & Company

The Imaging Centers

Florida Mechanical

The Palm Beach Post

GLOW Cleaning Plus

United Security Services

Gratus Capital Management

Wells Fargo

Gunster Law Firm

WPTV NewsChannel 5



Raymond James



Federation Staff Administration

Ewa & Dan Abraham Project

David M. Phillips

Shelly Friedman

Chief Executive Officer

Debra Roshfeld

Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Hampton


Mandy Burkhart

Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistant

Finance & Operations

Annual Campaign

Senior Vice President

Rachel Harman Berg

Tula Hudson-Miller

Reva Feldman

Andee Hasbrook

Kathy G. Sigall

Associate Vice President, Campaign Associate Vice President, Campaign

Bailey London


Donor Information Services Manager

Director, Emerging Leadership Project & Community Outreach

Joyce McCord

Felice Rosen

Julianne Callea

Director, Women’s Philanthropy

Jennifer Green

Women’s Philanthropy Development Associate

Debbie Koristz

Financial Analyst Accountant

Joyce Brose

Accounts Payable Manager

Pat Rogers

Development Officer

Executive Administrative Assistant

Victoria Rudd

Sima Berkovich

Lisa Fusaro

Vera Yurchenko

Development Officer Administrative Assistant

Sarah Hoffer

Administrative Assistant

Denise Kirchmann

Data Specialist Data Specialist

Information Technology Chris Malone

Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive Director

Sandi Rivera

Frank Mandrell

Administrative Assistant

Helene Wexler

Assistant Director

Gregory Muir

Administrative Assistant

Database/Reports Developer

Campus Corporation

Computer Support Specialist

Eric Perez

Ron Vosatka

Jessica Quastler

Facilities Director

Business Applications Administrator

Special Events

Systems Analyst

Bill Prosch

Deborah Schafer Director

Traci Pincourt Event Planner

Michelle Nathan

Administrative Assistant ANNUAL REPORT 2012


Federation Staff

Israel & Overseas Projects Hope Dunkel

Executive Director

Ofer Avigdori

Marketing & Communications Susan R. Levine

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Nina Glaser

Community Shaliach (Emissary)

Marketing & Communications Manager

Patrice Gilbert

Michael Sargeant

Administrative Assistant

Jewish Community Relations Council Luis Fleischman Executive Director

Sheri Siegal

Anne & Sam Klein Jewish Literacy Coalition Coordinator

Multimedia Manager

Heidi Hamalainen-Stewart Senior Graphic & Media Artist

Lori Danley

Design Associate

Amy Smith

Administrative Assistant

Maria Greco

Administrative Assistant

Jewish Teen Initiative

Mosaic Shelly Friedman Producer

Wendy Stahl Director

Jamie Sistino

Program Director

Joseph Abrin

Planned Giving & Endowments Sharon C. Lindsey

Associate Vice President, PG&E

Louis Solomon

CJE Adolescent Coordinator & Youth Director

Associate Vice President, PG&E

Sam Friedman

Giselle Reischer

Program Coordinator & Youth Director

Lesley Levin

Jewish Student Union Program Coordinator

Jessica Stein

Program Coordinator

Patricia Brown-Nelson Administrative Assistant


Susan Kay


Wendy Weiss

Administrative Assistant

Planning & Allocations Ilan Hurvitz

Senior Vice President, Planning

Naomi Rosenblatt Planning Associate

Phyllis Droszcz

Administrative Assistant

Virgenia Smith

Administrative Assistant

To contact a Federation staff member, please call (561) 478-0700.



Supporting a network of partners that sustain our Jewish values The Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County builds community through the funding of programs and services that provide so much for the Jewish people — around the corner and around the world, including hope, nourishment, dignity and a sense of connection. Together we make possible both immediate comfort and long-term solutions. Jewish Community Center of the Greater Palm Beaches Lore & Eric F. Ross JCC: (516) 740-9000 Mandel JCC: (561) 689-7700 Providing high-quality programs that connect families to Jewish life, healthy living, Jewish cultural arts, Israel and the community at-large.

Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service (561) 684-1991 Strengthening individuals, their families and the community through more than two dozen programs and services.

Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy (561) 686-6520 Dedicated to educating Jewish children in the greater Palm Beaches through an exemplary general and Jewish education.

Commission for Jewish Education of the Palm Beaches (561) 640-0700 Connecting ideas, people and institutions in order to strengthen Jewish education in our community.

Jewish Federations of North America (212) 284-6500 Representing 157 Jewish Federations and 400 independent Jewish communities. The Federation movement, collectively among the top 10 charities on the continent, protects and enhances the well-being of Jews worldwide.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (212) 687-6200 Working to rescue at-risk Jews, bring relief to Jews in need, renew lost bonds to Jewish identity and culture and help Israel overcome the social challenges of its most vulnerable citizens.

The Jewish Agency for Israel (212) 339-6000 Working to bring Jews to Israel and ensure their successful integration, connect the next generation with Israel and Jewish peoplehood as a core part of Jewish identity, and involve world Jewry with Israelis in shaping the future character of Israeli society.

The Ethiopian National Project 011-972-2-620-2843

Lola and Saul Kramer Senior Services Agency, Inc., a subsidiary of MorseLife (561) 616-0707 Providing health care, housing and support services for seniors and their families in Palm Beach County.

Improving the academic performance of hundreds of Ethiopian-Israeli junior high school students in Ramla, Israel through the School Performance and Community Empowerment (SPACE) program.

Hillel Foundations of Florida Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach (561) 297-4100 Providing Jewish experiences for college students.



4601 Community Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 561.478.0700 | |

2012 Annual Report  

Our mission is to strengthen Jewish identity, energize the relationship with Israel, and meet human needs that are uniquely the obligation o...

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