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Volume 48 | Number 3


May/June 2014 | Iyar/Sivan/Tamuz 5774 | zwmt/!wys/ryya

Does Your Heart Beat for the Hurting? Zimbabwe

Medical Outreaches

Buhera: July 25 - August 4, 2014* New Location: August 21 - September 1, 2014*

Two cities. Two clinics. One people. The Lemba of Zimbabwe are descendants from the priestly line of Aaron, having retained their Jewish customs and faith for thousands of years absent of any outside Jewish influence. DNA testing overwhelmingly proves their claim of Jewish ancestry, showing a higher genetic marker than the general Jewish population. They have responded with great enthusiasm to the news that their Messiah has come. In our first outreach in 2012, more than 80% of those we cared for in the clinic came to faith in Yeshua. In 2014 we will conduct two Medical Outreaches for the Lemba. These trips are a tent camping adventure that brings the power of health and hope to the people of the Lemba communities. Make the difference with us on one or both of these unforgettable outreaches to Zimbabwe.


Festival Outreach

Ukraine: September 19 - 29, 2014* Of course, it’s not only those in poverty who need Yeshua. That’s why we bring His Good News to large city centers around the globe each year through our Hear O’ Israel! Festivals of Jewish Music & Dance. Known to draw crowds of thousands, our Festivals bring a spectacular evening rich with professional dramatic, musical, and dance performances depicting the nation of Israel’s history. A stirring message is given by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis presenting Yeshua as the Messiah longed for by the Jewish People and given for the sin of us all. There is much to this event and volunteers are the foundation that makes it successful. A vital role is waiting for you in the Ukraine!

Come Join Us!

For more information or to register:, email, or call 800-299-YESHUA. 2 | 800-299-YESHUA

*Dates subject to change.

M]L[ SHALOM Dear Partners and Friends,

They call it the “Subprime Mortgage Crisis.” But when a virtual earthquake rolled through the world’s financial markets back in 2008 and 2009, it was about much more than an epidemic of mortgage defaults in the United States. At the time, few outside of the deepest corridors of power knew how truly serious this “liquidity crisis” was . . . Global credit markets froze; worldwide, the oceanbased shipping of materials and products nearly came to a complete halt, as importers and exporters found their usual lines of credit had evaporated seemingly overnight.

We now know that many world leaders and knowledgeable insiders were terrified that global financial markets were about to melt down and that a worldwide economic catastrophe would result. Many experts genuinely believed that a repeat of something like The Great Depression—or worse—was imminent. In response, central banks all over the world slashed interest rates to nearly zero and furiously pumped money into their respective economies while providing “bailout” loans to the most troubled financial behemoths. As a result, the worst fears were not realized—at least not right away. What we got instead has been termed “The Great Recession.” Unfortunately, the economic diseases that led to the crisis were not cured. The policies and problems that led the world to the brink in 2008 are still very much in place. In other words, leaders in the U.S. and around the world have essentially only “kicked the can down the road.” They didn’t avert an economic judgment day. They merely postponed it. That means another economic crisis or series of crises is very likely in our future. Indeed, an article from Forbes online carried the ominous headline, “Why Another Financial Crisis is Inevitable” last year (Jan. 8, 2013). That’s why we’ve dedicated this issue of JVT to bringing you a deep, diverse array of biblical perspectives on what may be right around the corner, and, more importantly, how you can be prepared. As always, we’re honored to have the opportunity to encourage and minister to you here at Jewish Voice. And we’re profoundly grateful for your ongoing support.

Jonathan Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014




Executive Editor Jonathan Bernis


Up Front Weathering the Next Economic Storm

Director of Publications Mary Ellen Breitwiser Senior Editor Kevin Geoffrey

MINISTRY UPDATE Anatomy of a Clinic

God not only cares about our financial health, He can bring supernatural help to those who hear His voice and follow His instructions.

Now you can see how we build a medical clinic site. It’s an event when JVMI comes to town!

By Jonathan Bernis

By Judi Clarke



Perspective No Fear—Living in God’s Economy

Perspective Biblical Economics Amidst Global Financial Crisis

Three principles guaranteed to help you walk in financial freedom. By Robert Morris


Ten foundational keys to prospering in any era and under any circumstances. By Norm Franz

Perspective Godonomics: God’s View on Economics


Both political parties have been bleeding America dry. It’s time for thrift and resourcefulness. By Chad Hovind


Perspective Behind the Scenes of the Harbinger and Why You Should be Preparing Now We must apply wisdom for what may be coming: economic collapse, hyperinflation, stock market crash, terrorist hacking of the electric grid, or worse.

Visit to watch online.

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PERSPECTIVE Giving Brings Blessings to the Giver ... Even in a Bad Economy

God speaks to hearts about becoming involved with Jewish Voice Ministries, and they are blessed.

Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture is taken from the New International Version.

By Richard Brock


jewish holiday The Festival of Shavuot

You have an important role to play in the “Soul Harvest” of God’s Kingdom.

By Jack Zimmerman

By Kevin D. Freeman


Art Director Evie Kriegbaum

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up f r o n t | J o n at h a n b e r n is

Weathering the Next Economic

Storm A

n economic storm is brewing. It could be a very big, very destructive one.

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. —Proverbs 22:3

Please understand, I’m not trying to frighten you. The fact is economic booms, busts, panics, bubbles and crises have always been with us. And they always will be until that glorious day when Yeshua ( Jesus) returns to bring full restoration and put everything in order. In fact, Yeshua’s parable of the two house builders with two strikingly different foundations (Matthew 7:2427) makes it clear that the storms of life come to every household.

Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014


The wonderful news within Yeshua’s parable is that it’s possible to weather the severest of storms—if you have the proper foundation. That foundation is, of course, the Word of God. No, my purpose isn’t to alarm you. On the contrary, I simply want to help you be prepared to weather the next storm because, like it or not, storms come. And because I am convinced we are living in the Last Days, I believe our times are about to become especially stormy. The Bible has much to say about wealth and money. It’s literally filled with principles that empower us to be prudent, peaceful and to experience abundance. Right now I want to point you to three in particular that are especially relevant on the eve of an economic storm.

1. Recognize that God Cares About Your Financial Health Far too many Believers view money and financial matters as irrelevant to their lives; or more commonly,

something unclean and unholy. It seems they have bought into the Scripture-twisting lie that “money is the root of all evil.” Of course, that’s not what the Bible says. In 1 Timothy 6:10 NIV, Paul warns his young protégé that . . . the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. It is a warning against idolatry.

from unsecured, high-interest credit card debt.

The clear and liberating message Yeshua taught and modeled is that God cares deeply about every aspect of our lives, including our finances and needs. We can come to God confidently and expectantly for wisdom, insight and help where our finances are concerned.

Naturally, you’ll be more successful in this endeavor if you don’t try to do it in your own power. Ask God for help. Ask for and receive a supernatural impartation of wisdom and instruction.

2. Reduce or Eliminate Debt

The Bible does not prohibit debt or lending, but it does contain numerous strong warnings and hearty encouragements about it. One of the most sobering of these is found in Proverbs 22:7 where we’re warned . . . the borrower is slave to the lender. Not all debt is created equal, either. Secured or collateralized debt, such as a home mortgage, is very different

Depending upon your specific circumstances, it may not be possible to completely eliminate debt, but whatever you can do to reduce your debt load now will strengthen your position when the next storm comes.

You may recall that when Peter came to Yeshua with the problem of a debt they seemingly couldn’t pay—the Temple Tax—Yeshua gave him highly unusual, very explicit instructions. Namely, go to the lake; catch a fish; look in the fish’s mouth; find a coin; and then use it to pay the tax for both of us. (See Matthew 17:24-27). God not only cares about our finances, He is willing and able to bring supernatural help to those who hear His voice and follow His instructions. This leads us to our third key . . .

Yeshua’s parable of the two house builders with two strikingly different foundations (Matthew 7:24-27) makes it clear that the storms of life come to every household.

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3. Embrace God’s Priorities

Finally, we are uniquely positioned to come through the severest financial storms when we align our thinking and our actions with God’s priorities. Clearly, God’s highest priority is redeeming lost souls. It’s why He sent the promised Messiah—“to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). But Yeshua also said His first and primary mission was to the “lost sheep of Israel” (Matthew 15:24). The Word is revealing a key priority of God’s heart here. Paul also proclaimed God’s divine order when he said in Romans 1:16, For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. Honoring this “to the Jew first, and also to the nations” priority sits at the heart of our mission here at Jewish Voice. And I’m convinced it’s the reason we’ve seen God open so many doors of opportunity for us. I believe it has invited God’s supernatural

blessings and empowering upon us. I’m not alone in that belief. Pastor Robert Morris leads one of the largest and fastest growing congregations in North America— Gateway Church in the Dallas, Texas area. (You’ll find a powerful article by Pastor Morris in this issue of JVT magazine on page 8.) Not only has Gateway experienced astonishing growth in its 12-year existence, it is renowned for its overall health and financial stability. In fact, Gateway launched the most ambitious building initiative in its history just as the financial crisis of 2008-2009 was unfolding. The campaign to fund expansion was successful beyond anyone’s dreams— in a season during which most organizations were hunkering down or cutting back. Robert is frequently asked why he thinks Gateway has experienced such consistent, remarkable blessing— even in the midst of economic storms. His answer surprises most people. He points to one thing.

Early in the church’s history they embraced a “to the Jew first” priority in their finances and giving. Gateway is a generous funder of missionary and evangelistic outreaches. But the first of their giving every month is designated for outreaches like Jewish Voice that are effectively reaching Jewish People with The Good News that Yeshua is the promised Messiah. I have personally seen this principle in operation in my own life and in the lives of countless others. There is something profoundly powerful that happens in our lives when we make God’s priorities our priorities. Yes, an economic storm is brewing. But we, God’s people, can weather it in peace and come through strong, whole and victorious. Yeshua still comes to us walking on the water in the midst of the raging storm. His message hasn’t changed: . . . “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid” (Matthew 14:27).

An economic storm is brewing. But we, God’s people, can weather it in peace and come through strong, whole and victorious. Yeshua still comes to us walking on the water in the midst of the raging storm.

Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014





s a nation, we’re going through some pretty tough economic times. But I want to remind you of a simple yet profound truth right up front—God is bigger than the economy. He does and will always provide for His children. Psalm 46:1-2 NKJV says, God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.

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Developing the Proper Perspective

When living in uncertain economic times it’s difficult to have hope, but here are three principles guaranteed to help you develop the proper perspective and walk in financial freedom.

1. Let God Be First. The Bible says, Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the firstfruits of all your increase (Proverbs 3:9). Do you honor God with the firstfruits of your finances? You can claim God is first place in your life—but by observing where your money goes, I can tell you who’s really first place in your life. Maybe it’s the mortgage company, the electric company or even Visa, MasterCard and American Express! When God is first, He blesses the rest. This principle is seen throughout the Bible. The first check I write every month is the tithe check. Not the second check, third or eighth—the first. I want to give God the first part of all my increase, not the last part. Please understand me. This isn’t law; it’s love! This is expressing love and gratitude and honor to the God who has given us everything!

