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The New Face of


The Anti-Semi-New tism Face of Anti-Semitism

March/April 2013 | Adar/Nisan/Iyar 5773 | ryya/!syn/rda

God’s plan will be fulfilled in His timing.

Will you be part of it? F

ew topics captivate our minds, or fill our hearts with fear, like the End Times. Books and sermons on the book of Revelation are plentiful. Yet uncertainty and misunderstanding continue to abound. Now, with a perspective that is both startling and hopeful, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, a prominent leader in the Messianic Movement, unpacks the mysteries of this cryptic time. Jonathan's surprising insights, drawn from both Old and New Testaments, will challenge almost everything you thought you knew about the End Times—and show how you can actually help to usher in God’s Kingdom. “Everything in reference to end times centers around the Jew and Israel. This is why it takes a Messianic Jewish rabbi to clearly see the end times from God’s perspective.”—Sid Roth, host and president, It’s Supernatural “I can’t imagine a more exciting perspective on the Last Days than from a Messianic Believer. What a time to be a Believer!”—Janet Parshall, nationally syndicated talk show host, In the Market with Janet Parshall

A RABBI LOOKS AT THE LAST DAYS This revised and expanded edition unpacks surprising and life-changing insights on Israel, the Last Days, and the Messianic hope of every Believer. Hardcover.

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2 | March/April 2013



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SHALOM M]L[ Dear JVMI Partners and Friends,

What do you think of when I say the word anti-Semitism? Do images of Hitler and the Holocaust come to mind? For many of you, it probably would.

But in the 21st century we are living in subtler—though certainly not less dangerous—times when anti-Semitism is again on the rise, but in a new form and with a new agenda. Today’s Jew-hatred is not just about the Jewish People, it’s about the Jewish People and the Nation of Israel. It’s all encompassing and just as vicious. Because it condemns both the People and the Land, it is not just a racial issue. It’s geographical, it’s political, and it’s spiritual, centering on hotly contested borders, issues of national legitimacy, and rights to even exist at all. Much of the world has turned its back on this Nation and God’s Chosen People, unfairly denigrating Israel while cozying up to her enemies. What once was a tiny Nation staunchly protected by altruistic nations that considered her the target of unfair accusations, Israel is increasingly seen as the cause of the world’s biggest ills. Even the Church at large has lost its passion for the Jewish State. In light of this year’s Yom HaShoah (“Holocaust Remembrance Day”), which starts the evening of April 7 and ends the evening of April 8, 2013, we thought it would be particularly apropos to offer information about the history of antiSemitism—from its beginnings to its current rumblings. As you read this edition of Jewish Voice Today, we hope that to support Israel and stand with the Jewish People with greater compassion.

you will renew your pledge understanding and deeper

Jonathan Bernis, President & CEO Jewish Voice Ministries International

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On Topic 6 UP FRONT Anti-Semitism: The New Face of a Primitive Hatred By Jonathan Bernis

8 PERSPECTIVE 'Christian' Anti-Semitism: History's Greatest Aberration?




JEWISH HOLIDAY Passover The Feast of Our Deliverance

Regulars 3 SHALOM By Jonathan Bernis



By Jonathan Gannon

By John D. Garr, Ph.D.

10 PERSPECTIVE The New Wave of Persecution By Ray Comfort

12 PERSPECTIVE The 'Palestine' Fallacy By Jack Kinsella

14 WASHINGTON UPDATE The Delegitimization of Israel and the Consequences By William Koenig

4 | March/April 2013

18 PERSPECTIVE Why Does the World Hate the Jews? By Hal Lindsey

22 PERSPECTIVE The New Anti-Semitism By Daniel Juster

24 PERSPECTIVE Israel: Her Pain, Her Purpose By Shira Sorko-Ram

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NOTEworthy It has all the drama of a great CIA thriller . . . One nation in turmoil with a deeply rooted struggle for national identity is not only targeted by a slew of enemies impinging from the

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outside, but destroyed by those who live within her walls . . . and she is unexpectedly betrayed by those claiming to be her strongest supporters. Though this worldwide hatred has been geographically identified again and again, it has yet to be eradicated. In fact, this hatred continues today at an alarming rate. What if I told you that this story is true? What if I told you that this is where Israel is right now and has been through history? What may sound shocking at first won’t be once you come to understand the nature of not only the anti-Semitism of old, but the new forms we are seeing today as well.

End Times teacher Hal Lindsey, radical evangelist Ray Comfort, biblical scholar John Garr, voice for the Messianic Movement’s Daniel Juster, insightful Washington Correspondent William Koenig, prophecy expert Jack Kinsella, and friend of Israel Shira Sorko-Ram. Plus, our own Jonathan Bernis details what he calls “The New Face of a Primitive Hatred” in a stirring article that is sure to educate. We hope that what you will read in these pages will challenge and inspire you to think and act with fresh eyes and renewed passion this year. —The JVMI Publications Team

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The New Face of a Primitive Hatred


it down with Márton Gyöngyösi, the highly educated, well-spoken leader of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party and you’ll see the clean-cut, sophisticated face of 21st-century European fascism. “The most frightening thing about him is that he does not look the least bit like a neo-Nazi,” remarked one commentator. And yet it is Gyöngyösi’s own Jobbik party—the third largest in Hungary—that has not only unabashedly allied itself with The Islamic Republic (while calling itself a “radically patriotic Christian party”), but recently the party called for lists of prominent Jews to be drawn up in order to “protect national security.” The resurgence of such an overtly anti-Semitic party in a European country is evidence of a much larger global trend: The rapid rise of anti-Semitism. The conclusions of a March 2012 report produced by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) are chilling: Since 2009, the levels of anti-Semitic attitudes throughout Europe have increased by upwards of 70 percent in countries like Hungary and the UK. This percentage is higher than it’s been since World War II. Ironically, while anti-Semitism has become acceptable in Europe, at the same time, it has become taboo to criticize Islam—even as Islamic terrorism menaces Europe. According to a 2012 FBI report, here in America, out of the 1,318 religiously motivated incidences that were reported in 2011, 62.2 percent were targeted toward Jewish People. Compare this to the 13.3 percent that were anti-Islam motivated. Another disturbing trend is where anti-Semitic incidences are now taking place: our colleges and universities. A recent study by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research reveals that since January 2012, 40 percent of Jewish American college students report that they have witnessed or experienced more than 100 anti-Semitic on-campus incidents— including graffiti, vandalism, hate speeches, and violence.

