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Established 2006

April 2013 • Volume 8 • Issue 1 • Nisan / Iyar 5773

COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER CELEBRATES ITS 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Robert L. Meyer, Chairman of Jewish Times Asia Limited.

By Nina Soloway, Staff Editor The media business is certainly going through many transitions. With the advent of mostly online news content and apps to tempt readers, it is refreshing to know that there are some newspapers that seem to be flourishing against the backdrop of adversity. Established in 2006, Jewish Times Asia is a shining example that niche publishing can be popular and fun. The newspaper is a primary platform for news gathering, event highlighting and community awareness for the region’s Jewish communities. With such a diverse community spread across nine countries and different backgrounds and nationalities, the challenge has always been to keep the newspaper topical, refreshing and to find stories that would be relevant to all. “I guess that’s one of our strengths, we seem to deliver what the communities want to read about,” said Philip Jay, Founder and Publisher, Jewish Times Asia.

Philip Jay

“In Hong Kong alone, we have five or six different Jewish communities, the more to report on and cover for the newspaper,” commented Jay. Jewish Times Asia is unique in its editorial independence, maintaining a balanced and unbiased outlook, recognizing each group’s contribution to Jewish life in Asia. Asia has a very diverse and mixed spiritual community. Apart from local news roundups, the paper covers a regular business news section, art and culture, and a balance of topical features, articles and indepth interviews. The paper has also become essential for diplomatic news for Israel’s embassies and organisations to promote its strategic partnerships with countries in the region. “Being small amongst the general newspaper media groups has many advantages, we can concentrate on more value added content,” stated Jay.

First edition April 2006

Keeping with a specific objective and style for the paper, Jay wanted to provide local Jewish news content not only to local residents but equally to thousands of Jewish business travellers and vacationers that come into Asia.

“People who visit the region are still generally surprised that we have synagogues, Jewish schools, kosher restaurants and community centres,” added Jay. Jewish Times Asia also launched an on-line flipbook version a few years ago to cater for departing Jewish expatriates and others who want to keep a foothold of Asian Jewish news around the clock. “We have on-line readers in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries in the region where small Jewish communities exist. Globally we are read in over 70 countries, our biggest readership online is the US,” explained Jay. The newspaper has reached one of its most auspicious years. The number seven is very significant in Judaism. There are numerous coincidences some obvious such as the seventh day of creation, the Sabbath. The first word in the Torah has seven letters, there are seven continents and seven seas, to name a few. “It is my great pleasure to congratulate Philip Jay and his team on the seventh anniversary of the publication of Jewish Times Asia,” commented

“It is wonderful to be associated with such an informative and innovative monthly publication for and about the various Jewish communities in Asia. It is particularly gratifying to see the publication continuously succeed with a print and digital subscriber base of thousands of people from all over Asia and the world. I look forward to the paper going from strength to strength in the future,” Meyer added.

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IN THIS ISSUE Regional News

Busan Israel House opens in South Korea


Business News

Singtel and Amdocs to open a joint development centre 15-16


US President Barack Obama’s trip to Israel


Art and Culture

Ashkenazy to conduct Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra 18-21


Rambam hospital teaching international medical teams to treat trauma victims 22

JTA Classifieds


Jewish communities in Asia Candle-lighting and the month’s Parshas



Jewish Times Asia April 2013

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 Licence No. 353700

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   

  

               

Jewish Times Asia April 2013

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Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Mazal Tov on the 7th Anniversary of Jewish Times Asia

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Jewish Times Asia April 2013

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Busan Israel House opens in South Korea

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The Busan Israel House, which incorporates the Israeli-Jewish Culture Center, Holocaust Memorial Museum and Education Center has officially opened. A special reception was held. In attendance was Israel’s Ambassador to South Korea, Tuvia Israeli, the staff of the embassy, diplomats, representatives from the government, Jewish residents and other distinguished guests. American expat and South Korean born wife, Jay and Keum Kronish will be running the Israel centre. One of the main objectives of the centre is to bring to the local residents in Busan the history and culture of Israel and the Jewish people with special emphasis on the Holocaust. They want to reach out to the local community, invite schools and universities to attend seminars.

On the 7-8 March 2013, IsraAID held events in Tokyo to commemorate the devastation and tragedy of the 11 March 2011 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan’s Tohoku region. The first event, was called ‘Ishinomaki Center Event’ and was held in partnership with the Taylor Anderson Fund. On the

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Also a three-hour seminar on the Holocaust, given by Inbal Kvitti Ben Dov, a senior educator at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem was held on 5 March.

Jay Kronish giving a welcoming address

Busan House showcases Judaica artifacts from the Biblical period, through and including contributions Israeli’s have made in many fields spanning medicine, science, agriculture, education and hi-tech. Jewish innovations and inventions contributing greatly to our modern world. The centre will offer a variety of classes teaching Hebrew,

Torah and Talmudic studies. It will host events and help facilitate Israel-Korea student exchanges, tourism and cross country business partnering and development. Along with its extensive display of books and historical materials, the centre will hold international symposiums, seminars, various exhibitions, friendship performances and fairs.