3. Live Below Your Means. This principle is very important. Truly living below your means using less than 70 percent of your income. So, if you tithe 10 percent, put 10 percent in savings, put 10 percent in retirement or other investments and give something in offerings above your tithes, you’re going to be living on 60 to 70 percent of your income at the highest level. When my oldest son was away at college, his accelerated academic schedule made working a part-time job unfeasible. So I provided nearly all of his support. Before he went off to school, we sat down and drew up a budget for him based upon a set amount I’d send him each month. I was pleased to discover he was doing a great job living below his means. He was being a good steward. So, as a loving father, I rewarded him! I increased the amount of money I sent him each month. A few months later, he called me and mentioned moving into a new apartment could lower the costs even more. We checked into his idea, and helped him move into the less expensive apartment. Shortly thereafter, he called and shared that his costs were indeed lower and he needed less money. But I

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2. Learn to Wait. When Egypt experienced a season of great abundance, Joseph made the Egyptians store up, store up and store up. Maybe some of the people said, “We’ve got enough grain stored up by now! Why can’t we just use some of this grain, instead of storing it up?” Joseph most likely replied, “No, you don’t understand. If you don’t store it up now, you’re not going to have it later when you need it.” When it comes to wealth, the Bible teaches us to wait, be faithful and be good stewards (see Proverbs 28:20). Sometimes people try to get rich quickly because they aren’t willing to live as they should financially. They want to have what they want and have it now! Before you make a purchase, look at your budget and ask God if this is His will at the moment. In an “instant gratification” society, it’s all too easy to fall into the pattern of buying whatever we want at the moment without being patient or seeking God’s counsel about it.

When G He ble od is first , s This p ses the re s r throu inciple is s t. e ghou t the en Bible.

Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014


P E R S P E C T I V E | C H A D HO V I N D


eorge Washington died the same way America’s economy is dying: he was bled to death by his doctors. As George’s symptoms got worse, his doctors siphoned out another pint of blood—believing his bad blood was the problem. With every pint pumped from his veins, he surprisingly, at least to them, got worse. These educated and elite medical professionals never questioned their original assumptions. They erroneously concluded they had not intervened enough and siphoned yet another quart of blood. Washington’s doctors killed him. As his cold corpse lay in his bed, you could hear in hush tones, “If only we’d bled him out faster and sooner.” The worsening symptoms were never interpreted as the proverbial light of the dashboard clamoring, “This is not working! Stop! You’re not solving the problem. You are the problem!”

What America needs today is God’s The doctors of democracy from view on economics–Godonomics. both political parties have been Proverbs 31 outlines how economies bleeding out America today with their work. This business woman begins Keynesian assumptions that you can with producing, by finding a vineyard. never spend too little, intervene too Then she profits—which is a good soon, or stimulate too much. While thing, not a four-letter word. And in 2014 reported a lower unemployment rate from December of 6.7 percent, a free market system, the only way that lower rate doesn’t count the to profit is when someone willingly chooses to buy your product, millions who have just given up on requiring the producer to put the even looking for work. Rather than consumer’s needs first. adding the needed 200,000 jobs per month to get our What America needs today is God’s view on economy economics back on track, Our Proverbs 31 woman does the recent report of 74,000 is yet just that, as she “affirms that her another symptom that America does merchandise is good,” working day not have a healthy economy. The and night to make the business uncertainty of Obamacare and other go. From her profits she produces fears have businesses sounding like savings, which allow her to invest in Will Robinson’s robot: “Warning! another vineyard – blessing others, Warning!”

10 | 800-299-YESHUA

hiring more workers, and producing Dishonest scales are an abomination to more. From her savings she extends the LORD, but a just weight is His delight her hand to the poor and needy. And (Proverbs 11:1). twice the Scriptures affirm two lynchpins of capitalism: Property Rights Option 3: Enslaving itself by and Incentive, when it says, “Give her borrowing from other nations— the fruit of her hands.” Those profits ignoring God’s commands from belong to her, because she worked for Deuteronomy. You shall lend to many them. This is called property rights. nations, but you shall not borrow; you And they were the incentive of The doctors of democracy from both her hard work: her profits. political parties have been bleeding

out America today with their Keynesian

When you assumptions that you can never spend too build your economy on little, intervene too soon, or stimulate consumption too much. instead of production, the government has only three options shall reign over many nations, but they to create a short-term economic shall not reign over you (Deuteronomy illusion. 15:6 NKJV-emphasis added).

you create a budget; use the other two for savings. When the mirage of our current economic realities fades, you will have prepared in advance like Joseph for the famine. You’ll be able to provide for yourself and generously help others too. If Washington is to be resuscitated … if he has any chance of recovering from his blind guides and bloodthirsty doctors, we must return to God’s wisdom. We need to educate others in Godonomics, and seek His founding principles … before we, like George, are bled to death. Chad Hovind is lead pastor of Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, OH. He is creator of the Fast Track Bible DVD series and the Godonomics DVD curriculum series. He speaks to a variety of groups, including at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love, marketplace ministries,

God's View On Economics Option 1: Taxing the producers, thus decreasing their profits, savings, and ability to invest in new jobs. (Good-bye employment). God warns us against the ways a large government will take what is ours and make it theirs. This will be the behavior of the king who will reign over you: he will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. … He will take a tenth of your grain and your vintage, and give it to his officers and servants … He will take a tenth of your sheep. And you will be his servants” (1 Samuel 8:11, 14, 15, 17 NKJV). Option 2: Inflating the currency, which devalues the dollar and hurts the poor, ignoring God’s strong words about “unjust scales” and “dishonest weights.”

