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THE JEWISH VOICE AND OPINION Promoting Classical Judaism

March 2013

Vol. 26 • No. 7

Nissan 5773

Obama to Visit Israel: Good, Ominous, Respectful, Busy—It Depends on Whom You Ask to pressure Israel to resume the Oslo process with the PA. According to the sources, officials in London and Paris are waiting to see if Mr. Obama’s visit will result in a serious renewal of talks. If Mr. Obama fails to move the negotiations forward, Britain and France threaten to take a series of measures against the Jewish state. A similarly unconfirmed report, published in the World Tribune in Israel, said Mr. Obama

The White House has indi-

cated that President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel on March 20 will not be an occasion for presenting any new proposals for diplomatic talks with the Palestinians. But the international community believes his trip is important for the resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. According to reports in Israel, diplomatic sources said Britain and France are planning

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Bibi’s Coalition Is a Work in Progress: No Hareidim, Livni as Chief Negotiator with the PA, and Bennett and Lapid Still Together At the beginning of March,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exceeded the twenty-eight days after elections that Israeli law allows for a coalition to be formed. When he needed to ask President Shimon Peres for an extension, all eyes turned once again to Naftali Bennett, whose decision whether or not to enter the government may decide its fate. Once Mr. Netanyahu’s chief of staff, Mr. Bennett is the head of the Jewish Home party, an

amalgam of various politically conservative factions, reconstituting the National Religious Party. In concert with his partner and fellow freshman MK, Yair Lapid of the Yesh Atid party, Mr. Bennett has turned Israeli politics upside down. Messrs Bennett and Lapid have agreed to enter Mr. Netanyahu’s government coalition together or not at all. They have made it clear they are more interested in government policies than they are in ministerial positions—although

positions that would make it easier for them to implement their policies are certainly part of the picture. Strange Bedfellows On the surface, Messrs Bennett and Lapid are strange bedfellows. Mr. Bennett is religious; Mr. Lapid is ardently secular. Mr. Bennett is proudly right-wing and supported in large measure by residents of Judea and Samaria and their champions; Mr. Lapid considers Yesh Atid (The Future Is Here) to be a center-left party with a

strong ultra-leftist contingent. Nevertheless, their union seems to be unbreakable. Three shared policies cement their political alliance: requiring hareidi yeshiva students to serve in the IDF; protecting most of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria; and maintaining Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem. To the chagrin of the hareidi parties in the Knesset, the Sephardic Shas and Ashkenazi United Torah Judaism (UTJ), Mr.

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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Why I chose

to practice at Holy Name. “I trained at some of the finest institutions in the world—from Harvard Medical School to Memorial Sloan-Kettering. When I decided to practice medicine at a hospital with an innovative cancer-fighting program, I chose Holy Name Medical Center. Here, prone breast radiation is helping us to better isolate the target and save healthy tissue. And Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) precision-targets tumors in a way that’s perfectly in sync with the body. I’ve always felt at home here. Maybe that’s because I know a quality hospital when I see one.” —Benjamin Rosenbluth, MD | Radiation Oncologist To learn more, visit or call 1-877-HOLY-NAME (465-9626).

Healing begins here • 718 Teaneck Road • Teaneck, NJ 07666

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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200 Jewish Athletes Compete in YU’s Wrestling Tournament cum Shabbaton—TABC Triumphs From February 15 through

18, two hundred wrestlers from fourteen yeshiva high schools across the United States descended on Yeshiva University for the 18th annual Henry Wittenberg Wrestling Invitational. In addition to a first-rate two-day wrestling competition, the long weekend included a Shabbaton with communal meals and inspirational lectures from guests such as Yuri Foreman, a former World Boxing Association super-welterweight champion, who is now studying to be an Orthodox rabbi. The boys were also visited by Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

The former president of a Jewish student organization at Oxford, which he attended as a Rhodes Scholar, Mr. Booker, now a candidate for US Senate, offered the high school wrestlers a Dvar Torah. YU President Richard Joel also paid the boys a visit. Sharing a Passion For Nathan Pittinsky, who wrestles for the Rav Teitz Mesivta in Elizabeth, Mr. Booker was only one of the highlights of the experience. “It was also really nice getting to meet other students with a similar passion for wrestling,” he said. Rabbi Kenneth Brander, dean of YU’s Center for the

Jewish Future, agreed, calling the weekend “the highlight of the yeshiva high school wrestling calendar.” “It is an opportunity for young Jewish athletes to bond with each other, to be inspired to elevate their wrestling performances and grow spiritually, and to begin thinking about what will become of their wrestling careers after high school,” he said. Naming the Winners Watching the young wrestlers perform in YU’s Max Stern Athletic Center, which had three regulation wrestling mats cordoned off with velvet ropes, were scores of excited high

school students, parents, and eager fans. By the end of the competition, the team from the Teaneck-based Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC) walked off with first place. SAR Academy High School in Riverdale and the Ida Crown Jewish Academy from Chicago took the second and third places, respectively. Other participating schools included: Davis Renov Stahler (Long Island, NY); Derech HaTorah (Brooklyn, NY); Fuchs Mizrachi (Beachwood, OH); Kushner Academy (Livingston, NJ); Maimonides (Brookline, MA);

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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Kol Ami: Economy Improving? The Obama administration insists the economy is improving, but no one can deny the number of Americans either unemployed or underemployed, meaning engaged in a job that is not up to their education level, previous remuneration, or both. In the Jewish community, few are unaware of hardship cases. The Jewish community is responding with job-networking programs, seminars, and fairs. At the Parnassah Expo last month at the Meadowlands Center in Secaucus, the question was: Is the economic picture improving in the Jewish community? Y

It’s hard to tell because everyone has a “mask” to make believe everything is okay. People in the community are still leasing cars and taking vacations, but there is no question they are hurting financially. Chaim Hyman Brooklyn, NY

It depends on the field in which the individual was trained. There has been an uptick in the business, financial, investments, and commercial banking segment, but the problem is too many unqualified people are giving advice. Larry Aboudi Brooklyn, NY

There is no question it is pretty bad, but it is hard to tell if it is getting worse. The only solution I see is for the government to help develop more businesses so that more people could find work. Esther Stern Brooklyn, NY

I think things are getting better mostly because there is more awareness in the Jewish community that there is a crisis and it is necessary for us to watch out for one another and offer help. There have been many well-attended job fairs, and that’s important. Shira Friedman Lakewood, NJ

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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The Current Crisis: “Even in Laughter, the Heart Can Ache” The Curse of Unintended Consequences: The vast majority of Israelis are so head-over-heels in love with the concept of forcing young hareidi yeshiva students to serve in the IDF that any number of problems have not even been considered. As the Beit El Yeshiva’s Zionist spiritual leader, Rabbi Zalman Melamed, warned: “Take care that ‘equal share in the burden’ does not in itself become a burden on equality.” The first problem is that hareidi students are hardly Israel’s only shirkers. “There must be equal sharing of the burden by Arabs,” said United Torah Judaism MK Yaakov Litzman. That’s all Balad MK Hanin Zoabi (she of Turkish flotilla fame) had to hear. If Israeli-Arabs are to be drafted, she said, Israel should start “preparing the prisons.” “Military service goes against our identity, our history, and our culture,” she said, sounding very much like the hareidim. It also “goes against the identity” of thousands of students in the country’s most elite public high schools where teachers coach them on how to avoid serving in the IDF, which is considered the destination only for freyers (the worst identity for any 18-year-old anywhere). But, for some reason, the new law focuses only on hareidim. Some people have a name for that, but this is a family publication. It all adds up to a nightmare predicted by Shas leader Eli Yishai who envisioned pandemonium in the streets when hardcore secularists demand that hareidim not in the IDF be jailed. Yishai envisioned “hundreds of thousands marching in the streets, filling the prisons.” “The military police would run around Bnei Brak; there would be rebellion and chaos,” he said, prompting a picture of pursued yeshiva bochers in their own Tahrir Square-type uprising, presumably

with the rabbis preventing a Bais Yaakov rendition of Lara Logan. The Rebbe of Peremyshlyany, Rabbi Meir Rosenboim, explained that hareidi students actually defend Israel from a great calamity. By not studying the Torah and following its precepts, he said, it was secular Israelis who cause the security issues. So, of course, he said, the secularists have a greater duty to serve in the army. He didn’t address the issue of religious-Zionist young men who put on tefillin and daven while standing next to their tanks. One wonders what they did to bring about the security issues. Finally, the head of the Jewish Home party’s negotiating team, MK Uri Ariel, sought to calm down the hareidi leadership. No one, he said, would be thrown into jail. Draft evaders would probably suffer a civil sanction, such as cancellation of discounts on property. And what about the penalty for IDF leaders who regularly break the army’s promise to hareidi-religious soldiers already serving in the IDF’s Nahal Hareidi battalion? These soldiers were assured they would be provided with an environment suited to their lifestyle, but the unit’s founder, Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, recalled a hareidi unit in a navy torpedo division working with submarines. Everything went smoothly until the IDF brought in young women to work beside them. The unit was closed immediately. Religious-Zionist soldiers and their rabbis complain about similar problems, and Rabbi Schwartz said he has repeatedly argued with the heads of hesder yeshivas whose students divide their time between the military and Torah learning. “I yelled at the rabbis, I said they need to stand on their feet and tell the IDF: ‘If you want us to serve, you serve us,’” he said. Maybe just an evening with Rabbi Rosenboim would do it. Have a wonderful Pesach, everyone. SLR

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

TABC Wrestling Win Yeshiva University High School for Boys/Marsha Stern Talmudic Academy (New York City); New Community Jewish High School (Los Angeles, CA); North Shore Hebrew Academy (Great Neck, NY); Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy (Elizabeth, NJ); The Frisch School (Paramus, NJ); and Yeshiva High School of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA). The Dominator Award went to TABC’s Robert Elsas, who had the most pins in the shortest time: four in roughly two minutes. Aaron Siegel of Yeshiva Atlanta was named Most Outstanding Wrestler. Friendships Most of the adults were delighted by the camaraderie demonstrated by the young athletes. After a hard-won match in which Kushner’s Freddy Knapp defeated YUHS’s Zac Welgrin, the two were able to share a laugh.

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“This has been a lot of fun,” said Mr. Welgrin. “Despite the competitive atmosphere, we’ve been able to get along and make some new friends over the weekend.” The event is named for Henry Wittenberg, a former YU wrestling coach and legendary Olympic medalist who founded YU’s wrestling program in 1955. Mr. Wittenberg died in 2010 at the age of 91. Confidence and Focusing While some parents expressed surprise that so many Jewish boys were interested in wrestling, others said participating in the sport has reaped many advantages. Nechama Greenfield of Teaneck, a TABC parent whose son Yosef won a second-place Wittenberg trophy, said the benefits of wrestling have more to do with friendships formed and self-confidence gained than with merely winning.

TABC wins first place at YU’s Wittenberg wrestling tournament for yeshiva high schools. TABC’s Robert Elsas (front row, second from the right) took home the tournament’s Dominator Award. “The teammates give each other a lot of support,” she said. Other parents said they were pleased with the level of fitness developed by their sons through wrestling and with the degree of focusing and “being in the moment” it requires. “It has really helped my son focus in class,” said one of the mothers. TABC team member Leo Metzger from Teaneck agreed that the benefits were communal and personal. “Winning showed that even though wrestling is technically an individual sport, everyone as a team did his part and contributed to our goal of victory. On a personal note, it was a chance to see how far I could push myself,” he said. “Huge Accomplishment” TABC coach Yoni Ellman,

who during his twelve-year tenure has overseen his team’s rise from a bottom challenger at the Wittenberg Invitational to its top contender, said winning first place was “a huge accomplishment.” “It took lots of training and practicing on the mat, but it all paid off,” he said. A three-time Wittenberg champion himself as a teenager, Mr. Ellman is an e-commerce specialist for whom coaching the TABC team is a labor of love. After their victory, he treated his team to dinner at Dougie’s. While he expects many more victories in the future, he knows it is the other successes from participating in the sport that are most important. “They are good kids. They have great middot,” he said. S.L.R.

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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Serene Siena’s Not-So-Peaceful Jewish Past By Curt Leviant and Erika Pfeifer Leviant Siena, a jewel in the crown of Tuscany, is an old walled city, set in the midst of rolling hills and captivating Italian landscapes. Within the walls are its renowned cathedral; the huge oval arena (or public square) known as the Campo, surrounded by old buildings; and the artworks that attract thousands of visitors every year. Those lucky enough to be in Siena on July 2 or August 16 can watch the Palio, a horse race whose earliest known antecedents are medieval. Races have been held in the Campo since 1590, when the Grand Duke of Tuscany outlawed bullfighting. These days, ten districts of Siena compete while thousands of spectators

stand in the Campo to watch the horses run on the track, specially sanded for the race. During the rest of the year, people promenade on the track. 47 Seconds All this for a 47-second race, which is all it takes for the ten well-trained horses to make the circuit. “So in less than a minute, it’s all over,” wryly commented one Sienese. The jockeys ride bareback, and it is not unusual for one or more of the riders to be thrown during the sharp turns and for a horse to finish the race riderless. Jewish History Siena is also home to a beautiful 400-year-old synagogue that is the pride of the small Jewish community. It was designed by Giuseppe del Rosso

and contains a number of examples of rare fabrics as well as ritual items once owned by the Guadagni family. Jews, however, have lived in Siena for nearly 800 years. By 1229, a Jewish community had been established whose main source of income was derived from moneylending, which evolved into banking when Vitale di Daniele received permission to open a bank in town in 1335. Jewish banking business continued to thrive in Siena for the next 350 years. During the 15th century, Franciscan friars, eager to expand their own early “pawn shops,” issued sermons excoriating the Jews, hoping to drive them out, thus purging the community of the Jewish presence and freeing the friars from unwanted competition.

In 1439, legislation was passed forcing all Jews except the bankers to wear an “O” on their clothing. Ironically, Jews were still given permission to live and do business in the city center and to enjoy complete freedom of religion. Ghetto In the 16th century, Jews attained the right to attend the University of Siena, and there are documents showing that, between 1543 and 1600, at least 11 Jews graduated as physicians from the school. But antisemitism was always lurking just below the surface. In 1571, Duke Cosimo I, eager to receive the title of Grand Duke, acquiesced to the wishes of the Church and established the Sienese ghetto, not far from where the syn-

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agogue currently stands. All Jews were required to live in the ghetto; men had to wear a yellow cap; women a yellow scarf; and a special tax was levied on the community. Nevertheless, Jews continued to prosper in Siena until the advent of more stringent anti-Jewish legislation which forbade them from involvement in banking, forcing them only to sell second-hand merchandise as a way to earn a living. Violence At the end of the 18th century, the restrictions were eased, and, in March 1799, when Napoleon’s troops occupied Siena, Jews were given full emancipation. But whatever joy they experienced was short-lived. In June 1799, rioters from the town of Arezzo, about 30 miles away, ransacked and burned the ghetto, killing 19 Jews. For years, the Jews of Siena fasted on the anniversary of the massacre. In the wake of this violence, many Jews left Siena. The community, which numbered approximately 500 in the 18th century, was reduced to 300 in the 19th century, and 200 at the beginning of the 20th. The ghetto existed until 1859, and was partially destroyed in 1935. All that remains today are some street signs. There is also the Campo delli Hebrei, the Jewish cemetery, located outside the San

Viene Gateway to the city. Documents dating from 1661 show that even at that time, Jews had been burying their dead in that cemetery for many years. It is Siena’s only Jewish cemetery and it is still in use. Old Synagogue On our trip to the city, we were fortunate to have as our guide the knowledgeable Vittoria Adami, who took us to the City Hall and the former hospital, now an art museum. Both buildings abut the Campo. We walked the perimeter of the Campo’s huge arena, which was being prepared for the Palio a week later. Bleacher seats were already set up in various sections of the Campo between the fronts of the buildings and the empty space of the arena. Mrs. Adami then walked with us to the old synagogue on Vicolo della Scotto, just a few minutes from the Campo— and a pleasant 15-minute walk from the Hotel Santa Caterina where we were staying—crossing local neighborhoods that tourists seldom see. Small Community Unlike the grand mid-19th century Florence synagogue, with its imposing and elegant exterior, the Siena synagogue has no memorable facade. In this respect it resembles the old synagogues of Venice, plain on the outside, but elaborately decorative and ornate on the

inside, typical of shuls built in Italy before the Emancipation. A beautiful aron kodesh, a handsome carved bimah, Venetian chandeliers, and a hand-carved Elijah’s chair used for brisim are the highlights of this attractive synagogue. Since we visited in the summer, there were no Sabbath services; most of the Sienese Jews were on vacation. But the small Bimah, Venetian chandelier, and community, whose last aron kodesh of the Siena shul. rabbi died several years Photo credit: Leora Chefitz ago, gets together once a saying the Nazis had ordered month on a Friday night him to have his officers enter for services and a communal every Jewish home the next Shabbat dinner. day and arrest everyone. The Nazi Occupation police officer instructed the After we left the synaJewish leader to spread the gogue, Mrs. Adami stopped word so that the Jews could in a shady spot to share with us go into hiding immediately. a personal and dramatic story. The Jewish leader acted as As long as the Italians were he had been told, contacting in control of their country at every Sienese Jewish family. the beginning of the Second Most found refuge with ChrisWorld War, Jews were relatively tian friends. But a minority adasafe, despite living under Fascist mantly refused to budge, belaws. It was only after Italy surlieving that since their famirendered late in l943 and the lies had resided in Siena for Germans occupied the councenturies, nothing untoward try that the Italian Jews were would happen to them. rounded up and deported to Alas, it was those stubthe Nazi death camps. bornly naive families who were One night, after the Gerarrested and deported. mans had taken control of SiHiding Jews ena, the head of the Jewish Mrs. Adami told us that her community received a phone call from the chief of police, continued on page 11

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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mother and grandparents hid three generations of a Jewish family. The Jews were told to stay indoors, and not even to venture out on the balcony. But one young man, oppressed by the summer heat, disobeyed and went to breathe some fresh air on the terrace. He must have believed that luck was on his side, because he did not suffer any consequences for this indiscretion. After the war, Mrs. Adami’s grandmother met a man who told her he had been standing guard on a rooftop with a rifle when he saw her young Jewish guest on the balcony. The gunman realized he was a Jew being sheltered by the Adami family.

It was a dangerous, foolhardy move on that young Jew’s part, for the soldier could have reported the incident and both families would have suffered. But obviously the ex-soldier had kept silent. For that wonderful story alone, which illustrates the well-known humanity and decency of most Italians, even under Fascist rule, it was worth traveling to beautiful Siena. The heroism of the Adami family and that of the Siena police chief, whose simple decency put them at great risk, must be remembered. Beautiful Countryside Outside the walls of Siena stands a different world; lush land filled with gorgeous

vineyards, fields, hills, and valleys gleaming with shades of green, chartreuse, and yellow. We were fortunate to find the Hotel Santa Caterina, just outside the walls of Siena but within walking distance of the historic center. The welcoming atmosphere created by the friendly manager and her staff will long be remembered. With its large and lush tree-shaded garden offering a sweeping view of miles of countryside, the Hotel Santa Caterina has the best of Siena within and outside the walls. If you go, be sure to request the hotel’s apartment suite. Located in a separate building, it has its own private entrance, two bedrooms, each with private bath, and a huge living room/dining room offering a wide view of picturesque Tuscany. From here, too, it is an easy stroll into country paths that lead to the tended fields. Taking the Train In general, Siena is a lovely place to walk and people-watch. The Sienese love their city and joyfully saunter through it. At all hours of the day, old people, youngsters, and young couples with baby carriages amble along the curving lanes. And have no fear about getting lost: almost all streets eventually lead to the Campo, and the Sienese willingly help visitors find their destination. We traveled to Siena in a roundabout fashion, taking advantage of a wonderful deal with OpenSkies, the all-business class airline, which flies from Newark to Paris. In the French capital, with its many kosher restaurants and take-outs, we spent some time at the fabulous Le Meurice, one of the world’s premier hotels, after which we took the swift TGV to Biarritz. We relaxed there for a few glorious days near the ocean, at the renowned and palatial Hotel du Palais, prior to our journey to Italy. The European railways are the most scenic, relaxing, and economical way to travel. Moving from one city to another in the modern, comfortable Rail Europe trains, we found that our Eurail Pass (which can only be purchased in the US and Canada) was a convenient and money-saving card. For more information about the Eurail Pass and discounted fares, and to purchase it, visit or call 1-888-382-7245. Y Mr. Leviant’s most recent book is the comedic “A Novel of Klass.” Ms. Leviant’s articles on travel and art appear in various publications.