A photographic exhibition will be held in April, from two world class Israeli photographers; Duby Tal and his aerial photos of The Dead Sea, and Beno Rothenberg with black and white photos of the first ten years of the State of Israel. A “Busan Israel House” Holy Land Tour of Israel is scheduled to be held in May.

For further details please visit the website

IsraAID commemorates the 2011 Japan earthquake and Tsunami

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One such event recently took place in March. This was a display of critically acclaimed photographic panels from Wallenberg; the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews from extermination in Hungary during the Holocaust, courtesy of the Hungarian Embassy.

Participants speaking at the event

following day, IsraAID presented its ‘Voices of Tohoku’ project in partnership with the Hilton Hotel Tokyo and HewlettPackard Asia. The events included high profile speakers and participants from both the government and the private sector, among them John Roos, US Ambassador to Japan, Hideo Sato, Japanese Ambassador to Israel, the Former Japanese Ambassador to the US, Ichiro Fujisaki, and Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Japan, Peleg Levy. IsraAID with its member agency was the first to send a medical mission to aid the Tsunami and earthquake victims. This was followed by a posttrauma mission to assist the victims of the disaster. Over

Attendees and dignitaries in Tokyo

20 tons of relief items and medicines were distributed. The teams assisted in three locations; Watari, Sendai and Yamamoto. In October, as part of its new two year plan, IsraAID sent a fifth delegation to Japan’s Tohoku region to provide posttrauma treatment and training to local teachers and mental health workers.

Logo design contest to mark 20 years

To mark 20 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Israel, Israel’s Embassy in Vietnam is currently inviting local residents to participate in a logo design contest.

The minimum age of participants is 16. The design can be sent in JPEG format together with a brief explanation. The prize for the winner is

a round trip air-ticket between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and 2 nights stay at the 5-star Movenpick hotel in either city. The winning logo will be officially used in all activities

Mazal Tov on the 7th Anniversary of Jewish Times Asia

Founded in 2001, IsraAID has coordinated and facilitated aid programmes all over the world. Its coalition members have been active in over 40 countries. It works alongside local NGOs and government officials to coordinate relief efforts and emotional support in medical emergencies.

during the year. The past two decades witnessed a boom in a multifaceted cooperation between the two countries. Diplomatic relations were officially established in July 1993.

Vision International (HK) Ltd. Suite 407, Yu To Sang Building 37 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2868 5030 Fax: (852) 2868 5029 Email:

Vision International Diamonds Ltd.

Suite 91-93, 32/F, Diamonds Tower 21 Tuval Street, Ramat Gan, Israel Tel: (972) 3-6006020 Fax: (972) 3-6006030 Email:


Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Regional News

Maccabi girls win first football tournament

Under 8’s with plate and medals together with Dev Kohol and Jamie Tadelis

Maccabi Hong Kong football girls fielded three teams in the Spring Tournament held on 3 March at the Hong Kong International School campus at Tai Tam. Maccabi girls took part in the under 14’s, under 10’s and under 8’s tournaments. This is one of the largest girls soccer tournaments and the under 8’s winning the plate represented a huge achievement for all the girls that played and for Maccabi itself. In the last two years under the expert coaching of Jamie Tadelis, Dev Kohol and Howard Levy, the girls soccer

programme has grown from strength to strength. Each week at training sessions held on Sunday mornings at Elsa High School, around 30 girls train from ages 6-13. The under 8’s plate victory is the first girls trophy since Maccabi started the girls soccer programme. Maccabi beat Canadian International School, 2-0. Goals from Jessica Jay and Mia Duncan secured their first trophy. A special mention to stellar goal keeper Mia Apelbaum who saved many shots during the tournament.

Israeli boy lives in Thailand monastery

A local TV station in Israel recently broadcasted a documentary about a Hebrewspeaking 12-year-old boy who lives in a monastery in Thailand. Israel’s Channel 2 TV aired a conversation with the child and some tourists that he had come in contact with. Dressed in an orange Buddhist robe, the boy is a former cancer patient that was sent to the monastery by his parents on the advice of monks. Israeli tourists visiting a shrine in Bangkok were shocked when a child, approached them and began speaking in perfect Hebrew.

According to YNet news, the boy has been staying in a monastery in northern Thailand, and has no idea until when he will remain there. When asked whether he wanted to be taken back home, he answered: “I told everyone already, it’s fine, I’m used to it.”

The mother visits the boy in Thailand alternately with his father. “My boy has been healthy for a year, my boy is learning, my boy is growing, my boy will be a wonderful man and he’ll be alive,” she said.

Buddhist way of life. The child was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was three and has undergone a series of treatments, the last of which was a bone-marrow transplant more than two years ago. According to the parents and the social worker who handled the case, the medical treatment failed, and the parents, at the advice of monks, decided to send him to a Buddhist monastery in Thailand.

According to an inquiry by Israel’s Foreign Ministry, the child is the son of divorced The mother explained that parents who live in a southern thanks to the care he received Times Asia April.pdf 1 4/8/13 Israel community and leadJewish a in the monastery, his blood tests










had improved. “There’s an enlightened man in the monastery, and he is keeping the boy alive,” she told Channel 2 News.

The hospital that treated the child said in response that he had undergone a life-saving treatment, including a successful bone-marrow transplant, but follow-ups on his condition were discontinued after a year.