6 | March/April 2013

Yet even though the Bible tells us that as dangerous a threat as Nazism was Anti-Semitism, of course, is nothing we are to proclaim the Good News to to the Jewish People in the 1930s and new. Besides the more recent the Jew first, and then to the Gentile 1940s. Holocaust of Nazi Germany, there (Romans 1:16), unfortunately, were other holocausts throughout Church history has shown that the Dennis Prager, a radio host and history: Egypt during 400 years of Jewish People have been the most political commentator slavery; the planned “unreached people group” in the states in his book destruction of the Jews Since 2009, the levels world! This is despite the fact that it Why the Jews: “The by Haman as told in of anti-Semitic was the Jewish People who brought contention that antithe book of Esther; the forth a Jewish Messiah to the whole Assyrian and Babylonian attitudes throughout Zionists are not enemies world. All 12 of Yeshua’s disciples of Jews, despite the exiles; Herod's edict Europe have increased advocacy of policies that were Jewish, as well as the first 3,000 at the time of Yeshua’s Believers. God’s Word even tells us would lead to the mass birth to kill all Jewish by upwards of 70 “. . . for salvation is from the Jews” murder of Jews, is, to male children; the (John 4:22). put it as generously as destruction of Jerusalem percent in countries possible, disingenuous. by the Romans in 70 like Hungary and the If anti-Zionism realized Consider this: If Paul, an apostle A.D. . . . the list goes on. UK. This percentage is its goal, another Jewish to the Gentiles by God’s design, was willing to give up his own would take The question is: Why? higher than it’s been holocaust eternal salvation in order to see his place . . . therefore What could cause such since World War II. Jewish brethren saved, shouldn’t we attempts to draw unreasoning hatred, demonstrate at least a modicum of distinctions between vitriolic rhetoric, that commitment? anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are and acts of despicable violence . . . simply meant to fool the naïve.” including mass near-extermination? How will you respond to antiAnd why, even in educated and Semitism . . . in whatever form But as important as it is to stress technologically advanced societies, it takes? Are you the obvious symbiotic does such irrational hatred seem even though the Bible committed to stand relationship between to be escalating? The reality is that with Israel and the anti-Semitism and anti- tells us that we although anti-Semitism has taken Jewish People as things Zionism, there’s an even on a more veiled form in the 21st intensify? Will you more subtle form of anti- are to proclaim the century, it’s still a “primitive hatred” Semitism. And it’s alive . . . as old as Satan himself. And with Good News to the Jew speak out against antiwherever and well in the Church good reason: Satan hates God; he first, and then to the Semitism you encounter it? today. hates God’s Word, he hates God’s Gentile (Romans 1:16), Will you be faithful plan, and he hates God’s People. This form of antiHe knows that the restoration of unfortunately, Church to pray, preach, and demonstrate the Semitism has nothing the Jewish People plays a central history has shown message of salvation to do with the Land of role in the return of the Messiah to Israel or blatant hatred this earth—and Satan’s ultimate that the Jewish People ‘to the Jew first’—in season and out of against the Jewish destruction (Genesis 3:15). have been the most season—so that God’s People. Rather it has to Chosen People will do with the salvation This leads us to another thinly “unreached people open their hearts and of Jewish People. disguised form of anti-Semitism: group” in the world! believe in Yeshua The fact that God’s anti-Zionism. Martin Luther King, HaMashiach . . . their covenant Land, Israel, who knew a little something about long-awaited Messiah? is populated with anywhere from discrimination and persecution, once 96-99 percent of Jewish People who said, “When people criticize Zionists If so, then rejoice, for great will be do not believe that Yeshua was—and they mean Jews; you are talking antiyour reward in Heaven for God has is—the Messiah should be of deep Semitism.” promised that “He who blesses Israel concern for every Believer. Jewish will himself be blessed.” People everywhere need to know that I believe anti-Zionism is really the Yeshua is their promised Messiah. neo-anti-Semitism of our day and is Jewish Voice Today


P E R S P E C T I V E | J O H N D. G A R R , P H . D.

'CHRISTIAN' ANTI-SEMITISM: OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - SEPTEMBER 18: Members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS, demonstrate outside Temple B'nai Israel in Oklahoma City on Sep. 18, 2009, the eve of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. Photo credit: Samuel Perry/

8 | March/April 2013

History’s Greatest Aberration?


hristian anti-Semitism? What an absurd oxymoron! How could the word Christian and the word anti-Semitism ever be uttered in the same phrase? How could it be that disciples of Jesus would ever treat the family of Jesus, the Jews, with anything but the greatest love and respect? How could a religion that was founded by a Jew and perpetuated by Jewish apostles ever have anything but the highest level of love and respect for the Jewish People? Amazingly, however, an indelible, blood-spattered record of “Christian” hatred for Jews is strewn across the annals of history, written in the blood of countless Jewish men, women, and children who have suffered violence at the hands of Christians and in the anguish of millions more who have been subjected to unwarranted suspicion, to despicable slurs, and to the fear of mayhem­—all perpetrated in the name of the Christian Jesus!