So, what should Bible Believers do during these unprecedented times? John Wesley said it clearly: “Gain all you can, Save all you can, and Give all you can.” It’s time for thrift and resourcefulness in our spending to pay off debt and build up savings. It’s time to create multiple streams of income from more than just one main income supply. Clear out the basement and liquefy your garage on eBay to make cash. Diversify your income as the Bible instructs. Create margin by spending much less than you make to create an emergency fund, not presuming upon tomorrow, but preparing. Why? Because the Bible teaches us that “the days are evil.” If you have 26 paychecks per year, pretend you have only 24 when

and patriot events. For more information about his work, visit the website,

GODONOMICS Author Chad Hovind writes that forces are at work today that seek to enslave our nation in a socialistic system. Now you can speak out—using God’s Word—against false teachings that endanger your livelihood and the future of America.

item #9138 | $25.00 GIFT

Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014


P E R S P E C T I V E | K E V I N D. FR E E M A N


and As a nation…we should be reducing the regulatory burden, simplifying the tax code, developing domestic energy sources, shielding the electric grid, and reinvigorating the American ideal. … It all begins with God’s people crying out in repentance. 12 | 800-299-YESHUA

Why You I

n 2008, I was scrambling to understand what was happening in our stock market and economy. Trained by Sir John Templeton, with a CFA designation, and more than a quarter century of financial experience, I thought I’d seen it all. What was happening, however, didn’t fit any textbook or match any expectation. We were seeing a complete meltdown of the system. When tasked by the Pentagon to investigate,i my team found clear and compelling evidence of financial terrorism at work,ii worsening the housing bust and other Wall Street failures.iii Hidden behind the turmoil

Should be Preparing Now was a financial jihad from the Middle Eastiv attempting to crash our stock market, exploiting our weaknesses, and using methodologies crafted by the Chinese army a decade earlier.v It was over three years later that I first read Jonathan Cahn’s masterpiece, The Harbinger. I had just published a book about my Pentagon research (Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why it Could Happen Again; Regnery, 2012) and was on a book tour that included appearances on Glenn Beck, C-Span, at the Heritage Foundation,

NewsMax, CBS, Michael Savage, Forbes, American Family Radio, and of course Jewish Voice with Jonathan Everywhere I went, people would ask me if I had read The Harbinger and wondered what I thought of its prophetic warnings. After about the first dozen times I was asked, I got the message, downloaded it to my Kindle, and read it straight through. It was as if I was reading a spiritual perspective regarding the very things I had written about. Put another way, I realized that the economic war I had been describing was a virtual play-by-play of The Harbinger’s warnings fulfilled.

Based on Jonathan Cahn’s reading of Isaiah 9, America is undergoing judgment. He described this as “economic disintegration or military defeat, disorder and division, the collapse of infrastructure, man-made calamities, calamities of nature, decline and fall. And in the case of a nation so greatly blessed by God’s favor, the withdrawal of all such blessings . . . in the case of a nation preeminent among the nations, it means the end of that preeminence . . . the collapse of empire . . . the removing of its crown.”vii

(Continued on page 22)

Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014



Anatomy of

the road out of to wn

Medical Rooms s m o o R r e y Pra e c i f f O n i a M



When a JVMI medical clinic comes to town, it is quite an event. We begin preparing the site many days in advance. Depending on the location, set-up can mean bringing thousands of supplies to an existing facility or first creating our own compound with multiple tents, and

anything in between. It is a job we love doing because the care we bring makes such a vital difference. People enter the clinic sick, hurting, and desperate. They leave with help and hope. Even better than this, thousands leave our prayer room with the eternal hope and healing

14 | 800-299-YESHUA

of Yeshua. Why not come with us! An amazing experience is waiting for you. If you are interested in going on a future outreach with us, see our trip schedule online:

Mposi, Zimbabwe

a Clinic s m o o R l a t n


This is how we set up one of our clinics in Zimbabwe. Each clinic location is unique, so no two clinic sites will be the same. But this "sample" will give you an idea of how we organize our medical clinic for maximum efficiency.

Lunch R Morning oom & Meeting s

Start ne i L f o

Post Triage Triage

s e s u tho


Judi Clarke is a writer for Jewish Voice Ministries with a particular passion for missions and showing the love of Yeshua to the impoverished people of Africa. Her husband, Rusty, is a photographer on many of JVMI’s outreaches, and they like to say that together they make “a” photojournalist. Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014



16 | 800-299-YESHUA


s I have traveled throughout the nations teaching the biblical perspective on today’s global economic crises, I have become known as a Biblical Economist. When people ask what a Biblical Economist is, I lightheartedly tell them that it is someone who studies and teaches Biblical Economics.

What is Biblical Economics? When they ask what Biblical Economics is, I like to take a moment and explain that the Greek word for economics is “oikonomia,” which comes from the Greek root words “Oikos” and “Nomos.” Oikos means “house, household, or estate,” and Nomos means “laws, rules or management.” Therefore, I define Biblical Economics as “the laws of God that we follow for managing His household.” Nomos is also the Greek counterpart of the Hebrew word Torah (i.e., Law), which means God’s “teaching, instruction and direction.” This is a very important concept for the body of Messiah, because as members of God’s household, we are given stewardship of His house and commanded to manage it according to His Laws/ Torah (Matthew 24:45).

God’s Standard for Biblical Prosperity God’s standard for biblical prosperity and success throughout the Scriptures is echoed in the one condition He gave to Joshua for taking the Promised Land: This book of the law (Torah) shall not depart from your

mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. —Joshua 1:8 NASB Joshua and the children of Israel lived in a hostile land filled with worldly “ites” just as we do today. As long as they kept God’s Commandments (i.e., managed the kingdom according to His Laws/Torah), they prospered and had success in every area of life. However, when they broke His Commandments, they suffered poverty and failure that led to a falling away of their religious leaders ( Jeremiah 23), the corruption of their government and the debauching of their currency (Isaiah 1:21-23). This produced a collapse of their financial system and led them into to a spiritual famine, where they could not hear the Word of the Lord (Amos 3:14-15; 8:4-14). Ultimately, they were overthrown and taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, which was the world government—i.e., New World Order (NWO) of their day.

I define Biblical Economics as “the laws of god that we follow for managing his household.”