The hospital claimed that without the treatment the child would not have recovered from the disease, and the doctors’ opinion is that the follow-ups must continue. The hospital stressed that treatment in Thailand could not be considered an ample substitute to medical care.

The issue is currently being handled by the Foreign and Welfare ministries, which will decide whether the State should 11:30 AM intervene.

Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Regional News

Meeting with Clive Lawton, Senior Consultant to Limmud International, in the afterglow of the first ever Limmud Hong Kong on 12 March, it was clear to see what a resounding success this event had been. Limmud is now a global phenomenon, bringing Jewish learning of every imaginable content and style to Jews of all extremes, from the most religious to the least observant and everyone in between. The movement started in the UK in 1980. The birth of Limmud Hong Kong is a by-product of Limmud Beijing last year which was the first Limmud to be held in China. Limmud Shanghai, which will be taking place in early April, is also a by-product of this event. Limmud Hong Kong was not a weekend retreat or even a full day programme. It was, however, an in demand evening, that Clive describes as giving the community of Hong Kong their “first taste of Limmud.” It can be hard to gauge how well attended an event like this is going to be, especially when it is being run for the first time in a new location. Twenty-five people had officially signed up to the event but Clive suspected the attendance would be a lot higher than this, claiming that, “Limmud always recruits better than expected.” He wasn’t wrong. More than 80 people came that evening, a mixture of young and old, religious and secular and this is fairly typical of Limmud gatherings around the world.

The evening was split into two sessions where attendees selected one option from a choice of three within each session. The options included, ‘A dietary blueprint for humanity’ which looked at the moral, eco-

Clive Lawton

logical, economical, spiritual and health reasons for choosing to follow a plant-based diet; ‘Wine and Judaism: Sanctification and Soul’ which explored the use of wine and alcohol in Judaism; and ‘Om Shanti and Infected Mushroom’ which humorously reinforced the stereotypes of Israeli backpacker culture and then seriously questioned them – to name just a few. It is often the case that the learning topics and discussions run by Limmud reflect the nature of where it is and organisers find that sometimes the topics literally just choose themselves. Apart from Clive Lawton himself, the rest of the speakers were Hong Kongbased, some of whom were first time presenters. Clive observed how this is a true reflection of how, “Limmud ripples through communities in all kinds of ways.” Limmud encourages people to take the initiative with their learning and in some cases, their teaching, rather than just being a passive consumer, which in Hong Kong, is a very easy role to settle into. Limmud Hong Kong has played an essential part in consolidating the Asian branch of Limmud International. After the success of this first shot, there is of course already whisperings of the next one.

Wine promotion in Taiwan The Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei organised an event to promote wines from Israel. Israel’s representative to Taiwan, Simona Halperin, introduced the wine culture event in Taipei. Halperin gave a presentation on the history of wine production in Israel, which dates back thousands of years, showing photos of wine presses of ancient times as well as modern wineries. Representatives from Carmel winery and the local distributing agent also attended. Founded in 1882, Carmel is the largest winery in Israel.

The Cultural Office expressed hope that the Carmel imports will make Israeli wine better known in Taiwan. Products from some smaller wineries in Israel have been imported to Taiwan but they are not very well-known compared with products from countries such as France and Italy, it added.

Sephardic Chief Rabbi greets newly arrived B'nei Menashe immigrants Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi congratulated the 274 B’nei Menashe immigrants from India who arrived in the Jewish state in recent months. Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, along with members of his staff, paid a special visit to Shavei Israel’s Absorption Center in Givat Haviva to congratulate the immigrants as part of a renewed wave of aliyah (immigration).

The meeting between the B’nei Menashe and the Chief Rabbi was by all accounts remarkable. As the Chief Rabbi’s car approached the absorption center, the immigrants literally ran out to meet it, singing and dancing along the way until the car could drive no further. A group of four recent immigrants, led by Shavei Israel

First Limmud Hong Kong surpasses all expectations

Chief Rabbi meeting immigrants

‘Fellow’ Avraham Haokip, entertained the rabbis with guitar and song including a performance of the B’nei Menashe composition Aliyah and another using words from the Passover Seder, “V’hi sh’amda,” the latter telling the story of how God has saved the Jewish people generation after generation from those who have tried to destroy them. The organisers say that it was a fitting message for the

arrival of a community that traces its roots back 2,700 years as one of the Ten Lost Tribes. For Haokip, it was particularly emotional: he has only now been reunited with his parents, who made aliyah from India with Shavei Israel’s help in 2007. The next phase of that process is placing them in permanent homes in the cities of Acre and Migdal HaEmek and this will be even more crucial.

