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NEW PRODUCT BULLETIN NEW56 Series Plug and Socket Connectors โ„ข



Your contemporary modular solution

Smooth, flicker-free dimming



Smarter LED downlights

A new mounting solution


Scalable and flexible soft wiring


What an exciting time to be an electrical contractor! Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Clipsal’s New Product Bulletin – showcasing the latest product offerings and electrical solutions for your customers. Clipsal has an ongoing commitment to electrical contractors like yourself, to provide innovative products that lead market trends and add value to your business. It's a very exciting time to be an electrical contractor, with new technology readily available and large government initiatives to drive business in both the residential and commercial sectors, such as the NBN rollout and the Renewable Energy Scheme. The skyrocketing cost of electricity has lead to energy efficiency becoming the most talked about solution for your customers' homes. You've probably even seen an increase in customer inquiries regarding energy-efficient lighting, energy monitoring and solar inverters to help reduce their electricity bills. With accredited training and Clipsal's energy efficiency product range, you could easily position yourself as an energy efficiency expert. Simply talk to your Clipsal Rep about what options are available. Your customers expect you to deliver advice on everything from architectural switch plates and dimmers, to Infrascan Motion Sensors, dimmable LEDs, data cabling, solar solutions and energy monitoring devices. You are clearly more than a tradesman; you’re an electrical consultant, a salesperson, a technician and an engineer. So, keeping that in mind, Clipsal's job is to make your job easier — to help you deliver reliable electrical solutions, on time and within budget.

In particular, you'll see that Clipsal's energy-efficient Sunset Switches, 8W LED downlights and GT Inverters, along with the Ecomind Electricity Monitors, will save your customers money in the long run. All of these products, and more, can be downloaded straight to your desktop in Clipsal’s eCatalogue. Or you can download the iCat app for smartphones – suitable for Apple iOS and Android. With "on the spot" quotes from your smartphone, it has never been easier to turn jobs around! Finally, I would like to mention Clipsal's Don't Risk It! campaign. Non-compliant product awareness is essential, as these products have the potential to put your customers in harm's way, and cause irreparable damage to their homes and your business. Please continue to support the brands that support the electrical industry. I invite you to visit Clipsal's manufacturing site at Gepps Cross, where you will see core products being made locally and how they are tested to meet Australian Standards. On behalf of everyone at Clipsal by Schneider Electric, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to seeing you soon.

As you flick through the New Product Bulletin, you’ll see that every product featured is designed to make your next installation even easier than the time before. And with all the new technological developments, you’ll also see ample opportunity to upsell to your customers so they are well prepared for the future. Grantley White

Sales Director Clipsal & Schneider Electric Partner Business


Strato 8000 Series™ Your contemporary modular solution The Clipsal Strato 8000 Series Switch range provides the flexibility of modular design, with all the benefits the Australian contractor has come to expect. With a large range of pre-configured standard installation products available, large terminals, 84mm mounting centres and a colour pallet inspired by Laminex®, this range is designed for the Australian market.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Over 200 custom configurations


 Compatible with 30 Mech products  Flat plate design  Blue LED indicator lights as standard  10 standard Laminex interchangeable colour surrounds  Optional Laminex custom colour selection


Modena 8000 Series™ Your complete modular solution Whether it’s for a new dream home, or you're renovating and creating the perfect living space, the job won’t be finished until you include the timeless and sophisticated Clipsal Modena 8000 Series. The large, soft-resistance switch mechanism provides easier operation and practical functionality for all users. The range of finishes, colours and configurations suit any décor and will complement any residential or commercial environment.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Over 200 custom configurations


 Compatible with 30 Mech products  Curved plate design  Blue LED indicator lights as standard  Seven interchangeable colour surrounds



Impress™ Push-Button Switches & Dimmers Fully assembled 2000 Series™ and Classic C2000 Series™ Clipsal revolutionised the electro-mechanical switch by introducing push-button mechanisms to the market. The offer was enhanced with the release of fully assembled Impress Switches in the stylish Slimline and Eclipse models.

Product Features

Today, your customers have even more choice, as Clipsal has expanded its innovative Impress offer to include fully assembled 2000 Series and Classic C2000 Series Switches.

 Suitable for fluorescent loads up to 16AX

With a built-in Clipsal Integrally Switched Universal Dimmer now part of the Impress range, your customers will have complete lighting control, all from the push of a button.

 Impressive 250V a.c. 20A/16AX capacity

 Compatible with all 30 Series apertures  Suitable for new-build and retrofit projects

 Blue LED indicator option configurable to user requirements: • LED permanently ON • LED ON, switch OFF • LED ON, switch ON • LED ON, switch OFF (power available)

 Terminals can accommodate 3 x 2.5mm2 conductors  One-way/two-way switching facility with looping terminal  Also available as a bell-press mechanism



415VF Caravan Socket Outlet Don't be left out in the dark Following caravan owners and manufacturers' advice, Clipsal has developed a new design for the Clipsal 415VF Caravan Socket Outlets. Available in: • 10 amp, 415VF-WE (White) or 415VF-BK (Black) • 15 amp, 415VF15-WE (White).

