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: IBM 000-136


: Rational Application Developer v7

Version : R6.1    

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1. Which view best displays the list of all callers and callees of a selected method? A. Call Hierarchy B. Hierarchy C. Outline D. Package Explorer Answer: A

2. When creating a session bean, the default selection for the session bean is to create a remote client view instead of a local client view.

This is because:

A. Even though a local client view is available, it is a best practice to never use a local client view in a session bean. B. Session beans are normally used to implement facades, and as such, require remote interfaces as opposed to local interfaces. C. A remote client view is easier to use. D. Local client view for session beans has been deprecated. Answer: B

3. A developer has closed a view in the Java perspective in the workbench. What can the developer select to recover the original Java perspective layout? A. Window > Delete Perspective B. Workbench > Use Defaults C. Window > Reset Perspective D. File > Recover Defaults Answer: C

4. What can a developer manage using Rational Application Developer? A. a single workspace per workbench B. multiple workspaces per workbench by switching between workspaces C. multiple workspaces per workbench by organizing them as views D. multiple workspaces per workbench with additional licenses    

Answer: B

5. A developer has made multiple changes to a Java file. How can the developer switch back to an earlier version of the file? A. context pop-up menu > Compare with > Local history B. context pop-up menu > Edit > Reset C. context pop-up menu > Replace With > Local history D. File > Replace with Previous Answer: C

6. A developer has deleted a file from a Java package in a workspace and would like to recover it. What must the developer do after selecting the Java package? A. use the context pop-up menu option "Restore from Local History" B. use the context pop-up menu option "Recover from File System" C. click File > Deleted files and select the file D. click File > Undo Answer: A

7. What are three methods of importing a file from the file system to a Java package in the workbench? (Choose three.) A. drag and drop the file from the file system to the package in the workbench B. use the Import wizard from the File menu in the workbench C. use the context pop-up menu on the package in the workbench and select Import D. select Search > File in the workbench and then use the Import tab E. use the context pop-up menu on the file in the file system and select Import to Workbench Answer: ABC

8. How many perspectives can a developer interact with at a time in each workbench window? A. as many as needed if the perspectives are organized as Views B. as many as needed by selecting File > Switch Perspective    

C. only one D. one per View Answer: C

9. Which application development framework is used to develop highly available, reliable, scalable, and secure Web and client-server applications in Java? A. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) B. Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) C. Java Enterprise Edition (JavaEE) D. Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Answer: C

10. Which statement is true about the Software Analysis feature? A. It provides a runtime environment to test web resources. B. It is used to debug a wide range of applications. C. It assists in gathering data and metrics on applications that are running. D. It can perform automated code reviews without executing applications. Answer: D

11. What is a design pattern in software development? A. a software development methodology which focuses on creating models B. an object modeling and specification language used in software engineering C. a cyclic and incremental software development process D. a proven solution to a common problem within a given context Answer: D

12. Which Rational Application Developer feature provides guidance on software development best practices? A. model driven development B. process advisor    

C. portal development wizards D. Web tooling Answer: B

13. A company is looking to implement a software application in which the user interface can be changed frequently without impacting the business layer. Which pattern should be proposed as the BEST solution? A. Model-View-Controller B. Iterator C. Observer D. Session faade Answer: A

14. Which statement best defines a Java project in Rational Application Developer? A. There is only one Java project in a workspace. B. It is defined in the Java Standard Edition specification. C. It contains source code needed to create a Java application. D. It is used to create and maintain Enterprise JavaBeans. Answer: C

15. What does the light bulb icon indicate in the Java Code Editor? A. A break point for debug has been defined. B. An error has been discovered, and a quick fix is available. C. A task item has been added. D. A line of code is associated to a bookmark. Answer: B

16. Which statement is true about the Create Java Project Wizard? A. It helps create new Java classes with methods and attributes. B. It provides an easy way to deploy Java applications on a specific application server.    