Congratulations to Jewish Times Asia on reaching 7 years Michael & Judy Green and family



Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Regional News

The future looks bright for joint ventures between Tel Aviv University and Institutions in Asia A few months ago, Tel Aviv University (TAU) hosted a delegation from the City University of Hong Kong, headed by Vice President Professor Roderick Wong and Associate Vice President Dr David Cheng. The main focus of this visit was to discuss joint academic co-operation and both parties found major areas of interest to explore for collaboration. The group from Hong Kong met with TAU Vice President Professor Raanan Rein, Pro-Rector Professor Danny Leviatan and Ms Orly Fromer, Advisor to the President for Resource Development. There were also meetings with the head of TAU’s International programmes. TAU is the largest and most comprehensive university in Israel and in the past, most of its international connections have been traditionally with universities in the US. However, building ties with Chinese universities are part of a plan of new collaborations initiated several years ago that will focus largely on Asia. Substantial ties have already been formed with

Vice President Professor Rein

institutions in India and Singapore, not only universities. In an exclusive interview with Jewish Times Asia, Professor Rein keenly noted that, “Hong Kong is a key part of this mosaic.”

In mid March, Professor Rein, together with Meir Buber, Head of Resources Development in English Speaking Countries visited Hong Kong to continue discussions with City University about the planned collaborations. For example, there are joint workshops planned between the two Schools of Mathematics.

Ambassador Ushpiz on agricultural visit to Rajasthan Israeli Ambassador to India, Alon Ushpiz visited the Indian city of Jaipur, to be updated and discuss projects which Israel is undertaking in the Rajasthan region. He stated that Israel will provide more support to India in the field of agriculture, water management, energy and defence especially in the agricultural sector. Israel has already setup a crop protecting project in the Bassi area of Jaipur. He also acknowledged the state initiatives regarding the productivity of dates in Jaisalmer region, where Israel has taken up the post- harvest and pollination

project to further increase the production of fruit.

Ushpiz also talked about the olive plantation. The olive trees have been provided to Rajasthan by Israel. Ushpiz also announced that if any student is willing to take up some research project in the related field of agriculture in Israeli institutions, the embassy will provide financial support for the period of commencement of the research. He stated that around 70 students from India are already doing research projects in Israel and we will look to provide more assistance to India in the field of education.

This recent visit highlights that Asia and in particular, China, is high on the agenda of TAU, which is due to welcome several delegations from all over China in a short space of time. They will be hosting 30 delegates from Chinhoyi University in China, a delegation from Beijing University will be coming to TAU to take part in joint workshops and representatives from the Hong Kong University Faculty of Science and Technology will also be visiting and this is all due to take place in the same week!

Looking further into the future, Professor Rein explained that TAU intends to cement relations in the Provinces and Municipal Authorities, not just within the Universities. “Ties are becoming substantial and meaningful,” he says. These ties need to be cultivated and there are many joint workshops and projects in the pipeline.

One thousand executives from the City of Nanjing in China are due to attend intensive business seminars at TAU. They will be split into 40 groups.

Geophysics at Nanjing University completed his doctorate at TAU so this is a fantastic advertisement for Chinese students.

As well as plans for all these joint workshops and collaborations, TAU also works hard to attract international students and it is proudly the number one international university in Israel, attracting more international students than any other Israeli institution.

During the visit Buber also met with Rachel Friedmann, Head of the Carmel School Association. The pair first met in Hong Kong 18 months ago when Mr Buber presented the concept of TAU’s “Science Oriented Youth Programme,” and they discussed this further during this visit.

Israeli students also clearly recognise the significance of creating ties with Asia – the largest humanities department at TAU is the department of East Asian Studies. The number of Asian students at TAU grows each year and there are many Chinese students heavily represented in the departments of Electrical Engineering, Social Sciences and Life Sciences. In fact, the Head of the Faculty of

This is an English speaking programme targeted at Jewish schools all over the world, encouraging them to send their senior students to this three week programme in Israel. Mr Buber states that this shows, “good interaction between the Israeli’s and the Jewish youth in the Diaspora.” He sincerely hopes that Elsa High School in Hong Kong will send students to take part in this programme.

Thank you for


Years Jewish Times Asia wishes to thank its advertisers, editorial contributors, sponsors and friends over the past 7 years. A special thank you to all the Jewish communities in the region, organisations, clubs and associations for your continued support and assistance. And finally a special mention to Israel’s Foreign Ministries, embassies and consulates for sharing their news with us. From

Philip Jay, Founder & Publisher, Jewish Times Asia

Ambassador Ushpiz meeting with the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot

Jewish Times Asia

Jewish Times Asia April 2013


Regional News

JWA delivering to charitable causes This years Jewish Women’s Association (JWA) Annual Ball took place on 10 March and was a huge success, well attended by over 200 guests. The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong was transformed into a masquerade carnival with people receiving masks as they came in and being serenaded by Italian music and Italian inspired drinks. The atmosphere was festive and joyful. The silent auction was filled with magnificent prizes and many surprises were unveiled as the night went on. The evening started with an operatic performance from Cantor Chazan, Diego Edelberg, from the United Jewish Congregation. JWA Chairwoman

Ana Scherer with some guests

The Hayim association through the Schineider hospital provides cancer treatment to all children and funds life saving equipment. The Israeli society for autistic children (ALUT). The JWA rebuilt their bomb shelter that saved lives during the latest rocket attacks in Beersheva in 2012.

Israeli dancing at the JWA Ball

Ana Scherer welcomed all to the event and invited Consul General Amikam Levy and his wife to toast the State of Israel. There was a video presentation of all the organisations the JWA serves. The evening continued with a lavish dinner and surprising entertainment from Three Waiters, a troupe of opera singers from Australia. “Our intention was to deliver an event that made every guest smile and enjoy themselves,” noted Scherer.

