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Technical Specifications

Powered by Deutz 6-cylinder engine 110 Hp Fully hydrostatic transmission with Hi-Lo Hydraulic forward/reverse by servo Synchronized main conveyor related to ground speed Rear unloading Different stacking pattern possible Pallet combination 0.80x1.20m and 1.00x1.20m or 1.00x1.20m and 1.20x1.20m Available with Brouwer SH1576 or van Vuuren Turf Tick Harvester Automatic net wrapping Optimal view while harvesting Computer controlled system Electric/hydraulic roll turner 600 mm wide tyres Roll correction on the pallet Pallet correction Automatic shoe reset Optional: Canopy, Cabin, Waste conveyor & Pallet injector

Quality by Design

Trilo Multistacker

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Quality by design