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Auto-switched socket for automatic cut-off when plug is removed


 New larger terminals accommodating up to 3 x 2.5mm2 wires

Auto-Switched Caravan Socket Outlet IP34 10A Black

 New flap design with flat face to provide a slimmer and sleek finish T  hicker gasket and new 20mm spacer for better installation on uneven surfaces  Coloured terminals for easier identification  Rear clip-on cable shroud for added terminal protection 415VF-WE


Auto-Switched Caravan Socket Outlet IP34 10A White



Auto-Switched Caravan Socket Outlet IP34 15A White


Deep Mounting Block 20mm White

Weatherproof Sunset Switches See the light in saving energy Sunset Switches are a reliable and convenient light switching solution that will provide your customers with considerable energy savings, as lighting is never left on longer than required. Clipsal Sunset Switches come in 2-wire and 3-wire designs, making them ideal for every commercial, residential and industrial application. The Sunset Switches feature a convenient dusk to dawn setting, ensuring easy installation set-up. Lighting will be activated at dusk and switched off at dawn. For increased energy efficiency, an inbuilt timer adjustment allows lighting to be activated for a preset time (2h, 4h, 6h, 8h). The lux level adjustment option allows flexibility regarding the mounting location. WS226SSR Series Sunset Switches are compatible with most pre-existing back boxes.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Weatherproof robust housings (IP56 and IP66 ratings)


 2-wire and 3-wire designs


 10AX resistive and fluorescent load current


 Robust and reliable construction


 Default timer and lux level settings with variable adjustment options


 Easy to install




Weathershield, 2-Wire design Weathershield, 3-Wire design 56 Series, 2-Wire design 56 Series, 3-Wire design Standard Series, 2-Wire design


Standard Series, 3-Wire design

Timer, Lux level setup

Ecomind Electricity Monitor Save up to 10% on electricity bills MONITOR electricity consumption REDUCE energy use SAVE money on electricity bills

Product Features (Display, Transmitter, CT Sensors)

Product Features (Electricity Monitoring Software)

 Display electricity usage in dollars ($), kilowatt (kWh) and carbon tonnes (KgCO2)

 Display electricity usage graphically

 Monitor hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and average data  Available with a battery or mains-powered transmitter  Additional CT sensors available for three-phase installations

 Create electricity reports  Set and track electricity targets  Manage/plan demand  View electricity consumption summaries/predictions  Create notes to explain peak or low electricity usage

Catalogue Numbers EM422EM-E-KMTS




Kit with mains-powered transmitter

Electricity Monitor Display

Kit with battery-powered transmitter

Additional 90A CT-Sensor

Additional 120A CT-Sensor


Push-Button and Rotary Controlled Universal Dimmer Space saving dimming controls Designed to reduce visual clutter on the wall, the new integrally switched push-button and rotary controlled universal dimmers incorporate on/off switching and dimming control into one mechanism. The dimming performance has been optimised to ensure smooth, linear, flicker-free dimming across the control range. The new Clipsal Dimmers offer considerable flexibility. They can be used to control loads such as incandescent lamps, dichroic lamps and low voltage lighting that uses iron-core or electronic transformers, as well as selected dimmable LED and CFL lamps. The integrally switched push-button and rotary controlled universal dimmers set new industry standards for control and reducing the space required in a wall plate. For further information on compatibilty, please visit

Push-Button Universal Dimmer Catalogue Numbers

Rotary Controlled Universal Dimmer Catalogue Numbers



30 Series Mechanism

30 Series Mechanism



Saturn Mechanism

Prestige Mechanism



2000 Series

Saturn Mechanism



Classic Series

Standard Range



Slimline Series

2000 Series



Eclipse Series

Classic Series



Saturn Series

Slimline Series

Product Features  Push-button or rotary controlled operation  Clipsal Universal Dimming Technology  350W power rating  Linear control across dimming range  Full short circuit protection  Wide range of plate styles and colours available  Suitable for new or retrofit applications  Inbuilt over-current and overtemperature protection  Immune to high frequency (ripple) signal injection on mains supply







SL2031E2RUD Eclipse Series

P2031E2RUD Prestige Series

4061E2RUD Saturn Series


Slimline® Xtra Switch Removable 30 Mech Version Catalogue Numbers

The wait is over. Clipsal has responded to contractors' demands for a Slimline double power point, which has the ability to add any switch from its 30 Mech Series.


Double socket with extra removable switch

Introducing the SC2025XA, with a removable extra switch that enables the installer the flexibility to install the right 30 Mech for the job. Now Slimline has the flexibility that Clipsal's other ranges have had for years.


O.Erre Industrial Fans Updated and improved The O.Erre range of industrial fans has been improved for better performance. These fans can now achieve 10%-30% improved performance, depending on the model, and have an improved IP rating to ensure safe installation in all environments. All models include long-life ball bearing motors.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Safety protection grille


 Steel body and grille protected by an epoxy-based anticorrosive paint  Nylon impeller for high performance

Fan W/Plate IP55 250mm S/Phase


Fan W/Plate IP55 300mm S/Phase


Fan W/Plate IP55 400mm S/Phase


Fan W/Plate IP55 515mm S/Phase


Fan W/Plate IP44 250mm S/Phase


Fan W/Plate IP55 300mm S/Phase


Fan W/Plate IP55 400mm S/Phase




Deep Plastic Wall Box 157/1PRMD Electrical accessories should be easy to install, however, some of the new smart products have deep terminal blocks and take up valuable wall box space. Products such as Saturn, dimmers, timers and Cat. 7A are space hungry. With this in mind, Clipsal has designed the extra deep plastic wall box- the 157/1PRMD.



Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

ď Ž Deep wall box for more wiring space


Moulded deep plastic wall box 1 gang with sliding nuts suitable for standard 84mm centre plates including Slimline (box depth 70mm)

Electronic Battens and T-bar A reliable, energy-efficient lighting solution With Clipsal's commitment to bring its customers energy-efficient and intelligent lighting solutions, it has taken the opportunity to phase out all our magnetic batten and T-bar products. The NEL Series of battens and T-bars now mean Clipsal's base offer is not only constructed with quality materials, but supplied with highly efficient electronic ballasts. This is one of many initiatives Clipsal is making to ensure its products are sustainable for the future

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Bodies formed in white powder coated steel


 Polycarbonate end caps and lamp holders  Weatherproof versions formed in polycarbonate base and diffuser


 Electronic ballast


 Colour 840 lamps included


 DALI control options available






8W LED Downlights Smarter LED downlights for optimal performance Clipsal's range of LED downlights is expanding, with the introduction of a new 8W LED downlight that perfectly complements the popular 12W model. This new 8W downlight uses less power, however, Clipsal has been careful to ensure it has maintained all the quality and features you have come to expect. The revolutionary aluminium heat sink design, along with onboard thermal dimming, remains so that Clipsal can continue to offer long life and safety protection. Through extensive testing and tuning, the 8W downlight works perfectly with Universal and C-Bus dimming technology. As LED technology continues to be developed, Clipsal continues to be committed to providing you with the latest products that support your future needs.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 540 lumen output


 55º beam angle


 35,000 hour lamp life  Equivalent to 35W dichroic  11W total power consumption  Fixed or gimbal fixture options

L955C/8WH L955C/8BC L955WF/8WH L955WF/8BC L955CF/8WH L955CF/8BC




DALIinfinity™ Soft Wiring 5 Pole Unrivalled. Scalable. Flexible. One of the most internationally recognised lighting protocols by manufacturers and authorities is the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) international open lighting control protocol. A DALIinfinity Soft Wiring 5 Pole system offers an efficient method of connectivity and installation of light fittings. In the past, installers would normally install these light fittings with normal fixed 3 core double-insulated TPS cable for power, plus another 2 core mains rated cable for interface control. Now, with the DALIinfinity Soft Wiring 5 Pole system it’s not necessary, due to its Plug and Play feature. Compatibility Clipsal DALIinfinity is generally compatible with most Clipsal DALI products, as provided by Clipsal Integrated Systems and Clipsal Lighting. DALIinfinity is compatible with many other manufacturers of DALI equipment and lighting products.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 One socket solution for installation


E  asy to install (Plug and Play)

DALI Fly Lead Male Free End 2.0M 16A DALI Cables Only (2 x 1.5mm²)


U  nique keyway sockets indicating DALI circuits

DALI Fly Lead Male Free End 1.0M 16A (5 x 1.5mm²)

E  asy disconnection and reconnection of luminaires for relocation and maintenance

DALI Fly Lead Male Free End 2.0M 16A (5 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 1.0M 20A (3 X 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)

E  asy installation of luminaires, emergency fittings and exit signs on one system


W  ider range of accessories to suit every application


C  ost-effective due to removable and reusable cabling and connectors. Ideal for expanding installations

Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 2.0M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²) Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 2.5M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 3.0M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 3.5M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 4.0M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 4.5M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 5.0M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 6.0M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


Interconnect Lead 5 Pole 7.0M 20A (3 x 2.5mm²) & (2 x 1.5mm²)


5 Pole T Connector


5 Pole H Connector


Snap-In Panel-Mount Connector Male 5 Pole


Snap-In Panel-Mount Connector Female 5 Pole


Rewirable Socket Female 5 Pole


Rewirable Plug Male 5 Pole


Locking Device





Starter Socket


Cat. 6A Shielded Solution The high performance data solution With new technology constantly being introduced to the market, there is a need for reliable network cabling solutions to support such technology. So, Clipsal has released its 10 Gigabit Cat. 6A Shielded Solution.

Cat. 6A F/UTP Cable Features

Catalogue Numbers

 F/UTP cable, LSZH sheath

The Clipsal solution uses a F/UTP constructed cable providing full immunity against any external noise interference. With a LSZH sheath as standard, it provides an environmentally friendly aspect to the offer.

Cat. 6A F/UTP LSZH LAN Cable

 Full AXT immunity

The fully-shielded 30 Mech Cat. 6A Connector is the only one available on the market with a 30 Mech fascia, which allows for full adaptation into any Clipsal 30 Series Plates. The straight patch panel gives all the same features and benefits that our customers have come to know with Earth bonding facilities. It comes with 24 keystone shielded connectors in the box. The F/UTP patch cords have the snagless boot and also come with the LSZH sheath as standard, adding to the environmentally friendly nature of the solution.


