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Elegance is a state of mind

Everyone was very, very chic. US would like women to feel they could be glamorous and elegant MAGAZINE EDIT FOR: JEY_HUZ


Anonymous confessions

17 things that maybe you do not know.


1: How is your life going in this moment of your career? Is going pretty well, with all the tours they bring me a lot of happiness, I'd worked with a series of artist, I feel really proud of myself because of my work and my life right now.

2: Tell us about your new album! It's a really personal album, compare with my others 5 records, it's carrys with lot of feelings and emotions, because when I started this album I already had almost 6 month with my boyfriend Josh Huthersom, so you'll see some romantics songs in it, and others that are a surprise for my fans.

3: You have the name already? Yes, I have it, "Molalidad", reveald for the first time, here on the flowers magazine.

4: Did you already finish recording all the songs? Yes, I already finished all the songs, all of them say little things about me, and my life. I can't wait to see your reaction once you hear it.

5: Do you have the cover? Yes, I did it with the help of a great photographer, Matias Piero and all his team; they did an amazing work, witch you will see in August 30th, a few days after my birthday.

6: There are rumors saying that you'll make a tour that you'll visit USA, true or fake? Yes, is totally true, and I'm very excited now that I have 2 years without going there, and I'll take the opportunity to be with my father now that he had decided to come with me. There's nothing better than sharing with the family and my fans in USA. They're very excited asking me the same question through twitter and instagram.

7: Also we have been seeing that you've been thinking to do a donation to foundation, but you haven't decided yet over witch cause to pick, tell us about this. I've been thinking donate money to this new foundation, who help so as child as adults, who they're in a difficult time with the Cancer, helping them with the quimio, at the same time help to with the creation of wigs, including others functions.

8: And about you and Josh? You made "Click" at the moment? How is your relationship going with him? To be honest, we met in a really normal way, we where in a party, and yes, we can say that we did an instant "Click", since then we start dating, until we decided being in something formal, are relationship is really good, the confidence we have in each other is amazing, and the truth is the we have lots of fun. With him I always have a good time.

*In the good and the bad? According to you, you are the most beautiful and tender of the BFF. Would you put to the test? Be good friend is an art because there is much to share, mourn and celebrate together. It also needs a considerable dose of company, support and patience. These lists? PENALTIES: 1. When she finished with her boyfriend, could not go it to console because... A) Lived your own romance von your love then. B) Were holidays in a faraway place? C) Were updating your Facebook photos

2. had great weekend plan: beauty salon, fiesta and you sleep in your House, but it was punished your say... A) "Shame, tell you how it was." B) "do you think if we stay at home watching movies and concert of ID in your room?" C) Yell you, as you think of failing if they had plans!! 3. When to dress to mourn for the first time said you... A) "! Stop! Or out for both..." B) "do not follow to you gonna do weep, if you would like help you? C) Another friend I mention drama and your you laughed. 4. Your friend does not help in the work of the school and your low rating! So... A) Stop talking for days... B) Studying with her... C) Say you to the teacher...

5. Of soon your best friend is annoyed 9. You nominate the most popular by that people are speaking evil of it, of the College, then your... your... A) Not together you with your A) You walk away a time of friendship BFF, because it is not popular. so that they talk about you... B) You together with her long B) Defend against all... more. C) You speak evil of it... C) Do it your Secretary that HAPPINESS: charge you for everything. 6 they are at a party, and you will be sleeping in your BFF House so they should arrive early, your... 10. The former of your friend A) Say you to remain and if they take suddenly gets romantic with you, that blame you... and you know that it was wrong B) They take leave and go to the hour... with your BFF, your... C) Will say that it will only... 7 a year meet your boyfriend... If you would like your relationship with your BFF was in that time? A) Not very good, you forget it by your boyfriend B) Better than before, you have everything and ask him for advice. C) Poor is jealous of your happiness...

a) You flirt you, they ended up not? b) Say you that not that she is your friend and is not correct. c) Litter with the girlfriend in secret.

RESULTS: Most A: Not so committed: 8. Your friend loves to ID and the truth, You need to understand their die by BTR, if she is talking about the problems by being friends are that subject... being together. A) End up feuding... Most B: B) Speak for hours in what they like The best friend we want: from each banda. You are sincere; you do good things C) Already they do not speak of for her, to advise it, she is almost your anything, you hate her for not loving to sister. your group Most C: Rejected: Your friendship is just convenience.