“However, our primary objective was to raise funds and to have a great time in the process. We wanted to share an awareness of the importance of giving. Charity is not just meant to improve the world and

those around us. Charity mostly serves to improve ourselves.” added Scherer, The JWA began its history by serving refugees arriving in Hong Kong in 1947. The organisation has grown continuously and today it supports charities that focus on women and children in Israel and Hong Kong. The JWA is a non-affiliated and inclusive organisation. The JWA is another testimony of the Jewish community’s strong ties to Hong Kong. Today the JWA’s partnership with the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation is a solid example of this continued tradition. The JWA serves seven organisations in Israel and Hong Kong.

The One in Nine Organization provides breast cancer patients and their families with support. The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. The JWA finances an important programme that provides education and prevention of breast cancer to

4,100 women in lower income areas of Hong Kong. The Tlalim association renders free learning support to school children that are unable to attend school due to illness or accident. The JWA funds their state of the art online educational programme. The Israel Family Planning Association provides counseling centers for youth, focusing specially on girls at risk. The JWA provided funds for one of their “Open Door Centers” in the town of Beersheva. The Family Center for Peace in Netanya is a safe haven for women suffering from domestic violence. The JWA financed the construction of a much needed club house that will be used for classes, support groups and social activities. This summer, the JWA chairwoman along with members of the board, will travel to Israel to visit the organisations and to see the results of the projects the JWA sponsors.

Nava Levy, Consul General Amikam Levy with Ana Scherer

The evenings event raised close to HK$ 2.5 million.

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Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Regional News

Israel embassy holds campus tours

The Embassy of Israel in the Philippines embarked on a campus tour of several high schools in the capital, and held a quiz contest for students. Entitled: “Discover Israel 2013”, students from the Makati High School and the San Antonio National High School won gifts such as a cellphone, watch and a brand new laptop all while learning more about the Jewish nation. The schools’ social studies departments invited Deputy Chief of Mission, Yaniv Re-

vach, to speak about the culture and history of the State of Israel. As an added treat, the students also watched awardwinning Israeli films. Meanwhile, the embassy also took part in the 2nd International Film Festival at Adamson’s University from 22-29 January 2013, again highlighting its award-winning films. The embassy concluded its school activities with an exhibition of Israel’s famous sites and wonders, also at the Manila city-based university.

Israelis amongst Forbes billionaires list Seventeen Israelis made the 2013 Forbes billionaires ranks. Idan Ofer is currently the wealthiest Israeli in the world, with a fortune estimated by Forbes at US$6.5 billion, putting him in 182nd place in the global rankings. His brother, Eyal Ofer, is in 198th place, with a fortune of US$6 billion. The brothers own Ofer Holdings Group, and through it, Israel Corporation, Israel Chemicals Limited, and other companies. Iscar Limited founder Stef Wertheimer and family are in 286th place, with a fortune of US$4.4 billion. Shari Arison, the controlling shareholder in Bank Hapoalim and other companies, is still the current richest Israeli woman in the world, with a fortune of US$4.2 bil-

lion, in 308th place in the global rankings. She is tied with media mogul Arnon Milchen, and followed by mining magnate Beny Steinmetz, with a fortune of US$4.1 billion, in 316th place. Two Israelis tie for 670th place. Diamond merchant Dan Gertler and Delek Group Limited controlling shareholder Ytizhak Tshuva, with fortunes of US$2.2 billion. Kazakh Eurasian Natural Resources Co shareholder Alexander Machkevich is one of the billionaires tied for 704th place, with a fortune of US$2.1 billion. Playtech Cyprus Limited controlling shareholder Teddy Sagi is in 831st place, with a fortune of US$1.8 billion. Check Point software tech-

nologies founder, Chairman and CEO, Gil Shwed is in 922nd place, with a fortune of US$1.65 billion. Diamond magnate and Africa-Israel Investments chairman Lev Leviev is in 974th place, with a fortune of US$1.5 billion. The last five Israelis in the billionaires rankings are Shaul Shani, with a fortune of US$1.3 billion (1,107th place). Agis Pharmaceuticals founder Mori Arkin and Paz Oil Company Ltd and First International Bank of Israel controlling shareholder Zadik Bino, with fortunes of US$1.05 billion each (1,332nd place). Morris Kahan and Check Point co-founder Marius Nacht, with US$1 billion each (1,342nd place).

San Antonio School displaying a banner C








Quiz students

‘Doing Business in Nepal’ event held in Israel A gathering of Israeli businessmen and representatives from the Investment Board of Nepal (IBN) was recently held in Tel Aviv. The interaction, which was jointly organised by the Embassy of Nepal in Tel Aviv and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, focused on investment opportunities and existing legal provision in Nepal. “Israeli investors are impressed with our presentation about the investment opportunities in Nepal. They enquired with us about investment potential in small scale enterprises,” said Mukunda Prasad Poudel, Joint Secretary of IBN.

Poudel made the presentation to around 70 Israeli businessmen who were present at an interaction.

He also said some Israeli entrepreneurs have shown interest in investing in industries that produce turbine for small hydropower projects.