THE RECORD OF HISTORY Christian anti-Semitism has been systematic and unrelenting. From the claim of second-century Justin Martyr that God ordered the circumcision of the Jews so that they “might suffer the afflictions” that they deserved, to fourth-century John Chrysostom’s claim that “the synagogue is worse than a brothel . . . the temple of demons devoted to idolatrous cults . . . a place of meeting for the assassins of Christ . . . an abyss of perdition,” to the confessions of fifth-century Augustine: “How I wish you would slay the Jews with your two-edged sword,” to sixteenth-century Erasmus’ claim that “if hating Jews is Christian, then all of us are exceedingly Christian,” to the obscene rants of Martin Luther who charged that the Jews were “a base, whoring people” who are full of “devil’s feces . . . which they wallow in like swine” and proposed that Jewish homes should be destroyed and their synagogues and schools set on fire, to the twentieth-century German professor who argued that “the first thing you must do to be a good Christian is to kill the Jew inside you,” official Christianity has been among the most insidious and dangerous enemies of the Jewish People. How could such a tragedy have occurred? More than that, how could anti-Semitism continue to manifest itself this day in untold numbers of Christian hearts and in the covert and overt attitudes and actions of Christian leaders today? The answer is that Judeophobia, anti-Judaism, and anti-Semitism have been ingrained into the very fiber of Christian theology and polity through the doctrine of

supersessionism or replacement theology. For centuries, this heretical teaching has provided a basis and an almost inescapable rationale for Christian fear, hatred, and persecution of the Jewish People.

THINK NOT! BOAST NOT! The negative Christian attitudes and vile Christian actions against the Jews have resulted from the violation of two divine imperatives, one from the lips of Yeshua (Jesus), the other from the pen of the apostle Paul. First, Jesus commanded, “Think not that I have come to destroy the Torah or the Prophets,” and He continued to assure everyone that “till heaven and earth pass away, not one yud or tittle will pass away until all is fulfilled” (Matthew 5:17). Since that time, however, the Church has been thinking of ways to explain away Jesus’ words by saying that He destroyed Judaism and replaced it with Christianity.

An indelible, bloodspattered record of “Christian” hatred for Jews is strewn across the annals of history.

Second, Paul warned the church: “Boast not against the natural branches [the Jews]” (Romans 11:18). Even in Paul’s day, theological supersessionism was quickly giving way to anthropological supersessionism when the Church said that not only had Christianity replaced Judaism but that Christians had replaced Jews. And if the Jews had been replaced in God’s economy, they were surely expendable. The rest is history—tragic, deplorable, but history nonetheless.

TODAY’S CHRISTIAN ANTI-SEMITISM Today, “Christian” anti-Semitism is more subtle. Christian denominations claim to love Jews and Judaism, but they hate Israel, ordering disinvestment from Israel. Then, as they have for centuries, some denominations demand that

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t’s strange that more people don’t ask themselves why Jews are hated. When I researched for my book Hitler, God, and the Bible, I wept my way through the Holocaust. I saw pictures that left me in horror at the cruelty of mankind—pictures so horrific in nature I don’t want to even describe them. My own ancestors fled Europe to England and then to New Zealand to escape persecution.

e Th

It seems to be part of life. Dogs bark, cats meow, and Jews are persecuted. That’s the way it is.

Ne wW ave of

10 | March/April 2013

I found myself recently sharing the Gospel with 40 atheists. They had been protesting outside an event at which I was speaking. It was hot, so I invited them into the air conditioning and for free pizza and a chat. We had a great time, but one thing that kept coming up was the argument that I couldn’t be a Jew and a Christian. Even when I explained that I’m a Christian by religion and a Jew by birth, they couldn’t reconcile the two. They didn’t mix. Yet Christianity was founded by and on a Jew in the land of the Jews. One other thing that they have in common is that they have both been persecuted down through the ages. I believe that the reason both are hated is that they worship the true God, and He demands morality. Jews and Christians remind the world of that fact, and that isn’t a pleasant thought for guilty sinners. The evil principalities and powers that govern this age have been fanning that spark of thought in the mind of the world. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the god of this world and those spiritual entities that hate the true God. There is a new wave of persecution on the rise against both the Jew and the Christian, and there’s a good reason for it.

eyes of any youth who can type in the word sex. He can have instant, delirious, sinful pleasures at the click of a button. But it comes at a price. Those who give themselves to darkness will automatically cower away from and hate the light, and when any human being hardens his or her God-given conscience, that individual will find that he or she can also hate without any sense of guilt. Thanks to smooth-talking “British redcoats” like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, we now have a generation of God-haters who are ready to be used by the enemy. They are dead to morality because they think that they are the offspring of apes, there’s no God, and there’s no ultimate right or wrong. Once again a generation has been brainwashed by propaganda, as so clearly happened in Germany just 70 years ago. So how do we reach hardened sinners who are ripe for the enemy’s agenda? We do it by entering their world of social media. We do it by creating short, fast-moving Internet movies that reach millions with the Gospel— movies such as Genius, which can be freely viewed at, or 180, at

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n o i t u c e s r e P f The Internet has given instant access to the darkest of sins. Hard core pornography is seconds away from the

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The ‘Palestine’

fal la cy /'fal se/ e

Noun 1. A mistaken belief, esp. one based on unsound argument. 2. A failure in reasoning that renders an argument invalid.


n December 2012, the United Nations adopted nine different resolutions condemning Israel over alleged Palestinian rights abuses and the Golan. It made no mention of Bashar Assad's ongoing massacres of his own people. During the 2012 U.N. General Assembly session, the United Nations adopted some twenty-six countryspecific resolutions: twenty-two separate resolutions condemning Israel and FOUR for the rest of the world combined (Iran, Syria, Burma, and North Korea). The most recent resolutions attacked Israel for " the continuing systematic violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people,” and focused on “the extremely difficult socioeconomic conditions being faced by the Palestine refugees in

12 | March/April 2013

the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.” East Jerusalem is part of Jerusalem, which is Israel's undivided capital. The United Nations has no authority to grant the Palestinians part of Israel's capital city, any more than it has the authority to give half of Washington, D.C., back to the Nacotchtank Indians who used to live there before being (ahem) relocated.

