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March 2015 • Volume 9 • Issue 10 • Adar / Nissan 5775

A STAMP TO COMMEMORATE THE PHILIPPINES HELP TO RESCUE JEWS DURING THE HOLOCAUST UNVEILED Festival of Chanukah and the other stamp, designed by Indian artist Alka Sharma depicts the Hindu Festival of Divali.

By Staff Writer & Agencies The Philippines and Israel reaffirmed their friendly relations when the governments of the two states issued on 29 January 2015 a joint stamp commemorating the Philippine rescue of Jews during the Holocaust. The launching ceremony, held at the Community Hall of Rishon LeZion, came two days after International Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January. The Philippine version of the stamp was unveiled by Philippine Ambassador to Israel, Neal Imperial, Post Master General and CEO of Philippine Postal Corporation, Maria Josefina M. Dela Cruz and Business Lines Department Manager Enrique V. Tagle. The Israel version of the stamp was unveiled by Israel Post CEO and President Haim Elmozino, Rishon LeZion Mayor Dov Zur and Israel Philatelic Service Director Yaron Razon.

The joint commemorative stamp features the national flags of the Philippines and Israel and the Open Doors Monument. The monument, which was unveiled on 21 June 2009 at Holocaust Memorial Park in Rishon LeZion, honours the humanitarian act of Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon in saving the lives of Jews fleeing

From left to right PHILPOST Dept Manager Enrique V. Tagle, PHILPOST Post Master General, Maria Josefina M. Dela Cruz, Philippine Ambassador Neal Imperial, CEO Israel Post & President Haim Elmozino and Mayor Dov Zur during the unveiling of the Philippine-Israel joint stamp

vide a home for the persecuted Jews.”

The Philippine-Israel stamp

the Holocaust from 1939-1942 through the issuance of around 10,000 visas. About 1,300 Jews reached the Philippines.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Imperial said, “This humanitarian act not only resulted in saving the lives of a large number of Jews and their succeeding generations; it no doubt influenced as well the Philippine vote in favour of United Nations Resolution 181 in 1947, which helped create the State of Israel. These two acts, almost a decade apart and pursued by two different Philippine governments, had one common denominator: a Wreath Laying Ceremony on 29 January, 2015 at the Open Doors Monument with Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal consistent comImperial (left), in the Holocaust Garden in Rishon LeZion, Israel mitment to pro-

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During the ceremony, an excerpt of the documentary film Rescue in the Philippines was shown to the guests. The documentary tells the story of the effort of President Quezon, US High Commissioner Paul McNutt, the five Frieder brothers, and then Army Colonel Dwight Eisenhower in helping European Jews fleeing the Holocaust to immigrate to the Philippines. Israel has established similar stamp commemorations with other countries in Asia. Last year a 60th anniversary stamp was unveiled marking six decades of diplomatic relationships between Israel and Thailand. The theme of the stamp was the Thai mangosteen fruit and the Israeli pomegranate. The fruits are symbolic of the fruitful and long-standing excellent relations that have existed between the two countries.

Stamps commemorating twenty years of diplomatic relations between India and Israel were also launched in 2012. These stamps were each based on a common theme, the ‘festival of lights.’ One stamp designed by Israeli artist Ronen Goldberg depicted the Jewish

Also in the same year, to celebrate 52 years of cooperation between the countries of Nepal and Israel, the first Nepal-Israel Joint Postage Stamp was issued. The historical event was held simultaneously in both countries. The stamp marked the first time Nepal has issued a joint stamp with another country. The design shows the highest and the lowest points on earth – Nepal’s Mount Everest at 8,848 metres above sea level and Israel’s Dead Sea which is 422 metres below sea level.

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March 2015 • Volume 9 • Issue 10 • Adar / Nissan 5775  

Jewish Times Asia, was established in 2006, and is the regions first independent community newspaper for Jewish residents, business travelle...

March 2015 • Volume 9 • Issue 10 • Adar / Nissan 5775  

Jewish Times Asia, was established in 2006, and is the regions first independent community newspaper for Jewish residents, business travelle...