If you are thinking that all this sounds familiar, it’s because …there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). In other words, history is just repeating itself, only this time it is on a truly global level. So the question is: “How do God’s people survive and thrive during these times?” I believe the best examples to glean from are Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego during Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar’s Babylon. During this time, they stayed true to the commandments regarding their worship of God. This included everything from their diet (Daniel 1:8-15), to their submission under the civil government of Babylon, to their refusal to worship other gods (Daniel 3:8-24). All four of these men managed their individual households according to God’s laws during that time. In response to their obedience, God gave them knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And

(Continued on page 25) Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014


Giving Brings Blessings toGiver the ‌ Even in a Bad Economy PERSPECTIVE | RICHARD BROCK

Giving Brings Blessings to the Giver ‌ Even in a Bad Economy

18 | 800-299-YESHUA


s a relative newcomer to the Jewish Voice staff, I have been impressed by the teamwork I see demonstrated in this office. Realizing the call of God upon each worker to fulfill their mission in this ministry, I love the optimistic and uplifting attitudes, the heartfelt love, and the spirit of blessing everyone shares on a daily basis.


Serving as a JVMI Regional Partner Relations Representative, I am also enjoying the privilege of calling you, our Jewish Voice partners around the world. Through every conversation in which I have become acquainted with someone who shares our vision for this work, two words have consistently come to mind: “Faithful” and “Compassionate.” Each one has a passion to follow the biblical mandate of Romans 1:16, For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. Prayer support and financial giving are such undergirding foundations of this ministry. As many of our partners have continued to faithfully support Jewish Voice Ministries, our outreach has broadened in touching lives around the world. The needs are seemingly endless, but God’s resources are also more than sufficient when His people respond through the sense of urgency in their hearts to see the ministry go forward, even when the economy has been tough. Knowing the challenges many of us have faced in our personal finances, I am reminded of a principle my mother-in-law, Ruth, shared with me when Elaine and I were first married. She spoke of the “SeedFaith Principle” of giving out of the abundance of our hearts, planting seeds of faith even during hard financial times. Ruth and her husband, Ernie, were God-honoring people. They owned a small business which many times faced these kinds of financial challenges. Even when they found themselves scrambling to make payroll at the end of the week, they trusted the Lord for what seemed to be impossible situations.

They continued to give of their first fruits, always writing out their giving check before paying the rest of their bills, and faithfully tithing and giving to the work of the Lord. Undoubtedly God never failed them. They always saw Him provide. Ruth always reminded me that “we can’t out-give God! As we are willing to take steps of faith, God will honor our courage and multiply His blessings back to us in ways we never dreamed.” I see this kind of faith in many of our partners. Even with the economy causing some fear in our lives at times, I see how our partners desire to honor God with their finances. Hearing first-hand about some of the financial challenges some have faced, it is so heartwarming to hear how God still speaks to hearts about their involvement in Jewish Voice Ministries. One of our partners I spoke with stated, “I give to Jewish Voice because I want to be involved in a front-line ministry outreach that shares the Good News of Yeshua with the Jewish People in nations around the world. I know God blesses those who bless Israel.” One of our JVMI partners mentioned to me, “I give to Jewish Voice because I believe in the integrity of this work and want to be a blessing to others. I know God will return more to me than I can possibly give.” Another dedicated JVMI supporter told me, “I want to be Jesus’ hands and feet. Even though I may not be able to travel overseas, I can pray and I can give financially. I want to help the poor and hurting...” Faithful and compassionate ... these are two words that resound in each

conversation and each heartbeat that has grasped the vision of Jewish Voice. You may be reading this article and wondering how you may also participate in “Seed-Faith Giving.” • I encourage you to watch our television program, “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis,” which shares more specifically the needs and vision of reaching various Jewish People around the world, including the precious people of Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Israel • Read our JVMI newsletter and magazine to see how God is so powerfully moving through this ministry • Call us anytime and speak to one of our dedicated team members in Partner Relations • You may give of your time in praying for this work • You may also give of your finances on a monthly basis • You may feel compelled to join us on one of our medical outreach trips and participate first-hand in touching these lives My prayer is that the Lord will speak to your heart in His way and His timing. God will return His blessing to you in ways that you cannot even ask or imagine! Richard Brock, is a JVMI Regional Partner Relations Representative. An ordained pastor, teacher, rescue mission chaplain and foreign missionary, he, his wife, Elaine, and son, Mic, have lived and ministered in the Dutch West Indies, Costa Rica and Canary Islands.

Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014


J E W I S H H O L I D AY | jack zimmerman

The Festival of Shavuot S

o, remember that great Bible story where Moses received the Commandments from God at Mount Sinai? Well, guess what: There’s a holiday for that. Turns out that after the Israelites fled Egypt on that first Passover they arrived at Sinai in some fifty days. Later, after the Israelites entered the Promised Land, they were required to celebrate seven annual feasts and festivals, and one of those festivals came exactly fifty days after Passover. Leviticus 23 tells us how it was observed: “From the day after the Sabbath, the day you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, count off seven full weeks. Count off fifty days up to the day after the seventh Sabbath, and then present an offering of new grain to the LORD. From wherever you live, bring two loaves made of two-tenths of an ephah of the finest flower, baked with yeast, as a wave offering of firstfruits to the LORD” (Leviticus 23:15-17).

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So, simple translation—fifty days after Passover, your wheat crop is now ripe and ready for harvest. Take the wheat, bake some loaves of bread, bring the bread to the priest, and the priest will lift it up as a wave offering to the Lord to give Him thanks for His provision. So, what’s this Festival called? Depends who you talk to: Christians call it Pentecost. Jews call it Shavuot. Same thing. Except that it means something different to both: Jewish People place great emphasis on the fact that it was at this time that Moses received the Word of God. Because of this, it’s traditional for Jewish People to eat dairy foods at Shavuot, as the Word or Torah, is likened to milk, according to Song of Solomon 4:11, Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride; milk and honey are under your tongue. The fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon.