Before undertaking the most recent nine resolutions against Israel, the United Nations overwhelmingly voted (over Israel's objections) to recognize Palestine as a non-member state, based on the pre-1967 borders. The United States voted against it, as did Israel, Canada, the Czech Republic, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands, but notably, both the UK and Australia abstained.

The Whole Truth Unveiled But here is the situation as it actually exists, devoid of the anti-Semitic propaganda of the Arab world (and a significant portion of mainstream Western Christianity). From 1948 to 1967, Egypt ruled Gaza, Syria ruled the Golan Heights,

while Jordan ruled the West Bank. They could have set up independent Arab-Palestinian states in any or all of those territories, but they didn't even consider it. Instead, in 1967 they used the Golan Heights, Gaza, and the West Bank to launch a war that was unambiguously aimed at destroying Israel.

Canada was so shocked at the U.N. vote that it recalled its diplomats from Israel, the West Bank, and the U.N. missions in New York and Geneva to consult with the government and assess the situation going forward.

The historical reality is that, if there is a Palestinian State, it would be Jordan, since Jordan accounts for 75 percent of the British Mandate of Palestine. The "Palestinians" living in the West Bank could have had an independent state sixty-five years ago, but their goal wasn't independence.

In the end, only nine countries opposed extending recognition to the State of Palestine, while 138 supported it. Forty-eight countries abstained.

It was NEVER independence. The goal was and is the destruction of the Jewish State. In every instance where they were offered some measure

of independence, they used that independence to attack Israel. The Palestinian Authority is led by Mahmoud Abbas, a co-founder of Arafat's Fatah Party and the PLO. He was elected in 2005 for a four-year term, which expired in 2009. The Palestinian Authority feared defeat by Hamas, so they simply cancelled elections, allowing Abbas to rule by decree.

Consequently, based on the actual rules of democracy, Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization dedicated to Israel's destruction, is the only legitimately elected leader of the newly recognized Palestinian State.

Palestinian? Don’t You Mean Arab? The Middle East Conflict was always a war by Arabs against Jews, not a conflict between Israelis and “Palestinians.” The war was repackaged as a conflict between Jews and Palestinians as a public relations gimmick in the early 1970s. The Palestinians were a regional group of Arabs having virtually no cultural or national distinctive traits separating

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srael is facing a well-organized and well-funded global campaign of delegitimization. This is rapidly gaining momentum due to the actions of anti-Semites at the United Nations and Europe, by the Muslim Brotherhood, and Muslim nations committed to the elimination of Israel. The international media has helped facilitate this diabolic plan. They think that by marginalizing, delegitimizing, and isolating Israel, Israel will succumb to international pressure and give up Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem for an Arab state.

14 | March/April 2013

The Reut Institute, a Tel-Aviv think tank, wrote in Eroding Israel's Legitimacy in the International Arena: In recent years, Israel has faced a dramatic assault on the very legitimacy of its existence as a Jewish and democratic state. While the ideological framework for this delegitimacy was solidified after the first Durban Conference in 2001, the trend has been given a boost by the perceived lack of progress in the political process, coupled with Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The groups making the fundamental delegitimacy of Israel among their main rallying cries represent a marginal phenomenon in Western politics. Although some of their activities are portrayed as protesting against Israeli policies, in fact they are frequently manipulated in order to blur the difference between valid criticism of Israeli policies and attempts to undermine Israel's right to exist. Thus, they are able to disproportionately impact Israel's international legitimacy. The aim of these groups is to internationally isolate Israel and ultimately turn it into a pariah state through demonizing the country; promoting a policy of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS); and waging a legal struggle against the state and its citizens.

FROM LONDON TO THE UNITED STATES Haaretz wrote in their "Israel faces global delegitimization campaign" article, "'The combination of a large Muslim community, a radical left, influential, English-language media

and an international university center make London fertile ground for Israel's delegitimization,' said Ron Prosor, Israel's former ambassador in London in 2010 and who is presently Israel’s UN Ambassador." Prosor had given many interviews to the British media and lectures at university campuses throughout the country. Although he said he had encountered anti-Israel demonstrations on almost every campus, Prosor had told his people to increase their campus activity. Prosor further stated in 2010, “What is now happening in London universities will happen, at most, in five years at all the large universities in the United States.” In her December 6, 2012, blog post, British journalist Melanie Phillips wrote, “The delegitimization campaign against Israel, comprising the obsessional lies and blood libels promulgated by the media and intelligentsia week in, week out, has produced this result: Jewish students in Britain are being forced to abandon their university courses out of fear.”

AN EMPOWERED U.N. PRESSURES ISRAEL In an international effort to further isolate and delegitimize Israel on the heels of the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, the pressure is ratcheting up to a new level via the U.N. General Assembly, which—on Nov. 29, 2012 —voted 139-9 in favor of recognizing Palestine within the 1967 borders as a non-member state with observer status in the organization. Forty-one nations abstained.

Israel to open its nuclear program for U.N. inspection. The resolution, approved by a vote of 174 to 6 with six abstentions, calls on Israel to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) "without further delay" and open its nuclear facilities to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The UNGA Resolutions adopted by the 193-member General Assembly are not legally binding, but they do reflect world opinion and carry political weight. The U.N. Security Council has five permanent members with veto power—Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States; and 10 non-permanent members elected by the General Assembly for a two-year term. For a UNSC resolution to pass, the five permanent members must approve it unanimously. This is a prime example of the continued (and increasing) pressure on Israel to comply with the international community. On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:9). William Koenig is the director of “Koenig International News” (, an Internet news service with readers and e-mail subscribers in 50 states and 105 countries, and has been a White House correspondent since January 2001. Koenig publishes an online weekly news report called “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House” that focuses on biblically relevant world news and White House news from a Christian perspective. He has authored Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel, which is in its 14th printing, and published the book in Hebrew.

