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Technical Specifications Installing sods the easy way: Forward instead of backward. Driving speed perfectly controllable from 0 up to 18 km/h. Both left and right hand side-shift Driver’s seat gives a perfect view beside the roll, where the seam is. A smart, patented feature guides the laying process, resulting is a field without any trace of the seams. No grass along the edges folded under the next layout nor overlaps or gaps, which otherwise has to be closed by time-consuming moving the heavy slabs with rakes. The roll is contained in such a way that it will not unroll by itself, but will unroll at the speed you are working. 7 pendling wheels under the machine leave no traces on the field, but will act like a roller during the layout process. Fingertip control when it comes to Handling, Steering and Riding: You can work very precisely. From 60 up to 120 cm wide Rolls can be used. 8 years of extensive work in the field has proven that this machine does an excellent job, reducing layout time and the amount of work as well as improving the quality of the field.

Quality by Design

Trilo Sod Installer

The Trilo BRL 120 for Installing Big Rolls accurate and fast Smart features enable you to lay out Big Rolls without any seams. At high speed. Easily and comfortable.

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Quality by design