 23AWG, 305m reel

Cat. 6A Shielded Jack 30 Mech

 Supporting 10Gbs transmission

Cat. 6A Shielded Jack Keystone

Cat. 6A Shielded Connectors Features



24-Port Cat. 6A Shielded Patch Panel Straight

 Toolless termination


 30 Mech aperture to suit Clipsal wall plates


 Flexible locking tabs  Fully shielded for AXT immunity

Cat. 6A F/UTP LSZH Patch Cord 1m Cat. 6A F/UTP LSZH Patch Cord 2m


Cat. 6A F/UTP LSZH Patch Cord 3m

RJ6AF8A50LPL-BU Cat. 6A Patch Panels Features

Cat. 6A F/UTP LSZH Patch Cord 5m

 Nickel-plated and powdercoated frames


 Earthing point  Flexible labelling system  All mounting hardware supplied

Cat. 6A F/UTP Patch Cords Features  F/UTP stranded cable, LSZH sheath 30RJ45SSM6AF


 Snagless boot  Backward compatible to Cat. 5E & Cat. 6  Supporting 10Gbs transmission


StarServe Data Home Distribution Unit Centralised and simple Adding to the current range of StarServe Enclosures is Clipsal's locally designed, moulded plastic enclosure. It has been specifically designed for National Broadband Network (NBN) equipment and your home networking equipment, all within the one enclosure. Having all equipment housed within the one enclosure provides a convenient location to centralise your home networking solution. Product Specifications Dimensions – 750mm (h) x 405mm (w) x 150mm (d) Cut-out dimensions – 760mm (h) x 415mm (w)

Product Features  Made from moulded plastic (White Electric colour)  Wi-Fi network compatible  Multi-use flexibility - gear tray is supplied unpopulated (except for small StarServe rack) to allow installers to install whatever product they require  Designed to house NBN equipment and additional networking products, such as StarServe data and phone patch panels  Two key locks on door for limiting access, uses matching key (CL001)  Suitable for surface or semiflush mounting  Flush mounting flange supplied as standard  Removable hinged door with captive door hinges  Vented door (top and bottom)  Removable, moulded plastic, full length gear tray with moulded grid lines  Cut-out provisions on top and bottom of enclosure for mounting a GPO  Zoned areas on rear of the gear tray using removable plastic segregation channels, one at top, one at bottom of enclosure  Pre-cut hole section on rear gear tray to allow for coax cables to connect to MATV equipment  Redesigned StarServe mounting rack included


All equipment in picture is for illustration purposes only and not supplied with the enclosure.


 Pre-drilled holes in sides of enclosure to aid in fixing into wall

 Rear of enclosure body populated with 20mm and 25mm knockouts to allow for easy cable entry  Gear tray made of plastic  Four additional mounting turrets on rear of enclosure for gear tray mounting  Parts pack including blanking plugs for mounting screws and two keys for door locks

Customer Benefits  Constructed from plastic ensuring that it is Wi-Fi network friendly  Moulded plastic; enclosure is non-conductive and does not require Earthing. If power outlets (GPOs) are installed they will still require Earthing as per Australian Standards  White Electric colour ensures product will blend in with other electrical accessories  Enough space to fit all NBN product plus additional equipment  Only one enclosure required for all installations, surface or flush mount  Pre-drilled holes in sides of enclosure to aid in mounting  Rear of enclosure body populated with 20mm and 25mm knockouts to allow for easy cable entry

Catalogue Numbers 3105PEN7440

ABS Enclosure Home Distribution Unit

110 Punchdown Tool Adding to the current range of terminating tools for the Datacomms range of connectors, Clipsal has released a new 110 Punchdown Tool. 110PDT has all the necessary features and benefits that is required by the installer to perform the task at hand.

Product Features

Customer Benefits

 Indented sides for finger comfort

 Slim design for installer comfort

 Reversable blade for cutting and non-cutting

 Clean cutting blade

 Hi-Lo impact options  Extra blade housing facility


 Bladelocking system compatible with Clipsal’s spare 110 Blade (TRJ45PDTB)

 Replaceable blade  Durable construction  “CUT” indicated clearly to indentify cutting side of blade

Catalogue Numbers 110PDT

110 Punchdown Tool

2-Core Jumper Wire Catalogue Numbers

Clipsal has changed the metre roll length of its two lines of Jumper Wire, due to customer demand in a progressive market. The red/white and green/white jumper wire is now supplied in 400m reels. The product specifications and price (per metre) have not changed.


Core Jumper Wire Red/White 400m Reel


Core Jumper Wire Green/White 400m Reel


Foxtel™ Connectors & Tools To enhance its existing FOXTEL product offer, Clipsal has released FOXTEL approved compression connectors and compression tools. These termination products, when used with our FOXTEL Approved Coaxial Cables, (3105RG6Q3B and 3105RG11Q3R) will allow you to supply and terminate compliant cabling for FOXTEL commercial installations.

Catalogue Numbers

Compression connectors


• RG6 connectors are available in either installer sized packs or a smaller pack for domestic installers. The 3105RG6CC10 pack includes 10 connectors, whereas the 3105RG6CC50 pack includes 50 connectors.