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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Pesach’s Kosher Challenge: Obliterating Emotional Binging Avromy Segal knows that before and

during Pesach, many Jewish adults will each gain an average of five to ten pounds. Mr. Segal says that this weight gain is the result of emotional binging, and that it can be handled. Mr. Segal is the founder of the Kosher Challenge, a kosher-based weight-loss competition that has empowered Jews around the world to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style. “There’s an old saying: You must inspect what you expect. This time of year, there are two things that you can expect a lot of: food and stress,” he says. Many people turn to fad diets, but Mr. Segal says that is not the answer. “For some, it will last a week; for others, months, but at some point, we either lose motivation or get comfortable with our results and slip back into the bad habits that got us heavy in the first place,” he says. He points to depressing statistics that show that 90 percent of people who lose weight gain it back within five years. Dealing with Stress Rather than diet—although that is essential for an individual to lose weight— he suggests approaching weight loss as a challenge. It is what worked for him. As a yeshiva student thirteen years ago, he gained 50 pounds in three years. Now 55 pounds slimmer, he says he knows his challenge was “nutrition-based,” but “it was the mental challenge that got me there.” “Losing weight has very little to do with the food you eat or how much you exercise. It has everything to do with the way you think. The way you think impacts the way you feel, and the way you feel determines the actions you take. And your actions determine your results,” he says. Even though it sounds like double-talk, Mr. Segal maintains that this this progression from thought to feeling to action is how people deal with stress. Most people “have major drama going on in their lives, are coming out of drama, or will face drama right around the corner. That’s called ‘life.’ Unfortunately, most people are not good at dealing with stress that comes along with life, and they end up turning to food. If you can learn how to manage stress and your emotions in general, you can be better equipped to hold strong in the heat of battle,” he says.

He does not offer any specific diets or weight-loss plans because he says that most people know what to do. If they do not, they can find sensible diets almost anywhere. He sees his job as helping people carry through. Knowing Why To succeed, he suggests three action steps “to obliterate emotional binging.” The first is “knowing your why.” It means figuring out why you want to lose the weight, and he does not consider “to be healthy” a sufficiently good reason. “When you focus on not doing something, you are subconsciously pushing

yourself to wanting it more,” he says. To make his point, he uses fast days. “On a fast day, you might wake up hungry, dying to eat, when on a typical day, you’ll go for hours without even thinking about food. Whatever it is you tell yourself you can’t have is the thing you will lust after,” he says. If “will power” does not work in the long run, “why power” might, Mr. Segal says, noting that to save their children, mothers will take risks and do things they would never consider otherwise. “When the reason that—your reason

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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Summer Cruising with Kosherica By Yochanan Gordon

Experiencing a Kosherica cruise will forever change the way a vacationer travels, says Kosherica’s Helit Edelstein. When she told me that, I did not consider myself a seasoned traveler. I still don’t get away that often. However, when I need just to kick back for a week or so, I check the cruise roster at to see where I’ll be going next—because there is no other way to vacation. Kosherica has earned a well-deserved reputation over more than 20 years in the kosher travel industry. In addition to the various cruises it offers season after season, Kosherica is well known for its Pesach programs and hotel getaways at various times of the year. Often, by Motzei

Pesach, the following year’s Pesach program is sold out. Kosherica’s guests are more than satisfied with the company’s unparalleled level of service. Kosherica’s trademarks are the degree of luxury of its cruises, its exclusive destinations, the indulgence of its cuisine, and the world-class entertainers offered. The company continues to outdo itself from one year to the next, exceeding all expectations. Worry-Free Vacation This winter, those trudging through the slush and struggling to keep the chill at bay are certainly eager to get away to a warmer climate for a few days. Traveling on your own to Florida or Los Angeles, you will need the time and patience to plan a full itinerary. I think that defeats the

Pesach Kosher Challenge why—you want to lose weight and live a healthy, fit lifestyle is powerful enough, important enough, urgent enough, you will overcome almost any obstacle that stands in your way. The first step in obliterating emotional binging is to know what you are fighting for,” he says. A Plan Mr. Segal speaks from experience. Having lost and gained 25-30 pounds repeatedly, he finally found the motivation to stick to what works for him. It is this search for motivation that he shares with clients in the Kosher Challenge. “The topics covered relate to strategies and skills that help people lose weight and keep it off,” he says. One of them is his second step: a

purpose of a vacation. It may account for why most people come back from such a vacation more exhausted than before they left. You can avoid this by looking through a Kosherica brochure. Booking a Kosherica summer cruise now may make the warm season seem a little closer. It will certainly make you feel better. Great Assortment This summer, Kosherica has an amazing assortment of cruises. For example, on June 16 and August 4, 2013, the Norwegian Epic will travel seven nights through the Mediterranean, leaving from Barcelona and stopping in Naples, Rome, Florence, Provence, and Palma de Majorca, before heading back to Barcelona.

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plan. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” he says. “You must have a meal plan.” Leaving things to chance or “going with the flow” has to fail, he says, because “the chances of your overcoming your emotional desire to eat are slim—pun intended.” He offers three activities that will make the individual “better prepared when stress hits.” The first is to write down a food plan, which can be daily or weekly. The second is to log what is eaten every day. “You’ll be shocked and it will empower you to change,” he says. The third activity is simply to breathe. “Breathing helps you deal with stress. Before you turn to food, take five minutes to breathe,” he says.

Spirituality Step three is spiritual: be proactive in searching for G-d. Although he does not elaborate, Mr. Segal says he feels “fortunate” to have experienced many struggles in his life, because those challenges, he says, have prompted him to “train my mind to see the hand of G-d.” “We all have the ability to look back in our lives and see the hand of G-d, not just some mystical being who created the heavens and the earth. I’m talking about your Father above who is intimately involved in every area of your life,” he says. To activate this part of the plan, he suggests those who wish to lose weight should take the first seven days to “write down one thing each day that you are grateful for.” He elaborates on these principles on his website, www.mykosherchallenge. com, which he describes as “a community of people working towards bettering themselves 90 days at a time.” He can also be reached to discuss its principles at 516-522-0407. “The Kosher Challenge is about holding each other accountable to the action steps that will move you in the direction of living a purpose-driven life full of meaning and growth. What better place to start than focusing on our health, fitness, and weight-management goals,” he says. And what better time than just before Pesach. S.L.R.

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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Noah’s Ark vs Chopstix: A Meaningful Way to Clean for Pesach The annual Pre-Passover Food Challenge

is on. This contest benefits Teaneck’s Helping Hands Food Pantry. Noam Sokolow’s Noah’s Ark and Shelly’s Dairy Restaurant, and Elie Y. Katz’s Chopstix, are at it again, each competing to make the biggest donation of non-kosher-for-Passover food products. The donations will be distributed by Helping Hands to assist the Jewish community’s non-Jewish neighbors. While cleaning for Pesach, customers of the two kosher stores can bring in


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donations of unopened, non-perishable foods and toiletries. Last year’s challenge netted the food pantry more than 500 bags of cereal, pancake mix, flour, tuna, ketchup, diapers, and toiletries. “The donations came in just as supplies at Helping Hands were low and most in need,” said Mr. Katz. Mr. Katz, a Teaneck Town Councilman and past mayor of Teaneck, sees the annual challenge as a win-win. “The Jewish community cleans its pantries; the food pantry benefits,” he said. Kol Dichfin The pre-Passover challenge began as a Kol Dichfin Project 12 years ago, when customers preparing for Pesach approached Mr. Katz

with food they were literally throwing out. Mr. Katz realized the Helping Hands Food Pantry, which feeds more than 80 needy families each week, was the “logical and neighborly place” to which the food could be donated. The title of the project came from the initial words of the seder when “all those who are hungry” are invited to eat with the Jews celebrating the commemoration of the Exodus from Egypt. “The need is always great at Helping Hands, but in recent years there has been a marked increase in demand and a sharp decrease in donations. Winters in general and this past snowy, cold winter in particular, make the situation acute. Prices for basic

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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A Kosher Pesach with Mickey Mouse in Orlando Kosher travelers looking to enjoy

an Orlando vacation for Pesach or all year round can head to the Worldgate Resort, which recently merged with Cohen’s Kosher Deli, a local restaurant and caterer. This means that kosher travelers can experience kosher dining right next door to the recently renovated resort, which boasts extra-large rooms, spacious closets, in-room refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, a dedicated Shabbos elevator, and Shabbos room locks. The synagogue on the premises as well as the cuisine is under the supervision of Chabad of Orlando. Located seven minutes from the main gate of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Worldgate Resort features three swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, tennis courts, a full-size basketball court, and a fitness center. The resort offers free transportation to all major theme courts, including Epcot, Animal Kingdom, MGM, and Universal Studios. Full Staff Overseeing the Passover 2013 holiday will be experienced tour directors Chaim Kiss and Roz Solomon, joined by Jewish Press columnist Rabbi Simcha Co-

hen. Services and seders will be led by Rabbi Cohen and Chazan Kiss. Private seder rooms are available for families who prefer conducting their own. Lecturers at this year’s Passover program include David Schoenberg, who will speak on Jewish History and Jewish Law, and Joy Schoenberg of Schoenberg Galleries of New York, who will speak on Judaica. Ms. Schoenberg will also conduct an art auction featuring unusual pieces. Personal training for women will be available by Shira Kraft, who will offer daily power walks, a personal exercise review, and lectures on exercise and healthcare. She will also demonstrate massage techniques. Pesach Food The dining room will be the province of Justin Cohen, whose Cohen’s Kosher Deli is an Orlando landmark. This past January, he also opened a dairy restaurant, which features breakfast, lunch, and motzei Shabbat menus. Meals, including pizza and pasta dishes, are always prepared on the premises. With his move to Worldgate, Mr. Cohen will be able to expand his offerings to the kosher community.

Noah’s Ark vs. Chopstix foods have risen and food pantry clients find it increasingly difficult to get out,” said Mr. Katz. The original drive 12 years go resulted in one van filled with food. Each year, the increasing donations have made many

During Pesach, Mr. Cohen will be responsible for three daily gourmet meals at Worldgate. To navigate the extensive wine list, guests will enjoy the services of Herzog Wines’ Danny Eckstein, who will serve as resident sommelier and be available to answer questions. He will also offer several wine-tasting programs during the holiday. A lavish tea room with Viennese displays and poolside snacks will be available daily. Entertainment Theme nights during Passover will include a poolside barbecue with country and Western atmosphere, and the extensive entertainment schedule includes live music, comedy night, concerts, and magic shows. For children, there will be a professionally supervised day camp as well as a tiny tots’ theatre showing Disney movies throughout the day and evening. Worldgate guests between the ages of 3 and 9 will receive two-day free passes to Disney World. The introductory rate for Worldgate Passover is $1995 per adult, and $1295 per child, including taxes and gratuities. The hotel will accept a maximum of 400 guests this year. For information, contact Chazan Kiss at 201-970-7687 or Y

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more vehicles necessary. While Helping Hands runs several fundraisers through the year, the prePesach food drive is its most successful. A Higher Purpose Messrs Katz and Sokolow admit their

involvement is for a higher purpose, but they do not deny that each of them wants to win. “The business owners are getting bragging rights about their patrons,” said Mr. Sokolow. “Our customers’ donations prove their loyalty to their favorite kosher food source.” One year, Mr. Katz drove all the way to Lakewood to a popcorn manufacturer and filled his car with candy that the company wanted to unload before Passover. Mr. Katz’s motivation: to have more donations than Mr. Sokolow. The pre-Pesach food drive will run from March 12th through April 4. Food and toiletry donations can be dropped off in Teaneck at Chopstix, 172 West Englewood Avenue; Noah’s Ark, 493 Cedar Lane; and Shelly’s, 482 Cedar Lane. Chopstix can be reached at 201-833-0200 and Noah’s Ark’s number is 201-692-1200. “Whichever of us wins, the real winners are the people being supported by Helping Hands,” said Mr. Sokolow. S.L.R.

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

Obama’s Visit

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is demanding a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria with the goal of establishing a Palestinian state in 2014. “Leaning Heavily” While those reports are questionable at best, Dr. Stephen Berk, a professor of Holocaust and Jewish Studies at Union College in Schenectady, New York, said he has no doubt the relationship between the US and Israel “remains rock solid.” “There have been changes and tensions, but underneath it all most Americans appreciate that in the struggle in the Middle East, Israel is on the right side,” he said.

Dr. Berk made his remarks during a brief recess at the AIPAC convention in Washington. He said that while it is hard to predict exactly what the President will do, especially because he is not up for re-election, Dr. Berk suspects he will “lean heavily on the Israelis to make some sort of agreement with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.” Security Concerns However, Mr. Obama will also have to address Israeli security concerns, said Dr. Berk. “Security is an issue for the Israelis and always has been: How do you guarantee that if there is an independent Palestinian

state, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will not take control? And, if they take control, will they launch attacks upon the state of Israel? Somehow Obama has got to deal with Israeli well-justified fears,” he said. Like most analysts, Dr. Berk did not have any solutions. “I’m not sure the administration or its policy makers really understand Israel or the ferocious nature of Islamist antisemitism and the particular sentiment in the Arab world towards the state of Israel. If they do, that should mitigate the pressure they place on the state of Israel. It is imperative for supporters of Israel in the US to make it clear to the Obama administration and to Congress that security is the major issue and that Islamic antisemitism and antiIsraeli sentiment—not any alleged Israeli intransigence—is the core issue,” he said. Other Issues According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there are other issues that he and the President will discuss before they even get to the conflict with the Palestinians. “We agreed that we will discuss three main subjects: Iran’s attempt to arm itself with nuclear weapons; the unstable situation in Syria and its consequences for the security of the region and, of course, for Israel and the US; and efforts to advance the peace process between the Palestinians and us. These issues and others that will come up are weighty concerns and require the most serious consideration on Israel’s part,” said Mr. Netanyahu. According to Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Obama’s visit will “emphasize the strong relationship between Israel and the US.” In Washington, White House press secretary Jay Carney agreed. “The start of the President’s second term and the formation of a new Israeli government offer the opportunity to reaffirm the deep and enduring bonds between the US and Israel and to discuss the way forward on a broad range of issues of mutual concern, including of course Iran and Syria,” he said. Some observers said they hope Mr. Obama’s willingness to discuss the existential threats Israel faces from Iran and Syria will not depend on how many concessions Israel is willing to make to the Palestinians. “Unbreakable Alliance” Mr. Obama last visited Israel during his 2008 Presidential election campaign. The code name for his upcoming visit is Brit Amin, which means “an alliance between nations.” The Israelis are translating it to mean “Unbreakable Alliance.” Visiting Israel just as the plans for Mr. Obama’s visit were being finalized, former Arkansas governor and current Fox News television personality Mike Huckabee said he hoped the rumors that Mr. Obama would be arriving with demands for Israel to freeze construction and development in Judea and Samaria are untrue. “I would hope that what the President would be more concerned with is not whether Israelis build neighborhoods and bedrooms for their kids, but whether the Iranians are going to be building bombs that will be aimed not just at Israel but at the rest of the world,” he said. Right to Defense According to US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro, Mr. Obama will be bringing “a very urgent agenda” that will include “bringing Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiation table.” However, he said, there will also be the message that “Israel has the right and ability to defend itself against any combination of threats.” “We’d like for every Israeli, whether they speak English or Hebrew or Arabic or Russian, whether they live on a moshav in the Arava valley or in the heart of Tel Aviv or in a village in the Galilee, to understand the commitment of the United States to Israel and that the US supports Israel’s ongoing advancement and prosperity as a strong, secure Jewish democratic state. We want everyone in this country to understand the importance of the USIsraeli relationship and invest in it so that it can remain strong and dynamic in the decades ahead,” he said. Regarding efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Mr. Shapiro said there is “extraordinarily close, highlevel coordination” between Israel and the US on the issue. “We have a common goal: to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, not to contain a nuclear Iran,” he stressed. “We have a shared preference to try to resolve this issue diplomatically, but also a shared principle that no options are off

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

the table, including the military option. A nuclear-armed Iran is not just an existential threat to Israel; it would also pose a grave threat to the security of the United States and our allies in the world.” “Red Line” At the same gathering, Mr. Netanyahu warned that Iran is taking steps that are bringing it closer to the “red line” he set in his UN speech last September. “I drew a line at the UN, last time I was there,” he said. “The Iranians haven’t crossed that line, but what they’re doing is to shorten the time that it will take them to cross that line. And the way they’re shortening that time is by putting in new, faster centrifuges that cut the time by

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one third, so that Iran is putting itself in a position to cross the red line and have enough material to produce one nuclear bomb’s worth of highly enriched uranium. This has to be stopped, for the interest of peace and security, for the interest of the entire world.” Asking rhetorically how to stop it, he said “greater pressure” had to be applied on the Iranians. “You have to upgrade the sanctions. And they have to know that if the sanctions and diplomacy fails, they will face incredible military threat. That’s essential. Nothing else will do the job. And it’s getting closer,” he said.

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

Obama’s Visit

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“Ominous News” To attorney Steven Goldberg, national vice-chairman of the Zionist Organization of America and vice-president of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Mr. Shapiro’s message is that Mr. Obama will probably be seeking “good-faith gestures’ from Netanyahu to lure the Palestinians to engage in peace talks.” “This is ominous news. Only the naive can believe Obama’s oleaginous promises of solidarity with Israel. Instead, it is painfully apparent that the President is coming to pressure Israel to make life-threatening concessions to the Palestinians,” said Mr. Goldberg.

He is not the only one who thinks this is so. According to a report on Voice of Israel public radio, this visit is also intended to deliver another message from the President, namely that Israel is not to carry out any “military surprises” against Iran while the US is engaged in negotiations with Teheran. However, the report said senior US administration sources maintain that Mr. Obama also intends to address Israeli fears concerning Iran. According to the report, the President will assure the Israeli public of Mr. Obama’s commitment to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

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“Obama is betting on a hero’s welcome by the Israeli people, which he can then parlay into an attempt to strong-arm Netanyahu,” predicted Mr. Goldberg. High Expectations On this trip, Mr. Obama is expected also to visit Ramallah and Jordan for talks with the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah. PA leaders said they hoped his visit will do more than jumpstart talks. “We hope President Obama’s visit to the region is the beginning of a new US policy that will lead to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the Palestinian lands occupied since 1967,” said Nabil Abu Rudeina, a spokesman for PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Although Mr. Netanyahu has said the resumption of talks between Israel and the PA is one of his chief priorities for the new government, the Palestinians have so far refused to come to the table unless Israel first agrees to several improbable pre-conditions: a total construction freeze everywhere in Judea and Samaria beyond the Green Line, including throughout much of Jerusalem; a release of imprisoned terrorists, many with Jewish blood on their hands; the importation of weapons; and an agreement in principle that all of Judea and Samaria, with possible small land swaps, will be relinquished for the creation of a new Arab state. When some nationalist Israelis worried that Mr. Netanyahu might implement a building freeze in order to please Mr. Obama, the prime minister made it clear that nothing of the sort was planned. “Reports regarding this matter do not reflect reality,” said a source close to Mr. Netanyahu. Voluntary Partial Freeze Nevertheless, Likud’s Dan Meridor suggested that as an initiative ahead of Mr. Obama’s visit, Israel should announce it will not build Jewish homes beyond the major settlement blocs. Mr. Meridor will continue in his posts as Deputy Prime Minister and Intelligence Minister until the new government is formed. Mr. Meridor was not the only Israeli leftist with ideas about the visit. Members of the left-wing group Hamachaneh Hameshutaf, who see Mr. Obama as a hero, have through the US Embassy in Israel invited him to attend a rally scheduled for Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. “The prospect of Obama speaking in the spot where Yitzchak Rabin was shot and killed will, the leftist groups hope, ‘inspire’ Israelis to embrace the Oslo Accords that Rabin imposed on Israel, and, in the wake of which, over 1,000 Israelis have been killed in terror attacks,” said Arutz Sheva’s David Lev. Speaking in Judea In response, nationalists called on Mr. Obama to address a rally in Samaria instead. They have set up a Facebook page with a petition urging Mr. Obama to come to Har Kabir. “With its sweeping views of the Land of Israel and deep historic associations, it is a great place to get to know the real Israel,” said Mr. Lev. The activists said Samaria is a “more logical” place for Mr. Obama to speak, because it is “the true center of Israel.” “If 50,000 people join us, Obama will calm down and will not listen to the madness of the Left. Let’s try to do something truly big and destroy the Left’s plans,” said the activists on Facebook. “And if the petition generates hundreds of thousands of signatures, Obama will come out to Samaria for a visit.” Efrat and Hebron Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi said if Mr. Obama “wants to get a good look at how Jews and Arabs peacefully coexist in Israel, as well as a first-hand lesson on the political realities of the region, he should visit Efrat.” Only ten minutes from Jerusalem (and a stone’s throw from Bethlehem), Efrat would be convenient. Because at least 30 percent of Efrat’s residents came originally from the US, Mr. Obama would have an easy time finding someone who speaks English. Jewish Home MK Orit Strook said Mr. Obama should be brought to her hometown, Hebron. “It would be a good idea to take President Obama not just to Mount Herzl and Yad Vashem, but also—actually, mainly—to the Machpelah Cave in Hevron,” she said. “We would explain to him that the Land of Israel is not just a refuge for Holocaust survivors, but it is the Promised Land for the Jewish people, the land of our forefathers, who are buried in the Cave.” Protest Mr. Goldberg had another idea. “If Obama’s plans to impose his will on Israel are to be thwarted, it will be up to the people of Israel to make their voices heard. Polls show that