According to Nepal’s Department of Industry, it has received a total of Rs 681 million in foreign direct investment from Israel as at fiscal year 2010/11.

Statistics compiled by the department shows 12 Israeli joint ventures in Nepal have generated more than Rs 400 million.

Jewish Times Asia April 2013



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The Maccabi spirit is working wonders all over the Jewish world. MWU has enjoyed a year of excellent mass events infused with Jewish and Zionist motivation, all working towards the Maccabi answer to the difficult times that we live in. Six years ago, the 17th Maccabiah Games took place on 11th July 2005 in Israel was absolute success, especially when China, Hong Kong and We are dedicated to promoting trade and development between Hong Kong SAR and Israel for mutual benefit. Macedonia participated in the games for the first time since 1932. We, Hong __________________________________________________________________________________________ Kong brought some medals back.

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Our loyalties lie first and foremost with our members, acting as their voice Fax: (852) 2865 0220 Website: in advising and sharing with Hong Kong officials, matters affecting businesses and the economy, providing members with business information and facilitating networking through a variety of chamber activities. If all countries work together, we could overcome all difficulties on the road ahead and the risk, in promoting lasting peace and common prosperity.

701 Admiralty Centre Tower II

With 8,500 athletes competing, including 5,000 from abroad, the Maccabiah G.P.O. Box 245 Hong Kong Games was a celebration of sports and Zionism. Competitors from 55 countries gathered to celebrate solidarity between our people. Today, we are looking forward to the 19th Maccabiah Games in 2013. With the larger team from Hong Kong, Macau, China which will participate in the games. Please start saving your money for the trip to Israel. I promise you will have the best time of your life. I hope there will be as many of you to join me on this trip! CHAZAK CHAZAK V’NITCHAZEK!

Rafael Aharoni Tel. 852-2312-1111 Fax. 852-2311-6999 E-mail: c/o The Jewish Community Centre, One Robinson Place, 70 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Rafael Aharoni Chairman Maccabi Hong Kong Thank you. We couldn’t have come this far without you.

Room 712 East Ocean Centre, 98 Granville Road, TST East, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel. (852) 23121111 E-mail: Fax. (852) 23116999

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Business News

Singtel and Amdocs to open a joint development centre

Qoros launches first model in Europe

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel), Asia’s leading communications group and the largest multicountry mobile operator in the world, and Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, announced in March the opening of a joint development centre in Israel. This is the first such collaboration in Israel by a service provider from Asia Pacific and will serve as a gateway for local start-ups into the fastestgrowing region in the world.

Chinese-Israeli carmaker Qoros announced its entry into Europe, the latest attempt by a Chinese manufacturer to gain a foothold in the region’s highly competitive market. Qoros, a joint venture between Chinese automaker Chery Automobile Company and Israel Corporation, an industrial conglomerate, launched its ‘3 Sedan’ at the Geneva Motor Show held in Switzerland in March.

SingTel’s move into Israel is part of its strategic plan to increase investments in research and development. This is also part of its recently established global innovation initiative, ‘L!feLabs’, to inspire and enable ideas to become reality. It aims to accelerate innovation through collaboration with strategic partners, renowned research institutes as well as eco-systems of start-ups and incubators for which Israel is so renowned. ‘SingTel L!feLabs @ Israel’ with Amdocs will focus on reaching out to the local community of entrepreneurs to develop capabilities in key areas as well as conduct proof of concepts and the eventual commercialisation of innovative technologies, products and services in the 26 countries where the group operates. In conjunction with the opening of the development centre, SingTel is launching the L!feLabs website. It is another avenue to engage startups and developers to build, test and deploy new services and solutions for the 473 million mobile customers across the Asia Pacific region served by SingTel. In addition to the development centre, SingTel will invest in three key areas in Israel. These are; investment in Israeli start-up companies aimed at advancing developments and technologies that match SingTel’s future plans. Working with Israeli academic or research institutes by funding studies conducted by the country’s universities or working on ideas created in such institutions. Thirdly, working with incubators and the angel community to look for interesting business and technology ideas from Israel. SingTel’s initial focus will be on voice and facial recognition as well as technologies that en-

Allen Lew and Eli Gelman

able mobile and Wi-fi networks to work more efficiently and seamlessly. Allen Lew Chief Executive Officer of Group Digital L!fe, SingTel, said: “As we move SingTel beyond just communications into becoming a multimedia digital provider, innovation is key to our transformation. Never before have we seen technology and business models changing so rapidly. To stay ahead of the market and anticipate customer needs, we have significantly expanded our investments in digital services that will help our customers discover new services, be informed, entertained or more productive.” He noted: “We have been extremely satisfied with the wealth of talent in Israel. We experienced this through our recently acquired global mobile advertising company Amobee which has a technology center in Israel, as well as through our venture capital investments in two Israeli companies in the mobile Internet business. This has propelled us to open this new development center to scout for new growth engines for SingTel.” “Amdocs has been dedicated to the communications industry for over 30 years and today our 20,000 employees serve the world’s leading service providers in over 60 countries,” said Eli Gelman, Chief Executive Officer of Amdocs Management Limited. “Opening a joint development and innovation center with a global leader such as the SingTel Group is a significant milestone in our history. It demonstrates the importance our customers place on our innovative offerings as well as our ability to accelerate and foster innovation by working together with the start-up community.” Gelman added: “We believe that this innovation and development centre is a win-win opportunity which will benefit all those involved: the SingTel

Group, Amdocs and young Israeli companies and start-ups.” The centre will be hosted on Amdocs’ Ra’anana campus. For the past five years, Amdocs has been methodologically fostering start-up innovation, and today has 75 active start-up partner companies, innovation programs at 12 universities worldwide, and more than 20 solutions incorporating start-up technology.