Ines: Shirt: Sasha Pants: Levis Stefany: Shirt: Tous Pants: Rapsodia

Anny: Shirt: H&M Shorts: Bershka

Raibel: Dress: Zara Shoes: Betsey Johnson Stefania: Shirt: Pull and Bear Pants: Jessica Simpson Shoes: H&M

Skin‌ Use Sunscreen for skin protection

Hair ‌Take care in braiding hair Multiple-braid styles can look great. But do not over-twist or over-tighten braided hair. This can apply too much pressure to the hair roots and skin. Use natural oils, not multiple chemicals, on braided hair. Beware of the brush Even though it seems to make your hair shinier, repeated brushing can cause your hair to break and your ends to split. Of course, if you never use your brush, your mom would probably not be too happy. So use it when you need to, just not too much! What About Hair Extensions? If you're looking for a long hair style -quickly -- you might be considering hair extensions. Jessica Simpson and Tyra Banks are known for creating long hair styles in the blink of an eye with extensions. But follow this trend only with caution and with advice from a professional. The most realistic extensions are braided into your real hair, very close to the scalp. They're "painted" with a bonding material, and then "sealed" with a heated solution. The weight of extensions can pull on your natural hair, sometimes causing hair to fall out. Extensions can also be quite expensive. There are safer, inexpensive alternatives, such as extension clips, that can be found in beauty supply stores or on the Internet.

We all know the ill effects that the Sun's UV rays can have on our skin. These are the harmful rays that can cause major skin diseases as grave as skin cancer. It is recommended by the dermatologists to use Sun screens to effectively protect the skin against these hazardous effects. Dermatologists suggest that whatever be the weather condition, be it rainy, sunny or even during snowfall we should ensure the use sun protection. The UV rays are present in abundance in the environment and are often reflected by these agents on to our skin. This exposure to UV rays for a long time may cause skin diseases like wrinkles, moles and discoloration. Use Skin care products of a trusted brand which provides UVA and UVB level of protection and is SPF 15 or more. Regular washing of the skin This is the very basic and logically obvious method to maintain a good skin that is to keep it clean. You should wash your skin on a daily basis as part of your bath or otherwise with suitable cleaning agents. It is not necessary always to use expensive and fancy skin care products to be used daily, rather the experts advice that a mild and scentless cleansing agent must be used on a daily basis which will get you rid of the dirt, germs and dead skin accumulated over it. The cleansing soap is preferred to have moisturizing qualities as well. Deodorant body soaps and antibacterial soaps should not be used for a regular use.

And we do the same process in the following way

* We put our hair on one side

We take this piece and put it in the middle of the others, so it is on us in this way

We will do the same procedure to achieve something like this

We take two pieces for the part of forward

By having this piece within the other two do the same process, crossing them in this way as the first part the piece back went it forward and the front go back

If you have the pieces cross, take another piece of hair in this way


Well we take the two pieces and put them with a pin or the necessary and this will be the result

By having these two separate pieces we take another piece of hair to the side

Takes less than 10 minutes to do so, Try it!



We put all our hair back and take up a small part

By taking this piece we make a normal braid only on this piece

So that is something like this

Together would be something like this Then we do the same procedure for the left side

so it´s something like this

Then you have this ready piece we took one down very fine thus uniting it with the left part of the first normal braid

Takes 5 minutes to do so, Try it!

From now on we do a normal braid and it would be this way


Prom Makeup You will need

* Base * spell * mascara black, silver, gold * pink blush and blush dark * loose powder * shades black, silver * black eyeliner * preference lip clear

With this brush apply the base for whole face evenly well covering the imperfections (grains, scars, things we want that she is not noticed much) and would thus

We take our base and apply it on the face of the following form

We take a brush for base

We take the loose powder and brush to apply the powder (large)

We apply all over the face We take our shadows and seek black to blend in the following way clean and uniform

After applying the powder we take a small brush

We will get this result

We take a fine brush that has the diagonal end and with a matte black shadow to apply it for the part from above the eye by a very fine and stripe on the bottom half of the eye

We take the following brush

Applied it even for the part from above tabs

Then we take the same brush and put shadow silver

And we we outlined all the eye, take the mask eyelashes and apply it

Then we take our black deliniador and delineate all the eye for the part on the inside of the eye

And it left us this result

Then we apply the blush evenly and will have you following result

Our final result

We take i

20 minutes approximately, go try


The basic of Full name: Anny Yuliza Huz Briceño. born: august 10th, 1997. Parents: her mom, Mirla Briceño and her father, Jesus Huz. Curious fact: she always wear colorfull socks. love: seeing the sky. Nickname: some of her friends call her Ani and sometimes her family calls her yuli. Can´t stop: eating pasta.


