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Why develop Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank? To support the Rice Self-Sufficiency Program by providing stakeholders with greater access to latest knowledge and technologies

Why develop Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank? To provide intermediaries (extension workers, development specialists, NGOs, LGUs, etc.) with a one-stop source of updated knowledge resources on Philippine rice production

Why develop Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank?

To provide farmers with new and sciencebased options for them to come up with locally relevant farming practices

PinoyRice offers.. Images (graphics and photos) Technology videos Radio clips Learning modules Handouts Broadcast releases

Technology bulletins Training announcements Basic rice statistics Seed growers directory Rice facts Maps and figures

PinoyRice offers.. Rice recipes Rice production plan guides Frequently asked questions Question and answer series PhilRice products for sale

Rice e-dictionary and translations Links to other agriculture-based websites

Providing you with a wealth of information towards successful rice production

Have a rice day!

Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank  

This website is a collaborative effort of PhilRice and IRRI to widely share rice knowledge resources.