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

most Israelis realize that Obama is no friend. Any lingering doubt about the President’s coldness and indifference has been erased by his appointment of John Kerry as Secretary of State and the Israel-bashing, antisemitic Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense,” he said. Mr. Goldberg exhorted the Israelis not to give Mr. Obama “his hero’s welcome,” but, instead, to demonstrate that “they are not fooled by his insincere assurances and will not surrender their sovereignty to his imperious plans.” “The time to plan the protest is now,” he urged. Temple Mount By the end of February, a rumor began circulating that Mr. Obama might visit the

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Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The rumor received a boost when the terrorist group Hamas issued a statement warning Mr. Obama not to come. The fear, according to several PA political and religious leaders, was that the President might compromise what they call “Muslim sovereignty.” Sheikh Akrameh Sabri, head of the Islamic Council and former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, said Mr. Obama would have to enter through a gate that is not under Israeli auspices. “Any visitor is welcome to Al-Aqsa, but they should follow the regulations of the Waqf and enter through the Lions’

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

Obama’s Visit

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Gate and not through Mughrabi Gate, to ensure Muslim sovereignty, he said, adding that the visit “shouldn’t have a political theme because Al-Aqsa belongs to Muslims only and it is their place of worship and we refuse that any Israeli official accompanies the visitor.” Accused of Judaizing Israel liberated the Temple Mount, Israel’s holiest site, during the 1967 SixDay War, but the Jewish state left the Waqf in charge of the compound. The Waqf has since then attempted to remove every archaeological evidence of ancient Jewish presence from the site. Live Jewish presence on the Temple Mount is severely curtailed by Israeli police. Nevertheless, Palestinian leaders regularly accuse Israel of “Judaizing” the Temple Mount. Last month, an Israeli-Arab group calling itself “The Al-Aqsa Heritage Institute,” issued a statement demanding that Israel halt its plans to bring more Jews to the Kotel, which the Arab group said is holy not to Jews, but to Muslims. The group insisted Israel is “defiling the holiness of the site” by conducting Jewish services there. No Time for Rallies In fact, Mr. Obama’s agenda leaves no time for rallies or excessive touring. He will not even speak at the Knesset because his staff has requested a venue that will hold at least 1,000 people, which the Knesset will not. His talk will be delivered in the Binyanei Hauma conference center in Jerusalem.

His visit will begin on Wednesday March 20th with an official state welcome at the airport, complete with a red carpet and a line of high-ranking Israeli officials, including Mr. Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. Afterwards, they will travel to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center in Jerusalem, where Mr. Obama will lay a wreath in memory of Holocaust victims. He may speak at the site. From there, he will visit the graves of Zionist visionary Theodore Herzl and Mr. Rabin. In the afternoon, he and Mr. Netanyahu will have their meeting, followed by a press conference. Ramallah The following day, he will travel to Ramallah to meet with Mr. Abbas. It is not clear what kind of reception the President will receive from the Palestinian street. At the end of February, there were riots throughout Judea and Samaria after a Palestinian terrorist died in an Israeli prison. Although the Palestinian media insisted the prisoner, Arafat Jaradat, 30, was tortured and murdered by the Israelis, Israeli officials said he died of cardiac arrest. Palestinians insisted there were “signs of beating and torture” on the man’s limbs, neck, and spine, and blood clots around his mouth and nose. The Israeli Health Ministry said there were “no signs of external damage” except the evidence of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), performed by EMTs trying to revive Mr. Jaradat.

“There is nothing apparent from the first findings that indicate the cause of death,” said the report. Other tests are pending. In the wake of Mr. Jaradat’s death, approximately 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons have undertaken hunger strikes. In Custody Mr. Jaradat was arrested last month for a 2011 stone-throwing incident near the Israeli Judean community of Kiryat Arba in which he injured an Israeli man. While in custody, Mr. Jaradat was checked several times by a physician, and no medical problems were discovered. After lunch, Mr. Jaradat felt unwell. Emergency services were called, but, according to Israeli sources, his life could not be saved. “If Obama wants to visit the region peacefully, he should exert pressure on Israel to release the prisoners—especially the ones who are on hunger strike—or else he will visit while Palestine is on fire,” said Palestinian Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqe. Not Spontaneous IDF Major-General (Res) Oren Shachor is convinced that the riots were not spontaneous. “There’s something organized here, maybe for Obama’s visit. They’re interested in a breakthrough, and they want a solution for the prisoners, too,” he said. When Mr. Obama returns to Jerusalem in the afternoon, Mr. Netanyahu will tour several sites with him, including an installation of the Iron Dome rocket defense system. On Thursday evening, Mr. Netanyahu will deliver a speech, and on Friday, he and Mr. Obama will sit down for a second meeting. Then the prime minister will accompany Mr. Obama to the airport for an official farewell ceremony. What He Represents Although many Israelis, especially on the right, neither like nor respect Mr. Obama, Danny Seaman, deputy director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, said the President would be received by the Jewish state with all appropriate honor “out of respect for the American people and for the bond between Israel and the US.”

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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Note to John Kerry: Neither “Kyrzakhstan” nor “Palestine” Ever Existed By Moshe Phillips, president, Philadelphia Chapter, Americans for a Safe Israel On John Kerry’s first international trip as US Secretary of State, he made a gaffe worthy of Joe Biden. The headline of London’s Telegraph read “John Kerry invents country of Kyrzakhstan” and the Daily Mail asked “Where’s That Exactly, Mr. Secretary of State?”

Obama’s Visit

But more than just fodder for the British press Kerry’s blunder exposes the truth that he is not the expert on international affairs that the mainstream media, Obama Administration, and J Street all vehemently claimed. Now that Mr. Kerry created “Kyrzakhstan” out of thin air, it is time to remind him and the rest of the denizens of Foggy

Bottom that “Palestine” and “East Jerusalem” are just as mythical as “Kyrzakhstan.” Just Sounds Ancient As actor, comedian, and pundit Larry Miller wrote in The Weekly Standard in April 2002 (it went viral and by mistake was almost always credited to Dennis Miller): “The ‘Palestinians’ want their own

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“We have an interest in stressing the deep bonds between the US and the State of Israel,” said Mr. Seaman. There has been a great deal of speculation regarding how Mr. Netanyahu himself will get along with Mr. Obama. The relationship between the two leaders has been rocky at best. On several occasions, Mr. Netanyahu was shown marked disrespect by Mr. Obama. Pollard It is unclear how the President will react when, as expected, Messrs Peres and Netanyahu ask him to pardon Jonathan Pollard, the civilian operative who was convicted of passing classified information to Israel 26 years ago and sentenced to life in prison. Likud MK Danny Danon, who intends also to ask Mr. Obama to pardon Mr. Pollard, noted the poetic justice of the situation. “Obama intends to come here in order to make a plea directly to the hearts of Israeli citizens, and I hope he understands that the path to the Israel’s heart goes through the release of Pollard,” said Mr. Danon. “We are making the plea on behalf of most of Israel’s citizens, who are saying ‘enough.’ Have mercy and let him go home.” Empty Room Likud MK Moshe Feiglin said unless Mr. Obama brings Mr. Pollard with him, he personally would not attend the President’s speech and he called on other MKs to follow his example. “An empty room during the time of his Obama’s speech would impress upon the President how MKs and Israelis feel about the government that continues to hold our brother for 26 years,” he said. So far, 50,000 people have signed a letter calling on Mr. Obama to bring Mr. Pollard with him when he comes to Israel.

Mr. Obama does not appear concerned about showing up in Israel without Mr. Pollard. Only Mr. Netanyahu’s possible inability to

form a government in a timely manner might prevent President Obama from landing in the Jewish state. S.L.R.

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

Note to Kerry

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country. There’s just one thing about that: There are no ‘Palestinians.’ It’s a made up word. Israel was called Palestine for 2,000 years. Like ‘Wiccan,’ ‘Palestinian’ sounds ancient but is really a modern invention. Before the Israelis won the land in war, Gaza was owned by Egypt, and there were no ‘Palestinians’ then, and the West Bank was owned by Jordan, and there were no ‘Palestinians’ then. As soon as the Jews took over and started growing oranges as big as basketballs, what do you know, say hello to the ‘Palestinians,’ weeping for their deep bond with their lost ‘land’ and ‘nation.’ “So for the sake of honesty, let’s not use the word ‘Palestinian’ any more to describe these delightful folks, who dance for joy at our deaths until someone points out they’re being taped.” Just a Neighborhood Another lesson important for Secretary Kerry to hear before he visits Israel is that “East Jerusalem” does not actually exist. “East Jerusalem” is what the Bible means when it refers to Jerusalem. Words, and especially names, have meaning. Particularly in today’s ever changing Middle East. So, just what is “East Jerusalem” and why is adding the word “East” to describe part of Judaism’s holiest city and Israel’s capital of any serious magnitude?



Kosher restaurants Complimentary continental breakfast Shabbos keys & elevator Near shuls and shopping Swimming pool & saunas 10 min. From Downtown & Airport Family suites available Fitness room Free high-speed internet Banquet hall Business Center Free Parking Reservations: Tel.: 514-739-3800 Fax: 514-739-5616 Toll Free: 1-866-465-3800

East and West in Israel are not simple geographic terms as they are in the US. Northeast Philadelphia, the Upper East Side in Manhattan, and East L.A. in California are used to denote neighborhoods and sections of a city. In Israel, where Judea and Samaria have been labeled as the “West Bank,” things are different. The term “West Bank” was created by Arab propagandists to de-emphasize the area’s inherent Jewishness and to disassociate the land from the State of Israel. “East Jerusalem” was similarly invented. What is “East Jerusalem?” In the Christian and Hebrew Bibles, every single instance when a specific location in Jerusalem is mentioned, it refers to an area that many at the State Department would now like to see given to the Palestinians. The term “East Jerusalem” cannot be found in a Christian or Hebrew Bible. And that is because “East Jerusalem” is about as real as Santa Claus. The prayer “Next Year in Jerusalem!” that Jews recite at the close of the Yom Kippur service and at the highpoint of the Passover Seder refers to ancient parts of Jerusalem that the State Department Arabists include as part of this mythical creation of “East Jerusalem” in its unholy “Palestinian” state. There is no “East Jerusalem” in Judaism or in Jerusalem. According to Wikipedia, “East Jerusalem” refers to the part of the Holy City that was captured by Jordan in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War (also known as Israel’s War of Independence), and subsequently by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. It includes Jerusalem’s Old City and some of the holiest sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, such as the Temple Mount, Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.” To De-Judaize So, “East Jerusalem” is Jerusalem’s Old City and its surrounding neighborhoods. The original and oldest parts of Jerusalem are in this “East Jerusalem.” Historically, there has never been an independent municipal entity known as “East Jerusalem,” just as there has never been an independent national entity known as “Palestine” or “Kyrzakhstan.” When anti-Israel extremists created the term “East Jerusalem,” it was for one reason only: Purposefully to rip Israel’s

Secretary of State John Kerry capital apart in order to defeat Israel. This effort tragically gained full force with the Oslo Accords. This process was fully explained in the B’tzedek Online Journal of December 30, 1996 in an editorial titled “The War Has Just Begun”: “The Oslo Accords are indeed the fulfillment of the PLO ‘salami’ strategy. That is to say, Israel shall be destroyed not through overt military action of Arab nations, but through the whittling away of Israeli resolve and slow but determined territorial expansion of a Palestinian state. Slice by slice, Israel will be carved away by the knife of terrorism and world opinion, both deftly handled by the Israeli-created Palestinian entity.” Must Be Complete The very name Jerusalem means, in Hebrew, city of peace, city of completeness, and city of perfection. This was something that Bible-believing Americans of all faiths in the 19th and early 20th centuries were taught. A Jerusalem that is not complete is just not Jerusalem. As Secretary of State, Mr. Kerry can do much to show he understands what Jerusalem really is. The US government has failed to relocate the American Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv for over ten years. The Jerusalem Embassy Act was passed by the U.S Congress on October 23, 1995, and the law reads that “Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel; and the United States Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999.” Isaiah 62:1 instructs all of us: “For Zion’s sake I am not silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I do not rest.” For Jerusalem’s sake, contact your Congressional representatives and Senators today and demand that they pressure John Kerry and the Obama Administration to honor the Jerusalem Embassy Act. Y

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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Holy Name Medical Center Seeks Individuals to Fight Cancer for Future Generations by Participating in Nationwide Study Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck

is seeking participants for a historic nationwide study sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS) called Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). CPS-3 will give northern NJ residents an unprecedented opportunity to be involved in research that has the potential to change the face of cancer for future generations by helping physicians better understand the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that cause or prevent the disease. The study will enroll a diverse population of up to half a million people across the United States and Puerto Rico. Enrollment is open to men and women who are between 30 and 65 years old, have never been diagnosed with cancer (not including basal or squamous cell skin cancer), and are willing to make a longterm commitment to the study, which involves completing periodic follow-up surveys at home Those interested in enrolling must first register online at www.cps3bergencounty. org.and schedule their enrollment visit. Less Than an Hour At Holy Name Medical Center, enrollment will take place on Tuesday, April 16, 11:00 am-2:30 pm; and on Wednesday, April 17, 3-6:30 p.m. in the Marian Hall Conference Center, Conference Room 2. Participants will be asked to read and sign an informed consent form, complete a brief survey, have their waist circumference measured, and give a small blood sample. The in-person enrollment process takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. At home, participants will complete a comprehensive survey packet that asks for information on lifestyle, behavior, and other factors related to their health. Upon completion of this process, the ACS will send periodic follow-up surveys to update participant information and annual newsletters about study progress and results. The initial and follow-up surveys completed at home will take an hour or less of time to complete and are expected to be sent every few years. Part of Something Big “People can be part of something very big. To be involved means giving back and potentially being on the cusp of the

next cancer breakthrough,” said Marylou Anton, Executive Director of Oncology at Holy Name Medical Center, who signed up right away. Ms. Anton said registration was fast and easy. The questionnaire took her only 15 minutes to complete. “I think I can give that much time to something that can potentially help me, my family, and so many other people in the future,” she said. Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity According to Denise Andersen,

regional vice-president of the ACS, this is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity for Americans to participate in lifesaving cancer research.” “While the American Cancer Society has been conducting these types of studies for decades, their world-class research department can study new and emerging cancer risks only if members of the community are willing to become involved,” she said. She noted that many individuals who

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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Holy Name

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have been diagnosed with cancer struggle to answer the question: What caused it? “In many cases, we don’t know the answer,” said Ms. Andersen. “CPS-3 will help us better understand what factors cause cancer, and once we know that, we can be better equipped to prevent cancer.”

Holy Name Medical Center officials stressed that even those who do not enroll in the study can be “CPS-3 champions” by helping to spread the word. For more information about CPS-3, visit www., or call Holy Name Medical Center at 201-833-3000 or 201-227-6047. Y

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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The Log: “Separate Yourself Not from the Community” Do It Now

Tune into the Nachum Segal Jewish Moments in the Morning (JM in the AM) (Mon-Fri, 6-9am), now available in Rockland County: 91.1 FM in NYC and New Jersey; 90.1 in the Catskills, and 91.9 in Rockland County,

Wed., March 6

“How to Include Holocaust Education in the Overall Subject of Jewish History, for Hebrew and Religious Day and After-School Educations, presented by Yad Vashem and the NJ Commission on Holocaust Education, includes lunch and materials, at the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest, Whippany, 9am-2pm, 609-292-9274 Jewish Business Network Women’s Networking Meeting, Starbucks Coffee Shop at the Meadowlands Sheraton, E Rutherford, 9:30am, 973-902-5932 Fancy That Hat Pre-Pesach Hair Coverings Sale, includes snoods, pre-tied bandanas, tichels and scarves, caps, berets, hats, and headbands, private home in Passaic, 10am-10pm, 973-249-6365

Pre-Pesach Class, for women, Goldie Cohen, spons by Passaic Torah Institute, private home in Passaic, 11am, 908-278-4059 “Living with Integrity: Navigating Everyday Ethical Dilemmas: Commitments,” Rabbi Levi Azimov, Chabad of North Brunswick, 11am, 732-398-9492; Rabbi Mendel Mangel, Cherry Hill Chabad, 7:30pm, 856-874-1500; Rabbi Ephraim Simon, Teaneck Chabad House, 8pm, 201-907-0686; Rabbi Chanoch Kaplan, Franklin Lakes Chabad, 8pm, 201-848-0449 Israel Program, Rabbi Ely Allen, Fairleigh Dickinson University Hillel, University Chapel, 1pm, 201-820-3905 Using the Documentary “Only a Number” in the Classroom,” Josh Besserman, Mercer County Holocaust-Genocide Resource Center, Mercer County Community College, West Windsor, 4:30pm, “Wine, Quinoa, and the Laws of Pesach in 15 Minutes,” Rabbi Shalom Baum, includes pre-Pesach wine-and-cheese tasting and sale, Cong Keter To-

rah, Teaneck, sale, 6:30-9:30pm; talk, 8pm, 201-907-0180 Jewish Federation of Northern NJ Commerce and Professional Division Dinner, honoring Leon Sokol, at Temple Emanu-El, Closter, 6:30pm, 201-820-3951 Contemporary Israeli Poetry Group, in the original with English translation and discussion, Atara Fobar, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 7pm, 718-796-4730 Strength-to-Strength Support Group for Parents Whose Children, Ages 15-25, Are Dealing with Chemical Dependency, Psychological Disorders, or CoOccurring Issues, JCC, Tenafly, 7pm, 201-408-1403 Jewish 12-Step Meeting, JACS—Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons, and Significant Others, Jewish Family Service, Teaneck, 7:30pm, 201837-9090, ask for IRA (Information and Referral) or 201-981-1071 “Art in the Public Space,” Shimon Attie, Trayes Hall, Douglass Campus Center, New Brunswick, 7:30pm, 732-932-2033 “Living with Integrity: Navi-

gating Everyday Ethical Dilemmas: Commitments,” Rabbi Asher Herson, Chabad Center of Northwest NJ. Rockaway, 7:45pm, 973-625-1525 Shomer Shabbos Boy Scout Meeting, for boys in 6th grade or 11 years old and up, Bais Medrash L’Torah, Rabbi Davis’s shul, Passaic, 8pm, Pre-Pesach Cooking Demo and Tasting: “No Potato Passover,” for women, Aviva Kanoff, Cong Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck, 8pm, “The Rav on Pesach: In Commemoration of the 20th Yahrzeit of Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, z”tl,” Rav Herschel Schachter, Cong Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob and David, West Orange, 8:15pm, 973-736-1407 Shabbat Cooking, Rabbi David Pietruszka, spons by the Jewish Learning Experience, at Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, 8:30pm, 201-966-4498 Webinar for Singles: “Are You Ready Webinar: Road to the Chuppah,” Rabbi Doniel Frank, 9:30pm,

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R ROP 9.75 xMarch13 3-10-41 2013/Nissan 5773 The Jewish Voice and Opinion Page - 29

