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NRG is now in its



year of running.

120 local children (K-5) register from

around 6 different local primary schools.

NRG is co-ordinated by a team of

50 Leaders include High School Students, Uni Students It runs at: North Ryde Anglican Church 152 Coxs Rd North Ryde 2113 (Opposite IGA)

Why Lead?  

Do something real in the holidays & Volunteer Help Kindie, Infants & Primary kids learn new skills from YOU

Learn new skills YOURSELF

Learn more about Jesus and how you fit into his world

Safe Ministry Training Certificate

Leaders Participation Certificate

Participation may assist in Duke of Edinburgh award scheme service requirements

Lunch + Training Day 12-4:30pm 

Training Day #2 Sunday 29th JunLunch + Training Day 12-5pm + NRG Launch 5pm

8am—4pm Monday 30th—Thurs 3th

8am-8pm Friday 5th July

Breakfast + Lunch + Arvo Food Onsite served everyday included 

Sun Leaders Adventure—6th July 11am6pm

How Can I help? 

Use you skills to teach Electives in partnership with NRG Staff

Computers / Dance / Drama / Craft / Cooking

Sport: Soccer, Basketball, AFL, Netball

Music—Band / Percussion / Singing

NRG Leader day 8:00

Leaders Breakfast + Training


Outside Games with Children


Big Group #1


Small groups with Kids


Morning Tea


Novelty Event (e.g. Tug of war)


Electives (Sport, Craft, Dance etc)


Big Group #2


Leaders Lunch + Free Time


Training Part #1

What is the NRG Vision?

Connect with God

Connect with Each Other Connect with God’s plans

NRG believers are asked to endorse the teaching of Jesus in both thought and action. A summary of the biblical teaching of Jesus is supplied below: The first signpost is that this is God’s world. You can see this In part by looking around you—this world looks more like a painting by Rembrandt than an explosion in a paint factory. In other words: it’s no accident we’re here. This is a made world and we are made people. The Maker is God. And what he made, he owns. And what he owns, he is in charge of. God is the good and loving Ruler of everything in his world—including us! In fact. God put us here as his managers to look after the place he made. Mind you, we’re supposed to be following his instructions. and running the place the way he wants. (He’s the owner and the boss, after all!) We’re supposed to spend our lives travelling down God’s road under God’s directions—following the road he’s marked out for us, following his orders and looking after each other (and his world) in the way he told us to. The Bible puts it like this: You are worthy our Lord and God! You are worthy to receive glory and honour and power. You are worthy because

to live our lives. So we ignore and reject God and get on with running our lives, our way, without him, We make ourselves boss. We choose our own road, rather than God’s road. And that’s the problem. That’s what is wrong with the world. It’s full of people trying to be their own bosses, and choosing their own roads. But we didn’t make this place, and we don’t know how it’s supposed to work. So we make a terrible mess of things —in our lives, in our families, in our world. And God holds us responsible—all of us—because we’ve all chosen the wrong road. The Bible tells us: No one is right with God, no-one at all. No one understands No one trust in God. All of them have turned away. Romans chapter 3. verses 10-12 So what do you think God will do about people like us— who’ve rejected his directions, taken our own road, hurt each other and let his world get in such a mess?

What do you think happens to someone who goes on ignoring and rejecting God? Well, what would happen to someone who just ignored their boss, refused to listen to his orders and did whatever they liked with the boss’s property? Sooner or later they’d be fired, right? Well, that’s what we’re facing, By choosing our own road, the message we’re sending God is: Just leave me alone! And in his own time, God will give us exactly what we asked for God will leave us entirely alone. He will cut us Off from himself. And since God is the source of life and light and everything good, being cut off from him means death and destruction. If we choose our own road, it leads to only one terrifying

Jesus didn’t do what we’ve done: he never ignored God and he always followed God’s orders. He never went oft in the wrong direction—he always travelled down God’s road under God’s orders. Jesus was as good as it gets. But God sent Jesus into this world to take the punishment he didn’t deserve—but that we all do! Jesus died our death, took our punishment and brought forgiveness. That was God’s rescue plan. and the Bible says Jesus carried it out—to the letter: Christ died for sins once and for all time. The One who did What is right died for those who don’t do right. He died to Bring you to God. 1 Peter chapter 3, verse 18 Jesus died for people who’d rejected and ignored God and whose lives (as a result) were marked by mistakes and wrongdoing. But that’s not the end of the story …

There are followers of Jesus all around the world—you can see their church buildings in every city and town. But how come there are Christians in every place on the planet? Why didn’t the whole movement lust stop dead when Jesus died? Because Jesus didn’t stay dead! God brought Jesus back to life again. The Bible says that God accepted Jesus’ death as payment in full for our sins, and put the risen Jesus in charge of the world: as Ruler and Rescuer. And because Jesus is God’s Ruler, when judgement day comes, hell be the one we all stand before. In the meantime. Jesus gives everyone the chance to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. We can be forgiven for going down our own road, and begin a new life with Jesus, going down his road (which is Gods road). our sins have been paid for through his death and resurrection. So we can be quite sure that when Jesus does return to ¡udge, he will welcome us into eternal life, The Bible says: Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