RG6 Compression Connector 10Pk

RG6 Compression Connector 50Pk

Economy Compression Tool Professional Compression Tool

RG11 Compression Connector 2Pk

• RG11 connectors are also available for commercial installation fit-offs. The 3105RG11CC pack includes two connectors. Compression tools Clipsal offers two styles of compression tool, one for economy and one for professional use.


• The Economy Compression Tool 3105RG6CCT for domestic FOXTEL installers using RG6 cable, is suitable for use with 3105RG6CC10 and 3105RG6CC50. • The Professional Compression Tool 3105RG6/11CCT is suitable for commercial installers using RG6 and RG11 cables, and can be used with 3105RG6CC10, 3105RG6CC50 and 3105RG11CC. 3105RG11CC




C-Bus® Surface-Mount 360º Detectors A new mounting solution The new C-Bus Surface-Mount 360º Detectors provide an immediate solution for the installation of C-Bus Detectors onto solid surfaces, such as masonry or wood. The new products are based on existing C-Bus Detection Technology and enclosure design. The three new products include: •

C-Bus 360° Detector with occupancy, light level and infrared control functionality

C-Bus 360° Detector with occupancy and light level functionality

C-Bus Light Level Detector.

All variants are effectively based on the current flush-mount C-Bus Multi-Sensor, resulting in a number of new features in the occupancy and light level detectors. New to all C-Bus Surface-Mount 360º Detectors are configurable set points that can be controlled by C-Bus to adjust system behaviour parameters such as light level target and light level margin.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 New mounting solution to suit surface mount applications


 Low profile surface-mount design

C-Bus Surface-Mount 360° PIR Occupancy Detector and Light Level Detector, with IR receiver


 Uses passive infrared (PIR) detection with manually adjustable sensitivity to motion

C-Bus Surface-Mount 360° PIR Occupancy Detector and Light Level Detector

 Software programmable time delay

C-Bus Surface-Mount Light Level Detector


 Motion detection coverage typically 7.6m diameter (at 2.7m mounting height)  C-Bus control of light level target, light level margin, high/ low lux levels and high/low thresholds  Bank switching of lighting levels based upon the light level set-point  Daylight harvesting to maintain a constant user-configured light level  Streamlined product platform


C-Bus® 30 Series Mechanism Spacer Exciting new options The C-Bus 30 Series Mechanism Spacer provides the ability to install C-Bus 30M Switches into Saturn 4000 (250V) Series Grid Plates and Covers. The C-Bus 30 Mechanism Master and Slave Switches are mated quickly with Saturn Grid Plates using this self-adhesive, round polyurethane spacer, resulting in seamless button operation. This opens up exciting new options for C-Bus wall switches, such as 1-button Saturn Wall Switches and Saturn Architrave Wall Switches.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Clear, round polyurethane selfadhesive spacers


 Supplied in a bag of 60 pieces

C-Bus 30 Series Mechanism Spacer (pack of 60)

 Achieve C-Bus 1-button Saturn Wall Switches  Achieve C-Bus 1 and 2-button Saturn Architrave Wall Switches



C-Bus® Architectural and Professional Dimmers (Chassis Only) The configurable solution C-Bus Architectural and Professional Dimmers are high-powered, multichannel dimmers, and due to their modular design can provide total flexibility for product variants or configurations. The new chassis only offer excludes dimmer channel cards and comprises: • C-Bus Architectural and Professional Dimmers • 6 and 12-channel models • 10 amp and 20 amp MCB models • onboard RCBO per channel. The range is designed for commercial applications such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotel ballrooms and convention centres. These multi-phase control units are compatible with a wide range of load types, including incandescent and halogen lamps, transformer-based low voltage lamps and neon tube lighting. The compatible dimmer channel cards provide solutions for universal dimming, leading-edge dimming, trailing-edge dimming and ballast control. It’s simply a matter of installing the required channel cards to suit the customer's exact needs, reducing costs and saving time.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Complete dimmer chassis offer excluding channel cards


 6 and 12-channel models  10 amp and 20 amp MCB models  Onboard RCBO per channel (accommodates the full RCD requirements of AS/ NZS3000:2007)  Architectural range provides C-Bus or DMX512 operation modes  Install chassis during specification/construction stage and determine channel cards later  Populate channels as required  Modular solution increases flexibility to suit custom installations and changing customer needs


C-Bus Professional Dimmer, chassis only, 12-channel, 20A per channel, 12 RCDs onboard


C-Bus Professional Dimmer, chassis only, 12-channel, 10A per channel, 12 RCDs onboard


C-Bus Professional Dimmer, chassis only, 6-channel, 20A per channel, 6 RCDs onboard


C-Bus Professional Dimmer, chassis only, 6-channel, 10A per channel, 6 RCDs onboard


C-Bus Architectural Dimmer, chassis only, 12-channel, 10A per channel, 12 RCDs onboard


C-Bus Architectural Dimmer, chassis only, 6-channel, 20A per channel, 6 RCDs onboard


C-Bus Architectural Dimmer, chassis only, 6-channel, 10A per channel, 6 RCDs onboard


C-Bus® Network Interface V2 Product update The C-Bus Network Interface has been updated to a new version 2 product. The new version 2 is effectively a DIN rail format of the in-line C-Bus Network Interface supplied with the Wiser™ Home Controller.