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The Log

March 2013/Nissan 5773

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continued from page 27

Thurs., March 7

“How to Include Holocaust Education in the Overall Subject of Jewish History, for Hebrew and Religious Day and After-School Educations, presented by Yad Vashem and the NJ Commission on Holocaust Education, includes lunch and materials, Goodwin Holocaust Museum and Education Center, Cherry Hill, 9am-2pm, 609-292-9274 “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk: Express Your Anger without Being Hurtful,” Emily Shapiro, at Kidaroo, Riverdale, 10am, 347-560-1027 JCC University, JCC, Tenafly, coffee and conversation, 10:15am; “Past Epidemics, Emerging Infectious Diseases,” Dr. Richard Roberts, 10:30am; lunch, noon; “Chocolate Nation,” Grace Lissauer, 1pm, 201408-1454 “Israel Program and Shwarma,” Rabbi Ely Allen, Bergen Community College Hillel, Paramus, 12:30pm, 201-820-3905 National Council of Synagogue Youth, Milburn High School, 2:30pm, 201-862-0250 “Egyptian Art and he Jewish Exodus,” Sheryl Urman, Cong Ahavath Torah, Englewood, 3pm, 201-568-1315 Israeli TV Show: “Srugim/ Knitted Kippahs,” with Rotem Nahum, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 7pm, 845-362-4400 Israel Film Festival: “Ballad of the Weeping Spring,” Bergen County YMHA, Washington Township, 7:30pm, 201-820-3909 or 201-666-6610 “Drug and Alcohol Abuse,” for parents of teenagers, JCC,

Tenafly, 7:30pm, 201-408-1469 Nefesh HaChaim Shiur: Intermediate Level Class on Jewish Mysticism and Spirituality,” Rabbi Akiva Weiss, Rutgers Hillel, New Brunswick, 10:30pm, nataly@

Fri., March 8

“Torah Studies into the Soul of the Torah: Making a Difference: Understanding the Impact of Our Actions,” Rabbi Avrohom Rapoport, spons by Chabad at the Shore, at Linwood Library, 12:15pm, 609-822-8500 Shabbat Dinner, with Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, at Chabad Center of Northwest NJ, Rockaway, 5:30pm, 973-625-1525 ext 202 Rabbi Sam Intrator, musician Oneg Shemesh, singer Yirmeahu, and Chazan Chaim Kiss, spons by the Carlebach Minyan of Teaneck and the Jewish Center of Teaneck, at the JCT, 5:45pm, continues through Shabbat, March 9, 201-862-0087 or 201-862-0083 “You Can Pray or You Can Shockel…Making Sure Your Prayers Succeed,” Scholar-inresidence, Rabbi Y.Y. Rubenstein, includes Shabbat dinner, Cong, Ohr Torah, West Orange, 6:45pm, 973-669-7320 “Revolution or Evolution: Women in Halachic Leadership Roles, Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Tova Ganzel, Cong Anshe Chesed, Linden, 8:30pm, 908-486-8616 Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, Cong Ohr Torah, Bergenfield, through Shabbat, March 9, 201-385-1761 Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Ephraim Kanarfogel, Cong Shaare Tefillah, Teaneck, through Shab-

bat, March 9, 201-357-0613 Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Dr. Richard Hidary, Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, through Shabbat, March 9, 201-836-6210 South of Cedar Yachad Shabbaton, for special-needs teenagers and young adults, through Shabbat, March 9, Guest Rabbi, Rabbi David Walkenfeld, Cong Etz Chaim, Livingston, through Shabbat, March 9, 973-597-1655

Shabbat, March 9

Scholar-in-residence, Rabbi Y.Y. Rubenstein, Cong, Ohr Torah, West Orange, “CSI Torah…Learning to Examine the Evidence,” 8:30am; “Touching Other Lives: Kiruv–Its Obligations, Inspirations, and Limitations,” 11:30am; “How Gedolim Stay Passionate about Torah…How You Can, Too,” includes seudah shlishit, 5:15pm, 973-669-7320 Carlebach Minyan, Cong Darchei Noam, Fair Lawn, 8:45am, Belz Chazzan Moshe Rubee, Cong Ohav Emeth, Highland Park, 8:45am, 732-247-3038 Tefilat Shlomo: The Carlebach Tefila of Riverdale, includes light and healthy Kiddush, at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 9am, 718-796-4730 Rabbi Zvi Grumet, scholar in residence, Riverdale Jewish Center, “Moshe as G-d’s Oracle: How Does Moshe Exercise His Authority of Rabbeinu When Transmitting G-d’s Word,” 10:30am; “Moshe as Leader: How Do Moshe’s Own Words Demonstrate Him as More Than a Vessel to Transmit G-d’s Words?” 4:15pm; “Moshe as Visionary: What Future Does Moshe Envision for the People That They Do Not Envision for Themselves, seudah shlishit, 5:25pm, 718-548-1850 Scholar-in-Residence Dan Polisar, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, “Israel Today: What the Recent Elections Tell Us about the Changing Face of Israel,” 11am; “Zionism Resurgent” The Pioneers Transforming Israel’s Educational System,” 5:15pm, 718-796-4730 “Losing Faith: Fewer Jews (and Otherwise) in the Pews,” discussion led by Rabbi Lawrence

Zierler, Jewish Center of Teaneck, 11:45am, 201-833-0515 Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Tova Ganzel, Cong Anshe Chesed, Linden, “Why Did the Rabbis Attempt to Suppress the Book of Ezekiel?” noon; “Hilchot Niddah: Women as Self-Regulators, for women, 4:15pm; “What Is the Difference between a Posek, a Rabbi, and a Yoetzet?” with seudah shlishit, 5:30pm, 908-486-8616 “Maimonides: Physician, Scientist, and a Guide to the Perplexed,” Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, includes lunch, Chabad Center of Northwest NJ, Rockaway, 12:15pm, 973-625-1525 ext 202 “Ve-Higadta le-Vincha,” for parents and Children, includes “The Mitzvah of Retelling the Story of Yetziat Mitzrayim and the Importance of Including Children in the Seder,” Rabbi Larry Rothwachs; “Practical and Innovative Ideas to Create Meaningful and Engaging Sedarim for Children,” Zalman Suldan; and a Chocolate Mock Seder, for children in grades K-5, Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, 3:30pm, 201-836-6210 Shabbat Mevorchim Shalosh Seudos, for women, spons by Cong Ahavat Shalom of the Teaneck Apartments, private apartment in Teaneck, 4pm, sisterhood@

Motzei Shabbat, March 9

Kids’ Night Out, for ages 5-12, divided by age, so that parents can have a night out, Riverdale YMHA, 7-10pm, 718-548-8200 ext 261 Rabbi Ahron Ciment, parentchild learning, Cong Keter Torah, Teaneck, 7:15pm, 201-907-0180 Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps Stayin’ Alive Saturday Night Fever Fundraising Gala, a ‘70s’s theme including food, entertainment, photographs, and raffle prizes, The Jewish Center of Teaneck, 7:30pm, 201-314-5033, 201-926-9833, or 201-747-8595 Cong Netivot Shalom Dinner, honoring Ilene and Mark Pollack, Galit and Jeffrey Cohen, and Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin, at Cong Beth Shalom, Teaneck, 8pm, or 201-801-9022 “You Decide the Best New Jewish Play of 2013,” 20 minutes of three full-length plays with Jewish themes submitted in a competition over the past few months, winner gets workshopped at the 14th Street YMHA in Manhattan, at the JCC, West Orange, 8pm, 973-530-3421 Pre-Pesach Wine Tasting and Silent Auction, to benefit Tomchei Shabbos and Rabbi Genack’s discretionary fund, includes hors d’oeuvres, Cong Shomrei Emunah, Englewood, 8pm, Oneg Shemesh Concert, Teaneck General Store, 8pm, 201530-5046 “How Should the Jewish State Be Jewish,” Dan Polisar, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 8pm, 718-796-4730 Film: Hester Street,” Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 8:15pm, 201-836-8916 “Image and Baggage: Facing Our Challenges in the Public Sphere,” Rabbi Avi Shafran, Cong Ahavas Achim, Highland Park, 8:30pm, 732-247-0532 Cong Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob and David Dinner, honoring Shari and David Cherna, Rose and Gary Scharlat, Rachel and Joel Segal, and Mickey Weiss, at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, West Orange, 8:30pm, 973-736-1407 Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls Scholarship Dinner, honoring Esti and Binyamin Kaminetzky, Sara and Ira Olshin, Gila Stein, and Art Carpenter, at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center, 8:30pm, 201-833-4307 Comic Hypnotist and Mentalist Ronnie Baras, spons by EMUNAH, private home in Teaneck, 8:30pm, 201-359-5245 Documentary: “Reb Elimelech and the Chassidic Legacy of Brotherhood,” written by Rabbi Hanoch Teller, featuring Rabbis Chanoch Ehrentrau, Berel Wein, Dovid Gottleib, Avraham Twersky, and Moshe Weinberger; music by Abraham Fried, and Abish Brodt, Cong Shaare Tefillah, Teaneck, 8:30pm, Couple’s Cooking Event, with Chef Seth Warshaw, Cong Ahavath Torah, Englewood, 8:30pm, 201-568-1315 “Contemplating Aliyah? A Financial Guide to Aliyah and

March 2013/Nissan 5773

Life in Israel,” Baruch Labinsky, Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, 8:45pm, 201-836-6210

Sun., March 10

Jewish Federation of Northern NJ Good Deeds Day, community-wide food drive to benefit local food pantries, drop off in Paramus, 201-820-3911 Ametz Adoption Program of the Jewish Child Care Association Conference: “Adoption and the Family,” includes 25 workshops, including “Building and Sustaining an Adoption Identity for You, Your Child, and Your Family,” with Dr. Jane Aronson; “Adoption Home Studies: What Is the Social Worker Looking for?” “Comparing Domestic and International Adoption,” “Financing Your Adoption,” and “The Other Mother: Relationships with Birth Parents,” at The Conference Center, Manhattan, 8am-5pm, 212558-9949 or Shaimos Drive, Cong Beth Abraham, Bergenfield, 8:30-11am, 201-384-0434 Chanukat Habayit and Hachnasat Sefer Torah, Cong Shaare Tefillah, Teaneck, 8:30am, 201-357-0613 Organizing Passover Food Donations, for young professionals ages 20-40, spons by the Jewish Family and Vocational Service, includes refreshments and socializing, private location in East Brunswick, 9am, 732-777-1940 Torah Tuesday Breakfast, honoring Rabbi Andrew Markowitz, Cong Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn, 9am, 201-791-7910 “Inyanei D’Yoma,” Rabbi Yissocher Frand, to benefit Just One Life, private home in Passaic, 9:30am, 973-668-7672 Meet Rep Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), includes Q&A, Cong Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob and David, West Orange, 9:30am, 973-736-1407 Clothing Drive, leave sorted men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing in sturdy garbage bags, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 9:30am-12:30pm, 718-601-3586 “Living with Integrity: Navigating Everyday Ethical Dilemmas: Commitments,” Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Chabad of Riverdale, 9:45am, 718-549-1100; Rabbi Dov

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

Drizen, Valley Chabad, Park Ridge High, 10am, 201-476-0157 “Matzah Baking and Korban Pesach Presentation,” for grades 3-5, Rabbi Josh Rossman, Cong Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck, 10am, 201-837-2795 Shaimos Drive, Cong Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck, 10am-12 noon, 201-837-2795 Hachnasat Sefer Torah, Cong Shaare Tefillah, Teaneck, 10am, 201-357-0613 Storytelling: “One Generation Tells Another,” Peninnah Schram and Rabbi Avi Weiss, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 10am, Family Pancakes and Plagues Brunch, for children ages 4-10 and their families, with Rabbi Steven Miodownik, Cong Ahavas Achim, Highland Park, 10am, 732-247-0532 “Jews and the World Today: A Front-Line View,” David Harris, Community Synagogue of Monsey, 10:15am, 845-356-7687 Rep Steny Hoyer (D-MD), spons by NORPAC, includes brunch, private home in Teaneck, 11:30am, 201-788-5133 “The Empty Chair: Pre-

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Pesach Program for Bereaved Jews,” Rabbi Steven Exler and social worker Anna Kirshblum, includes readings, reflections, and the opportunity to honor those who have died in n the context of Pesach, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, noon, 718-696-4730 Aliyah Mega Event, spons by Nefesh B’Nefesh, includes “Careers in Israel,” “The Aliyah Process,” “Retiring in Israel,” “Financial Planning & Taxes,” “Israel’s Healthcare System,” “Real Estate & Mortgages,” “Shipping to Israel,” and “Go North, Go South,” Crowne Plaza Times Square, Manhattan, 12:30-5:45pm, 347-8786086 or Pay It Forward: Matzah Bakery, bring one kosher-forPassover item for less-fortunate families, for children ages 6 and up, Chabad Center, Wayne, 12:45pm, 973-694-6274 “Still Jewish after All These Years,” Avi Hoffman, YMHA, Union, 1pm, 908-289-8112 Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion Girls School Play, at the Piscataway High School, 2pm, 732-235-0042 Model Matzah Bakery, for children 5 and over and their

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The Log

March 2013/Nissan 5773

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families, Chabad Center, Wayne, 2:30pm, 973-694-6274 Pre-Pesach Boutique, including jewelry, hats, head coverings, girls’ accessories, and Kiki Riki’s, private home in Riverdale, 4-6:30pm, 614-537-3324 Israel Film Festival: “Teen Movie: The Last Chance High,” discussion with Keren Glick and Roni Mishpati, Jewish Federation of Northern NJ, Paramus, 4:30pm, 201-820-3909 or 201-820-3900 “Jews and Firearms: Are They For You? Introductory Class on Everything You Need to Make an Informed Decision,” spons by the Golani Rifle & Pistol Club of North Jersey, private range and classroom, North Bergen, 5pm, Pre-Pesach Boutique, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 5-9pm, Yeshiva Chovevei Torah Tribute Dinner, honoring Stewart Harris, Ruthie Strosberg Simon, and 2013 Fellows: David Fried, Bradley Hercman, Noah Leavitt, Aaron Lerner, Brachyahu Schonthal, and Aaron Potek, Harmonie Club, Manhattan, 5pm, 212-666-0036 Pre-Pesach Momentum, for single mothers, dinner and a movie with free on-site childcare, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 5:30pm, “Ladies Got Talent: All-Female Talent Show,” by women, for women, includes Ya’el Tap, Yali Raichlin, Yael Brodsky Levine, and Jessica Schechter, followed by dance party, Mt. Sinai Jewish Center, Washington Hts, NY, 6:30pm, Hagalat Keilim, Cong Rinat Yisrael, 7-9pm, 201-837-2795 Film: “Hava Negila (The Movie),” includes dessert and hora dancing with the Chai Notes, spons by the NJ Jewish Film Festival, JCC, West Orange, 7:30pm, 800-494-8497 or 973-530-3417 Israel Film Festival: “The Flat,” includes dinner reception and discussion with Jewish Week film critic George Robinson, JCC of Paramus, 7:30pm, 201-820-3909 or 201-262-7691 Rockland and Bergen County Adoptive Families Meet-Up

and Support Group, for those who have already adopted or are in the process of adopting, internationally and domestically, private home, 7:30pm, www. Rosh Chodesh Women’s Dinner: “The Kabbalah of Spiritual Dieting,” Chabad Center, West Orange, 7:30pm, 973-486-2362 “Former Prisoner of Zion,” Rabbi Yosef Mendelevitch, Cong Shaare Tefillah, Teaneck, 8pm, 201357-0613 Areyvut Mitzvah Clown Program, Young Israel of Teaneck, 8pm, 201-244-6702 Concert: “Kol Dodi,” Israeli singer Mika Karni, includes refreshments, JCC, Tenafly, 8:30pm, 201-408-1427

Mon., March 11

“Living with Integrity: Navigating Everyday Ethical Dilemmas: Honesty,” Rabbi Chanoch Kaplan, private law office, Oakland, 9am, 201-848-0449 “Insights into Pesach,” for women, Rabbi Yisroel Teichman, private home in Teaneck, 9:45am, 201-692-3757 or Rav Shmuel Concert, Rabbi Ely Allen, Ramapo College Hillel, Mahwah, 1pm, 201-820-3905 Engineering FUNdamentals with Lego,” for grades 2-6, Bayonne JCC, 4pm, 201-436-6900 Aliyah and the IDF, for parents of future and current “lone soldiers,” Lt. Col. (Res) Avi Ziv, spons by Nefesh B’Nefesh, private home in Teaneck, 7:30pm, 201-837-0393 or “Torah Studies into the Soul of the Torah: The Freedom Ride: Unshackling the Prisoner Within at the Seder Table,” Rabbi Asher Herson, Chabad of Northwest NJ, Rockaway, 7:30pm, 973-625-1525 ext 202 Rosh Chodesh Society: Food and Dieting, for women, includes kabbalistic reason that food is so tempting and introduces Jewish practices to help make eating more mindful, healthful, and spiritually satisfying, spons by Chabad of West Orange, private home in West Orange, 7:30pm, 973-486-2362

“Pesach Practicum,” Sara Hurwitz and Rabbi Steven Exler, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 7:30pm, 718-796-4730 “An Evening of Study and Reflection on the Life of Rabbi David Hartman, z”l: Joy and Responsibility: The Religious Thought and Concept of Community of Rabbi Dr. David Hartman,” Rabbi Lawrence Zierler, Jewish Center of Teaneck, 7:45pm, 201-833-0515, ext. 200

Tues., March 12

Lower East Side Noshing Tour, with Jeff and Malki Altman, leave JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 9am, 845-361-4400 Blood Drive, Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, Livingston, 10am4pm, “The Jewish Calendar,” Rabbi Menachem Leibtag, Cong Keter Torah, Teaneck, 11am, 201907-0180 The Shirat Chesed Singers, Café Europa, transportation available, Fair Lawn Jewish Center, 11am, 973-595-0111 Jewish Film Series: “The Klezmatics: On Holy Ground,” includes bagel brunch, JCC, Margate, 11am, 609-822-1167 x138 “How Do I Know if My Medications Are Safe to Use,” Dr. Mark Grebenau, for seniors, Cong Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob and David, West Orange, 11:15am, 973-736-1407 ext 240 Model Seder with Seniors, Rabbi Ely Allen, spons by William Paterson University Hillel, at the YMHA, Wayne, 12:45pm, 201-820-3905 Story Hour, for children ages 2-6, Chabad Center, Wayne, 4:30pm, 973-694-6274 “Surviving Passover without Bread,” Chef Amalia Schneider, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 7pm, 845-361-4400 Young People’s Chorus, JCC, Tenafly, 7pm, 201-569-7900 “Women in the Israeli Army,” panel discussion, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 7:30pm, 845-362-4400 Israel Film Festival: “Ballad of the Weeping Spring,” discussion with Eric Goldman, Wayne YMHA, 7:30pm, 201-820-3909 or 973-595-0100 Pesach Q & A, Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler, Cong AABJ&D, West Or-

ange, 8pm, 201-837-2795 Jewish Interdenominational Dialogue: “Facing the Future Together, How Can We All Get Along?” Orthodox Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Conservative Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner, and Reform Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Emert, moderated by Linda Scherzer, Cong Ahavath Torah, Englewood, 8pm, 201-891-4466 “Sanctifying the Month of Nissan: The First Mitzvah?” Yotetzet Halacha Shoshana Samuels, private home in Teaneck, 8:30pm, 201-837-0651 “Digging Deeper: Exploring the Philosophical Foundations of Judaism: Why the Exodus Forms the Center of Our Belief,” for men and women, Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 9:15pm, 201-836-8916

Wed., March 13

“Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar,” Allied Barton Security Services, Hilton Woodbridge, Iselin, 8am, 212-532-2208 Netivot Montessori Yeshiva Open House, for parents of infants (6 weeks) through children in middle school (12-14 years), Highland Park, tours begin at 9:15am, 732-985-4626 Book Review Club: “Once We Were Brothers” by Ronald Balson, facilitator Lucille Schroeder, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 1pm, 845-362-4400 Book Club, led by Adelle Krauser, JCC, Tenafly, 1pm, 201569-7900 Packing Passover food for Those in Need throughout Middlesex County, for those 15 and up, spons by the Jewish Family and Vocational Service, private location in East Brunswick, 3pm, 732-777-1940 Pre-Passover Story and Crafts Hour, spons by Chabad Center of Passaic County, at the Wayne Public Library, 4:30pm, 973-694-6274 “Freedom from Fibroids,” Dr. David Singh, Holy Name Medical Center, 7pm, 877-465-9626 Abused Women’s Confidential Support Group, Jewish Family Service, Teaneck, 7:15pm, 201-837-9090 Mom’s Support Group, for mothers of children with special needs, Amy Brunswick, LSW, spons by Jewish Family Service of MetroWest, JCC, West Orange, 7:30pm, 973-765-9050 or 973-929-3129 “Ten Pesach Values Every Parent and Grandparent Needs to Know,” Rabbi Shalom Baum, private home in New Milford, 8pm, 201-907-0180 “About Parenting,” Dr. Wendy Pollock, Riverdale YMHA, 8pm, 718-548-8200 Tehillim Group, Cong Shaare Tefillah, Teaneck, 8:15pm, 201-2895474, 917-902-9303, or 201-836-3431 “Are You Ready Webinar for Singles: Road to the Chuppah,” Rabbi Doniel Frank, 9:30pm,

