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Dear Friends in Christ,

Dr. Davis  Chappell

I so appreciate our World Methodist Council's statement concerning the Nigerian girls who were abducted from their school. As last week we confirmed 110 of our children, my heart was heavy for these children and their parents. I have included an excerpt from the WMC below, and asked for your continued prayers.

Twenty days ago, an estimated 234 girls between 16 and 18 years old were taken from a school in northeastern Nigeria by a group of Islamic militants called Boko Haram. Boko Haram was founded in Northeastern Nigeria and has been very active, and very violent, since 2009. The name translates, literally, as "Western education is sinful." This mass abduction has recently began to make news outside of Nigeria, and now is drawing attention to a search that has left more questions than answers. Recent news from Nigeria include dubious reports from the nation's military about rescue efforts, a crackdown on those protesting the government's response to the kidnapping and also claims by the leader of Boko Haram that the girls will be sold. But the missing girls and their safe return home isn't being spoken about enough. The World Methodist Council would like to express concern over both the abduction and efforts to return of these children to their homes. We believe that every human being is born with a God-given dignity, and a fundamental right to an education. As the collective voice of 80 million Christians in the Methodist, Wesleyan, United, Uniting and Nazarene faith traditions, the World Methodist Council has been a key player in ecumenical discussions between faiths, and an advocate of peace building throughout the world.

The Boko Haram's actions are contrary to everything that the World Methodist Council stands for. During this time where the lives of 234 young girls hang in the balance, the World Methodist Council asks for prayers and solidarity. Finally, it was good to welcome new members Doug and Wendy Bradley, Terry and Susan Brennan, Jonathan, Jennifer, Walker and Coleman Childs, Steve, Jennifer, and Ella French, Glenn and Beth Maul, Dave and Sherri Newsom, Sonny, Patti, and Collier Pittman, Scott and Jodi Rogers, Jeff and Amy Seiters, and Al, Laura, and Charlie Waldrop at our Brentwood campus. We also welcome Lee and Emily Pickens to our Trinity Church campus. We are also very excited to welcome the following confirmands: Bryce Benjamin Bella Mary Wallis Mikaela Nikki Brycen Brenden Laney Ford Quinn Ashton Caroline Jackson Sarah Kelly Alexandra Bryant Kaitlyn Sarah Kaylin Caroline Sona

Alford Blahauvietz Blanchet Bradley Brennan Brinkmann Brown Burke Burns Burton Burton Carteaux Cavin Childs Cloud Connelly Cook Crewse Crosby Crosby Crowe Cruse Davis

Campbell Avery Sydney Madeline Preslie Quinn Laura Madi Michael Baylee Molly Byron Austin John Haley Molly Tyler Alexis Shelby Valerie Reese Skylar Caroline

Jeffrey Johns Johns Jones Kelly Kunath Laetz Majors Marek Mathews McClure Merrill Moore Moore Murphy Myers Newsom Newsom O'Neil Orange Phinney Pile Pittman

John Kate Caitlyn Renee Brooke Alexis Johnny Mac Stephen Sarah Abby Hannah Morgan Samuel Nolan David Elizabeth Katherine Sidney Kiley Courtney Emma Grayson Nathaniel Rachel Sam Robby Denver Ella Mary Evertt Jordan Lauren

Deal Devine Dill Driver Elliot Enderle Feldhacker Finley Fisher Fong French Greene Harrell Harter Harwood Heckman Heckman Hedgepeth Hickman Hill Hill Hodge Hogan Horne Horner Howard Humble Hunter Hurst Hurt Hurt

The peace of Christ be with you!


Zach Price Molly Robinette Jayden Rogers Alexis Rollins Blair Schoenwald J.B. Seiters Hanna Seiters Sophia Sharpe Isaac Shaw Christopher Shiflett Noah Showah Jack Skupien Gabriel Sleenhof Tennent Smith Will Sparks III Jayden Stinson Caroline Swann Carson Todd Sarah Triplett Chase Tyner Laura Ulery Lilly Vereen Ford Waldrop Grace Webb Andrew Whitely Summer Wilkins Lily Wilson Phoebe Young Daniel Zirkle Jacob Zirkle Emily Zoorob

Pastoral e-Note May 9  

Pastoral e-Note May 9

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