Product Features

The functionality of the new version 2 C-Bus Network Interface has not changed and the platform is now common across both the DIN rail format and in-line format. The new version 2 is now configured using the C-Bus IP Utility and is powered by a 6-12V d.c. plug pack.

 Configure IP address using the C-Bus IP Utility software

 New Ethernet interface

 Provides an isolated communication path between a C-Bus and an Ethernet network  DIN rail mounted, 4M wide  Powered from supply voltage of 6-12V d.c.  Includes 9V d.c. plug pack


 Can act as a programming interface into C-Bus  Create multi-network installations based on an Ethernet backbone  Monitor and log data using the appropriate software  Provide C-Bus device control via automation software such as Schedule Plus or HomeGate

Catalogue Numbers 5500CN2 C-Bus Network Interface Version 2 15

C-Bus® Wireless Battery Operated Wall Switches Easily extend any C-Bus installation The C-Bus Wireless Battery Operated (Freelocate) Wall Switches are native C-Bus Wireless devices. Identical in operation to the C-Bus Wireless Remote Control, Freelocate wall switches are radio frequency (RF) control devices that are able to control loads on C-Bus Wireless devices or loads on a wired C-Bus network.

Product Features

Catalogue Number

 Battery operated wall switch


Freelocate wall switches provide the upmost flexibility providing control of C-Bus loads and devices from places where wiring cannot be run or in some cases, doesn't need to be run.

 Six-button contains a backlit window to suit slide-in printable label


A mounting plate is supplied with the Freelocate wall switches, which contain standard 84mm mounting centres. Once installed, this allows a C-Bus Wireless Wall Switch to be removed from the mounting plate and used as a handheld remote control, if desired.

 Available in Pure White, Ocean Mist and Espresso Black


 Supplied with mounting plate (with standard 84mm centres)


 User replaceable lithium batteries (CR2025 x 2)


The C-Bus Wireless Battery Operated (Freelocate) Wall Switches include two versions; a two-button and a six-button. The six-button version contains five control buttons and one "All Off" button. The "All Off" button will turn off the loads or devices associated with the five control buttons. The six-button Freelocate wall switch also contains a window to suit a slide-in printable label. This backlit window along with button labels, make identifying control buttons quick and easy. The two-button and six-button Freelocate wall switches are available in the Saturn range only - in Pure White, Ocean Mist and Espresso Black finishes.

 Two-button and six-button (five control + one "All Off")

 Battery life (typical): o two-button (three years) o six-button (two years).

2-button, Saturn style, Pure White


2-button, Saturn style, Ocean Mist 2-button, Saturn style, Espresso Black 6-button (5 control + 1 "All Off"), Saturn style, Pure White 6-button (5 control + 1 "All Off"), Saturn style, Ocean Mist 6-button (5 control + 1 "All Off"), Saturn style, Espresso Black

 Low battery LED indication  Seamless control of devices, loads and functions on a C-Bus Wireless or C-Bus wired network  C-Bus control from places where wiring cannot or need not be run  Can be used as a C-Bus RF Remote


C-Bus® Toolkit Software Enhancements Start working sooner C-Bus Toolkit is a PC-based network configuration and solution programming utility. It allows installers to program, commission and manage C-Bus installations.

Product Features

The latest upgrades of C-Bus Toolkit will allow installers to start working sooner, with improved productivity and a reduction in overall programming time.

 Duplicate detection

A large number of new features form part of the new Toolkit Software (V1.12.0 onwards).

 Background network scan

 Refresh network  Unravel improvements

 Concurrent use of Clipsal software applications  C-Gate service  C-Gate configuration options.

 Applications panel  Copy and paste  Unit templates  Smarter shutdown C-Bus Toolkit Software


C-Bus® Occupancy Controllers A cost-effective sensor control solution The C-Bus Occupancy Controller provides control of lighting based on the occupancy status of the zone or room being controlled. The C-Bus Occupancy Controller is suitable for many lighting control applications, with a particular focus on satisfying the need for minimum lighting control requirements in commercial lighting applications. Controlled areas can include meeting rooms, stairwells, open-plan office environments, car parks and washrooms.

Product Features

Catalogue Number

 One and two zone models with 16A relay output per zone


The C-Bus Occupancy Controller is available in one or two-zone models, which incorporate a 16A relay output per zone for lighting loads. A third model provides two zones of relay switching plus two additional dimmer outputs for control of DSI, DALI or 0-10V ballasts.

 Selectable ballast control output - DSI, DALI (broadcast) or 0-10V analogue signals


 Detector inputs


 Auxiliary/switch inputs

Standalone Occupancy Controller, 1 zone, 1 relay output

 Onboard timers and relay fail-safe mode


The occupancy controller provides input control from detectors, auxiliary (mechanical) switches, remote override switches or C-Bus devices. Timers can be set on either the detector, the controller or for more complex timing options, within C-Bus (Toolkit). Also included within the offer is a range of wall and ceiling-mount motion detectors based on PIR, ultrasonic and dual PIR/ultrasonic sensing technologies. The occupancy controller provides power to the detectors connected to it (up to three per zone). The input switch can use all standard toggle and bell-press Clipsal wall switch types for manual control. The C-Bus Occupancy Controller operates with or without connection to a C-Bus network. Incorporating an area managed by a C-Bus Occupancy Controller into a larger control system at a later stage, is as simple as connecting it to C-Bus. Stand-alone versions of the occupancy controllers are also available, which do not have the ability to connect to C-Bus.