Thurs., March 14

Jewish Business Networking Breakfast, CASE Russian Art Museum, Jersey City, 8:30am, Info@ Jewish Vocational Service MetroWest Job Fair, includes “Tips for Transforming Your Job Search into Job Offers,” Sherrill Curtis, bring 25 copies of your resume and come dressed for on-the-spot interviews, Temple Emanu-El, Livingstom, 10am-1pm, 973-674-0871 or 973-992-5560, pre-registration required A Passover Memory Journey with Yiddish:“A Zisn un Kashern Peysach,” Rabbi Gerald Friedman, spons by the Yiddish Club, JCC, Tenafly, 11am, 201-408-1429 “Judaism and Homosexuality,” Rabbi Ely Allen, Bergen Community College Hillel, Paramus, 12:30pm, 201-820-3905 “Polish Kosher Food Cooking Demonstration and Tasting,” Chef Jean Duroseau, Jewish Home, River Vale, 12:30pm, 201-666-2370 Golden Age Model Seder, for seniors, Rabbi Steven Exler, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 1pm, 718-796-4730 Citibank Program Which Provides Interest-Free Loans (Which Become Grants if the Recipients Remain in Their Homes for 10 Years) to People Who are Unemployed or Underemployed, David Siegel, Citibank, Englewood, 6pm, 201-419-1330 “Better Than Ever Passover

March 2013/Nissan 5773

Cooking Class,” Andrea Klein, includes meatballs with braised fennel and baby carrots, spiced matzo-stuffed chicken breasts, and porchini matzo polenta wedges, JCC, Tenafly, 7pm, 201-408-1457 Jewish Film Series: “Bottle in the Gaza Sea,” JCC, Margate, 7pm, 609-822-1167 x138 Teen Leadership and Community Service Meeting, create community service projects and decide which charities deserve support, Cathie Izen, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, grades 7-8, 7pm; grades 9-12, 8pm, 845-362-4400 “The Submission,” Amy Waldman, JCC, West Orange, 7:30pm, 973-530-3421

Fri., March 15

Final Day for Submissions for the Abe Oster Holocaust Remembrance Awards, for high school students who reside or go to public or private school in Bergen County. Applicants create an original multi-media presentation, with an accompanying written explanation, that communicated the relevance of the Holocaust in the 21st century. For information, contact Rabbi Steve Golden, 201-408-1426 or http:// “Torah Studies into the Soul of the Torah: The Freedom Ride: Unshackling the Prisoner Within at the Seder Table,” Rabbi Avrohom Rapoport, spons by Chabad at the Shore, at Linwood Library, 12:15pm, 609-822-8500 Bim Bam Shabbat, for toddlers and pre-school age children, Shabbat songs and crafts, stories about Israel, grape juice and challah, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 1:30pm, 845-362-4400 Scholars-in-Residence Prof Aaron and Shira Koller, Cong Keter Torah, Teaneck, through Shabbat, March 16, 201-907-0180 Limmud FSU, Shabbaton and weekend for Russian-American Jews with their children, to honor Mayor Ed Koch, z”l, with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, includes Shabbat services, debates, films, artistic performances, and music, private location in Princeton, through Sun., March 17, 212-3151201 or Yachad Leadership Shab-

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

baton, for special-needs teens and young adults, in honor of North American Inclusion Month, at Cong Beth Abraham, Bergenfield, through Shabbat March 16, Guest Rabbi, Rabbi Samuel Kilbanoff, Cong Etz Chaim, Livingston, through Shabbat, March 16, 973-597-1655

Shabbat, March 16

Minyan Tiferet. Shira Hadasha-style, private home in Englewood, 9am, minyantiferet@, 201-567-2820, or 201567-3323 “Former Prisoner of Zion” Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 10:30am, 718-696-4730 Story Teller and Activities, Cong Ohav Emeth, Highland Park, 4pm, 732-247-3038

Motzei Shabbat, March 16

Film: “20 Million Minutes (Since the terrorist massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games),” with speaker Ankie Spitzer, Rockland Community College Suffern, 8:30pm, 845362-4400 ext 175 Israel Film Festival: “Arab Labor” Third Season, discussion

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with the Israeli sit-com director Sayed Kashua, JCC, Tenafly, 8:30pm, 201-408-1427

Sun., March 17

Last Day to Bring Canned or Dry, Non-Expired Non-Kosherfor-Passover Food, to be donated to the poor, Riverdale YMHA, 718548-8200 “Inyanei Pesach,: Rabbi Michael Rosensweig, Cong Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck, 8:45am, 201-837-2795 Drivers Needed to Distribute Food to Those in Need throughout Middlesex County, spons by the Jewish Family and Vocational Service, private location in East Brunswick, 9am, 732-777-1940 Outreach to Unaffiliated Jews, spons by West Orange Encounters, at the Shoprite, Livingston, 9am-6pm, 973-736-1407, moradi@ or Baking Love for Pesach, for parents and children ages 4-6, in Hebrew, Ayelet Nathaniel, JCC, Tenafly, 10am, 201-569-7900 CareLink with Various Jewish Organizations in Hudson County, including assembling Passover food packages and

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The Log

March 2013/Nissan 5773

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delivering them to homebound older adults, Bayonne JCC, 10am, 973-637-1747 Trip to the Big Apple Circus in Bridgewater, for children and parents, those under 6 must be accompanied by an adult, leave Cong Ohr Torah, Edison, 10am, 732-207-9992 Pizza Lunch and a Movie (“Up”), for children and teens, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 12:30-5pm, 718-796-4730 Ice Skating, for grades 6-8, spons by Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, 1pm, 201-836-6210 Israel Film Festival: “Numbered,” Jewish Home at Rockleigh, 2pm, 201-820-3909 or 201-784-1414 Documentary: “Crime after Crime,” about attorney Joshua Safran’s efforts to help an abused woman, Teaneck Public Library, 2pm, Uncle Moishy Concert, Young Israel of East Brunswick, 3pm, 732254-1860 or 7320390-4955 Meet the Artists reception for Art Exhibit: “A Common Thread,” tying together the people of Northern NJ and Nahariya, Israel, includes kosher wine and cheese, at the Belskie Museum of Art and Science, Closter, 4-7 pm, on display through April 7, 201-768-0286 or 201-820-3909 Adult and Child CPR, including the Heimlich maneuver and use of a defibrillator, Riverdale Jewish Center, 5pm, 718-548-1850 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), spons by NORPAC, private home in Englewood, 7pm, 201-788-5133 Films: “Silent Games” and “Jazz Hand,” Israeli national deaf soccer team and a challenged tap dancer, followed by discussion, spons by the NJ ReelAbilities Film

Festival, JCC, West Orange, 7pm, 973-530-3521 or 800-494-8497 Israeli Film: “Footnote,” with Eric Goldman, Cong Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck, 7:30pm, 201837-2795

Mon., March 18

Last Day for Passover Food Drive, bring all non-kosher-forPesach food, canned or dry nonexpired items, Riverdale YMHA, 718-548-8200 Last Day to apply for a Ruderman Prize in Disability, which encourages the acceleration of innovations for people with disabilities, Five $50,000 awards will be given. To apply, go to http:// “Philip Roth at 80,” lectures by college professors on the following broad themes: “Roth and Literary Reputation,” “Roth and Lee, Roth and Bellow, Roth and Paley,” “New Perspectives on Operation Shylock,” and “Roth and the Fiction Writer,” Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, 8:30am, 308-2931433 or “Living with Integrity: Navigating Everyday Ethical Dilemmas: Commitments,” Rabbi Chanoch Kaplan, private law office, Oakland, 9am, 201848-0449 “Philip Roth at 80,” lectures by college professors on the following broad themes: “New Voices in Roth Studies,” “Roth and the Canon” “Roth and Narrative,” and “Early Roth,” Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, 10am, 308-293-1433 or “Philip Roth at 80,” lectures by college professors on the following broad themes: “Roth’s Newark,” “Roth Abroad,” “The Counterlife and Other Writers,” Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, 11:30am, 308-293-

The Log is a free service provided to the Jewish community in northern and central New Jersey, Rockland County and Riverdale. Events that we list include special and guest lectures, concerts, boutiques, dinners, open houses, club meetings, and new classes. Announcements are requested by the 25th of the month prior to the month of the event. Due to space and editorial constraints, we cannot guarantee publication of any announcement. Please email them to :

1433 or “Philip Roth at 80,” lectures by college professors on the following broad themes: “Roundtable: Roth and Literary Biography,” “Nemeses,” and “Roth and Gender and Sexuality,” Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, 1:30pm, 308-293-1433 or Current Events, Stan Goldberg, Buddy Tell, and Keren Glick, JCC, Tenafly, 1:30pm, 201-408-1457 “Philip Roth at 80,” lectures by college professors on the following broad themes: Roundtable: “What We Talk about When We Talk about Roth,” “New Connections within Roth’s Oeuvre,” and “New Perspectives on Zuckerman,” Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, 3pm, 308293-1433 or “Philip Roth at 80,” lectures by college professors on the following broad themes: Roundtable: “Teaching Roth: How Now?” “Roth and American History,” and “A New Lease on My Life,” Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, 4:30pm, 308293-1433 or Film: “Refuge,” with director Ethan Bensinger, spons by the Holocaust Council of Greater MetroWest, Aidekman JCC, Whippany, 7pm, 973-929-3067 “Torah Studies into the Soul of the Torah: A Stranger to Passover: How to Connect with the Experience,” Rabbi Asher Herson, Chabad of Northwest NJ, Rockaway, 7:30pm, 973-6251525 ext 202

Tues., March 19

Video Conference: “The St Louis and Its Voyage of the Damned,” spons by the NJ Commission on Holocaust Education, at the Goodwin Holocaust Museum, Cherry Hill, 10am, 856-7519500 ext 1249 “Philip Roth at 80: Welcoming Ceremony to the Roth@80 Exhibit, Newark Public Library, 10am, 308-293-1433 or royal@ Women’s Club for Widows, Jewish Federation and Vocational Services, Concordia Shopping Center, Monroe, 10:30am, 732-7771940 or 609-395-7979 “The History of the Jews in the Bronx,” Prof Lloyd Ultan,

Riverdale YMHA, 10:30am, 718548-8200 Jewish Film Series: “Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story,” includes bagel brunch, JCC, Margate, 11am, 609-822-1167 x138 Intergenerational Model Seder, with the synagogue nursery school children, for seniors, Cong Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob and David, West Orange, 11:15am, 973-736-1407 ext 240 “Ask OU Outreach PrePesach Shiur,” includes “The Kosher Production of OU Wine and Grape Juice,” Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz; “What’s New for Pesach 2013,” Rabbi Moshe Elefant; and Q&A, at Khal Lev Avos, Lakewood, noon, 212-613-8212 “Philip Roth at 80: The Philip Roth Tour of Newark,” leave from the Robert Treat Hotel, Newark, noon, 308-293-1433 or “The Evolution of Jewish Music,” Lipa Schmeltzer, Cultural Arts Center, Rockland Community College, Suffern, 12:30pm, 845-574-4422 or 845-574-4422 Celebrate Passover, for ages 2-5 with an adult, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 3:45pm, 845-362-4400 “Digging Deeper: Exploring the Philosophical Foundations of Judaism: Antisemitism and the Haggadah,” for men and women, Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 9:15pm, 201-836-8916

Wed., March 20

Model Passover Seder, for seniors, Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Riverdale YMHA, 11:15am, 718-548-8200 Kosher Experience Trip, Rabbi Ely Allen, Bergen Fairleigh Dickinson University Hillel, University Chapel, 1pm, 201-820-3905 Yiddish Class, Gloria Birnbaum, Riverdale YMHA, 1:30pm, 718-548-8200 “Holocaust Memory Practices around the World,” Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life, Rutgers, New Brunswick, 4:30pm, 732-932-4165 Chocolate Seder, for families with children 3-9 years, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 6:15pm, 845-361-4400 Strength-to-Strength Sup- port Group for Parents Whose Children, Ages 15-25, Are Dealing with Chemical Dependency, Psychological Disorders, or CoOccurring Issues, JCC, Tenafly, 7pm, 201-408-1403 “Chicks with Sticks Knitting Circle,” hats for preemies, children with cancer, and IDF soldiers in Israel, private home in Highland Park, 8pm, 732-339-8492 “An In-Depth Analysis of One of the Sugyos That Comes Up in the Daf Yomi Studies,” Rav Tanchum Cohen, Cong Beth Abraham, Bergenfield, 8pm, 201-384-0434 Shomer Shabbos Boy Scout Meeting, for boys in 6th grade or 11 years old and up, Bais Medrash L’Torah, Rabbi Davis’s shul, Passaic, 8pm,

Thurs., March 21

Teachers’ Conference: “Trauma: Prevention and Teaching in its Aftermath,” Dr. Irit Felsen, Sgt Tom Rich, and Halaina Hovitz, includes lunch and refreshments, Aidekman Family JCC, Whippany, 9am-2:30pm, 973-929-3194 La Leche League of Bronx/ Riverdale, Mia Damond Padwa, pregnant women, babies and small children welcome, healthy snacks, Riverdale YMHA, 9:30am, 718-543-0314 “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk: Set Firm Limits and Still Maintain Goodwill,” Emily Shapiro, at Kidaroo, Riverdale, 10am, 347-560-1027 JCC University, JCC, Tenafly, coffee and conversation, 10:15am; “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes,” Maria Konnikova, 10:30am; lunch, noon; “The Psychology of Greed,” Dr. Carole Campana, 1pm, 201-408-1454 “Daughter of Three Religions,” Sadia Shepard, includes film, “In Search of the Bene Israel,” and a discussion of the book, “The Girl from Foreign,” Cultural Arts Center, Rockland Community College, Suffern, 11am, 845-5744422 or 845-574-4422 Chametz Food Collection, for poor non-Jews; Non-Chametz Food Drive for Jews Who Need Help, donate nourishing, unopened, and non-perishable items, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 1pm, 718-796-4730 Shaimos Pickup, Cong Aha-

March 2013/Nissan 5773

was Achim Bnai Jacob and David, West Orange, 4-8pm, 201-837-2795 Kosher Night at Vegas, includes sampling of glatt kosher cuisine, 800-gallon stingray tank, hand-sculpted 75-foot wave wall, electronic games, casino amusement area, in Randolph, 5-8pm, 973-895-5533 Areyvut Mitzvah Clown Program, Daughters of Miriam, Passaic, 6pm, 201-244-6702 Big Model Seder, spons by Riverdale Israelis and Friends, Riverdale YMHA, 6pm, 718-548-8200 Israeli TV Show: “Srugim/ Knitted Kippahs,” with Rotem Nahum, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 7pm, 845-362-4400 “Answering Real Questions about Back and Neck Pain,” Dr. Jonathan Lewin, includes free MRI review, Center for Spinal Disorders, Englewood, 7pm, 973-287-7916 Hagalat Keilim, to get ready for Pesach, Cong Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck, 7-9:30pm, 201-837-2795 Jewish Film Series: “The Yankles,” JCC, Margate, 7pm, 609-822-1167 x138 Online Lecture: “From Enlightenment to Intifada: French Jewry Now and Then: The Dreyfus Affair: How an ‘Affaire Française’ Became Our Affair,” Dr. Robert Zatetsky, spons by the JCC of Houston, houstonjewishlive. com, 7:30pm, 713-729-3200

Fri., March 22

“Torah Studies into the Soul of the Torah: A Stranger to Passover: How to Connect with the Experience,” Rabbi Avrohom Rapoport, spons by Chabad at the Shore, at Linwood Library, 12:15pm, 609-822-8500 Shabbos Hagadol Friday Night Meal, Cong Ohav Emeth, Highland Park, Shabbat Hagadol Chinese Dinner, Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, 6pm, 201-836-6210

Shabbat, March 23

Shabbos Hagadol Lunch, Cong Ohav Emeth, Highland Park, noon, Cholent Cookoff, Cong Ohr Torah, West Orange, noon, 973669-7320 Shabbat Hagadol Lunch, Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, noon, 201-836-6210

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

Pesach-Themed Oneg, for children, Cong Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob and David, West Orange, 4pm, 201-837-2795

Motzei Shabbat, March 23

“The Land and Spirit Mission to Israel,” spons by Chabad of Passaic County, Wayne, with Rabbi Michoel and Rebbetzin Chani Gurkov, returns April 3,

Sun., March 24

Youth Program While Parents Prepare for Pesach, Cong Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck 10am, 201837-2795 Kashering Utensils, Cong Ahawas Achim Bnai Jacob and David, West Orange, 10am-1pm, 201-837-2795

Mon., March 25 First Seder

Vacation Day Program, for grades K-6, Riverdale YMHA, 9am5pm, with 8am-6pm possible, Café Europa Holocaust Survivor Group, Jacob Weiland, MSW, Riverdale YMHA, 1pm, 718548-8200 ext 303 Community Pesach Seder, Rabbi Avrohom Rimler, Chabad of Rockland, New City, 7:30pm, 845-634-0951 Community Pesach Seder, Rabbi Avrohom and Rebbetzin Mashie Rapoport, Cong Rodef Shalom, Atlantic City, 7:30pm, 609-822-8500 Seder with Rabbi Aharon and Rebbetzin Rachel Ciment, Cong Arzei Darom, Teaneck, 7:30pm, 201-530-0043 Community Seder, Chabad of Hoboken, 7:30pm, Communal Family Seder,

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led by Rabbis Shimon and Levi Neubort, includes Chassidic explanations on the Haggada, Chassidic melodies, fine wines, Anshei Lubavitch Congregation, Fair Lawn, 7:45pm, 201-794-3770 Free Seder, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 8pm, or 718-796-4730

Tues., March 26 Second Seder

Community Pesach Seder, Rabbi Avrohom and Rebbetzin Mashie Rapoport, Cong Rodef Shalom, Atlantic City, 7:30pm, 609-822-8500 Free Seder, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 8pm, or 718-796-4730 Communal Family Seder, led by Rabbi Avrohom and Rebbetzin Rivky Bergstein, , includes Chassidic explanations on the Haggada, Chassidic melodies, fine wines, Anshei Lubavitch Congregation, Fair Lawn, 8:25pm, 201-794-3770

Wed., March 27

Jewish-Greek Network Passover Lunch, Rutgers Hillel, New Brunswick, noon, 732-54502407 or

Thurs., March 28

NCSY Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure, park will be kosherfor-Passover with food available, buses will leave from throughout the area, 7pm, call 201-353-7906 Vacation Day Program, for grades K-6, Riverdale YMHA, 9am-5pm, with 8am-6pm possible,, also Fri., March 29

Fri., March 29

Last Day to Enter the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Essay Contest for High School

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The Log

March 2013/Nissan 5773

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and College Students, 800 words maximum on “Why Is It Important for Schools Nationwide to Include the Armenian Genocide in the Core Curriculum?” spons by the Knights & Daughters of Vartan Armenian fraternal organization, cash prizes, include name year in school, hometown and state, and phone number, submit essays to Free Kosher-for-Passover Shabbat Dinner, Rutgers Hillel, New Brunswick, 6:30pm, 732-545-2407

Wed., April 3

Farewell to Pesach Meal/ Moshiach Seudah, Chabad of Hoboken, 6:30pm, Contemporary Israeli Poetry Group, in the original with English translation and discussion, Atara Fobar, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 7pm, 718-796-4730 Strength-to-Strength Support Group for Parents Whose Children, Ages 15-25, Are Dealing with Chemical Dependency, Psychological Disorders, or CoOccurring Issues, JCC, Tenafly, 7pm, 201-408-1403

Jewish 12-Step Meeting, JACS—Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons, and Significant Others, Jewish Family Service, Teaneck, 7:30pm, 201837-9090, ask for IRA (Information and Referral) or 201-981-1071 Shomer Shabbos Boy Scout Meeting, for boys in 6th grade or 11 years old and up, Bais Medrash L’Torah, Rabbi Davis’s shul, Passaic, 8pm, “Jews and Chocolate (with a Tasting), Rutgers Hillel, New Brunswick, 8pm, 732-545-2407

Thurs., April 4

“The Holocaust: Films, History, and Pedagogy,” Dr. Stuart Liebman, Kean University Holocaust Resource Center, Union, 9am, 908-737-4633 “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk: Use Alternatives to Punishment That Promote Self-Discipline,” Emily Shapiro, at Kidaroo, Riverdale, 10am, 347-560-1027 “Shop Smart, Do Good,” Shop at Lord and Taylor, Fashion Center, Paramus, to benefit Hadassah, 10am-9:30pm, 201-873-2476