The car will be manufactured in China, and is set to go on sale there and in Eastern Europe this year, with a price below 20,000 euros (US$26,000), Vice President Volker Steinwascher told reporters.

Stefano Villanti, Executive Director of Sales, Service, Marketing and Product Strategy, revealed that Qoros is gearing up to produce 150,000 cars within two years, with a factory ca-

3 Sedan

pable of expanding production to 450,000 units if required.

Penned with European buyers in mind by ex-MINI designer Gert Hildebrand, the car is lower, wider and has a longer wheelbase than rivals like the Ford Focus and VW Golf. Despite its European intentions, over 50% of Qoros models will be sold in China.

Qoros also debuted its ‘Cross Hybrid Concept Car’ at the Geneva show.

’smart water firm’ to bring technologies to India Whitewater Technologies, an Israeli “smart water” network software management firm, has signed a cooperation agreement with an Indian environmental infrastructure firm. Reported in the Jerusalem Post, the firm provides software tools for overseeing water quality and operations. The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tatva Global Water Technologies, a Mumbai-based company that provides environmental and waste-management solutions for cities, towns and industries all over the subcontinent. Whitewater will bring to India its ‘WaterWall’ information technology, which performs analytics, automates procedures and provides security to water supplies, as well as its ‘BlueBox’ intel-

partnership. Tatva has a wealth of water quality and network-efficiency knowledge that we are certain will lead to successful delivery of any solution. Together, we will generate a set of solutions covering the needs for online water-quality monitoring and critical security awareness.” stated Ende. Issey Ende

ligent water analytics system, which analyses water quality in real time and detects abnormal events. “This agreement will enable us to penetrate the Indian market, focusing on our core water quality and security competencies,” said Issey Ende, CEO, Whitewater Technologies. “The relationship between the two firms will be a complementary, mutually beneficial

“Tatva technologies specialises in providing utility services and implementation of commercial and technical systems in the water utility industry,” commented K. Ashok Natarajan, CEO, Tatva. “We feel that the partnership with Whitewater provides a unique combination of industrial solutions and watermanagement systems aimed at improving overall utility performance and efficiency,” Natarajan concluded.

Orbotech wins Chinese flat panel display equipment deals Orbotech Limited announced that it has won significant bids for flat panel display (FPD) related equipment, totaling approximately US$40 million in value, from one of the largest liquid crystal display panel manufacturers in China. Most of this equipment is expected to be delivered during 2013. The systems, which include several of Orbotech’s latest generation automated optical inspection and array tester mod-

els, will be utilised in the fabrication of mobile devices and large screen televisions. Commenting on this announcement, Gil Oron, President of the FPD Division at Orbotech Ltd, said: “These important bids represent a significant investment by a major customer in the latest generation Orbotech equipment for its new and upgraded fabrication lines, in response to anticipated

increased demand in this part of the industry. Orbotech is proud to be a key contributor to the overall advancement of the FPD industry in China.” Orbotech is a leading provider of production solutions, primarily for manufacturers of printed circuit boards, flat panel displays and other electronic components. Headquartered in Israel, it operates from multiple locations internationally.


Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Business News

Changzhou and Israeli start ups working on long term cooperation Israeli startup company Lexifone has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the City of Changzhou, represented by its Deputy Mayor, Fang Guoqiang which is hoping to become the “Silicon Valley” of Israeli companies in China. Lexifone is a translation software firm, headed by Dr. Ike (Isaac) Sagie, Founder and CEO. L e x i f o n e ’s t e c h n o l o g y provides simultaneous translation based on online access to computer smart servers. At present, it can translate most of the common languages such as: Chinese, French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and more. The services translate telephone calls in real time, from one language to another and vice versa, enabling people with no common language to communicate over the phone.

The agreement was declared at a seminar organised by MIT Entrepreneurship Forum and PTL Group during a visit by a Changzhou economic delegation to Israel. During the visit, the delega-

still a difficulty in international business,” Lexifone CEO Dr. Ike Sagie said.

A cocktail reception was held in the offices of Gemini Capital in honor of the Chinese delegation, with the participation of the Chinese Ambassador to Israel Gao Yanping, and Ed Melavsky, Chairman of the MIT Forum and a Partnering Founder in Gemini.

Dr. Ike Sagie and his VP Itay Sagie with the Deputy Mayor Fang Guoqiang and Zvi Shalgo

tion had several meetings and agreements signed with other technology companies. PTL Group is managed by Zvi Shalgo, who is the current Chairman of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Since it was founded 12 years ago, the group has been involved in the operation of various Israeli technology companies in China, Changzhou included. It is also a partner in the Matrix Global Development Center recently established in Changzhou and has already started training the first group of engineers.

