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Dear Friends in Christ, What a great Sunday we had this past Sunday! The narthex was full between services, the traffic flow was congested getting in and out of the sanctuary, (the worship services ran a little longer than normal), and OVER 100 YOUNG PEOPLE COMMITTED THEIR LIVES TO FOLLOW CHRIST!!! I want to say thank you to our Children's Ministry staff, especially Maggie Jarrell who is the Director of Highway 56 and the coordinator of our confirmation program Rev. Travis Garner for all of their hard work to make this happen! I also want to say thank you to the 22 adults who volunteered as mentors for our confirmands throughout this process and gave of themselves with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness during this confirmation process. What a blessing! This week in worship, we will continue our series called "Like Jesus," where we take a deep look at what it means to Live Like Jesus through a study of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. The Sermon on the Mount begins with an announcement of blessing and grace: the Kingdom of God is available to all people; God's grace and love are available even to the people who've done nothing to deserve it. What an incredible statement! As people who seek to live Like Jesus, what do we do with that grace once we've received it? How does it impact the rest of our lives? What follows Jesus' announcement of grace and blessing in the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount is one of the most practical sections of teaching in all of the New Testament. Jesus lays it out clearly and directly. Choosing to live like Jesus will lead us to live in a way that's noticeably different from those around us, but there's never been a better, more fulfilling way to live.


I am excited to be in worship with you this weekend, and to explore together some of the heart of Matthew chapter 5. I hope to see you at one of our four weekend services! Finally, it was good to welcome Don and Carol DeMumbrum, Nathan and Amy Chen, Todd and Stacey Howard, Janice Eller, Clay and Tara Butler, Ryan and Michelle Nelson, Robert and Amee Parker, Spencer Haley, Tom and Jamie Neumaier, Ruffin and Heather Craig, Kevin and Jennifer Martin, Jack Karr and Lorna Schmittou-Karr and Jan and Allan Winebarger as new members. Welcome to our church community. Travis Garner Pastor of Discipleship Brentwood United Methodist Church Confirmation Class of 2013 Grant Ballard Maggie Nelson Katie Bart Cole Neumaier Andrea Brawley Parker Nordstrom Peyton Brien Connor Novak Anna Bryant Megan O'Brien Michael Burke Joseph Owens Daniel Buzzell Jordan Parish Andrew Byers Nick Park Jen Carney Kendal Patterson Grace Casella Trevor Peringson Abbie Cate Kaitlyn Reeves Gracie Cockerham Hannah Roberson Smith Collins IV Carson Roberts Parker Colton Harrison Rody Sterling Craig Lindsey Rogers Tori Rose Dailey Emma Schenck Meg Dekker Tate Scott Ethan DeMumbrum Hudson Stromen Jake Devereaux Andy Summar Ryan Eledge RJ Taylor VI Karli Faro James Terrell

Kristin Lyle George Kayla Gruver Brannon Guffee Matthew Haley Blake Hamilton Jackson Hannah Austin Hannon Sarah Hantel Elizabeth Harwood Cameron Hawkins Madison Hebert John-Everett Helm Isabel Heuer Taylor Hicks Hannah Hohn Hunter Holland Aidan Homan Drew Howard Madi Jefferson Sara Emma Kahane Hayden Karr Savanah Kelly Katie Kennedy Grey Kidwell Grace Klippenstein Taylor Koon Sara Kuhn Jackson Lampley Lillie Lentchner Abby Lockridge Matthew Martin Reed Massengale Clay McCarty Davis Merrill Preston Moore

Sarah Wesley Courtney Spencer Nikki Alden Taylor Anne Sam Emily Davis Sean Lexi Lauren Laurel Lily Georgia Erin Megan

Thoeny Thompson Thompson Townes Tudor Vines Walters Watson Wells Westbrook Whelan Wiemer Williams Winebarger Winebarger Winkler Yoakum Zaves

Youth Confirmands Zachary Beach Trent Beach Ashley Chen Braden Crowe Trinity Confirmands Gannon Reddy Lindsey Eisenbraun Sarah Grones Jacob Grones Tyler Worden Andrew St. Charles Maxwell Hollis Ethan Feick Darby Wallis

Charlotte Kenadee

Munn Neece



Pastoral e-Note - April 30 Issue  

Pastoral e-Note - April 30 Issue

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