Tell Our Advertisers “I Saw It in The Jewish Voice and Opinion” Film: “Through the Eyes of a Friend,” Goodwin Holocaust Museum, Cherry Hill, 4pm, 800331-5716 Israeli TV Show: “Srugim/ Knitted Kippahs,” with Rotem Nahum, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 7pm, 845-362-4400 Jewish Film Festival: “Koch,” with Neil Barsky, Vince Mante, and Adam Lipson, AMC Theatre, Palisades Center Mall, West Nyack, 7:30pm, 845-362-4400

Fri., April 5

Lunch and Learn: “The Booky’s Son,” Andrew Goldstein, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 12:30m, 845-362-4400 Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, Cong Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn, through Shabbat, April 6, 201-791-7910

Shabbat, April 6

Carlebach Minyan, Cong Darchei Noam, Fair Lawn, 8:45am, Tefilat Shlomo: The Carlebach Tefila of Riverdale, includes light and healthy Kiddush, at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 9am, 718-796-4730

Shabbat Mevorchim Shalosh Seudos, for women, spons by Cong Ahavat Shalom of the Teaneck Apartments, private apartment in Teaneck, 4pm, sisterhood@

Motzei Shabbat, April 6

Jewish Film Festival: “Dorfman,” with screenwriter Wendy Kout, AMC Theater, Palisades Center Mall, West Nyack, 8:30pm, 845-362-4400

Sun., April 7

Women’s Yom Iyun, Nechama Price, Cong Ahavas Achim, Highland Park, “The Rules of Staining for All Stages of Life,” 9am; brunch, 10am; “Behind Closed Doors— Sexuality: A Torah Perspective,” 11am, 732-247-0532 or Last Day to View Art Exhibit: “A Common Thread,” tying together the people of Northern NJ with Israelis of Nahariya, at the Belskie Museum, Closter, 1-5pm, 201-768-0286 Yom HaShoah Commemoration, speaker, candle-lighting ceremony, Abe Oster Holocaust Remembrance Award, Choir, JCC, Tenafly, 7pm, 201-408-1429 Y

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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New Classes This Month Sundays

Contemporary Halacha, Rabbi Duvie Weiss, Cong Keter Torah, Teaneck, 8:30am, 201-907-0180 Breakfast with a Touch of Class: Gemara Eruvin, Rabbi Gedaliah Jaffe, Cong Ahavas Yisrael, 8:30am, “History and Halacha Breakfast,” Rabbi Joshua Hess, Cong Anshe Chesed, Linden, 8:40am, 908-486-8616 Issues from the Weekly Parsha, Kiruv Committee, Cong Beth Abraham of Bergenfield, at the Teaneck General Store, 10:30am, 201-530-5046 Shaatnez Testing Center, includes suits, coats, sweaters, pants, skirts, and jackets, Cong Agudah Yisrael, Highland Park, 3:30-5:30pm,


Israeli Dance, for women, Sara Birnbaum, JCC Rockland, West Nyack, 10am, 845-361-4400, begins April 8 Shiur, Chani Juravel, for women, Cong Ohr HaTorah, Bergenfield, 1pm, 201-270-2005 “Jake Talks,” Internet radio show spons by JCC Rockland and run by JCC teens, join the broadcast at Rockland World Radio, Nyack, 4:15pm, 845-362-4400 ext 103; listen at www.rocklandworldradio. com, call in by dialing 845-353-2910, 5pm Support Group: “Widows and Widowers: You Are Not Alone,” Judy Brauer, LCSW, JCC, Tenafly, 6pm, 201-408-1456, begins April 8 Shmiras Halashon Shiur, for women, Leah Drillman, private home in Edison, 7:30pm, 908-208-7144 or 732-777-6787, resumes April 8 Support Group: “Uncoupling: Coping with Divorce and Separation,” Judy Brauner, LCSW, JCC, Tenafly, 7:45pm, 201-408-1456, begins April 8 Megillah Shiur: The Sanctity of Mitzvah Objects, Rabbi Yaakov Neuberger, Cong Beth Abraham, Bergenfield, 8pm, 201-384-0434 Night Shiur: Mesechta Succah, Yeshiva Bais Mordechai (formerly Yeshiva Gedola), Teaneck, 8:30pm, 917-991-7985


“The Rambam on the Parsha,” for women, Rabbi Ari Zahtz, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 10:15am, 201-836-8916 Shiur, for men, Yeshiva Ohr Simcha, Englewood, 2:50pm, 201816-1800 Middle Eastern Dance Workout, for women, Efrat Bunker, private home in West Orange, 7:30pm, Hardcore Halacha Shiur to Break Down Halacha into Clear, Practical, and Applicable Steps, for post-seminary young women and older women, Rabbi Yisrael Teichman, private home in Monsey, 8pm, “Determining Which Books of Tanach Belong Where: The Difference between Torah, Neviim, and Ketuvim,” Rabbi Jeremy Donath, Cong Darchei Noam, Fair Lawn, 8:15pm, “Igros Moshe,” Rabbi Dr. Mel Zelefsky, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck 9pm, 201-836-8916 “Timely Thoughts of Rav Shlomo Wolbe, z”l,” Rabbi Yaakov Neuberger, Cong Beth Abraham, Bergenfield, 9:30pm, 201-384-0434


NCSY BBQ and Bible: The Big Questions from Sefer Bereishit, for teens, Park Place restaurant, Highland Park, 7pm, 732-672-5214 Intermediate Hebrew Reading, Rabbi David Pietruszka, spons by the Jewish Learning Experience, at Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, 7pm, 201-966-4498 Shmirat Halashon, Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Cong Ahavath Torah, Englewood, 7:15pm, 201-568-1315 Torah Book Club, Rabbi Mordechai Gershon, Cong Ahavath Torah, Englewood, 8pm, 201-568-1315 Talmud without Excuses: Tractate Megillah, emphasizing how

Talmudic thought influences the way Purim is viewed and celebrated, Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Cong Ahavath Torah, 8pm, 201-568-1315 “Sefer Ezra,” Rabbi Menachem Meier, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 8pm, 201-836-8916 Night Shiur: Mesechta Succah, Yeshiva Bais Mordechai (formerly Yeshiva Gedola), Teaneck, 8:30pm, 917-991-7985 Aspects of Halacha, Rabbi David Pietruszka, spons by the Jewish Learning Experience, at Cong Beth Aaron, Teaneck, 8:30pm, 201966-4498 Shiur in Moreh Nevuchim, Dr. Isaac Chavel, Riverdale Jewish Center, 8:30pm, 819-548-1850 Modern Rabbinic Controversies, Rabbi Roy Feldman, Cong Ahavath Torah, Englewood, 8:45pm, 201-568-1315 “The Authority of Chazal: Applications and Limitations,” Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 9:15pm, 201-836-8916


“The Golden Age of the Taryag Story,” for men, Phil Caplan, Cong Ahavas Achim, Highland Park, 9:30am, 732-247-0532 Chabura on Hilchos Eruvin, Rabbi Tuly Polak, Cong Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck, 8pm, 201-836-8916 Weekly Parsha Shiur, Rabbi Moshe Friedman, private home in Englewood, 8pm, 201-871-9621 or 201-568-1315 “Secrets of the Parsha,” Rabbi Mark Berman, includes chulent, private home in Englewood, 8:15pm, 201-568-1315 Halacha L’Ma’aseh: Brought to Life through the Teshuvot of Rav Moshe, Rabbi Tanchum Cohen, private homes in Bergenfield, 9:15pm, Chaburah, Cong Beth Abraham, Bergenfield, 10:15pm, 201-384-0434


“Sefirot: They’re Not Just for Counting,” Gil Dersovitz, Cong Ahavas Achim, Highland Park, between mincha and maariv, begins April 6

Motzei Shabbat

Navi Shiur, Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, live via satellite, Young Israel of Fair Lawn (201-797-1800); Cong Ahavas Achim, Highland Park (732247-0532); Cong Tifereth Israel, Passaic; JEC, Elizabeth (908-591-5929); Cong Khal Zichron Mordechai, Monsey (845-356-7188); Cong Keter Torah, Teaneck; Cong Ohr Torah, West Orange (973-669-7320), 9:30pm

New Minyanim

Ma’ariv Minyan, Cong Ohr Torah, West Orange, 7:30pm, 973669-7320

Chesed Ops

In honor of her own bat mitzvah, Sarah Yager is “twinning” with a young girl in Israel whose mother has no money to make even a simple simcha in honor of her daughter. Sarah has created “12 for 12” fundraising effort. She is hoping people will donate $12 to this cause. Those making a simcha (from a bar mitzvah to a wedding) and cannot afford the music can contact “Chesed Music” to secure a band at little or no cost. Email The Special Children’s Center in Lakewood is holding a clothing drive. Hey will come to homes to pick up donations of clothing, shoes, linens, stuffed animals, handbags, and accessories, and provide a tax-donation receipt. The center provides after-school programs, weekend respite care, and summer day camp to families with special-needs children, 732-695-6377 There is a Tomchei Shabbos food drop-box at Cong Shomrei Emunah, in Englewood. Donations of canned or packaged, storagesafe food are accepted, 201-567-9420 “Attend” the Tomchei Shabbos Virtual Dinner, honoring Dan-

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New Classes

March 2013/Nissan 5773

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ny and Carol Metzger, Noam and Shelly Sokolow, Bernie and Debbie Thau, Ari Krischer, and Yitzi Rothschild, participants will receive a local restaurant gift card for the date and time of their choice, minus the speeches, Private Family Is Collecting and Distributing Matzah for Tomchei Shabbos, free 5-pound boxes of matzah from supermarkets can be left at their door in Teaneck,

Apply Now

Applications are being accepted for the Schonfeld Jewish Community College Scholarship, for college-bound Jewish students in Bergen County, including those with special-needs, who will be attending two or four-year colleges full-time in the US or Israel, download application at Deadline is May 17 Registration is now open for Taglit-Birthright Israel for Jewish young adults 18-26 to participate in a free trip to Israel, 888-994-7723 Bergenfield-based Areyvut is looking for four college students to serve as interns this summer. Responsibilities include developing National Mitzvah Day programming and Jewish teen philanthropy curriculum, and organizing an end-of-summer fundraiser. June 3-July 26, 201-244-6702 or The Teaneck Town Council is accepting applications from students in grades 8-12, in public or private school, who wish to become members of Teaneck’s Youth Advisory Board. Members of the board will make suggestions to the council on policies that affect the community’s young people. Contact The National Yiddish Theatre-Folksbiene has announced a new play contest to encourage writers and directors to conceive and develop new works in Yiddish or based on Yiddish sources. The winning play or musical will be showcased during first New York International Festival of Jewish Performing Arts, which Folksbiene will inaugurate in June 2015 to celebrate its own centennial. Submitted works can be entirely or partially in Yiddish; if mostly in English, Yiddish will need to be creatively incorporated. The deadline for submissions is Sept 1. For more information, www. Nominations are open for the 2014 Obermayer Awards, given to recognize Germans “who preserved the memory of Jewish communities destroyed by the Nazis.” Information on how to submit nominations and to read about some of the awardees, such as Klaus Beer who learned in 1945, at the age of 12, that he had a Jewish grandmother. Some 19 of his relatives were murdered by the Nazis. After a career as an eminent judge, he wrote about his family and helped create a memorial to Jews in his ancestral hometown of OsterholtzScharmbeck. Go to Casting Call for single-Jewish men and women—never married, divorced, widowed, with or without children, machmir, yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, Conservadox—for upcoming Jewish Singles show. Seeking outgoing, fun, opinionated, articulate Jewish singles who have something to say and want to express themselves. Topics may include: “A Recipe for a Successful First Date,” “You Wore That?” “There’s No One Out There…Where are the Good Guys and Girls Hiding?” Put “I Want to Be on the Show” in the subject line and email Artists who like to write are asked to contribute about 500 words on how their Jewish experience influences their art; or the artist can be interviewed for this project, located on J Art Blog, Contact Applications Now Open from College and Graduate School Students to Serve as a Full-Time Summer Intern, for Sharsheet, supporting young Jewish women and families facing breast and ovarian cancer, stipend available, 201-833-2341 Y

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Mazal Tov Mazal Tov to the Bar Mitzvah Boys: Noam Yaakov Aharon, Yehuda Alyesh, Ben Besthof, Jonah Braverman, Nesanel Frank, Tzvi Golden, Michael Hellerstein, Natanel Kronenberg, Epraim Kroopnick, Yoni Linder, Akiva Lipshitz, Yaakov Perlowitz, Akiva Reich, Yonatan Sapadin, Moshe Shimon Savetsky, Moshe Schachter, Yaakov Mordechai Shutyak, Eitan Spiewak, Moshe Mordechai Stern, Yitzchak Tollinsky, Andrew Wolf, Yaakov Zinberg, and Akiva Zupnik; and the Bat Mitzvah Girls: Mindy Engel, Meira Rivka Fruchter, Sara Genachowski, Abby Goldberg, Gavriella Greene, Julia Herschmann, Raffaella Binyamina Kestenbaum, Ayala Kilimnick, Talya Kronisch, Rebecca Metzman, Ayelet Pfeiffer, Sarah Rosenfeld, Amira Wittenberg, Rachel Yudin, and Tziporah Zwickler Mazal Tov to the new appointees named by Gov Chris Christie to serve on the NJ-Israel Commission: Ruth Gerber Cole, Abraham Foxman, Andrew Getraer, Marvin and Sheila Goldklang, Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Mark Levenson, Martin Mabe, Rabbi Josh Pruzansky, Dr. Norman Samuels, Rabbi Alan Silverstein, Dr. Luba Sindler, Teaneck Councilman Yitz Stern, and Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler Mazal Tov to Dr. Moshe Bernstein on being appointed to the position of Chair in Biblical Studies at Yeshiva College Mazal Tov to Yeshiva University’s Dr. Mordechai Cohen and Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel on being named adjunct fellows to participate in a research group at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Mazal Tov to Dr. Joseph and Karen Frager and Michael and Robin Appel on being honored by the Sephardic Temple of Cedarhurst Mazal Tov to Teaneck’s Cong Keter Torah Matan bat mitzvah program graduates: Meira & Debbie Baum, Kayla & Alyssa Forman, Abby & Yael Goldberg, Avigayil & Shoshana Halpert, Kaylie & Janice Jacobs, Michal & Becky Katz, Rebecca & Yaelle Metzman, Allison & Dawn Orlinsky, Elaine & Menucha Ratner, Tehila & Yael Shedlo and Alli & Jana Zimmerman Mazal Tov to the Torah Academy of Bergen County’s Wrestling Team, who took first place at last month’s Henry Wittenberg Wrestling Invitational. SAR Academy High School’s team placed second. The Dominator Award went to TABC’s Robert Elsas Mazal Tov to Rabbi Lawrence and Rebbetzin Berni Zierler on being honored by NCSY. Mazal Tov to the Jewish Center of Teaneck on becoming an Orthodox Union synagogue. Mazal Tov to Cong Shaarei Orah, the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck on launching its new comprehensive website, www. Mazal Tov to the “bystanders” at one of Teaneck’s shuls who, on Feb 23, used a portable automatic defibrillator and CPR to bring a 60-year-old man back from “clinical death” before the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived. Mazal Tov the new Likud MK Tzippy Hotovely on her engagement to attorney Ohr Alon Mazal Tov to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Gold Key Winners: Edyt Dickstein (Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School), Dina Green (Reenas Bais Yaakov), Aliza Kusnetz (Reenas Bais Yaakov), Chaya Sara Oppenheim (Bais Yaakov Rabbi Sampson Raphael Hirsch), and Samuel Shersher (Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy Y

New Coalition Bennett wants National Religious rabbis to be candidates for Chief Rabbi and he wants their conversions, especially in the IDF, to be accepted in Israel. Along with virtually all Israeli parties, Jewish Home and Yesh Atid reject the Palestinians’ “right of return,” the demand that all Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 and 1967— and their descendants—must

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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continued from page 1 be allowed to resettle in Israel proper. The “right of return” would demographically destroy Israel as “a Jewish state,” and is the basis for the Palestinians’ refusal to recognize Israel as such. The Palestinians have refused to negotiate with Israel at all until the government agrees to freeze completely construction in the Jewish communi-

ties in Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, as a preliminary step to relinquishing them entirely. Israel would also have to agree to accept the Palestinians’ “right of return.” No Hareidim But the bond between Jewish Home and Yesh Atid seems to go beyond political necessity. It seems also to be based on chemistry between

the two leaders. However, some observers believe it is Mr. Bennett with his 12 Knesset seats who is directing the momentum, even though Mr. Lapid controls 19 seats. Mr. Bennett essentially made Mr. Lapid an offer he could not refuse. Having Jewish Home as a partner allows Mr. Lapid to force a

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

New Coalition

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true change regarding hareidi service in the army, a position Mr. Bennett agrees is only fair. Their demand that the hareidim “share the burden” (the phrase used to mean serving in the IDF) has set off a firestorm in the ultra-Orthodox community. Shas and UTJ insist that the government maintain the status quo, which defers yeshiva students from mandatory service. As a result, Mr. Lapid refused to join the government if it includes any of the hareidi parties. As part of his agreement with Mr. Lapid, Mr. Bennett is going along with that demand.

Other issues In addition, Mr. Lapid has plans to address Israel’s middle class housing crisis, the school system, and geographic representation in government. Mr. Bennett also has a long list of social and economic issues, from laws requiring the heads of holding companies to divest themselves of certain assets, spinning them off in order to make the economy more competitive; to instituting Sunday, in addition to Shabbat, as an official day off, which religious Zionists believe may encourage more Israelis to observe the Sabbath.

Mr. Bennett wants Israel to implement an “open skies” policy that would open up Israel’s markets to more airlines. Increased competition, he said, would lead to lowering the cost of flying. He did not deny that he and Mr. Lapid have some disagreements, but said that “we will concentrate on what we do have in common, which is substantial.” Levy Report The agreement between Jewish Home and Yesh Atid has prompted many critics to accuse Mr. Bennett, an Orthodox Jew, of betraying his hareidi co-religionists. But his supporters, many of them rabbis, say he has received guarantees from Mr. Lapid that Yesh Atid will respect Jewish Home’s core principles, especially regarding Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria as well as all of Jerusalem. It is believed Mr. Lapid will support the Levy Report, a study authorized and then shelved by Mr. Netanyahu, which explains the legal justifications for the Jewish right to build and reside in communities in Judea and Samaria. Some nationalists and hareidim think Mr. Bennett is foolish for trusting Mr. Lapid. Some leftists are aghast that Mr. Lapid is willing to take nationalist positions on Judea and Samaria. In any case, no one denies the two parties have realigned Israeli politics. The center as represented by Mr. Lapid will not lean to the left regarding Judea and Samaria, and religious Zionists will accept secular-Zionist positions on issues relating to the non-Zionist hareidi parties. Together Messrs Bennett and Lapid have the same number of seats as the Likud-Beiteinu coalition, which won the last election, albeit by nowhere near the majority Mr. Netanyahu had hoped. Many of Likud-Beiteinu’s thirty-one seats are filled by MKs whose positions closely resemble those of Messrs Bennett and Lapid. Deadline If Mr. Netanyahu is unable to form a government by March 16, President Peres will have three days to assign the task to the leader of the second largest faction in the Knesset—in this case Mr. Lapid. But according to Dr. Aaron Lerner of the IMRA news agency, Mr. Lapid, despite his early boasts, would not accept the position for himself. “The Lapid-Bennett bloc would advise Peres which Likud MK they would support to form the government. For the sake of the country and the Likud party, that MK would accept the task,” said Dr. Lerner. In January, Mr. Lapid told reporters he expected to succeed Mr. Netanyahu as prime minister within “18 months.” In February, Mr. Lapid apologized for the remark. According to several polls, about 76 percent of Israeli voters want Mr. Netanyahu to serve as prime minister. Messrs Bennett and Lapid agree, but they want Mr. Netanyahu to serve on their terms. Those terms do not include Israelistyle politics-as-usual, in which conflicting promises are given to various parties in hopes that somehow a coalition can be formed. Cobbling Together That seemed to be the manner in which Mr. Netanyahu began his coalition deliberations, hoping to cobble together a government consisting of some left-wing parties, the hareidim, and perhaps Mr. Bennett at the end. Forming a government in Israel requires securing at least 61 seats in the 120-seat Knesset. The more seats a prime minister manages to bring in, the more he is protected against excessive demands from coalition partners who can threaten to bolt, thus toppling the government. Rather than initiating coalition talks with those who would seem to be Likud’s natural partners, such as Mr. Bennett, Mr. Netanyahu began with the Israeli left. It was a snub Mr. Bennett would not forget, and one Mr. Netanyahu may very well regret. Shelly Yachimovich, chairwoman of Labor, which won 15 seats, called her meeting with Mr. Netanyahu “interesting.” But, despite some pressure from more seasoned Labor MKs, including Binyamin (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer and Yitzchak Herzog, she turned down Mr. Netanyahu overtures, saying she was not prepared to be his “contractor.” Mr. Netanyahu’s attempt with the far-left Meretz party also ended in failure. Mr. Netanyahu’s initial meetings with Yesh Atid went no better, especially when Mr. Lapid made clear he would not join unless hareidi service in the IDF becomes mandatory. Mr. Lapid also told the Likud negotiators he would not sit in a coalition that included either Shas or UTJ.

