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Introduction to find a job is that they have been trained to be an employee. They lack the real-life skills to become an entrepreneur.

To make matters worse, many students leave school deeply in debt. Without a job, they cannot pay off their school loans.

School loans are different from home loans. School loans can never be forgiven. This means a person can walk away from a mortgage but not a school loan. If the student cannot find a job, the interest on their school loan accrues unpaid interest. In a few years, the debt explodes due to compounding interest, and the student is trapped like a monkey for life.

8. “I need job security.” In this book you will learn the differences between security and freedom. Security and freedom are exactly opposite. The more security you desire, the less freedom you have. That is why inmates in maximum-security prisons have the least freedom.

Monkeys are trapped because they cling to security.

This book is for those who want freedom and security.

9. “I need to invest for the long term in a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.” This could be the worst financial advice of all. Just look at the past decade, often referred to as the “lost decade” for those who invested in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

At the start of 2000, the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) was at 11,357. At the close of 2010, the Dow was 11,577.

Up only a couple hundred points in 10 years. Talk about long-term losers. A 0.2 percent gain in 10 years is a joke, a tragic joke for those who followed this poor advice.

As you already know, gold went from $282 to $1,405 in the same 10 years, a 398 percent gain in 10 years. 16

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Unfair advantage ebook  

by Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki

Unfair advantage ebook  

by Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki

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