The basic of Name: Stefany Moron Perez. Parents: her mom, Migdalia Perez and her dad, Angel moron. Born: September 18th, 1997. Curious fact: She like romantic movies. Love: her pets. Nickname: everyone close to her call her Teffy. Can´t stop: dancing.


Basic of Full name: Raibel del Carmen Morales Peralta. Born: March 15th, 1997. Parents: her mom, Yanelly Peralta and her father, Pedro Morales. Curious fact: she like to sleep with five pillows and her blue blanket, and also she prefer to read than play. Love: her pets, the rain, wet places, palmeritas (a Venezuelan cookie) and chocolate. Nickname: some of her friends and family call her Rai, Raiz or negra (black girl, in Venezuela is a nice nickname). Can´t stop: playing with her pets, cry when she see romantic movies and reading.

Basic of

Basic of


Full name: Stefania Urrieta Pipitone. Born: May 30th, 1997. Parents: her mom, Franca Pipitone and her father, Cesar Urrieta. Curious fact: She has read an approximately of 150 books. Love: Her dog, channel. Nickname: most of her friends and family call her Nia. Can´t stop: Dance.


Full name: Nisser Stephani Argueta Scirica. Born: Parents: her mom, Milagro Scirica and her father, César Argueta. Curious fact: she remove the edges of the food. Love: cats and coke. Nickname: she doesn´t have a nickname. Can´t stop: drinking coke.


Basic of Full name: Ines Cristina Briceño Perez. Born: July 16th, 1997. Parents: Her mom, Ligia Perez and her father , Esteban Briceño. Curious fact: She has an overwhelming fear for butterflies Love: to travel, sky (her cat), hearing music, smile. Nickname: some of her family call her Titina or Cris, But all her friends call her ines. Can´t stop: living.

Hair: *You're leaving to grow long hair, but you always open the ends of the hair? - to grow long and strong, short probes every 3 months and use a shampoo that nurtures it constantly so it does not dry out. *do you want perfect Goldilocks but you don't know how to take care of them? -never go to bed with wet hair, because not even dry and bristling, use your fingers or wide-tooth comb to separate the frizzy. *a hair in puberty, at this age the hair dryer and the iron are becoming inseparable, continuous ok with romance but cares that are products that minimize damage. *you are in the best time to experiment with your hair but... human trafficking that are things that go well with you. Skin: *your skin is unique, special, and although he is very young, also need care specific to maintain their beauty and health. *you hate to get cream every night and you think that you don't need to do it every day. -your skin changes daily and therefore needs to be hydrated, and then these changes can cause your skin to break and form ridges. * It is rich to bathe with hot water, but hot water is bad for your skin, dehydrates it.

FAST & FURIOUS 6 Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) and the crew find themselves on the wrong side of the law once again as they try to pull off a high-octane heist on the streets of Europe – with federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) hot on their tails.

WORLD WAR Z The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself MAN OF STEEL A child sent to Earth from a dying planet is adopted by a couple in rural Kansas. Posing as a journalist, he uses his extraordinary powers to protect the his new home from an insidious evil.


To save their world, Percy and his friends must find the fabled and powerfully magic Golden Fleece. Embarking on a treacherous odyssey into the uncharted waters of the Sea of Monsters (known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle), they battle terrifying creatures, an army of zombies, and the ultimate Evil.

Carita de Cristal-Jonathan Moly

Ya falta poco para verte es que la espera enloquece ya me ha llegado el momento de decir...

(Nuevamente esto le traje, a tu corazon) Jonathan Moly, ohh ou oh

Tan delicada risa, dulzura que hipnotiza tu pelo en la brisa sabe bien como moverse tus ojos que me llaman, tus labios que me atrapan en universos que yo nunca habia conocido

Que a mi no me importa nada mas que mirar tu carita de cristal se que tus besos me van a echizar Ya falta poco para verte, es que la espera enloquece y yo de ti me voy a enamorar ya ah llegado el momento de decir... yeah Que a mi no me importa nada mas que mirar tu carita de cristal se que tus besos me van a echizar y yo de ti me voy a enamorar Porque a mi ya no me importa nada mas que estar contigo toda una eternidad para besarte no puedo esperar tan solo con mirarme, me pones a volar.

