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News though it wasn’t necessarily about Christianity, the Christian faith was the only religion he targeted. As he spoke, the students of Cambridge cheered, clapped and stood with comments of support. And how many Christians took their stand, to explain their position for Christ? Zero.

Masculine Christianity


Author and evangelist Nancy Pearcy believes this is due to a lack of masculine

renowned atheist Richard Dawkins

Christianity. “The more traditionally masculine

appeared for a debate at the University

side of Christianity enjoys crossing swords

of Cambridge in England. The motion,

with hostile secular worldviews. So, as long

‘Religion has No Place in The 21st Century’ was the argument he stood to present. And

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as Christianity appeals to the emotional,

I never saw Jesus as masculine. I never saw him as the prototype of what a man should be.

Top Right: Christian rap artist Lacrae discusses past frustration with a feminine view of who Jesus is. Bottom Left: Men bonding at men’s ministry meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2 Building Men. Raising Sons!

therapeutic, relational areas, it’s not going to

love competition. Anything where there is a

appeal to men.” she said, explaining how

clear winner or loser” says Pearcy.

Christians today are not taught to defend their

“Apo” means from and “logos” means

beliefs and how that alone pushes men away.

logic. Apologetics is one of the major ways

Many view God as a two-play act. One

men show their love for God, by defending his

being ferocious in the Old Testament, while

reputation when it’s called into question [1 Pet

the other is gentle in the New. But God

3:15; 2 Cor 10:3-5; Acts 2; Acts 17]. It’s not

doesn’t change. And he is just as wild at heart

about apologizing, though it may sound that

in the front of the book as he was in the back.


That’s the part of Christianity that engages

While many believe that Christianity is

men. Virtues such as love and beauty are

about being and making others happy, men

important, but we must not overlook justice

tend to like it presented as a quest, challenge

and strength. Jesus made it clear that he

or heroic exploit. As did Jesus when recruiting

came not to do away with these [Matt 5:17;

his disciples in Luke 10, believers must

23:23]. “Men love defending the faith. They

emphasis the dangers of following the Christ,

3 Building Men. Raising Sons!

including conflict with sin, the flesh and the

and confrontation, just as much as it does

world, if they’re to reach men. Don’t get hung

singing, dancing and emotions. One that they

on the emotional and spiritual stuff, while

would be honored to give their lives

neglecting the intellectual part of our faith. It’s

defending, be it in the form of actual

critical for men to win others to Christ.

martyrdom or a Richard Dawkins debate.

Men are hungry to see a form of Christianity that stresses challenge, debate

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How do I get my wife to be more submissive?

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She said we’re both supposed to be doing it Building Men. Raising Sons!

A: M

any who take the “mutual submission” belief use Ephesians

5:21 and Galatians 3:28 as their texts. However in Ephesians 5:21 Paul was addressing the Church on how to act in a Christ like manner which includes submitting to each other within the body of Christ. However, He then moves on to specific groups, like husbands and wives, children and parents and employees and bosses.

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Mutual submission is a general law amongst Gods people; it does not apply within smaller frameworks like marriage, the workplace, or families. If it did, supervisors would have to submit to employees, and parents would have to share authority with their kids. When the passages are taken within their context, it’s evident that submission is not mutual. Not understanding this will cause you to vacate the headship that God intended all husbands to partake of in marriage. As a result, you won’t be able to effectively lead your wife and children into His best. Having said that, the most definitive trait of a leader is sacrifice [Ephesians 5:25]. As

you are willing to lay down what is important

you’re not the head of your household as that

to you on behalf of your wife and children

too would violate Gods order. Be sure to lead,

regularly, there is no reason why she wouldn’t

but do so as Christ does the church

want to submit. Biblical submission is an act

[Ephesians 5:22-23]. The better at that you

of free will, and can never be forced upon

become, the more you will see your wife

anyone. But neither can you pretend that

standing cooperatively by your side.

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Has Satan stolen our most valuable weapon?

The Weapon That Was


ince the Old Testament our fathers in the faith

were no strangers to the weapon of praise. They used it to take armies and cities. They used it take

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lives. But then, something happened ‌

Most guys who own a firearm will tell

wield. Look at scriptures like 2 Chronicles 20

you [in a heartbeat] that the reason they

and Joshua 5 to develop your faith. You’ll

brought it was to protect themselves, their

learn that you don’t have to have music or

families and possessions. In fact, if someone

even be able to sing. All you have to do is

stole that weapon from them, they would

open your mouth with words of reverence to

instantly feel vulnerable and unable to guard

Jesus Christ.

it. Yet for some reason, Satan has managed to steal the weapon of praise from our generation of men, and guys the world over think that nothing is wrong. Let’s change that. Begin to see praise and worship as something, not just for gifted singers, women and kids, but a weapon God intended men to

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The next time you see a piece of property you want, seize it with praise! The next time you’re up against adversity at home, attack it with praise. Learn to use the weapon of praise on any problem you are up against. That’s what Satan is afraid of.


Proverbs 14:7 KJV Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.

Thought Champions rarely talk. They just do it. And the world around them talks.

10 Building Men. Raising Sons!

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