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Exam Title

: IBM 000-134

: Rational Business Developer

Version : R6.1

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1. Which choice is a valid stereotype for a record? A. Array B. CSV C. ExternalType D. Form Answer: B

2. Which situation requires that an import statement be specified when using an EGL record part as a type definition for a variable? A. when the variable is declared outside of the file that the record was created in B. when the variable is declared outside of the package that the record was created in C. when the variable is declared outside of the project that the record was created in D. every time a variable is declared regardless of where the record was created Answer: B

3. Which step is required for a Web application to run in multiple human languages such as English and German? A. include the <default-locale> tag in the web.xml file B. bind each translatable JSF field to the corresponding EGL variable C. create a resource bundle for each language in the WebContent/WEB-INF folder of the project D. set the DisplayName property for fields in the JSF handler to a value in the form myFieldKey% Answer: D

4. Which primitive type provides the best performance for a counter used to control a loop with maximum iterations of 1000? A. DECIMAL B. INT C. NUM D. SMALLINT Answer: D

5. What is the most efficient way to retrieve an SQL row when searching for a key value that is always unique and there is no intent to update the data? A. a prepare statement B. a get statement with the singleRow option C. a get statement with the oneRow option    

D. an open statement with the singleRow option Answer: B

6. Which statement is true about developing a large application system with interdependencies between the projects? A. Cycles between EGL projects are never permitted. B. Projects that are referenced most frequently should be built first. C. The only way to set the order in which projects are built is by using Window > Preferences > General > Workspace > Build Order. D. The only way to set the order in which projects are built is by using Project > Optimize EGL Project Build Order. Answer: B

7. What is the correct way to set an SQL variable to a null value before inserting or updating a row in a relational table? A. use the EGL assignment statement sqlVariable = null; B. use the EGL assignment statement set sqlVariable null; C. You need not do anything; the EGL framework automatically converts default initial values to nulls if the property isSQLNullable is set to yes for the variable. D. You need not do anything; the EGL framework automatically converts default initial values to nulls if the question mark (?) follows a variable declaration type. Answer: A

8. Due to EGL capability for single source code with generation for multiple target runtime environments, a programmer _____. A. does not have be concerned with the intended target platform B. can only deploy a program across similar environments, such as the Java runtime environments C. can write a program once and deploy on multiple target runtime environments without any concerns D. can write a program once and deploy it on multiple target runtime environments but must be aware of potential limitations Answer: D

9. Consider the following source codE. sourceTimeStamp TIMESTAMP (MMdd; targetTimeStamp


sourceTimeStamp = "0615"    


= sourceTimeStamp;

If this statement runs on March 10, 2008 at 2:38:40 AM, what is the resulting value for targetTimeStamp? A. 00000310000000 B. 00000615000000 C. 20080615000000 D. 20080615023840 Answer: C

10. ProgramA calls ProgramB. Both programs access a relational database. What is the primary difference between the EGL system variables sqlLib.sqlData and sysVar.sqlData? A. sqlLib.sqlData and sysVar.sqlData are interchangeable and always have the same values. B. sqlLib.sqlData contains all the available information from the SQLCA; sysVar.sqlData only contains the SQLCODE. C. The scope of sysVar.sqlData is local to each program; the scope of sqlLib.sqlData is global so that both ProgramA and ProgramB can access the results of the most recent SQL I/O statement regardless of which program the I/O occurred in. D. There is no system variable named sqlLib.sqlData. Answer: C

11. Which statement demonstrates how to call a DB2 Stored Procedure passing three parameters and returning a result set? A. call storedProcedureName (parm1, parm2, parm3); B. execute #sql {call storedProcedureName(parm1, parm2, parm3)}; C. open resultSetID with #sql {call storedProcedureName (:parm1, :parm2, :parm3)}; D. The current implementation for EGL only supports calling DB2 Stored Procedures for Insert/Update/Delete. Answer: C

12. Which EGL statement demonstrates the correct way to initialize a dynamic array of integers so that the first element has the value 3? A. myArray INT =3; B. myArray INT[] =3; C. myArray INT[3]; D. myArray INT[3] =3; Answer: D    

13. Which EGL move statement is valid? A. move RECORDA to RECORDB byByte; B. move RECORDA to RECORDB byPosition; C. move RECORDA to RECORDB with VAGenCompat; D. move RECORDA to RECORDB for INDEX1 to INDEX2; Answer: B

14. What is the BEST technique to retrieve SQL data in the situation where there might be hundreds of rows that satisfy the criteria for the WHERE clause? A. an open statement with the multipleRows option B. an open statement followed by a loop of get next statements to retrieve all the rows C. a get statement with implicit SQL to retrieve all the rows into a dynamic array D. a get statement with a customized SQL WHERE clause and set boundaries for the retrieve using the SQL BETWEEN predicate Answer: D

15. Which choice is ONLY supported in generated COBOL programs? A. DL/I access B. text forms C. BIRT reports D. eliminateSystemDependentCode build descriptor option Answer: A

16. Which statement is true about the linkage options part? A. The callLink element provides details on how a call statement is to be implemented when calling a particular program, but has no effect on generation for the called program. B. The fileLink element provides details on whether to use remote MQ queues. C. The transferToProgram element provides details on how a transfer to program statement is to be implemented when transferring control to a particular program. D. The transferToTransaction element provides details on how a transfer to transaction statement is to be implemented when transferring control to a particular transaction in transactional environments such as CICS, but has no effect on generation of programs for nontransactional environments. Answer: C