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

Because they, too, have formed a bloc, Shas and UTJ control 18 seats, which Mr. Netanyahu was not about to dismiss. Confronting a Team Shortly after that meeting, Mr. Netanyahu had another problem: Messrs Bennett and Lapid, with the apparent approval of their MK lists, formed their agreement to work as a bloc. This meant that while Mr. Bennett was not opposed to sitting in a coalition which included the hareidim, he would not join Mr. Netanyahu without Mr. Lapid, who refused to sit with the ultra-Orthodox factions. The numbers were not adding up for Mr. Netanyahu, who made clear his determination to include the hareidim as

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he has in every coalition he has headed. Likud, Jewish Home, and Yesh Atid would give him sixty-two seats, but it would also have made Mr. Netanyahu hostage to any of their demands. The hareidim’s eighteen seats would have boosted him to a very comfortable eighty-seat total. By the time Mr. Netanyahu finally got to Jewish Home, the pact between Messrs Bennett and Lapid was secured and even the offer of top ministerial slots was insufficient to split them apart. Important Ministries According to reports, Mr. Bennett’s Jewish Home was offered the Education Ministry, Ministry of Religious Affairs, a

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

New Coaltion senior finance-related position, and the post of Deputy Minister of Defense. In exchange, Likud wanted the party’s signed agreement, without Mr. Lapid, within 48 hours. Jewish Home turned the offer down as “unacceptable and irrelevant.” “Only after we agree on basic principles and positions on key issues can we turn to discussing political positions and ministries,” said a Jewish Home source. “And even then, it would be better not to give us an ultimatum.” According to Jeremy Saltan, who served as Jewish Home’s English-speaking campaign manager during the recent campaign, his party “is not looking for jobs or comfy seats in the cabinet.” “Jewish Home will not be bought. We have a clear platform and the issues, not the jobs, are what matter,” he

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continued from page 41 said, pointing out that in Mr. Netanyahu’s previous government “Shas and UTJ were given their usual position in return for support, and everything that was Jewish was sold to the hareidim.” Demolition According to some reports, Likud then returned to Yesh Atid with an offer that their negotiators thought might bring Mr. Lapid to their side: “a promise that the next government would act forcefully to tear down isolated communities in Judea and Samaria.” As part of his campaign against wasteful spending that he says robs the middle class, Mr. Lapid had spoken out against funding for these isolated communities. It was assumed that some of his more left-wing MKs and supporters would be interested in a disengagement from these communities.

But, according to these reports, there was a condition: Yesh Atid would have to enter without Jewish Home, which would have objected strenuously to this action. “The Prime Minister suggested that Yesh Atid enter a coalition without Jewish Home on the grounds that Jewish Home would prevent evictions of communities,” said Yesh Atid MK Rabbi Shai Piron. A Lie Likud sources denied that such an offer was ever made. “It’s a complete lie. It never happened,” said Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely. When confronted with Ms. Hotovely’s statement, Rabbi Piron accused her of not being familiar “with the details of the conversation.” He refused to elaborate. In fact, it is hard to imagine Ms. Hotovely and many other right-wing Likud-Beiteinu MKs sitting passively while communities in Judea and Samaria were destroyed. But if the offer was made, it would confirm Jewish Home’s contention that Mr. Netanyahu really wanted a government made up of leftists and hareidim who would not interfere with activities in Judea and Samaria as long as their yeshivas received funding, their students remained out of the military, and their ministries were secured. In any case, Mr. Lapid turned the offer down, honoring his pact with Mr. Bennett and convincing Jewish Home supporters that only the agreement between Yesh Atid and Jewish Home not to enter a coalition independently prevented Mr. Netanyahu from establishing a government that would have harmed communities in Judea and Samaria.

Boycott The price Jewish Home had to pay to preserve Judea and Samaria was agreeing not to enter the coalition with any of the hareidi parties. Mr. Netanyahu termed this “a boycott.” “The reason I have not yet succeeded in establishing this government is, simply, that there are boycotts,” said Mr. Netanyahu. “There is a boycott of a segment of the Israeli population, and this does not jibe with my world view.” He said he was doing “everything in my power to unite the nation,” and that he found it painful to see Jews, who have suffered from boycotts, perpetrating it on one another. “We know that Israel is boycotted in international forums, and we protest that justly. The people who should understand this better than anyone are the residents of Judea and Samaria, who undergo daily boycotts. That is why, in my world view, in history, we underwent terrible tragedies as a result of hatred between brothers and internecine strife, and when we look around us today and see tremendous challenges around us—security challenges, the challenge of holding a responsible diplomatic process—these challenges require a unification of strength and not a spitting of forces. And that is why I want to use the coming days for another attempt to bring about a wide government. I hope the parties’ leaders show responsibility,” he said. Hareidi Fury Buoyed by the prime minister’s support, Shas leader Eli Yishai slammed Mr. Bennett for the pact with Mr. Lapid. “Jewish Home has sold out its soul, its beliefs, and the future of the settlement enterprise. Bennett has sacrificed it at the altar of hatred,” he said. Mr. Yishai’s mention of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria seemed strange, given that the titular head of Shas, MK Rabbi Aryeh Deri, has supported the Oslo process’s land-for-peace formula. He said Mr. Bennett’s refusal to sit in a coalition with hareidi parties was causing a “rift in the nation.” UTJ MK Moshe Gafni said Mr. Bennett and his party “are shooting an arrow through our hearts, doing things that should not be done since the State was established.” Cynical and Shameless A source in Jewish Home called Rabbi Deri’s “rift in the nation” remark, “cynical” and “shameless.” “Who are the ones talking about a rift in the nation? The one who, during the Oslo process, ignored the demonstra-

March 2013/Nissan 5773

tions, the cries of the religiousZionist public, and is now head of Shas,” said the source. The source recalled that before the elections, when Jewish Home turned to Shas to ask the hareidim to coordinate moves regarding the future coalition, Shas refused to meet with the religious Zionists. “They were not worried about a rift in the nation then. They were certain they would be in the coalition. When we warned against a coalition of the Left with Shas, they were silent. When they attacked the Jewish Home rabbis and Jewish Home candidates, Shas did nothing. It seems that ‘a rift in the nation’ means only a rift between Shas and a seat in the government. Shas thinks our memory is short so that when they cry ‘a rift in the nation,’ we will forget what they said,” said the source.

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

Personal Attacks During the election, Shas attacked Jewish Home and Mr. Bennett personally, with the charge that religious Zionists were not “really Jewish.” Shas’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said Jewish Home was “not a home of Jews, but a home of ‘goyim.’” “Whoever votes for them commits heresy against the Torah,” said Rabbi Yosef. While campaign rhetoric is usually quickly forgotten, these remarks seem to have stung Jewish Home officials and their supporters. “I have a problem with Shas and the statements made before the elections. I really feel hurt. We will not move one foot unless one of them finds the opportunity to apologize. One cannot talk about any kind of brotherly love and unity when these are

Page - 43

the words,” said Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, spiritual leader of Tzfat. The Jewish Home source said the problem was deeper than a simple apology could address. Shas’s attack was not merely against the party, he said, but against Zionist rabbis and the entire religiousZionist population. “It is time the hareidim understand that they do not have a monopoly on the Torah. We will take care of the Torah world no less than those who claim to represent it but cause it harm. If Shas has a monopoly, it is on making the secular public grow sick of the Torah. From the matter of enlistment in the military to daylight savings time—wherever they could have displayed a positive face of Judaism, they missed the boat. In the matter of appointing Zionist rabbis,

continued on page 45





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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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Ess Gezint: Passover Made Easy There are only 60 recipes in Passover Made Easy, a new collaborative effort by cookbook author Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek, editor at the kosher food magazine Whisk. According to Ms. Dwek—whose Syrian-Jewish background allows peas, green beans, rice, and gebrokts on Pesach—for every recipe that made it into the book, three were rejected. “For a recipe to earn a spot, we really had to love it,” she says. For Ms. Schapira, whose background is Hungarian, to love a recipe, it could not have any gebrokts. The book’s format is easy to follow and colorful, and so are the recipes. Passover Made Easy is published by Artscroll. Congregation Keter Torah’s Sisterhood in Teaneck has put their splendid Temptations cookbook inside a delightful minitote, along with upscale chocolates and a bottle of wine. With Pesach recipes among the cookbook’s other dishes, the gift bag makes a superb present for any occasion, including a seder. To order, contact A Sweet and Kosher Pesach to everyone. Y

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1½ tsp salt ¼ tsp black pepper 1 (3 lb) French roast ¼ cup oil

Frozen Lemon Wafer Cake 12 egg whites 1½ cups sugar 2 Tbs potato starch 3 cups ground almonds 2 whole eggs

8 egg yolks 1 cup sugar ¾ cup fresh lemon juice 2 Tbs margarine

Preheat oven to 350º. Line 2 jellyroll pans with parchment paper. In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat egg whites until foamy. Slowly add 1½ cups sugar, beating until stiff peaks form. Add potato starch and ground nuts. Divide batter between the pans and use a spatula to spread evenly. Bake until golden, 20-25 minutes. Prepare the lemon curd cream: Combine whole eggs, yolks, 1 cup sugar, and lemon juice in a double boiler. Cook, stirring occasionally until mixture thickens, about 10-12 minutes. Mixture may curdle slightly. Blend mixture using an immersion blender. If using a standard blender, blend and return mixture to the pot. Whisk in margarine. Using a spatula, spread half the cream over one cake. Carefully place the second cake over the cream. Spread the remaining cream over the second cake. Freeze until firm. Slice into squares or bars and serve frozen.

New Coalition too, they treated us like lepers. An entire generation of Zionist rabbis has been cut down under the hareidi steamroller,” said the source. Softer Tone Mr. Bennett and most religious-Zionist rabbis, on the other hand, took a more conciliatory tone. Whether or not the hareidim are included in the government, Mr. Bennett said, he would express his support for their yeshivas and his party’s appreciation for the importance of all Torah study. “We will work on behalf of the entire Torah world, not just that of religious-Zionist institutions. We will not allow the Torah world to be damaged. The hareidim are our brothers, not our enemies,” he said. In his first speech in the Knesset, Mr. Bennett again praised the hareidi community, but then went on to discuss the issue of Torah study and service in the army. He

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

Page - 45

continued from page 43 compared the state of Israel to a “stretcher” which was first carried by eight soldiers. Then, he said, seven carried two soldiers, and now five soldiers are carrying four. “The stretcher is going to fall,” he said. “In today’s firstgrade classrooms, 30 percent of the students are hareidi. It can’t be that they will not serve in the army; it can’t be that they will not help bear the economic burden. That is clear to hareidi Jews, too.” All Mothers Worry Similarly, he said, Torah study is not the province solely of the hareidi, but, rather, “an existential interest for the entire Jewish world.” He recalled that, in the army, he served “with brothers who knew how to learn Torah and how to drag a stretcher, to open a Gemara and to charge into battle.” “I will not allow attacks on my hareidi brothers; I will not allow the Torah world that was

rebuilt after the destruction of the Holocaust to be damaged; but I will also not agree to a situation in which only part of the population has mothers who cannot sleep due to worry about their sons. We are brothers in joy, but we must be brothers in suffering, too. There is no other way,” he said. He gave a similar talk at the Mir Yeshiva, where he encountered some abuse, but, for the most part, polite interest. Tzipi Livni Almost incongruously, the first party to join Mr. Netanyahu was Hatnua, headed by Tzipi Livni. Before the recent elections, Ms. Livni, an ardent critic of Mr. Netanyahu, said she was returning to politics chiefly to replace him as prime minister. Nevertheless, even though her party brings only six seats to the coalition, Mr. Netanyahu sought and won her participation in his government. She will not only be his Jus-

tice Minister, she will also be in charge of all negotiations with the Palestinians Mr. Netanyahu promised she will be the only authorized official to negotiate with the PA. In fact, she has been told that neither Mr. Netanyahu nor whoever is appointed Foreign Minister will be allowed to conduct negotiations with the PA outside of her framework. It is the first time an Israeli prime minister has surrendered his own negotiation rights. As part of the agreement, Ms. Livni will be a member of Mr. Netanyahu’s security cabinet and will work with him, the Defense Minister, and the Foreign Minister on achieving an agreement with the Palestinians. Two of the other five members of her Hatnua party were also given positions. Amir Peretz will be Minister for Environmental Protection,

continued on page 46

Page - 46

March 2013/Nissan 5773

New Coalition and Amram Mitzna will head the Knesset’s House Committee. Like Ms. Livni, both are considered considerably left of center. Moving Left Originally a Likud MK, she left the party in 2005 to join then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Kadima, which was formed for the express purpose of demolishing all Jewish communities in Gush Katif, Gaza. Ms. Livni remained in Kadima, and served as foreign minister in the government of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. According to reports, in that capacity, Ms. Livni, working with Mr. Olmert, agreed to divide Jerusalem and relinquish 94 percent of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians. That effort, however, was insufficient for the PA and there was no peace agreement, but, to this day, PA officials insist that negotiations must begin where they left off under Mr. Olmert rather than, as Mr. Netanyahu has insisted, with no preconditions. In 2009, Ms. Livni, as head of Kadima, won 28 seats, one more than Mr. Netanyahu. However,

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continued from page 45 she failed to form a majority coalition and then refused to join Mr. Netanyahu’s government. Instead she served as head of the opposition until she lost the Kadima leadership election to Shaul Mofaz. “Wrong and Unacceptable” During this year’s election campaign, Mr. Netanyahu repeatedly maintained that the chances of his asking Ms. Livni to join his government and especially to serve as a negotiator with the PA were virtually nil. “Livni managed the negotiations with the Palestinians poorly. Her entire stance is wrong and unacceptable to me,” Mr. Netanyahu said last December. Even after the elections, Ms. Livni was determined to keep Mr. Netanyahu from becoming prime minister. For a few days, she tried very hard to form a blocking coalition with Ms. Yachimovich, Mr. Lapid, and the far-left and Arab parties to prevent Likud from being asked to form a government. Mr. Lapid told reporters he would not even consider joining such a coalition. Without him, Ms. Livni did not

have a sufficient number, and her plan fell apart. When Mr. Netanyahu was recommended to lead the next government by 80 MKs, representing Likud-Beiteinu, Yesh Atid, Jewish Home, Shas, United Torah Judaism, and Kadima, Ms. Livni abstained. Room for Likud? News of the agreement between Mr. Netanyahu and Ms. Livni prompted Likud MK Moshe Feiglin to quip that he hoped “Likud will be in the coalition, too.” There did not seem to be any opposition in the Likud to her appointment. Rather, even right-wing Likud MKs seemed to dismiss the possibility that she could do them or their voters any harm. “What matters is not Tzipi Livni but the Likud’s path. Of course, Netanyahu has the mandate to bring in various partners and to create a broadbased stable coalition. That said, Likud members expect that Likud’s path will be the one leading the government,” said Mr. Feiglin. Likud MK Danny Danon said it was important for Ms.

Livni to remember she is “entering a nationalist government.” “Livni is joining Netanyahu’s government; it’s not Likud joining Livni’s government,” said Mr. Danon, adding that he intends “to be there to fight for our values and strengthen the settlement enterprise.” “It is important that the representatives of Hatnua know this,” he said. Preventing “Extremism” Ms. Livni’s seemed more concerned with responding to her critics on the left who were appalled that she had joined the Likud-led government after years of condemning the prime minister’s policies as extremist and harmful. “Entering the coalition will allow us to promote our views regarding the promotion of the peace process. Hatnua will prevent the extremism we saw in the last Knesset,” she said. While such statements may put her on a confrontational course with Likud MKs such as Messrs Danon and Feiglin, as well as Mr. Bennett, Ms. Livni’s appointment brought praise from the foreign press, the Palestinian Authority, and Shas’s

ldine Publications, LLC

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• Publication design for books, magazines, and newsletters • Copy editing, developmental editing, and proofreading • Press release writing and distribution Phone: 917-675-4781 Email: Web:

Aldine Publications LLC1636 Third Avenue, Suite 300, New York, NY 10128 Rabbi Deri, who commended Mr. Netanyahu for bringing her into the coalition. “With her experience, she will certainly have much to contribute when it comes to the challenges we face,” said Rabbi Deri. Nimer Hammad, a top advisor to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, agreed. “Livni’s publicly stated positions are positive. She has experience with the demands of the peace process and with the Palestinians’ view of the solution,” he said. On the other hand, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said her appointment was “an expression of the failure of negotiations.” “The appointment by war criminal Netanyahu of Livni—the most wanted war criminal of the international arena for her crimes against the Palestinian people—to bring about peace with the Palestinian Authority, outlines the next phase, puts an end to the arrangements, and stresses the failure of the option of negotiations,” Mr. Barhoum wrote on Facebook. “A Mistake” Jewish Home MK Uri Ariel, who is heading his party’s negotiation team with Mr. Netanyahu, did not call Ms. Livni a war criminal, but said that the decision to bring her into the coalition and put her in charge of negotiations with the PA was “a mistake.” “To put negotiations in the hands of someone who negotiated to divide Jerusalem and who was responsible for the Disengagement [from Gush Katif in Gaza]—this will definitely make it harder for the Jewish Home party in coalition talks,” he said. Moreover, other Jewish Home officials said they could not join a coalition in which Ms. Livni was in charge of such issues. No More Leftists Nevertheless, her appoint-

March 2013/Nissan 5773

ment prompted Mr. Danon to reach out to Jewish Home, asking Mr. Bennett to “leave this bizarre pact with Yesh Atid and join a nationalist government.” “We could not dream of a better government than one that is headed by the Likud and includes Jewish Home, so this game with Lapid can lead not only to Livni joining the government but also to Yachimovich and other nonnationalist factions,” he said. The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, said allowing Ms. Livni to become chief negotiator was akin to making “a serious traffic offender into the police chief of traffic.” Recognizing that Ms. Livni is “currently the most extreme representative of the Oslo concept and the only one who still speaks about it,” Mr. Mesika seemed to feel that a coalition consisting of Likud, Jewish Home, and the hareidim could minimize any damage she might cause. He called on those parties to learn from the Catholic Church’s method of selecting a Pope, and “sit down together in one room until there’s white smoke and to solve the disputes between them agreeably.” Barak Precedent But some of the MKs did see the problems. Mr. Feiglin stressed that Likud MKs would not approve of “the Ehud Barak precedent,” referring to Ehud Barak’s stint as Defense Minister in Mr. Netanyahu’s previous government. A left-wing leader originally from Labor, Mr. Barak was not favorably disposed to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and often managed to thwart planned projects in the area. Benny Katzover, head of the Samaria Residents’ Committee and a Jewish Home supporter, predicted that Ms. Livni would assume exactly that position.