Then, on Dec. 4, 2012, the U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling on Jewish Voice Today




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16 | March/April 2013


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Why Does the World O

ne of the most troubling trends of the 21st century is the resurgence of anti-Semitism, not just in Europe, but worldwide. Not just individual anti-Semitism, but state-sponsored, nationalized antiSemitism. Why does the world hate Jews so much? Down through the centuries, Jews were reviled as 'Christkillers' and were slaughtered wholesale on that charge. I always found that curious on several levels. First, the entire Bible was written by Jews. Second, Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) was born a Jew and He died a Jew. And finally, Yeshua absolved those responsible for His death at the Executioner’s Stake (including the Jews involved). “Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.’ And they divided up his clothes by casting lots” (Luke 23:34). The condemnation to death was issued under Roman authority. Roman soldiers drove the nails, wielded the

18 | March/April 2013

spear—it was the Romans who killed Christ, strictly speaking. Why the Lord's absolution extended to Rome but not to the Jews is a mystery to me.

The Roman Catholic Church waited until 1965 before it absolved the descendants of Israel from collective guilt for our Savior’s death.

But 'Christ-killers' was a convenient label. It was commonly applied by the barbarians who would have killed Him themselves if they'd had a chance. The Russian word pogrom is a word meaning “the large-scale, targeted, and repeated anti-Jewish rioting.”

Apart from the 'Christ-killer' label (which shouldn't bother the world so much, it isn't like Jesus Christ is all that popular outside of the Church), one wonders what Israel ever did to earn all this hatred.

The Nazis justified the Holocaust under the banner of exterminating ‘Christ-killers.’


To those who don't like the anti-Semite label, there is the anti-Zionist tag; this is reserved for those who choose to hate Israel apart from religious reasons. To them, the Jews are oppressors and thieves who stole Arab land, oppressed the indigenous Arabs, and stole Jerusalem away from Islam. This view isn't just the view of the Islamic world, it is widely held in capitals from Washington to Berlin to Paris to Rome. Since this view requires denying history and reinventing reality, anti-Zionism is really a convenient way of hating Jews for being Jews without having to take a religious stand.

the Jews?


Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism know no national boundaries. You can find both in every country on earth.


If one removes the Christ-killer label (which was lifted by Yeshua Himself at the Executioner’s Stake), and strips away the myth from the anti-Zionists, Jews are still hated worldwide simply because they exist. Former Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once noted the existence of a 'new kind of anti-Semitism' at the state level, in which governments treat Israel the way that individual anti-Semites treat Jews.

But nobody can explain why. The Jews have contributed more to global society than any other people on earth. To begin with, the Bible is a Jewish book, written by forty different Jews over a period of 1,500 years. Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), the Savior of mankind, was not a Christian, but a carefully observant Jew who perfectly kept every Jewish law.

(Continued on page27) Jewish Voice Today


J E W I S H H O L I D AY & O B S E R VA N C E | J O N AT H A N G A N N O N

PassoverThe Feast Of all the Feasts of the Lord, Passover is the greatest. It is greatest in the manner in which God’s promises and power were flaunted. It is greatest in the systematic and sensational method by which God delivered Israel. It is greatest as the most divinely demonstrative, full-nation salvation account in all of human history. But beyond the flash and flare of the Exodus narrative, prophetic shadows were cast upon the horizon of Israelite futures. Passover illuminated the silhouette of God’s redeeming character and forged an everlasting precedent: God as Deliverer.


hile superficially it appeared the Israelites were mere powerless slaves living under the oppression of a major world power, their population quietly yet providentially grew to the size of a small nation. Unbeknownst to Israel, God had incubated for Himself a nation in Goshen, and right under the noses of the Egyptians. Following a long

400-year span, the Lord broke from His perceived absentee status and announced His planned redemption to Moses. He told Moses in Exodus 6:5-6, “I have heard the groaning of the Israelites whom the Egyptians are enslaving, and I have remembered My covenant. Therefore, say to the Israelites: ‘I am the LORD, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. I will free you

20 | March/April 2013

from being slaves to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment.’” No other nation in all of human history has or will witness a more dramatic divine rescue. Israel, as the first fruits of God’s redemption, would stand as an everlasting personification of the Missio Dei, the Latin term that can be translated, “the mission of God.” On Pesach the Israelites were to carefully follow the instructions given to Moses by God. The Lord told Moses in Exodus 12:5-13 NKJV, “‘Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year . . . And they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the houses where they eat it. . . . It is the Lord’s Passover. For I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night, and will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am

The patience and compassion of God provided Pharaoh nine opportunities to comply. Nine. Such is God’s patience toward all humanity.

of Our Deliverance the LORD. Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you are. And when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be on you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.’” The patience and compassion of God provided Pharaoh nine opportunities to comply. Nine. Such is God’s patience toward all humanity. His warnings are motivated by His loving kindness. The worst of God’s judgments are withheld by His mercy. He hopes and longs for all people to turn their hearts toward Him. But Egypt had crossed the line of God’s patient relenting. Pharaoh’s defiance of God was influenced by the delusional belief that he himself was divine. As with Satan’s attempt to overthrow the Creator, Pharaoh’s open challenge of God’s authority would end badly. The result? God’s judgment was to be indiscriminately released on Egypt. Their mistreatment and forced bondage of God’s son

Israel would cost them the life of every firstborn male (human and animal) in all of Egypt. In spite of God’s covenant with the Patriarchs, the blood of the lamb was the only hope for Israel. The specifications were intentional, detailed and critical. The lamb (from the sheep or goats) was to be an unblemished one-year-old male. The lamb was to be slaughtered, and its blood applied generously to the doorpost of each Israelite home in Goshen. The death and blood of the lamb sheltered Israel from the assignment of the Angel of Death. Its body was to be roasted, none of the bones broken, and fully enjoyed by the family within the safety of their home. Although they were God’s Covenant People with an eternal destiny and calling, they would not escape judgment unless they obediently applied the blood of the lamb to the houses of Israel.