 Two zone model with 16A relay output per zone, plus ballast control output per zone

 Remote override on/off capability

C-Bus Occupancy Controller, 1 zone, 1 relay output

5752PP/2R C-Bus Occupancy Controller, 2 zones, 2 relay outputs C-Bus Occupancy Controller, 2 zones, 2 relay outputs plus 2 ballast control (dimmer) outputs

Standalone Occupancy Controller, 2 zones, 2 relay outputs

752/CP Ceiling-Mount PIR Detector, 360°

 Direct connection of detectors (up to three per zone)


 Power for detectors supplied by the controller


 Wide range of wall and ceiling-mount detectors

Ceiling-Mount Ultrasonic Detector, 360° Ceiling-Mount Dual-Technology (PIR and Ultrasonic) Detector, 360°


 Easy to install

Ceiling-Mount Ultrasonic Detector, 180°

 Works out of the box


 Self contained (cable directly to unit)

Ceiling-Mount Dual-Technology (PIR and Ultrasonic) Detector, 180°

 Quick, easy and cost-effective

Wall-Mount PIR Detector, 110°

 Highly flexible C-Bus programming  Can be upscaled (future-proof)

752/WP 752/WU Wall-Mount Ultrasonic Detector

752/WD Wall-Mount Dual-Technology (PIR and Ultrasonic) Detector, 110°






Xantrex™ GT Series System Control Panel Get connected with Xantrex Grid-Tie Inverters This GT System Control Panel is a remote device that connects to the GT Inverter, via a Cat. 5 data cable and allows the inverter's operating parameters to be displayed inside the home. The GT System Control Panel is powered off the GT Inverter, via the Cat. 5 cable and no external power supply is required. The GT System Control Panel features an easy to read screen, and large buttons for menu navigation.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Connects to GT range of inverters


The GT System Control Panel can be used to monitor a single or multiple GT Inverters where the accumulated data is shown on the display.

 LCD display shows status at a glance

Xantrex GT System Control Panel

 Central time controller for the solar system

 Audible alarm for fault condition  Indoor use only


Conext TL Three Phase Grid-Tie Inverters You can rely on Conext TL Grid-Tie Inverters The new Conext TL 15kW and 20kW Grid-Tie Solar Inverters are suited for outdoor use and are the ideal solution for small commercial building rooftops and other similar applications. The inverters provide a wide Maximum Point Power Tracking (MPPT) voltage range, an EU efficiency of 97.3%, fast ROI and high availability. Backed by Schneider Electric’s global service, the Conext TL Series are inverters you can rely on, from a company you can count on.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 A smart solution, which is easy to install and maintain


 Transformerless design with high peak and EU efficiency


 Dual independent MPPT trackers with wide voltage range  LCD display provides instantaneous information including power level and daily energy  Modbus communication protocol seamlessly integrates the inverter with other Schneider Electric equipment



15kW Three Phase Grid-Tie Inverter

20kW Three Phase Grid-Tie Inverter

Conext XW Series Hybrid Inverter/Chargers Adaptable and scalable Adaptable and scalable, the Conext XW system is the one solution for grid interactive and off-grid, residential and commercial, solar and backup power applications. Utility connected users will appreciate the flexibility of being able to generate power from solar modules and provide that power back to the utility, or simply store power and act as a backup power system when the grid fails. Unlike a UPS, the Conext XW is integrated into the home’s electrical system and seamlessly transfers power from battery reserves to critical loads in the event of a power outage or brown-out.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Scalable power (4.0kW/4.5kW/6.0kW)


 Multiple units can be installed in clusters with up to 24kW in single phase  Full grid-tie functionality and integration with MPPT Solar Charger Controllers

XW6048-230-50 6kW Conext XW Inverter/Charger


XW4548-230-50 4.5kW Conext XW Inverter/Charger


XW4024-230-50 4.0kW Conext XW Inverter/Charger

 Integrates and manages hybrid power options with dual a.c. inputs  Full control of generator with optional Automatic Generator Start module (AGS)  True sine wave output and high surge capacity to start difficult loads 865-1035-61

Conext XW Series Solar Charge Controllers For improved battery life The XW Series of Solar Charge Controllers track the maximum power point of a photovoltaic (PV) array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries. When charging, the MPPT units regulate battery voltage and output current based on the amount of energy available from the PV array and state-of-charge of the battery. The MPPT 60 150 supports PV arrays with open-circuit voltage of up to 150V with a maximum charge current of 60A into 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60V d.c. battery systems. The MPPT 80 600 supports PV arrays with open circuit voltage of up to 600V with a maximum charge current of 80A into 24V and 48V d.c. battery systems.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Maximise PV array performance with Fast Sweep™ Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm

865-1030-1 XW MPPT 60-150 Solar Charge Controller

 Compatible with all PV cell types

865-1032 XW MPPT 80-600 Solar Charge Controller

 Improve battery life with selectable two or three-stage charging algorithms  Compatible with FLA, AGM, or Gel battery systems