. and travel for the rest of life down his road following him and taking his orders. So we can keep on ignoring and rejecting God, muddling along, doing the best we can, falling on our feet sometimes and falling on our lace quite often! Then when we die we’ll discover that God knows us as rebels not friends. At that point it’ll be too late to fix up how we stand with God. We’ve made our bed and we’ll have to lie in it. But if we turn, trust and travel, God says that Jesus’ death has paid for our failures and wrongdoings an rejection of God. And he welcomes us home as one of his own family. The Bible says: Anyone who believes in the Son has eternal life. Anyone who says no to the Son will not have life. God’s anger remains on him.

The two roads could not possibly be more different: OUR ROAD: GODS ROAD: Reject and ignore God as Travel with Jesus as our ruler ruler Try to run our own lives Trust in Jesus’s death and Our own way resurrection RESULT: RESULT: Heading towards disaster Forgiven by God Facing God’s punishment Given eternal life Which of those two roads through life would you like to travel on? Which one are you travelling on now? To change direction you need to talk to God. This is what the Bible calls prayer. There’s nothing mysterious about it: it’s Just like using your phone to call for help. It’s talking to Someone who can help—who can do what you can’t do for yourself. So what do you say to God? What you need to say to God is:

And then the journey begins. Here are some things to do on the way:

1. Tell another Christian you’ve taken this step. Tell them you’ve switched roads, changed direction in your life, and you’re following Jesus from now on.

2. Read the Bible every day You can get a copy of the Bible in language as easy to read as the sports page of the newspaper—and the Bible is God’s guidebook for the journey.

3. Pray every day. In the Bible God talks to us, In prayer we talk to him. Talking to each other every day is what makes It a real friendship.

4. Meet with other Christians regularly to read theBible together and pray together. Following Jesus is a team sport, not a solo sport—it’s football not golf.

5. Work with other Christians serving Jesus and

ence of teens! They are looking for something meaningful and are community minded if they can see that their contribution is valued. For some parents, Holiday times can be both stressful and expensive when it comes to ‘catering’ for their teenagers. North Ryde Anglican church would love to help by providing the best quality program that we can which gives teenagers the opportunities to develop new skills, reach their potentials, serve their community and learn more about Jesus. The program is not-for-profit, and is only made possible through the generous donations and discounts from local businesses and many people volunteering their time. Since first running in 2007 over 80 teenagers have participated—with all participants giving glowing endorsement. Whilst there is a program cost of $110—this barely covers the costs of the Hoodie, Cap, 14 meals, 14 morning and afternoon teas, leaders party laser tag and bowling, and other program costs. You may be wondering if a church run program is for you? According to the Australian Bureau of statistics (ABS), four out of five teens reading this brochure believe in God, with one in three believing in the miracles of Jesus Christ. We welcome anyone from any faith background participating in the leadership program with us. Our aim is to help you make the next step in honouring Jesus. We ask all teens to agree to our statement of partnership which you can read in the application form on our website. This flyer also outlines how we are helping young people respond appropriately to Jesus in our regular weekly gatherings. We have included details about our other youth initiatives opposite. Can I encourage you to make the most of NRG. But why wait till July? If you have just moved into the suburb or don’t have any connection with a youth group, why not join with us this week at 57 or Revolution. You can find out so much more on our website.

Many schools offer this program. Details at The handbook states that ‘regular commitment’ usually means one hour per week over a three or six month period. However there maybe some flexibility with your school if the hours can be done more intensively. You will need to check with your school coordinator if participation in NRG satisfies requirements. A number of schools have been satisfied that NRG meets Bronze & Silver award requirements. Total NRG leaders commitments are 2 pre-NRG training days, 6 days of NRG (Mon-Fri 8-4pm + Sunday 11-6pm) . Hence, there are approximately 56 hours of volunteering time involved, as opposed to the 12hrs (Bronze) or 24hrs (Silver) required by the DofE program.


PARTY NRG Leaders program concludes with our leaders adventure—Sunday 7th July. 

11am meet at Strike Bowling Chatswood (Laser tag + Ten Pin) 1pm back to church for formal

and follow links through to NRG 

Fill in the online LEADERS application form

Pay the $110 leaders registration Fee ($80 for second leader in the same family) (Fee includes all meals, T-Shirt, Hat & Activities)

Want to know More? 

Additional Photos and Videos on our Website

Information about Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Email us:

Rev. John Chappell (, B.Ed., B.D, MA) 0403 812 782

Simon & Kathryn Holmes Ph: 0415 169 831

Jonathan & Rachael Peart Ph: 0414 618 936

Call us on 02 8004 0513

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Leaders promotion 2014