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

“She will play the role of ‘bad cop’ who places obstacles in the way of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria. She will ward off any attempts to adopt the Levy Report. She will cook up agreements with the Americans, and push for freezes and concessions of lands,” he said. In fact, just a few days after she was selected by Mr. Netanyahu, Ms. Livni expressed her objection to already approved Israeli construction in the Jerusalem area known as E1 as well as in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo. The projects have already won approval from Mr. Barak. On Israeli TV, Ms. Livni said Israel “should renew peace negotiations with the PA and avoid provocations that only turn the world against us.” Possible Actions According to Dr. Lerner, Ms. Livni’s appointment could lead to strange developments

Page - 47

for the essentially right-wing Likud-Beiteinu MKs. He pointed out that many of them are “invested in developing reputations as serious members of the national camp.” Dr. Lerner wondered what these MKs would do if Mr. Netanyahu “pulls a Sharon.” He suspected they would not be content to “sit quietly as their reputations went down the toilet.” As allowed by Israeli law, one third of the Likud MKs might split off as a faction and join with Jewish Home. If a majority of the Likud MKs walked out on Mr. Netanyahu they could take the name “Likud” with them. Asked if he thought it was a realistic possibility, Dr. Lerner said, “Not necessarily, but it could be one heck of a deterrent. After all, as the media complained after the Likud primaries, the Likud MKs are, for the most part, truly committed to the national camp.”

continued on page 48




Page - 48

March 2013/Nissan 5773

New Coalition Looking for Seats Some observers said Mr. Netanyahu used Ms. Livni to show Mr. Bennett what could happen if he does not join the coalition without Mr. Lapid. Others said the prime minister was hoping to attract other leftwing factions, such as Labor or Yesh Atid, into the coalition. But perhaps he was merely looking for seats wherever he could find them. In the recent election, Kadima under Mr. Mofaz won just two seats. Nevertheless, at the end of February, Mr. Mofaz was called by Mr. Netanyahu to discuss entering the coalition. According to Kadima’s representative, Alon Geller, Mr. Mofaz demanded to be appointed Defense Minister and was rejected on the spot. According to some reports, Mr. Mofaz then presented himself to Messrs Bennett and Lapid, asking to become part of their bloc. Like them, Mr. Mofaz is a proponent of “equal burden of service,” meaning increased hareidi participation in military and national service. A few days later, reports from Israel indicated that Mr. Mofaz would join the coalition as Minister for Strategic Affairs. This meant that if Mr. Netanyahu included hareidim, he would have 57 seats, not enough for a government.

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continued from page 47 New Elections? Some sources close to Mr. Netanyahu warned that he would call for new elections before he would agree to a coalition that did not include the hareidim. Mr. Bennett remained unfazed. “Netanyahu is threatening us with an empty pistol,” said a source that is close to him. “If there are new elections, Likud will get 12 seats, because the public will punish him for failing to establish the most natural government—with us—which is what he should have done from the outset.” In fact, according to the Project Mitgam poll, carried out at the end of February by statistics professor and pollster Camil Fuchs, new elections would net Mr. Netanyahu 26 seats ( a loss of five), while Mr. Lapid would rise to 31 ( a gain of 11) and Mr. Bennett would rise to 13 (a gain of one). Ms. Livni would lose three seats, and Shas and UTJ would each lose one. A poll conducted by the Panels Institute for the Knesset Channel, found that Jewish Home would get 15 seats. According to a poll by Israel’s Channel 10, 51 percent of Israelis would prefer a coalition that does not include the hareidi parties. Only 35 percent of Israeli voters would prefer the hareidi parties to Yesh Atid, if

they had to choose between them. Bibi’s Choice With Mr. Netanyahu’s midMarch deadline approaching, his choices are dwindling. He has already told the hareidi parties they probably will not be joining the coalition, but he might also have to let Ms. Livni go. Just as the hareidim are unacceptable to Mr. Lapid, Ms. Livni is unacceptable to Mr. Bennett. If their pact holds, neither the hareidim nor Ms. Livni will make it into the coalition. Among the demands being proffered by Jewish Home in its talks with Likud negotiators is that the agreement with Ms. Livni must be reconsidered. “The role given to Tzipi Livni as responsible for the negotiations with the Palestinians is not and will be not acceptable to us,” said Jewish Home officials. “Someone who truly wants to form a government with nationalist values cannot take one of the elements of the extreme left and allow her to place her hands on the diplomatic steering wheel. Livni should be prepared for the fact that the agreement between her and the Likud will be reopened.” Strategy Many nationalists have urged Mr. Bennett to leave Mr. Lapid and come by himself into

the government, which could then include hareidim. But others, seeing that his strategy could result in Ms. Livni’s dismissal, are now commending Mr. Bennett for maintaining Mr. Lapid as a steadfast ally. Mr. Katzover, for example, expressed relief that Mr. Bennett was not alone. “After Netanyahu chose Livni, Jewish Home has no choice other than to strengthen its alliance with Lapid,” he said. It was a sentiment repeated by many religious-Zionist rabbis who support Jewish Home. Redrawing the Map Mr. Bennett, too, is convinced that his coordination with Mr. Lapid “changed the political map and forced the Likud to include us in the government.” “Instead of concentrating on deals with the PA, the government will focus on lowering the cost of living, the cost of apartments, improving education and values, enhancing the Jewish identity of the country, strengthening the Galilee and Negev, and so on,” he said. Arutz Sheva’s Gil Ronen, a former Knesset correspondent for IDF Radio, said that by giving Mr. Lapid what he wants regarding hareidi enlistment, Mr. Bennett is “actually helping to forge a Zionist coalition that redraws Israeli politics.”

continued on page 50

March 2013/Nissan 5773

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

New Coalition “Hareidi parties would be sidelined, at least for a while, and the government would be established on solid Zionist foundations. Hareidi men would have to start pulling their weight in modern Israel, which depends on its young men—and to a lesser degree, on its young women—to defend it on the field of battle in the daily struggle for existence. Israeli Jewishness itself would be redefined, as the chasm between some parts of the Torah world and the rest of Israeli society would begin to be bridged. Disturbing sights like those of defenseless hareidi men being badgered by Arabs, 1930s Germany-style, would perhaps become less likely: men who undergo basic training in the military tend to react more forcefully and effectively—some would say honorably—in situations like these. The IDF would, on the other hand, have to redefine some of its norms in order to accommodate a larger number of hareidi men,” said Mr. Ronen. Left Out Although it is no secret that Mr. Netanyahu is still striving to offer a coalition deal to Jewish Home and Yesh Atid that will include the hareidim, the prime minister seems to be acknowledging that it probably will not happen. For the first time in decades, the ha-

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continued from page 48 reidim will be left out of the government, excluded from the jobs and positions they have enjoyed. Not surprisingly, Shas and UTJ responded with outrage. According to one report, UTJ was prepared to join even a left-wing government, telling Mr. Netanyahu they would offer him a green light to make territorial concessions in exchange for “preserving the yeshiva world” and maintaining the status quo regarding enlistment of hareidim. But because Mr. Netanyahu needs the 31 seats provided by Jewish Home and Yesh Atid, and Shas and UTJ only offer 18, the hareidim—at least for the present—will not be part of the coalition. “Stage Two” Shas and UTJ have been told by official representatives of Likud-Beiteinu that the hareidim will be able to enter the Netanyahu government in what was termed “stage two,” after the coalition is formally announced. According to reports, Mr. Netanyahu has demanded that the pact between Yesh Atid and Jewish Home be split as a condition of the parties’ entry into the government, and both parties are said to have agreed. At that point, Mr. Netanyahu said, the hareidi parties will be able to join the government.

The proposal was not accepted by either Shas or UTJ whose leaders expressed dismay that their past loyalty to Mr. Netanyahu has not been rewarded. The coalition Mr. Netanyahu seems best able to secure will include Likud-Beiteinu, Jewish Home, Yesh Atid, a defanged Hatnua, and perhaps Kadima, giving the government 70 seats. Once Mr. Lapid—and therefore Mr. Bennett—allow it, the hareidim could be invited in to give the government a comfortable 88 seats. If Mr. Netanyahu cannot pull it off, Israelis may well be heading for new elections— and according to many reports, Jewish Home has already taken steps to revive its election campaign committee. Punishment The problem is, while it is clear Mr. Netanyahu wants a government, no one is quite certain what kind of policies he wants to pursue, apart from securing the state against existential threats. Some observers said his selection of Ms. Livni and his initial avoidance of Jewish Home and Yesh Atid were emblematic of the kind of coalition he really wants. According to an unverified report aired on Israeli television, Mr. Ariel has been told that the new government intends to “punish” the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria by freezing all new construction in the region outside the large settlement blocs. The report claims Mr. Netanyahu is convinced that his party won comparatively few seats because many Likud members from Judea and Samaria cast their ballots for other parties (chiefly Jewish Home) in the general election—despite having voted for Likud Knesset candidates in the primary.

Statistics from the last election show that in some communities in Judea and Samaria, only a third of registered Likud members actually voted for the party on Election Day. In Beit El, for example, 576 residents joined Likud, but only 212 voted for the party. In Shilo, 321 joined Likud, but only 127 voted for it, and in Yitzhar, 100 residents joined Likud, but 79 voted for other parties. Sources close to Mr. Netanyahu denied the veracity of the report, telling reporters that Israel will not agree to a freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria as a precondition to negotiations with the Palestinians. “Reports regarding this matter do not reflect reality,” said a source. Other Challenges Many agree that with all the challenges Israel faces, it would be unlikely for Mr. Netanyahu to be worrying about political retribution. At the beginning of March, he shared his frustration over Iran’s new efforts to hold off the international community with diplomatic talks while pushing its nuclear development program forward as quickly as possible. In addition, he discussed the chemical-weapons arsenal held by Syria, at Israel’s back door. “At a time when our enemies are coming together and uniting their efforts against us, we must come together and unite our forces in order to repel these dangers,” he said, promising to continue trying to “unite our forces and bring them together ahead of the major national and international tasks we face.” A working government coalition would be a good place to start. S.L.R.

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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Letters to the Editor Hagel Was Poor Choice The president is the elected leader of the executive branch of government; therefore, all policy originates with him. He has the right to select the cabinet of his choice, since the heads of the departments, or secretaries, execute his policy. The Senate is required to confirm all cabinet level nominations and usually does. In Charles Hagel, President Obama believes he has found the person who will implement his plan for the Department of Defense. The confirmation should have been a mere formality, but it was contested. Hagel became controversial because of his comments concerning Jews, Israel, and Jewish lobby groups like AIPAC. In 2006, Hagel told reporter Aaron David Miller that the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people (on Capitol Hill), adding that he was not a senator from Israel, but “a United States Senator.” This comment on Jewish support for Israel questions whether Jews are loyal to the United States or Israel, which is classic antisemitism. When Pharaoh questioned the loyalty of the Jews, first he forgot the contributions of Joseph, then he worried that they were a distinct people who would join Egypt’s enemies in a war. Eventually he oppressed them, and later he enslaved them. In the book of Esther, Haman made a similar argument to convince Achashverosh to wipe out the Jews. Haman said that the Jews were not loyal to Achashverosh, but had their own laws and were a distinct people in his kingdom. While I appreciated Christians making the case that Hagel is antisemitic, I have to wonder why so many Jews remained silent. This discussion should not be about loyalty to the President, but about antisemitism. Charles Hagel does not understand that Jews are loyal Americans who have fought and died for the US in all its wars. They support Israel and ask for American support for Israel. It is doubtful whether he would question the loyalty of any other immigrant group in this same way. Charles Hagel’s words should have disqualified him for Sec. of Defense; President Obama should have made a better choice. Sam Heller Fair Lawn A New Two-State Solution Netanyahu is once again waving about the slogan of a “Two-State Solution.” Never mind that he was just re-elected by voters who were convinced he had completely abandoned that delusion. I, therefore, think the time is ripe for repeating one of my earlier proposals. In fact, this is the only feasible two-state solution that should earn a consensus of support from all Israelis representing the entire spectrum of political ideologies. It is based on two states for two peoples. It goes like this: The Jews keep their one state, controlling all the land west of the Jordan River. The Arabs then give up 21 out of their 22 states. They retain just one out of those 22 states, which will be centered in the Arab homeland, Saudi Arabia, ending their occupation of all other lands belonging to other peoples. That leaves two states for two peoples. Simple! Prof Steven Plaut University of Haifa Haifa, Israel

Unreasonable Gun Control Can Kill Shame on the Teaneck Town Council. On Feb. 5, without any fact-finding, without any solicitation of opposing views, without a single additional meeting, council members voted 5-0 to endorse all the state legislature’s anti-gun bills. Law-abiding NJ citizens are already disarmed outside their homes, but these bills would disarm them inside their homes. To take just two examples, the proposed five-round magazine limit would ban nearly all handguns; and the proposed tenround limit would make it difficult to defend one’s family against home invaders. Such radical restrictions will empower only criminals and increase violent crime. They will leave everyone defenseless, including women facing rapists or abusive boyfriends, and schoolchildren facing mass shooters. Armed resistance stops crime. An assistant principal used a gun to halt a shooting in his Mississippi high school before the attacker could kill more than two students. By contrast, in the gun-free, i.e., defenseless, zone of the Connecticut elementary school, the toll was 26 dead, 1 wounded. In the defenseless zone of the Colorado movie theatre, the toll was 12 dead, 58 wounded. In the defenseless zone of Virginia Tech, 32 died and 17 were wounded. Today’s gun-free zones are tomorrow’s killing fields. The Teaneck council members clearly seek to make the entire state a defenseless zone, no matter what the consequences. They are destroying a fundamental freedom and endangering everyone’s family. Because of their folly, more children will die, more women will be violated, and more fathers will not return home. If the state bills pass, the council members should be held liable for rendering Teaneck crime victims helpless. Shame on them. Josh Levy David Sudranski David Fisher Teaneck, NJ Teaneck Councilman Yitz Stern responds: While I may not have agreed with every word of the resolution, I believe it is important to further the discussion on what can be done to combat gun violence. We can debate both sides to death for a very long time, but I believe very strongly that the most important thing we can do as a council of local elected officials is move this very critical discussion up to the state and federal level and that those are the only venues where this issue can be properly addressed.” SLR comments: Does this mean the town council believes that without their efforts on this silly bill, no one in the state or federal government would be concerned about gun violence? That being the case, we are fortunate indeed to have the Teaneck Town Council alert them to this otherwise unobserved menace. Helping Others While You Clean for Pesach Pesach will be here before we know it. While you going through everything your kids have out grown, please remember other families may not be as lucky as you and are unable to afford everything their kids need. Please donate any used or new baby gear you no longer need. While you are helping other families have thing they might never have had, I’ll help you by coming to pick it all up.

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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“Thought Is the World of Freedom” (R’ Dov Ber of Mazeritch) We accept items from throughout northern NJ, including Passaic and Bergen Counties. Please call me at 201-486-1492. Siggy Berger The Baby G’moch Passaic, NJ Dropping the Hagel Bomb You really cannot, in fairness, blame President Obama for naming “Chuck” Hagel, one of the most clearly anti-Israel, antisemitic members of the Senate (or ex-members in his case) to be Secretary of Defense. President Obama has not changed his views on Israel since his first speech at the Democrat convention in 2004, when he made it clear that his sympathies in the Middle East lay with the Palestinians. In a way, you have to admire his consistency. Of course, he has to pay lip service to Israel when he visits Miami Beach, but how he must laugh at the audiences that applaud him. He and his former pals Jeremiah Wright and Minister Farrakhan have little love for the Jews. So, again, his contempt for Israel and for Jews is not a surprise. The parts that are so heartbreaking are that: Most American Jews clearly supported Mr. Obama in his bid for President against a GOP that has been an incomparably stronger supporter of Israel than the modern-day Democrat party. If one is to judge from the stony faces at the DNC whenever Israel was mentioned, and the fervent support of Iran on those same faces, one can clearly see who was Israel’s friend and who was not. Never mind, Barack Obama got two thirds of the Jewish vote. That was decisive in Florida, Virginia, and Ohio. Barack Obama’s most productive fund-raisers, especially at the “millionaires and billionaires” level that Mr. Obama supposedly hates so much, were almost unanimously Jews. How they are going to square this with Senator Hagel’s nomination to a post that is of life or death importance to Israel is anyone’s guess. But here is a clue: the really committed left-wing Jew does not care much about Israel. Jews in many cases have loyalties that trump their interest to Israel. Their support of Mr. Obama is a case in point. Obviously, it is the right of left-wing American Jews to have contempt for the Jewish state. That’s what freedom means. On orders from Moscow, American Jewish Communists suspended criticism of Hitler during the August 1939-June 1941 period of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. Violation of that edict was called “premature antifascism” and men died for it. Not

for a moment would I compare Mr. Obama to any of the evil names above in this paragraph. I merely point out that those who think all Jews in America consider Israel a high priority are mistaken. The left-wing group-think party line far outranks Zionism for many, many Jews. You are going to see this in the immediate future, as Mr. Obama lines up his many Jewish friends and supporters to back Mr. Hagel. I hope the people who are supporting Chuck Hagel know that by confirming him, they are cementing at 100 percent the odds that Iran will get a nuclear capability without US interference. Whether Israel can survive an Islamic bomb is questionable at best. This means a vote to confirm Mr. Hagel was a vote that expresses no interest in whether Israel survives. As a student of antisemitism in Europe before, during, and after the Holocaust, I am not surprised by any amount of hatred and loathing for Jews. Americans who do love Israel should be aware, though, that it is growing much more likely by the moment that there will be a second Holocaust. The only real friends that Israel has on this earth, evangelical Christians, will take note. Whether anyone else will is a big question. Last January 9th, we marked the 100th birthday of Richard Nixon, the best friend in the White House that Jews have ever had. Even now, if you mention Nixon to Israelis, they tear up with gratitude about how he saved them in 1973. American Jews have a very different attitude. I suspect that Mr. Obama will get away with his contempt for Israel, and that the same Jews who have always put the party line ahead of Israel will still support him. If, G-d forbid, Iran kills two million Jews in an afternoon, they will find a way to blame George W. Bush. Poor Israel, poor beleaguered Israel, abandoned by so many people who call themselves Jewish, so alone, so terribly alone. Ben Stein Beverly Hills, CA The Jewish Voice and Opinion welcomes letters, especially if they are typed, double-spaced, and legible. We reserve the right to edit letters for length and style. Please send all mail to POB 8097, Englewood, NJ 07631. The phone number is (201) 569-2845. The email address is

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March 2013/Nissan 5773

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Everyone Should Attend the NORPAC Mission

By Chana Lieba Rosenbluth

NORPAC, which stands

for the North Jersey Political Action Committee, is dedicated to supporting the close relationship between the governments of Israel and the United States. To do this, NORPAC throughout the year holds parlor meetings at private homes in many Jewish communities throughout New Jersey and New York. At these meetings, various mem-


bers of the US House of Representatives and US Senate present their views on Israel. NORPAC members then donate money to the political campaigns of those Congressmen and Senators who support Israel and understand how important Israel is to the United States. Once a year, NORPAC sponsors a “Mission to Washington,” which allows members of the Jewish community to travel to Washington to advocate for Israel with Congressmen and Senators. This year, the trip will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. Early Day The trip starts very early in the morning to allow for the four-hour bus ride to Washington. Last year, there were six buses from Teaneck alone. Busloads of concerned NORPAC supporters came to Washington from communi-

ties throughout New Jersey and New York. On the bus, NORPAC leaders review the usual rules of etiquette and then present the contents of the “talking points” booklet given to each participant. The “talking points” are the topics that NORPAC leaders have decided NORPAC Mission participants will discuss with the politicians. For the 2012 Mission to Washington, the topics were: the importance of the Iron Dome defense system, the benefits of Israeli-American cooperation for both countries, the benefits for the United States of ongoing American military assistance to Israel, and the continuing threat posed by Iran to Israel and the United States. These topics change every year and it is not known yet what the “talking points” will be for the 2013 Mission,

but it is certain they will be important to the support of Israel and the strong relationship between Israel and the United States. Small Groups Once in Washington, the hundreds of NORPAC Mission participants are divided into groups of five or six people. Each group visits several different politicians’ offices. Sometimes the groups are able to meet personally with the Congressman or Senator. Other times, the groups meet with important members of the lawmakers’ staffs. According to NORPAC, the staffers are just as important as the Congressmen or Senators. By the end of the day, most Congressional offices in Washington will have been visited by NORPAC Mission participants. Students ages 12 and up are permitted to participate in the

For generations our families have provided Jewish Funeral Management to those we are chosen to serve and have made family, community and tradition our promise to you



Since Biblical times the value of kavod hameit, “respect for the dead” has been part of Jewish tradition.

WIEN & WIEN, INC. MEMORIAL CHAPELS 800-322-0533 402 PARK STREET, HACKENSACK, NJ 07601 ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. Lic. No. 2890 • MARTIN D. KASDAN, N.J. Lic. No. 4482 IRVING KLEINBERG, N.J. Lic. No. 2517 • RONALD BLOOM, N.J. Lic. No. 4545 (Advance Planning Director)

March 2013/Nissan 5773

The Jewish Voice and Opinion

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NORPAC Mission to Washington as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. The students do not act as group leaders, but they are often given the chance to deliver one or more of the “talking points” to Congressmen, Senators, or members of their staffs. Worth the Effort It is an experience well worth the trip. Middle school students considering participating in

this year’s NORPAC Mission to Washington are encouraged to contact me, Chana Lieba Rosenbluth. I am acting as NORPAC’s Middle School liaison, and can be reached through the Jewish Voice and Opinion. Please contact the editor at 201-569-2845 or susan@jewishvoiceandopinion, and I will be given the message. I urge everyone eligible to come this year. It is an experience you won’t forget. Y

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