17. An EGL application running in a stateless environment (Web, CICS, or IMS) has presented data to the user for update. What is the BEST way to update an SQL row containing many columns if there is a    

chance that some other user could change the data? A. reread the row before the update and ensure all columns are the same as before the data was presented to the user B. reread the row and compare some column that is known to be changed on every update (a timestamp, for example) C. lock the row across the user think time so no one else can change it D. just update the row as quickly as possible Answer: B

18. Which method is used to create and update code templates? A. click the Windows > Preferences > EGL menu B. press Ctrl+T to bring up a template editor during an EGL edit session C. right-click within an EGL edit session and then click the Create Template option D. add the Template view to any perspective and then use the menus to create or update code templates for this view Answer: A

19. Which statement is true about the EGL Deployment Descriptor file? A. It is the same as the J2EE Deployment Descriptor file. B. It is the same as the EGL Build Descriptor file. C. It is a part within the EGL Build Descriptor file and is used to define the access to and from EGL Web services. D. It is a file used to describe how an EGL service is exposed to other applications or how an external service is used. Answer: D

20. How must a function be defined in the corresponding JSF handler for it to be listed in the Page Data view? A. public with no parameters B. public with at least one parameter C. private with no parameters D. private with at least one parameter Answer: A

21. Which validation property runs last? A. inputRequired    

B. validatorDataTable C. validatorFunction D. validValues Answer: C

22. Which DataItem declaration is valid? A. DataItem


B. DataItem


C. DataItem


D. DataItem NAME


{euro = yes} end {upperCase = yes } end; {numericSeparator = yes }; {inputRequired = yes} end

Answer: D

23. A programmer wants to see specific data values being passed between generated Java and a called RPG program running on System i on the system console. Which combination of properties in the web.xml or the files should the programmer set? A. vgj.trace.type = -1 and vgj.trace.device.option = 0 B. vgj.trace.type = 512 and vgj.trace.device.option = 0 C. vgj.trace.type = 16, and vgj.trace.device.option = 2 D. vgj.trace.device.option = 1 Answer: A

24. Which statement about Retrieve SQL support in EGL is FALSE? A. An EGL SQL preference specifies the EGL primitive type used when defining columns that contain SQL character data. B. An EGL SQL preference specifies the case used for defining EGL variable names. C. The EGL keyItems property is always set automatically based on the SQL column definitions. D. The EGL tableNames property is always set automatically based on the SQL database definition. Answer: D

25. Which element CANNOT be included in a function? A. a return type B. another function C. a set of parameters D. a set of local variables Answer: B    

26.If an EGL-generated COBOL program running in CICS transfers to a non-EGL CICS program, in which language(s) can the non-EGL program be written? A. COBOL only B. COBOL or Assembler only C. COBOL, Assembler, PL/I, or RPG D. any language that runs under CICS Answer: D

27.With respect to EGL projects, which technique allows ProjectA to use code from ProjectB during development and also at runtime for generated Java programs? A. ProjectB must be added to the EGL Build Path for ProjectA. B. ProjectA must be added to the EGL Build Path for ProjectB. C. ProjectB must be added to the EGL Build Path and the Java Build Path for ProjectA. D. ProjectA must be added to the EGL Build Path and the Java Build Path for ProjectB. Answer: C

28.What is always required when an administrator uses EGLSDK to generate an EGL program? A. specify the genProject build descriptor option B. set the EGL Build Path for each project in the workspace C. create an .xml command file to specify the information necessary for generation D. create a directory that contains all the projects and parts that are needed for generation Answer: D

29.Which statement is true about features such as EGL with LDAP Support or EGL with low-level MQ API support that a programmer includes while creating a new EGL project? A. The features cannot be removed later. B. The features can be removed at any time. C. The features can be disabled but not removed. D. The features can only be replaced by other features. Answer: A

30.One of several programs in an EGL project requires a different build descriptor option from the other programs in the same project. What is the BEST way to specify the different build descriptor option? A. generate the program using Generate With Wizard and override the build descriptor option in the wizard B. use a master build descriptor plugin.xml file to control which build descriptor part is used for each    

program C. move the program to a different project so that all programs in each project use the same default build descriptor part D. create a build descriptor part for the program and specify it in the EGL Default Build Descriptors for the program Answer: D

31.A programmer needs to reference SQL derived data using aggregate functions like COUNT, scalar functions like DIGITS or CONCAT, or SQL operators like || in a SELECT statement. Which technique provides the needed capability? A. in the SQLRecord definition, customize the column property for the field to include the SQL expression B. in the SQLRecord definition, use the asExpression property to override the default SQL column name at runtime C. in the EGL Editor, use SQL Statement > Add to create explicit SQL and then change the SELECT statement D. This cannot be done using EGL. Answer: A

32.At runtime, what is the correct way to dynamically change the system name of a serial file that is accessed through EGL? A. specify the EGL fileName property of the serial file B. set the resourceAssociation property of the variable of type serialFile C. use an EGL assignment statement to set recordVariableName.resourceAssociation for the serial file D. You cannot do this; all serial files must be statically bound in their Resource Association. Answer: C

33.Which choice is NOT a category of preferences that can be set for the EGL Editor using Window > Preferences > EGL > Editor? A. Folding B. Formatter C. Source Styles D. SQL Database Connections Answer: D

34.When developing services, what is the correct technique for relating the EGL build descriptor part and the EGL Deployment Descriptor file to one another?    

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