Porque a mi ya no me importa nada mas que estar contigo toda una eternidad para besarte no puedo esperar tan solo con mirarme, me pones a volar. uo uo uo uo uohx3

uo uo uo uo uohx3 uh no.. de Venezuela, Jonathan Moly Tus manos que me tocan, y la vida me arropan estar contigo es simplemente, como haber nacido justo en el paraiso, y el corazon me dijo que no importaba la distancia en nuestra relacion..

(Me pones a volar) de Venezuela, que que? Jonathan Moly Ja..

I knew you were trouble-Taylor Swift Once upon time A few mistakes ago I was in your sights You got me alone You found me You found me You bound me I guess you didn't care And I guess I liked that And when I fell hard You took a step back Without me, without me, without me And he's long gone When he's next to me And I realize the blame is on me Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in So shame on me now Flew me to places i'd never been So you put me down oh I knew you were trouble when you walked in So shame on me now Flew me to places i'd never been Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble No apologies He'll never see you cry Pretend he doesn't know That he's the reason why You're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning And I heard you moved on From whispers on the street A new notch in your belt Is all I'll ever be And now I see, now I see, now I see He was long gone When he met me And I realize the joke is on me

I knew you were trouble when you walked in So shame on me now Flew me to places i'd never been So you put me down oh I knew you were trouble when you walked in So shame on me now Flew me to places i'd never been Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble When your sadest fear comes creeping in That you never loved me or her or anyone or anything Yeah I knew you were trouble when you walked in So shame on me now Flew me to places i'd never been So you put me down oh I knew you were trouble when you walked in So shame on me now Flew me to places i'd never been Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble I knew you were trouble when you walked in Trouble, trouble, trouble I knew you were trouble when you walked in Trouble, trouble, trouble!

Anonymous confessions Anonymous My breast there was obtained a boyfriend who is the most handsome(prettiest) and a good people and platudo. He likes my breast and comes for her almost every day, and my breast certainly gives himwhat wants, at the hour that is. In the house we have a bath and I was in the shower and I enter and he found me totally in ball. Heapologized and everything, but everything saw me. Later he was speaking with my breast and saying to him(her) that I already was formed well and that they had to put me guardian and that he was thinking that it was major that were sending me to a nuns' college. Response: you took the best decision, is you will learn very much Motita: I do not support my chief! It is alone for relaxing, my chief is an unlucky person. I work per hours and believes himself owner of all my day, does us to wait for ourselves until to him he him)takes a fancy to give us information though our schedule of work has ended hours behind, it does not inform us of

Response: tries to take the initiative to you anticipate and that of account that you are the best I betrayed my husband! I need help. I betrayed my husband it, does half a year. He was the first one in betraying myself two years ago. Fruit of his , your deception he had a son. We speak, he asked for pardon me and requested me in order that it was returning with him(it). I excused it, since I love it. Response: the infidelity is your worse weapon, a marriage(couple) based on lies does not come far ask god and fight for your beginning( principles) Anonymous Be with 100 % of safety when a person is on the verge of expiring (dying). Do not be if always I have had this skill, or it is something that I have been improving with the passage of time, since I am a watchman in a hospital for many years. Response: a bit strange but if you believe that really you can do it, he reads on it and looks for answers

Aries: Vitality as well as the opportunity to change various aspects of your life you do not like, beware of enemies and your health, finances, stay away from abusive people, avoid betting.

Taurus: Change some aspects of your past, or at least the way you understand. You may happen to find yourself with people who do not see a long time ago. If you lose something, retrieves your will and starts otherwise.

Gemini: Your friends will give you surprises, experiencing positive changes windfalls and new ideas. In the tasks, do not try to go the easy way, you better do everything thoroughly.

Cancer: Receive good advice from older and find that your parents are not so far from you as it seems or think. In the communication and travel act with concern. Some projects will not work as you thought, but keep calm and come with better ones.

Leo: Explore new horizons which includes travel planning and college. The outdoor walks will help you have more vitality.

