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Dear Church Family, Many of you know that I often write for publication, including articles and books. For example, I am a regular contributor to the United Methodist Publishing House clergy website called "" Last year, they produced a light-hearted video of me at BUMC. The theme of the video was that using "" can save pastors valuable time, allowing them to pursue other interests. One of our young staff members encouraged me to share this video with the congregation, allowing you to see a side of your senior pastor that you rarely see. So, in the spirit of levity, I'm taking him up on his suggestion. If you would like to watch this brief video, click here. Restore Haiti Benefit Concert: As of yesterday, $14,524.28 had been collected for Restore Haiti ministries from James Wells' concert this past Sunday. Thank you for your generosity! I hope to see you this weekend as we conclude our "Rhythm of Life" series. Finally, it was good to receive Lucy Craddock, Abigail Durham, Lawson Gilbert, Milly Northcutt and Andrew Schimmel as new members. In Christ's Love and Service,


Martin's e-Note - Aug 28 Issue