Ever Wonder About the Wheat in Our Logo? The sheaf of wheat represents the harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God, both Jewish and Gentile.

Orthodox Jews will also spend the day (and some, overnight), reading and studying the Torah. Believers in Yeshua see an even greater meaning going on here. That’s because many years later, it was also fifty days after Passover when the Jews heard the disciples declaring, “(both Jews and converts to Judaism); Cretans and Arabs—we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!” (Acts 2:11). Now comes the challenging part: how do we observe this Festival today? Should we load up on dairy? Bake homemade wheat bread, perhaps? How about stay up all night and read the Bible? There’s nothing wrong with any of those things, but let’s keep in mind that acknowledging this or any Festival is not about “going through the motions.” We have to look further and see what’s really going on here: Take note of the three events I have already mentioned that have a tie-in to the Festival:

The people receive the Word at Sinai The people harvest the wheat in the Promised Land The people receive the Word in Acts 2 See any connection here? Let me give it to you in one word: harvest. Oftentimes, words in Scripture have double meaning, and this Festival is a perfect example of it. Let’s talk about the harvest. The clear meaning of harvest deals with reaping your fields after the grain has ripened. But did you ever notice how the word “harvest” is used in places like Revelation 14:15? Listen: Then another angel came out of the temple and called in a loud voice to him who was sitting on the cloud, “Take your sickle and reap, because the time to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” Do you realize we’re not talking about just harvesting crops anymore?

This is about harvesting souls for the Kingdom. And that’s what the significance of Shavuot has been all about from the very beginning: God gave His Word at Sinai so that the people would obey, and He could thus harvest His people. In Acts 2, note how nearly 3,000 souls were “harvested” as new Believers in Yeshua, following the most important message Peter ever preached. How then can we observe this Festival today? As Believers in Yeshua, each of us has an important role to play in sharing the Good News and thus, doing our part to harvest souls for the Kingdom as well. And for what it’s worth, don’t wait until Shavuot comes to take advantage of this opportunity—there are always those who are ripe for the harvest, no matter the day, or the season. Jack Zimmerman is Staff Evangelist at Jewish Voice and an ordained Messianic Jewish Rabbi. To invite Rabbi Jack to speak at your church, congregation, or event, please visit

Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014


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kept sending him the same amount. He had been a good steward, and I wanted to reward him.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the final push in the 2008 economic collapse (from which we still suffer) began on September 11 with the fall of Lehman Brothers on Wall Street, at the very location of the 9/11-attack seven years prior.viii On that anniversary, a bear raid using sophisticated and illegal techniques like naked short sellingix started in the Middle East and through Londonx and quickly took down one of America’s largest investment banks.xi Even Jim Cramer suspected financial terrorism at the timexii and George Soros acknowledged that this effort was what pushed our economy so close to total collapse.xiii

Why don’t we expect God to be as gracious and responsive as I was to my own son? Why are we so surprised to learn that God rewards and blesses us for being good stewards and living below our means?

Where Are You Investing? It’s good to save, make investments and be a good steward financially. But I wonder how many people have an ERA— an Eternal Retirement Account. Although we’re going through tough economic times, each of us has the unique opportunity to place our trust in our Father who owns it all, knowing that He can provide for all of our needs. I urge you today … be a good steward, give generously, and continue to make eternal investments into God’s kingdom. Robert Morris is the Founding Senior Pastor of Gateway Church, a multicampus, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since it began in 2000, the church has grown to more than 26,000 active members. He is featured on the weekly television program, The Blessed Life, broadcast to approximately 90 million homes in the United States and more than 200 countries around the world. Robert holds a Doctorate of Literature and serves as Chairman of the Board of The King’s University. He is the bestselling author of eleven books including The Blessed Life, From Dream to Destiny, The God I Never Knew and The Blessed Church.

When you step back, you see four important elements from The Harbinger at work. First, the anniversary of 9/11 has great significance prophetically, symbolically and practically. Second, my work confirmed that the breach of our economic security was, at least in part, an attack by foreigners designed to crush us.xiv Third, we responded in arrogance, unwilling to recognize the economic war we were facingxv any more than we would recognize the spiritual basis for that war. Finally, my report was intended as a wake up call—one that would go unheeded by prideful American leadershipxvi just as Israel had ignored Isaiah’s warnings nearly 28 centuries ago.xvii The Harbinger describes a spiritual view of the collapse of the American empire, what’s happened so far, and what frightfully is coming next. Secret Weapon explains how it is being done. My new book, Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack (Regnery, 2014), describes the next attack and what we should be doing about it. At the national level, both The Harbinger and my books agree that we need to put away arrogance and repent according to the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV. If My people who are called by My name will humble

The blessed life With humor, passion, and clarity, Robert Morris presents the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually.