Conext XW Series System Control Panel For devices connected to the Xanbus-enabled network The XW Series System Control Panel (SCP) is used to program and interface with the XW Series of Inverter/Charger and Solar Charge Controllers. The SCP features a graphical, backlit LCD display that provides system configuration and diagnostic information for devices connected to the Xanbus-enabled network. Navigation between the programming menus is via the tactile push-buttons located on the unit. The System Control Panel is physically the same as the GT System Control Panel, but that is where the similarities stop. They feature different firmware and are not interchangeable.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Connects to XW Series of Inverters, Chargers or Solar Charge Controllers

865-1050 XW Series System Control Panel

 Central time controller for the solar system  LCD display shows status at a glance  Audible alarm for fault condition  Indoor use only


Conext XW Series Auto Generator Start Intelligence for generator management The Conext XW Series Auto Generator Start (AGS) will automatically activate a generator to provide a Conext XW Inverter/Charger with power to recharge a depleted battery bank or provide additional power for heavy loads. The AGS adds intelligence to generator management, thereby eliminating time spent monitoring batteries and inverter loads. It does this by continuously monitoring the battery voltage, state-ofcharge, or the inverter charge mode; starting and stopping the generator when the battery needs additional charging. The AGS will also start the generator to assist the system’s XW Inverter/Charger(s) when output power demands are high.



Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 The Auto Generator Start connects to Xanbus-enabled XW systems

865-1060 XW Series Auto Generator Start

 Works with a.c. or d.c. generators, with 2-wire or 3-wire start controls  Preserves AGS settings even if the network power is removed

Conext XW Series Accessories For flexibility and reliability The Conext XW Series Conduit Box (CB) and the Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) are designed for use with the XW Series. The CB can be used to create systems larger than two inverters, or to retrofit Conext XW Inverters/Chargers into existing systems. The BTS mounts on the battery to measure the temperature and is used by the Conext XW Inverter/ Charger and the Solar Charge Controller. The BTS is supplied with a lead length of 10.7m (35ft).

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Conduit Box Dimensions 229mm x 406mm x 210mm

865-1025 XW CB Conduit Box

 Conduit Box Weight 130-0004-03-01 XW Battery Temperature Sensor 4.6kg  BTS Cable Length 10.7m (35ft)




56 Series™ Deep Base/Cover Switch (56SWH) range redesign For increased cabling room The well known and accepted Kraus & Naimer Load Break Switch is now standard within the Clipsal 56 Series (56SWH) range. Along with increased cabling room, the 56SWH Series Switch also provides improved AC23 motor ratings. Available in both three and four-pole arrangements, and amperages of 25A, 40A, 63A and 80A (three-pole only), the 56SWH is ideal for industrial switching applications.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Increased cabling room to assist with easier cable management


 K&N, KF and CA basemounted switch mechanisms provides easy access to terminals

Triple-pole 40A, AC23

 Improved AC23 motor ratings  Colours of Grey (GY) for traditional installations and Resistant Orange (RO) for chemical resistance



Triple-pole 25A, AC23

56SWH340 56SWH363

Triple-pole 63A, AC23


Triple-pole 80A, AC23


Four-pole 25A, AC23


 Red/yellow switch for easy identification

Four-pole 40A, AC23

 Enclosed in two-gang, 56 Series Deep Switch Cover

Four-pole 63A, AC23


56 Series™ Plug and Socket Connector Upgrade For reliable performance under tough conditions As part of the ongoing product improvement process, Clipsal is proud to announce the arrival of the redesigned 56 Series Three Phase 32A to 50A Plugs and Socket Connectors. Product part numbers will not alter as part of this transformation and all existing colours, Electric Orange (EO), Resistant Orange (RO) and Grey (GY) will be included. New products can be identified by the Mactro logo, which appears on all related product packaging.

Product Features

Catalogue Numbers

 Introduction of Mactro technology cable seal system

56P332, 56P432 and 56P532

 Wider lock-ring is easier to unscrew from sockets (ideal while wearing protective gloves)

Straight Plugs, 32A

56P440 and 56P540 Straight Plugs, 40A

 Small and large cable glands provided to suit a wide range of cable dimensions

56P450 and 56P550

 Clean design with less grooves to minimise dirt build-up

56PA332, 56PA432 and 56PA532

Straight Plugs, 50A

Angled Plugs, 32A

56PA440 and 56PA540 Angled Plugs, 40A

Coinciding with the release of the new 56 Series product range, will be the release of the following 56 Series Plug Accessories.

56PA450 and 56PA550 Angled Plugs, 50A

56CSC332, 56CSC432 and 56CSC532 Socket Connectors, 32A

56CSC440 and 56CSC540

Socket Connectors, 40A




56CSC450 and 56CSC550

Socket Connectors, 50A

56PO432 and 56PO532 Pendant Outlets

56PO440 and 56PO540 Pendant Outlets

56PO450 and 56PO550 Pendant Outlets

Accessories Catalogue Numbers 56SHL

Suspension Hooks


Protective Cap (to prevent dirt and water accessing plug pins)


Adaptor Module (suitable for adaption of flexible conduit, glands or hose adaptors)

For more information on the entire 56 Series Plug and Socket Connector range, please contact your Clipsal sales office for a copy of the technical brochure.



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