The Passover may be the most prophetically vivid Feast of the Lord. The narrative is richly filled with Messianic types and shadows that were all fulfilled in Yeshua. He is the Messiah and Lamb whose blood was spilled at Pesach. If applied to the hearts of Israel and the nations, God’s judgment is substituted for eternal life. But with all the flash and flare of this great story in its past and present applications, the two most important characters remain God and the Lamb. Let us celebrate our deliverance from bondage and death by embracing Yeshua, our Passover Lamb!

Celebrate Passover in your home!

See our Passover Resources on page 16 Or visit Jewish Voice Today




new and deceptive form of anti-Semitism is now full blown and well established. It is powerful, but somewhat more subtle. It is even found in the teaching of some Evangelicals. To understand it, we must speak of antiSemitism’s previous incarnations.

ANTI-SEMITISM MANIFESTED THROUGHOUT HISTORY The oldest indicator of anti-Semitism predated Christianity. In the Roman Empire, the Jewish People were frowned upon, and sometimes very negative views were expressed. Why? Unlike other peoples, they would not bow down to Roman gods or acknowledge the divinity of Caesar. Yes, they were given release from such obligations and only required to sacrifice in the Temple for Caesar, but their monotheism and separation were looked upon as anti-social. The Jewish revolt against Rome, the rebellion in Alexandria, Egypt after that, and the Bar Kochba-led second Jewish revolt against Rome in the 130s furthered these negative attitudes. The extent of the influence on Christianity of these anti-Jewish attitudes is debated. 22 | March/April 2013

THEOLOGICAL ANTI-SEMITISM The second type of anti-Semitism was the theological anti-Semitism that was fostered by the early Church fathers and became widely embraced in Christianity. That the Jews killed Christ and hence committed the horrible crime of killing God, or deicide, was the foundation for claiming that the Jews were no longer God’s elect people and were under a curse. Society should, therefore, repress but not kill the Jews. This is known as the teaching of contempt. The belief by some churches in replacement theology is a reflection of how theological anti-Semitism has continued today. Those in the church who support replacement theology deny they are being anti-Semitic. Of course, the denial of the promises to the Jewish People is anti-Semitic in itself, though perhaps not racial anti-Semitism.



The third type of anti-Semitism was something different. It was racial not theological and based in a strange twist to the theory of evolution. It stated that the Jews were a racial aberration and had to be eliminated for the good of the human race. This was the anti-Semitism of the Nazis, but it was only able to gain a foothold due to the theological anti-Semitism of Christianity.

The new anti-Semitism today is based on hatred for the Jewish state of Israel. Many years ago, the great Christian statesman, Derek Prince, argued that the founding of the State of Israel would lead to the greatest anti-Semitism that the world had ever seen. Why? Because anti-Semitism is spiritual and based in the devil’s attempt to destroy the plan of God. The threat of Israel being back in the Land and the fulfillment of prophecy spells his doom; thus, he must pull out all the stops to thwart this. The people of the new anti-Semitism actually state that they are against anti-Semitism and accept the Jews as people of equal human worth. However, their anti-Israel stand betrays an anti-Semitic spiritual reality of which they may not even be aware. Let’s look at a few examples of how this new anti-Semitism is causing issues for Israel:

ANTI-SEMITISM AMONG MUSLIMS Arab-Muslim anti-Semitism was theological, but not as virulent as in the Church, since there could not be a crime of deicide in Islamic theology. The Jewish condition under Islam was not good, but was not as bad as in the Christian West during many periods. Today Muslims combine theological anti-Semitism and racial anti-Semitism from the influence of the Nazis. The theological anti-Semitism is that the Jews were not faithful to Allah in biblical history and then did not embrace Mohammed. With regard to racial anti-Semitism, the books of the Nazis are now published and very popular in the Muslim world. In some ways, this is a kind of new anti-Semitism. We must emphasize that all of these manifestations of anti-Semitism were totally contrary to God’s Word and the call for Christians to show love and mercy to the Jewish People, who continued as the chosen and elect people of God (Romans 11:14, 30,31).

PALESTINIANS FAVORED OVER ISRAEL When dealing with the Israel-Palestinian issue, Israel is looked at as only a colonial imposition on the native population. Forgotten is the fact that the majority of Jerusalem was Jewish at the end of the 19th century. In dealing with East Jerusalem, it is forgotten that until Jordan destroyed the Jewish quarter and other

(Continued on page 29) Jewish Voice Today



24 | March/April 2013


s the once-Christian world moves further away from God, its awareness of the biblical purposes for Israel also fades from consciousness. Whether or not there is an awareness of the reality of the kingdom of darkness, this Godhatred gives the evil one the opening to create Jew-hatred. When Jews proclaim that God gave the Promised Land to Israel through Abraham, this creates deep enmity in a godless society, but for some reason great tolerance with the Muslim theology—which totally denies the God of Israel. Looking at it from a spiritual aspect, without the Bible, why would Israel have any particular purpose or rights at all? The Kurds are a nation that have their own territories in five Arab countries, but have not been allowed to have their own nation. The Taureg tribe numbers more than 1.2 million, but they don’t have their own state. There are many small tribal units in the world that don’t have their own land. So why should Israel be special? Without knowledge of the Bible, many are saying it shouldn’t. Today, the purveyors of the new anti-Semitism are more likely to use the term anti-Zionism. (Zionism is the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland, and Zion happens to be the name God chose for His eternal dwelling place.) The United Nations and the secular media breathlessly publish the injustices of the Zionists occupying Arab territory. In doing so, the U.N., institutes of higher learning, and the media have managed to so isolate and demonize the Jewish Nation that in the last U.N. vote for Palestinian non-member status, 138

voted for the Palestinians while only nine countries out of 194 voted in favor of Israel. Simply, Israelis admit that the world has grown tired of the endless conflict between Israel and the