C. It offers the option to choose between the default JRE or a project specific JRE. D. It automatically creates a user interface to interact with your Java project. Answer: C

17. What does the Organize Import feature do when applied to a source code? A. removes import statements if they dont belong to java.* or javax.* packages B. creates Javadoc for the source code and saves it to a file C. adds any missing import statements and removes unused imports statements D. creates getter and setter methods for Java attributes in the source code Answer: C

18. Which three automated functions are provided by the Refactor feature? (Choose three.) A. Build project B. Rename C. Add breakpoint D. Move E. Extract Interface F. Create Web service Answer: BDE

19. Which statement BEST describes the Scrapbook feature in Rational Application Developer? A. It shows the output of a process and allows keyboard input to a process. B. It lists all the breakpoints set in the workbench projects. C. It manages the debugging or running of a program in the workbench. D. It is used to quickly run and evaluate a Java expression without creating an executable. Answer: D

20. What is the purpose of the UML tools in Application Developer? A. to create all the diagrams defined in the UML specification B. to create UML class diagrams and sequence diagrams    

C. to visualize UML diagrams but not to create them D. to perform automated UML model analysis Answer: B

21. What is the purpose of the Static Method Sequence Diagram? A. to generate Java code from an existing Java code B. to change the qualifier of a method to make it static C. to create a class diagram to visualize Java code D. to visualize existing Java code of a method in a sequence diagram Answer: D

22. What is the best course of action if a class in Project A depends on classes in Project B? A. copy all the classes of Project B in Project A B. change the Builders property for Project A C. add Project B in the Java Build Path of Project A D. remove the dependency between the two projects Answer: C

23. Which statement is true about Application Developer Dynamic Web Projects? A. They can only contain HTML files that will be changed frequently. B. They contain resources like servlets, JavaBeans, and HTML. C. They are specifically used to create Enterprise JavaBeans. D. They must be a member of an Enterprise Application project (EAR). Answer: B

24. Which file maintains the configuration information for a Web application, such as servlets, filters, or references? A. the Web Deployment Descriptor (web.xml) B. the Struts configuration file (struts-config.xml) C. the Javadoc file (javadoc.xml)    

D. the Bindings file (ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xmi) Answer: A

25. What do Project Facets define? A. the build and runtime dependencies between projects B. the format to apply to source code elements in the projects C. the technical characteristics and requirements for a project D. the location of the projects Javadoc documentation Answer: C

26. In a Web project, what must the WebContent folder contain? A. only the static files like images or CSS files B. the source code of the Enterprise JavaBeans C. all the files that are deployed with the Web application D. the source code for Java classes Answer: C

27. Which tool should a specialist recommend to visualize and modify the flow of a dynamic Web application based on frameworks like Struts or JSF? A. the Web Site Designer B. the Web Diagram Editor C. the HTML Editor D. the Ant Editor Answer: B

28. A company is looking to implement a Web solution in which each incoming and outgoing HTTP request is intercepted. Which implementation should a developer propose as the BEST solution? A. a session faade B. a life-cycle listener    

C. a servlet filter D. a servlet caching Answer: C

29. What is a life-cycle listener in a Web application? A. a Java object compiled as a servlet to create dynamic Web pages B. a proprietary WebSphere extension to allow the Web container to serve static content C. a runtime environment integrated into the workbench for testing Web applications D. an event listener invoked when servlets are created, destroyed, or modified Answer: D

30. Which statement is true about the Preview tab in the Page Designer Editor? A. It shows how static information is likely to look when viewed in an external Web browser. B. It displays static and dynamic elements of the page as they will appear in a Web browser. C. It is used to preview the result of a change before it is committed to a repository. D. It gives direct access to the Java source code of the page. Answer: A

31. Which action is required to activate the Application Developer JSF tools and wizards? A. add a Java EE target runtime reference to the web project B. postfix each web page _JSF C. enable the Web Developer capability in the workspace properties D. add the JSF facets to the project Answer: D

32. Which two statements are true about Page Templates? (Choose two.) A. They provide a common look and feel for a Web project. B. Changes to the page template are reflected in pages that use that template. C. Page templates are stored as Enterprise JavaBeans. D. Only one Page Template per Web application is allowed.    

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