Book | Order #8549 | $23.00 Gift

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We are stewards of the wealth we have been given. And we are expected to be providers of blessing to others especially during times of trial. Obviously our trust must be in God first and foremost. …That does not mean that we have license to ignore wisdom in handling our affairs. In fact, we will be held responsible for our stewardship according to the parable of the talents. As the Bible teaches, even God’s People can be destroyed for lack of knowledge. themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. After that, there are a number of other critical things we as a nation can and should be doing with humility, including reducing the regulatory burden, simplifying the tax code, developing domestic energy sources, and reinvigorating the American ideal. But, as I share and Jonathan Cahn drives home, it all begins with His people crying out in repentance. Sadly, the modern church seems ill equipped to grasp this hard message. In fact, I’ve often been told, “my Jesus is a God of love” and, “repentance is an Old Testament concept.” Biblical truth has too

often been replaced with feel-good theology. Yes, Jesus is a God of love. He loves us enough to call us to repent, as He did to five of the seven churches in the Revelation, the last and most prophetic book in the Bible.xviii Few realize how important this really is. At the personal level, there are many things we should be doing as well. Even if the

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Jewish Voice Today | May/June 2014


(Continued from page 23) nation won’t, we are still individually called to follow 2 Chronicles 7:14. We must also apply wisdom in preparation for what may be coming as I outlined in Game Plan. The Harbinger describes an impending judgment of America. It could take the form of economic collapse, hyperinflation, stock market crash, a terrorist hacking of the electric grid, or worse, like an EMP attack that could take us back to a preindustrial age. The Harbinger suggests punishment at the hands of foreigners as Israel was conquered by Assyria and Babylon. Could this be Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, or al Qaeda today? Having been warned of the threats, we are now responsible to some degree for personal preparedness. Can we trust the dollar? Should we rush into gold? How about stocks? Do we need to store food (as Joseph taught Pharaoh)?xix Water? These are practical questions I’m asked every day and that we must prayerfully consider. We are stewards of the wealth we have been given. And, we are expected to be providers of blessing to others especially during times of trial. Obviously our trust must be in God first and foremost and that is the clear message shared in Game Plan. That does not mean, however, that we have license to ignore wisdom in handling our affairs. In fact, we will be held responsible for our stewardship according to the parable of the talents. xx As the Bible teaches, even God’s people can be destroyed for lack of knowledge.xxi If the warnings of The Harbinger are real, and that increasingly seems to be the case, we should (and indeed must) develop a practical game plan of action before it’s too late. i Bill Gertz, Financial Terrorism Suspected in Crash, Washington Times, February 28, 2011, http://www.

ii Alexandra Frean, ‘Financial Terrorists’ Pose Grave

Risk to US, Times of London, February 2, 2011, page 9, Street_Terror_Threat.pdf.

iii Kevin D. Freeman, Economic Warfare, Risks and

Responses, Analysis of Twenty-First Century Risks in Light of the Recent Market Collapse, Cross Consulting and Services, LLC, 2009, doc/49755779/Economic-Warfare-Risks-andResponses-by-Kevin-D-Freeman.

iv Did China or Jihadists try to bankrupt America? Pentagon report reveals financial terrorists may have triggered economic crash, The Daily Mail, March 2, 2011, news/article-1361898/Pentagon-reveal-financialterrorists-triggered-economic-crash.html. v Col. Qiao Liang and Col. Wang Xiangsui, Unrestricted Warfare (PLA Press, 1999), English Translation (Pan American Publishing Company, 2002). vi Newsroom, http:// (including all previous entries).

xvii Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger (Front Line Pub.,

2011) page 27.

xviii The Book of the Revelation, Chapters 2-3. xix Genesis, Chapter 41. xx Matthew 25: 14-30. xxi Hosea 4:6.

Kevin D. Freeman, CFA, is an investment manager and New York Times bestselling author. The Pentagon tasked him in 2009 to study the risks of economic warfare and financial terrorism and he serves as a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. Personally selected by Sir John Templeton to help build the Templeton Private Client Group in 1990, he has more than thirty years of experience in financial markets, overseeing as much as $2.4 billion in client assets. He is a member of Gateway Church in Southlake Texas.

vii Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger (Front Line Pub., 2011) page 217. viii Ellen Brown, Economic 9-11: Did Lehman Brothers Fall or Was It Pushed? Huff Post Business, September 7, 2009, http://www.huffingtonpost. com/ellen-brown/economic-9-11-didlehman_b_278202.html. ix Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Greg Farrell,

Fuld says Lehman victim of short sellers, Financial Times, October 6, 2008, cms/s/0/f59fdd00-93b0-11dd-9a63-0000779fd18c. html#axzz2tDJ6cdrV.

x Barry Ritholz, Terror Attack on US Financials?

Details of SEC Short Ban, The Big Picture, September 19, 2008, terror-attack-on-us-financials-details-of-sec-shortban/

xi Gary Matsumoto, Naked Short Sales Hint Fraud in

Bringing Down Lehman, Bloomberg News, March 19, 2009, newsarchive&sid=aB1jlqmFOTCA.

xii Tom Brennan, Stop Trading!: Financial Terrorism?,

Mad Money, CNBC, September 18, 2008, http://

Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack Game Plan is the first "how to" investment handbook of its type. Just as a football team must plan for a variety of offensive strategies and attacks, investors must be prepared to strategically adjust.

Book | item #9144 | $30.00 gift

xiii George Soros, One Way to Stop Bear Raids, The

Wall Street Journal, March 24, 2009, http://online.

xiv Kevin Freeman, The Message No One Wanted to Hear, American Legion magazine, April 1, 2012, xv Juan C. Zarate, Treasury’s War (PublicAffairs/

Perseus, 2013), page 421.

xvi Sara Carter, Pentagon Cover-Up: ‘For The Record’

Reveals the Buried Details on Economic Terror Tactics Used By China, Russia & Al Qaeda Against America, The Blaze, September 18, 2013, http://www.

24 | 800-299-YESHUA

The Harbinger Could God be sending a prophetic message on which America’s future hangs? Read The Harbinger.