But as the years passed, other friends thinned out even more, and virtually all that remained were Evangelical Christians! Israeli pundits reluctantly began to write, “Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Some intellectuals are saying quite loudly that for all the pain Israel is causing the Palestinians, it might be better for Israel not to exist. Palestinians (who didn’t exist until 1964 when Arafat created a Palestinian people.) Indeed, some intellectuals are saying quite loudly that for all the pain Israel is causing the Palestinians, it might be better for Israel not to exist. The greatest shift in Israel’s thinking has been that in the last 20 years, slowly but ever so surely, Israel has come to realize that she has no more friends in the world outside of her own Jewish People around the world—and even many of them are assimilating and losing interest in Israel. Other than the worldwide Jewish Community, Israel virtually has no friends left . . . except the Evangelical Christians! When this realization began to dawn, many Israelis resisted the thought: Evangelical Christians? But everybody knows the only reason they are friendly is because they are all missionaries trying to convert us to Christianity and thereby wipe us out as a people.

Today, Israelis are very aware that Christians love Israel. They know that America—because of the Christians together with the Jews— still supports Israel. Israelis know that there are little lights here and there in England, Ireland, Europe, and many other lands. And those lights are Evangelical Christians. What’s more, Israeli institutions and even government officials are seeing that Israel’s Messianic Jews are worthy partners in many projects. Things that I only dreamed of are now happening in the highest chambers of the nation. Believers in Yeshua are the bright light on a dark canvas. Based in Israel, Shira and her husband, Ari, direct Maoz Israel Ministries and head Hebrew-language Congregation Tiferet Yeshua (the Glory of Yeshua) in Tel Aviv. In September 2002, they established, a benevolence fund for the poor and needy among Messianic Jewish Believers in Israel and victims of terrorism.

Israel has no friends left . . . except the Evangelical Christians! Jewish Voice Today


(Continued from page 9)

Harness The Power of Speaking God's Word

For Your Peace

Jews who choose to believe in Yeshua renounce and abandon their Jewish heritage. They call Christians who embrace the Jewish roots of their faith “Judaizers” and heretics. After twenty centuries, Christians are still infected with Judeophobia, antiJudaism, and anti-Semitism.

TIME FOR ACTION Surely, the time has come for Christians from every denomination to rise up and say with their Jewish brothers and sisters, “Never again!” Christians must resolve to love and support the international Jewish community and to affirm the inalienable right of Jews to exist as Jews, free from all coercion, whether economic, political, sociological, or religious.



The second of the Confessing The Hebrew Scriptures series is Adonai—Jehovah Sha•lom (Hoo Sha•lom), The Lord Is Peace. Like volume one, this workbook is a carefully selected collection of Scriptures that contain the English, Hebrew, and transliterated Hebrew words for peace. Beautiful photographs and an accompanying CD features every Scripture recited in Hebrew by a native Israeli, so you can hear the correct pronunciation.

ORDER #8686 | $40.00 GIFT

Christians can never eradicate the indelible scar that anti-Semitism has burned into the face of the Christian Church, but it can and must repent, and it must resolve that the horrible term anti-Semitism will never again have the word Christian associated with it. Dr. John D. Garr is founder and president of Hebraic Christian Global Community, a transdenominational publishing network that connects people with information about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith at He is also chancellor of Hebraic Heritage Christian College, which delivers curriculum about the Church’s Hebraic foundations to students around the world by means of the Internet at

(Continued from page 11) In the past, missionaries have traveled to far countries with the message of the Gospel—with great hardship and often with the loss of life. In contrast, we can reach millions instantly from

26 | March/April 2013

the comfort of our homes by merely hitting the “send” button on our computers, iPads, or phones. With the help of God we can stop the new wave of persecution because the Gospel makes enemies into friends. May God stir us to do this and to do it quickly, and may He help His people Israel. Raised in a Jewish home, Ray Comfort turned his heart to the LORD in 1972 while a young surfer and became an evangelist in his home country of New Zealand for the next 12 years. His “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” message eventually opened doors of ministry in the United States. Then, in 2001, Kirk Cameron contacted Ray and together they formed The Way of the Master evangelistic TV program. Ray is currently the founding President & CEO of Living Waters Publications. He is also the best-selling author of more than 70 books. His latest projects include 180 the movie and Hitler, God, & the Bible. Follow Ray’s ministry online at

(Continued from page 13) them from Syrians, Lebanese, and Jordanians. The bulk of what are called "Palestinian Arabs" are members of families who migrated into the Land of Israel beginning in the late 19th century. Palestinian nationalism is a reinvented version of Arab nationalism. Arab nationalism exists, although it is closely bound up with Islamic nationalism and even Islamism. Palestinian nationalism, however, is a phantom. The Arab assaults and aggressions against Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1968, and 1973 had nothing to do with Palestinians. They were wars of annihilation launched against Israel by the Arabs; Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.—not a 'Palestinian' in the woodpile. Having been defeated in every

instance, the Arab world focused on using the "Palestinians" as a fifth column inside Israel to facilitate the eventual annihilation of the Jewish State. Never has a failed non-state entity without a legitimate government and dedicated to the principles of terrorism been offered recognition of statehood without it having A) an actual indigenous people, B) a functioning economy, C) a functioning legal system, and D) one that was carved out of, and over the objections of, an existing member state. So, you see how insane all this is in the natural. It has no equal in modern history, and certainly no equal in the history of the United Nations. It has never happened before, and it is unlikely to ever happen again.

