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Dear Church Family, This week's e-note deals with the following subjects: Confirmation Newsweek Article I Knew It! A Bigger Family Confirmation: Last Sunday we confirmed 106 of our young people. They publically professed their faith in Jesus Christ. They affirmed their church membership vows and became full members of BUMC. And our congregation promised to nurture and support them as they continue their Christian journey. It was exciting to see all of this happen. A special thanks to parents, mentors, faith friends, staff members and others who made this possible, especially Maggie Jarrell, Director of Highway 56, who led the overall Confirmation process. May God's special blessings be with all of our confirmands and their families as they grow in Christian discipleship in the years ahead. A full list of our confirmands can be found at the bottom of this e-note. Newsweek Article: Many of you read last week's provocative front page Newsweek article, "Forget the Church, Follow Jesus." This weekend, Rev. Mack Strange, the pastor at our Trinity campus in Spring Hill and an excellent communicator, will preach at all our services. In his sermon, he will deal with some of

the implications of this Newsweek article. You will want to hear Mack's message on this important subject. I Knew It: After serving nine months as senior pastor of BUMC, I've sensed something about our congregation. It seems to be full of very intelligent people. For example, over the past month, I met with five different lay groups, mostly around the subject of worship. I left each of those meetings thinking-this church is full of smart people. Well, my hunch was confirmed two weeks ago when I read the Spring 2012 "Citizen's Update" of Brentwood, Tennessee. If you read that paper, you know that Brentwood was named as Tennessee's "smartest mid-sized city." We also have a lot of smart people from Franklin, Nashville, and other middle Tennessee communities. Anyway, after reading that article, I said to myself, "I knew it! This church really is full of smart people!" A Bigger Family: Last weekend our church family grew significantly larger. We received 149 new members. That large number includes our Confirmation Class of 2012. Their names are listed at the bottom of this e-note. We also received the following 43 new members: Bob, Missy, and Sarah Porter; Shelly and Christopher Shiflett; John, Kristen, and Ben Dernbach; Jeff, Jennie, and Alyssa Stockard; John, Kate, Addison and Reese Markum; Hanley, Heather, and Brittaney Crawford; Bruan, Julia, and Carson Todd; Philip, Heather, and Graham Barton; Meekahl, Reeju, Sona, and Neel Davis; Ashley, Melanie, and Emma Barton; Wayne, Suzanne, Alex and Rachel Horn; Don and Michele McFarlane; Cass, Allison, and Martha Grace Scripps; and Jim, Kim, and Stephen Finley. Welcome to our church family. In Christ's Love and Service, Martin

2012 Confirmation Class: Lilly Adams

Emma Iverson

Christian Ahlstrand

Niklas Jarvi

Jake Allen

Emma Jones

Anna Barton

Nathan Keffer

Sophie Barton

Patrick Laughlin

Haley Batson Samuel Blanchet

Garrett Lee Gracie Marks

Parker Bowen

Olivia McCloud

Ford Brewer

Mary McFarlane

Alexandra Brown

Audrey McKinney

Sarah Bryant

Connor Merrill

Grady Byrn

Clara Miller

Lindsey Burtchaell

Grace Miller

Morgan Bussard

Christopher Moore

Anna Lauryn Carmichael

Carol Morse

Cole Carteaux Mason Chambliss

Braden Murphy Andrew Neumann

Amy Chandler

Jack O'Brien

Sam Christie

Clay Patterson

Allison Clark

Meghan Pittenger

Emma Clifton

Robert Porter

Peter Cloud

Morgan Powers

Riley Coggin

Tucker Powers

Emerson Crawford

Gracie Roberson

Trip Crawford

Manny Rogers

Nathaniel Croft

Gavin Schoenwald

Matt Dalton

Bowen Scripps

Elric Davis

Tyler Shiflett

Stephen Deane

Rachel Singleton

Laurel Dernbach

Katie Skoda

Rachel Donelson

Sarah Skupien

Seth Erickson

Annika Sleenhof

Ben Evans Grace Farrell

Garrett Smith Samuel Stockard

Kristina Finley

Jackson Stone

Jaxen Ford

Carson Tapp

Charlie Francois

Regan Taylor

Hayley Fuller

Emily Anne Tinney

Peyton Gardner

William Todd

John Gehring

Max Tunnicliffe

Jack Hamlin

Alex Turner

Mandy Hamm

Katherine Tyner

Auden Harwood

Anna Vaden

Emily Herbert Emmy Hickman

Anne Marie Vines Nicole West

Hailey Hickernell

Kendell White

Reagan Hickernell

Brennen Williams

Savannah Hill

Jack Wilson

Charlie Hoffmann

David Windley

Patrick Hogan

Liana Wood

Alex Horne

Meghan Zelenik

Justin Howell

Bess Zumwalt

e-Note from Martin - April 17 Issue  

e-Note from Martin - April 17 Issue

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