Virgo: There will be issues, mysterious surprise you and make you see life differently. In love discussions avoids as much as you can. Remember that we all can make mistakes and that forgiveness is a wonderful way to show affection.

Libra: Couple issues forward positively. If you do not have a boyfriend, it's time to meet boys. At any time there may be problems with people of bad attitude. Look after your health.

Scorpio: The key word of the month will be "transmutation". Understand that good work habits at school and at home. Do not exaggerate in entertainment, holidays or extreme sports.

Sagittarius: It will be a fun season, with fun activities, parties and trips. Casino games are good, but do not abuse. At home there may be occasional arguments, but you should also recognize mistakes, you release guilt and understand your faults.

Capricorn: They'll favorable changes in the home, with new ideas, renovations and even some moves. By this time there will be very convenient to travel, on the other hand, the possibility of some discussions with siblings will be dormant. Avoid being aggressive or fall into provocations. Aquarius: Are coming short trips and fun rides with friends and family. Your creative ideas will benefit, especially in school, and you communicate it and write with ease. The weak point will be the economy, with the possibility of spending forced and even deception or fraud. Pisces: There will be financial luck. You may win a prize or will receive any gift for your effort and dedication, you will regain your romantic vision of life and you can meet some guy, whom you will attract like magnet tenderness. Avoid arguing with others.

How to take care of your pets?

Dog The housing and the place where you live is a determinant(determiner) of the dog that you can have It is necessary to take care of the hygiene of your dog and be patient to the patient to the maximum To be very attentive to the parasites If it must punish it do it immediately after having committed the lack(mistake). Be very rigorous in the vaccines, taken care and in the instructions of his veterinarian in general.

Cats Many kitties suffer from the already known diseases: rinotraqueitis viral feline, leukaemia and prevention of the anger. Hide the cables of the domestic appliances, protect the controls of the kitchen Our small cat will feel happy if her it is possible to sleep in a place that is cozy moderate and free of draughts. The cats live depending on the current moment, that is to say, they do not relate the past to the present, but it does not prevent in order that they rest on that one across his memory to determine the way of proceeding in this one

Fish Utilization of an electrical lighting means that your fish have the light the one that they need and the one that, at the same time, your aquarium makes to itself more beautiful. Do not put many fish in the aquarium. The inhabitants' excess and her on nourishment they are the most common reasons of death and diseases in the aquariums. He prevents your aquatic pets from scaring with strong noises or with direct light.

The elephant is the only animal with 4 knees.

Investigations give as results, that the insects are attracted by persons who had just eaten banana

On December 16, 1811 an earthquake did that the waters of the river Mississippi were moving along in the opposite direction Every king of the letters represents a great king of the history. You sting: King David,Clovers: Alexander the Great. Hearts: Charlemagne, Diamonds: Julio Cesar. The matadors live in average 9 years more than the left-handed ones. The chocolate contains phenylethylamine PEA natural substance that is the one that stimulates in the body the action to fall in love. The alphabet mas long of the world is that of Cambodia, has 74 letters. Las Cinderella's slippers were not of crystal, but of hair of squirrel. The confusion owes to a bad translation of the French language. You knew that the rates multiply so rapidly that in 18 months, two rates can manage to have 1 million children.

You knew that the orgasm of a pork lasts 30 minutes.

In the former England the people could not have sex without possessing(relying on) the assent of the King (until it was a question of a member of the royal(real) family). When the people wanted to have a son they had to request a permission the monarch, who was delivering them a plate that they had to hang out of his(her,your) door while they had relations. The plate was saying " Fornication Under Consent of the King " (F.U.C.K.). This it is the origin of so famous word.

The land weighs about 6,588,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Tons.

If a chewing gum is chewed while onion splits it(he,she) can anticipate(prepare) that it(he,she) you irritates the eyes. Oler bananas and / or green apples can help to go down weight. In Germany of the XVIIIth century, the menstrual blood of the women was added like aphrodisiacly in eaten and drunk.

You knew that to use headphones for only an hour, the number of bacterium increases in your ear(hearing) approximately 700 times Iceland is the surest country of the world, Though it looks like a lie, the annual index of murders is minor to 5, and only there are 118 prisoners in the country

The city of Istanbul, Turkey, it is the only one in the world which territory is in two different continents simultaneously: Europe and Asia.



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