The Real Reason The World Hates Israel Israel is hated by the whole world, but not without a cause. David knew why three thousand years ago. The same reason applies today: “Because for Your sake I have borne reproach; shame has covered my face” (Psalm 69:7 NKJV). So what can we take away from these UN events? The world denies the existence of God openly; but its every action confirms the opposite. Nobody fights against a non-existent enemy. If God were not real, the battle wouldn't be real, either. The god of this world has no doubt about the reality of the God of the Universe. He has met Him. The restoration of Israel is more than just a thorn in the enemy’s side. The Bible says that the restoration of Israel to her ancestral homeland would

begin a one-generation countdown to Satan’s Waterloo at the Second Coming of Christ (Luke 21:32). And while Satan doesn't know the future, he can read. And he knows his hourglass is running out of sand. Jack Kinsella is the founder and publisher of the Omega Letter ( Jack is head writer of The Hal Lindsey Report television program and former head writer for This Week in Bible Prophecy. Jack is the author of more than two thousand columns on current events and Bible prophecy.

(Continued from page 19) Salvation for the Gentiles is of the Jews, whether we Gentiles want to acknowledge it or not. Although Jews account for a fraction of a percentage of the earth's population (0.2 percent), they account for 22 percent of all Nobel Prize recipients worldwide. So, what explains this new 'antiSemitism'? (As if the old kind isn't bad enough.) The Bible says that Israel would not exist as a nation until the Last Days (Isaiah 11:11, Ezekiel 37). Until Israel's restoration, anti-Semitism could only be practiced against Jewish individuals. The new antiSemitism can be practiced against an entire nation. And it is. Israel is the only nation to become a permanent part of the U.N. Human Rights Council's agenda. Israel has been the target of more condemnatory resolutions than all the rest of the nations of the world combined.

In 2003 Israel sought a U.N. resolution of its own, the first it introduced since 1976. It asked the United Nations for protection of Israeli children from terrorism. The resolution didn't even receive enough support to be put to a vote. As Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Director Abraham Foxman noted to Wolf Blitzer on CNN some years back, "Israel has become the Jew of the nations." Israel, by its very existence, is a stench in the nostrils of the secular world. It is a constant reminder of the existence and reality of God, and, therefore, man's accountability before Him. Paul explains it this way: "Since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind . . .” (Romans 1:28). The secular world's war against the Jews is unreasoning, blind antiSemitism so ingrained in its psyche it is blissfully unaware it even exists. Any person who thinks critically can see the truth, yet the United Nations consistently finds the 'anti-truth' when it involves Israel. It is almost supernatural in its scope and breadth. In fact, scratch 'almost' from that last sentence. It IS supernatural. Hal Lindsey is a popular Bible prophecy teacher and author of some 20 books, including the popular The Late Great Planet Earth and the newly revised The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad. He is also the host of the half-hour news and commentary television show The Hal Lindsey Report.

Jewish Voice Today




ical first-ever med ollowing our June Zimbabwe in to h c ea tr u o 5,791 e witnessed 2012, where w imbabwe, of Mposi, Z a b em L s u io prec siah, a as their Mes receive Yeshu nic a new Messia ed h s li b ta es we d training identifying an congregation, joint through the new leaders and the ewish Voice efforts of J titute ish Bible Ins ew J c ni ia s Mes eading year we are h (MJBI). This tory gwa. Make his en er b M to k rough bac e minister th w as s u h it again w Yeshua e Gospel of th d an e in ic med come to more Lemba and see many essiah! know their M

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ission medical m r e h t o n a r babwe, oin us fo ribe of Zim t a b m e L to the t boasts munity tha m o c h is rs a Jew 00 membe ,0 0 0 4 e iv s uthern an impres tries in so n u o c l a r s, eve menite Jew spanning s e Y e r a a b e Lem ndants Africa. Th , or desce im n a h o C s our identified a n’t miss y o D . t s ie r the P aid and of Aaron manitarian u h e d vi o r p Lemba of chance to ua to the h s e Y f o the love babwe. Gutu, Zim




/outreac rg .o e ic o v h is w e .j tion, visit www For more informa ESHUA. or call 800-299-Y 28 | March/April 2013

(Continued from page 23)

West Bank more important than China’s suppression of Tibet, or Russia’s occupation of Georgia?

neighborhoods of Jews in East Jerusalem in 1948, East Jerusalem was not an exclusive Arab enclave. Why would the judgments be so lacking in factual truth?

Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East with freedom of speech, real freedom of religion, and women’s rights. The other lands do not have such freedoms. Yet Israel is much more vilified.

When dealing with the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the missiles sent into Israel intending to kill civilians are judged less harshly or even as understandable due to the oppression of the Palestinians. When Israel takes out missiles and weapons, the Arab Muslims are not blamed for putting these weapons intentionally near or in mosques, hospitals, and civilian homes. No, Israel is blamed for the casualties, though they try hard to minimize them. The doctrine of proportionality in the Geneva Accords holds that one must only use the force necessary to attain the necessary military goals, but somehow this is interpreted to mean that Israel should lose an equal number of people in any war. It is amazing that the new anti-Semitism aligns itself more with radical Islamic people than with the Jewish State. While Israel does sometimes treat Palestinians with injustice, why is it that this is emphasized more than the Palestinian incitement against the Jewish People, the antiSemitism that permeates their textbooks, and the culture of hatred that is fostered?

Jewish People understand that these double standards and imbalances are rooted in anti-Semitism. In light of this new anti-Semitism, we must pray and work hard as advocates of Israel to combat the terrible antiSemitism in all its forms today, both old and new. Dr. Daniel Juster is the Director of Tikkun International (, a network of congregations and ministries in the United States and abroad. He holds an M. Div. from McCormick Theological Seminary and a Th. D. from New Covenant International Seminary, New Zealand. Dr. Juster was the founding President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, where he served as President and General Secretary. Dr. Juster now serves on numerous boards as part of furthering the Messianic Jewish Movement and the progress of the Church.

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ISRAEL DEMONIZED IN THE NEWS When human rights abuses in the Muslim world cause the death of tens of thousands, and when the Christian communities of these lands are destroyed, why is it that Israel injustices are much more emphasized than the greatest human rights abuses in the world? The oppression of women is enormous. Where is the outcry? Why is the

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