BOOK | ITEM #9102 | $18.00 gift

(Continued from page 17) Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds (Daniel 1:17). As a result, even a hostile, pagan, NWO society recognized that the Most High God was with them, and that they could be trusted in whatever they were given to do. Accordingly, they not only set a biblical standard for God’s people in Babylon, but the Lord gave them positions and responsibilities that caused them to prosper and be successful under Babylonian rule (Daniel 3:28-30; 6:25-28). Whenever Israel abandoned God’s Laws and began suffering moral and financial ruin, God admonished them to come back and keep His commandments as the way of blessing and prosperity: “I am the LORD your God, who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way you should go. If only you had paid attention to My commandments! Then your well-being would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.” —Isaiah 48:17-18 NASB Just as it was imperative for God’s people to keep His commandments in ancient times, it is also imperative for us to do the same if we plan to prosper and have success during the financial chaos of the Last Days. Consequently, I believe there are ten foundational keys to prospering in any era and under any circumstances. The following is a condensed list of what I call the “Ten Commandments of Biblical Prosperity” from my book Money and Wealth in the New Millennium.

1. Obey God’s Commandments: When we obey God’s Laws for

managing His house, He sets us above the financial, political and religious chaos of the nations (Deuteronomy 28:1-14).

2. Seek the Prosperity of Your Soul: Biblical prosperity is given

in direct proportion to the prosperity of our souls (3 John 2), and prosperity of soul comes through the study and application of God’s commandments (Psalm 19:7; Proverbs 19:16).

3. Acquire Wisdom and Knowledge: Solomon asked God for wisdom and knowledge, because he knew wisdom and knowledge, followed by prosperity and success, come as a result of obedience to God’s Laws (Deuteronomy 4:5-6; 29:9; Psalm 119:98; Proverbs 8:12-21; 2 Chronicles 1:11-12).

4. Bless Israel and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: God

promises to release His blessing (that makes rich) on all those who bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Genesis 12:1-3; Psalm 122:6-9). It’s interesting to note that this law of blessing is actually given before the law of tithes is established in Genesis 14:18-20. That’s how important it is.

5. Honor the Lord with Your Wealth: Loving obedience to give tithes and offerings according to God’s Laws, is paramount for prosperity and success in any era (Proverbs 3:9-10; Malachi 3:10).

6. Don’t Borrow Money to Make Money: Today’s financial crisis

is the direct result of people borrowing money in an effort to make money (Habakkuk 2:67). This has created numerous debt bubbles that have collapsed

and brought financial ruin to many people’s lives throughout the housing and investment markets (Amos 3:14-15; 4:4-9). Borrowing money to make money is a haste to get rich and he who makes haste to be rich will not go unpunished (Proverbs 28:20).

7. Be Diligent: To be diligent means

“to be alert, to be eager, to have determination, to be liquid or flow easily, to be prompt – i.e., do not procrastinate.”1 The first place we are to exercise diligence is in keeping God’s commandments. When we do this, God not only promises to prosper us, but that we shall stand before kings (Proverbs 10:4; 22:29).

8. Establish God’s Covenant in the MarketPlace: The Hebrew

word for business is “melawkaw,” which means “the ministry of work in the form of an industrious occupation or business involving property, workmanship, service, or public business such as politics or religious service.”2 Consequently, God gives Believers in the business world the power to get wealth so they can establish His covenant in the marketplace, and His covenant is His commandments (Deuteronomy 4:13; 8:18). Surprisingly enough, the first marketplace minister was God Himself, whose work (mel-awkaw) produced the heavens and the earth according to His Laws (Genesis 1:31; 2:3).

9. No Dishonest Scales of Any Kind: Using dishonest scales, weights and balances is a reference to when someone oppresses his neighbor through dishonest

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Messianic Jewish Studies

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means (Hosea 12:7). This violates the eighth, ninth and tenth commandments not to steal, lie, or covet his neighbor’s wealth (Exodus 20:15-17) and becomes an abomination to the Lord (Deuteronomy 25:14-16). Consequently, since God “delights in the prosperity of his servants,” and a “just weight is His delight,” then God will delight in prospering His people only as they operate with honesty and integrity, i.e., just scales (Proverbs 11:1).

10. Seek God’s Plan for Your Life: We must always come back to the realization that God has a plan for our lives that supersedes any other plan that they might have ( Jeremiah 29:11). He puts that plan in our heart, and then leads us to work with Him to bring it to pass. King Solomon refers to this process when he says: A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out (Proverbs 20:5 NASB). As we seek God according to His Word and by His Spirit, He promises to reveal His plans for managing His household according to His Laws.

When all is said and done, the key to prospering amidst global financial crises is finding out what God is doing in your life and simply doing it with Him. Just remember that He always does it according to His Commandments, which is the essence of Biblical Economics. 1. Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Concordance, Hebrew word #2742 ‘charuwts’ and Greek word #4710 “spoude.” 2. Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Concordance and the Online Bible Thayer’s Greek Lexicon and Brown Driver & Briggs Hebrew Lexicon. Hebrew word #4399 ‘mel-awkaw’.

Norm Franz is a pastor and Bible teacher with noted authority on what the Bible says about money from an End Times prophetic perspective. He is the founder of the Denver-based Ascension Ministries International, which seeks to minister the Gospel of Yeshua from a Hebraic perspective. For more information, go to Financial Survival Set

Norm Franz’s vital message combined with his great attention to detail will provide you with clarity and end confusion about global financial issues that are currently affecting our economy—yours and America’s. You can be prepared for an economic downturn and protect your personal finances through the potential difficulties prophesied for these Last Days. This two-part (book, Money & Wealth in the New Millenium, and Prepare for More Financial Crisis CD) set is a “must-have” for these times. Discover what you can do now! item #1423 | $30.00 GIFT

Where the past and the future

meet in the present.

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Isr el

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With featured guests: Mark Biltz - Popular Commentator & Founder of El Shaddai Ministries, will share fascinating research linking blood moons, NASA’s eclipse charts, Israel’s history, and biblical prophecy Maurice Sklar - World-Class Concert Violinist who will usher us into the presence of God Marty Goetz - Pianist & Contemporary Psalmist who will lead us in intimate times of worship

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Jewish Voice Today, May/June 2014  
Jewish Voice Today, May/June 2014