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Therapy To Help Homosexuals Change Orientation: Hundreds of Orthodox Rabbis Now Say It’s the Only Torah-Approved Way


he announcement in the mosexuals into the community middle of November that and said they should not feel Rabbi Steven Greenberg, a graducompelled to undergo therapy; ate of Yeshiva University’s RIanother group just this month ETS who identifies as an openly reacted in opposition to Rabbi homosexual Orthodox spiritual Greenberg’s wedding ceremony; leader, had performed a “quasiand a third, led by the revered halachic” wedding ceremony for Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky two men at the Sixth and I Hisof the Talmudical Yeshiva of toric Synagogue in Washington, Philadelphia, is in the process DC, has once again highlighted of issuing a statement declaring the issue of the Orthodox posireparative therapy as the only tion on homosexuality. course of action, along with teWhile virtually all Orthodox shuvah, that is “consistent with rabbis agree that homosexual relathe Torah.” Reparative therapy tionships and unions are forbidden is defined as “reinforcing the by halacha, there have been several natural gender-identity of the recent attempts to bring a “nuanced” individual by helping him or approach to the issue. her understand and repair the jewish oct group 2011:Layout 1 10/3/2011 18:08 Lastvoice year, one of emotional wounds that led to Page its Orthodox rabbis welcomed hodisorientation and weakening,

thus enabling the resumption and completion of the individual’s emotional development.” Not Orthodox Rabbi Greenberg, who was ordained at YU in 1983, declared himself a homosexual in 1999, and serves as a senior teaching fellow at CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, made it clear that, in addition to the fact that the two principals under the chupah were men, there were many other deviations from the standard Orthodox ceremony. Nevertheless, many media outlets reported that it represented the first time an Orthodox rabbi had officiated 1at a same-sex marriage in the United States.

Rabbi Gil Student, who blogs at Hirhurim Musings, credits Rabbi Greenberg for not claiming that the ceremony was “Orthodox.” But, Rabbi Student said, he should go further. “He should declare that he is not Orthodox,” said Rabbi Student, who grew up in Teaneck and whose smicha is also from YU. “When a (formerly) Orthodox rabbi unilaterally disposes of a long-standing law, he forfeits the title Orthodox.” Correction Less than two weeks later, some 115 Orthodox rabbis, including Rabbi Student, signed a statement “to correct the false impression than an

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