Israeli Diamond Industry had largest presence at HKTDC Jewelry Show The Israeli Diamond Industry had the largest presence ever at the HKTDC’s Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, which recently took place in March. This year, the Israel Diamond Pavilion, organised by the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI), featured 90 companies in space of over 1,000 square metres. The Israel Diamond Pavilion, had the largest national pavilion at the show. The Israeli exhibitors presented diamonds of all shapes and sizes, with several companies showing very large and important stones and fancy colored diamonds.

impressive growth and we see them as the direction of the future for the Israeli Diamond Industry. We are very interested in expanding our business in this enormous and rapidly developing region, in markets we know well such as Hong Kong, India and China, as well as in new markets such as Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.”

Asia is Israel’s second largest market for polished diamonds, representing over 35% of total polished diamond exports and these figures are growing steadily. In addition to Hong Kong, Israel supplies polished diamonds to other Asian markets including China, India, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.

Avidar added that he was very optimistic about the success of this show. “The Hong Kong March show is the most well-established in the region and attracts buyers from the entire region, as far off as Australia. The global industry is now on an upswing, after a very difficult period in 2012. We have seen good demand since the last quarter of 2012, and the trade shows we have already participated in since the beginning of the year have been very promising,” he said.

Israeli diamond leaders believe that now more than ever Asia must be a major focus for the Israeli Diamond Industry. IDI Chairman Moti Ganz said: “These markets are showing

IDI Managing Director Eli Avidar stressed said that in order to achieve this IDI is participating in three major trade shows in Hong Kong – in February, June and September, and has added Shanghai to its annual calendar as well.

Lexifone intends to recruit a group of 10 staff in China, including Chinese linguists as well as service employees. The company is planning to develop a component of the software, customising it to the Chinese market. “China has in recent years become a great economic power, and the language barrier is

Deputy Mayor Fang mentioned that he had read the book StartUp Nation, and that he believes, that soon a new chapter will have to be added to the book, to describe the intensive activity of Israeli technology companies in the City of Changzhou, also known as “Dragon City”.

Changzhou’s successful track record with Israeli industry includes 20 companies until now. In addition to Matrix

Global, the city also caters to the biotech enterprise Lycored (of the Makhteshim Agan Group), an industrial incubator for Israeli companies, as well as an exhibition center of the Israeli Export Institute for Medical devices. All these projects enjoy the broad support of the local government of Changzhou.

The city has dedicated a fund of US$150 million annual budget toward encouraging cooperation and business ties with Israeli and foreign companies in the City. Also, the local government has established an initiative of direct investment funds investing in Israeli companies interested to operate in China, in association with Catalyst, an Israeli Private Equity, and PTL Group. The city of Changzhou, is located in southern Jiangsu province situated in the affluent Yangtze Delta region of China.

Jewish Times Asia April 2013



US President Barack Obama’s trip to Israel

resident Obama made a historic three day visit to Israel in March. Obama also visited the Palestinian territories and flew to Jordan as part of his Middle East trip.

His visit to Israel was to express the deep and multifaceted relations between Israel and the US. These relations are rooted in shared values and common interest. It was clear to see during his stay that Israel will always have strong and vocal support from the US, especially when it comes to Israel’s security. Both nations are working to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear military capabilities and denouncing those who seek to twist history and the 3,000 year old connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. There is an unbreakable alliance based not only on mutual security interests and economic interests, but also on shared values and common interests. President Obama was warmly welcomed on 20 March at a ceremony at Ben-Gurion International Airport. On his arrival there was a presentation of Israel’s multi-layered defense system, showcasing the Iron Dome, Magic Wand, Arrow 2, and Arrow 3. His itinerary included meetings with Israel’s President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama was guest of honor at a special dinner on the evening of his arrival at the official residence of the Prime Minister.

The Children’s Memorial is dedicated to the 1.5 million Jewish children murdered in the Holocaust. In the underground chamber candles are reflected in countless points of light while the names, ages and hometowns of children who were murdered are read out in Hebrew, English and Yiddish. President Obama delivering remarks at the Jerusalem International Convention Center

One of the highlights was the US President’s speech to students at the Jerusalem International Convention Center which was greeted enthusiastically by those in attendance. The third day, President Obama participated in wreathlaying ceremony’s at the graves of Theodore Herzl, and the former Prime Minster of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin. He also visited the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem as part of his schedule. The President also visited Yad Vashem. He visited the Hall of Names, the Museum of Holocaust Art, participated in a memorial ceremony in the Hall of Remembrance, and visited the Children’s Memorial, before signing the Yad Vashem Guest Book. He was accompanied by President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate Avner Shalev and Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council Rabbi Israel Meir Lau. “From some 154 million pages of documentation in the Yad Vashem Archives, we chose to show President Obama a unique manuscript


The following day, President Obama toured the Israel Museum. A presentation of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book, and a special technology exhibit in honor of the President: “Israel Technology for a Better World” was showcased.

caust Research, Archives, Museums and Library, Yad Vashem has become the global centre for gathering and disseminating information about the Holocaust.

President Peres and President Obama on arrival at Ben Gurion Airport

that survived the Holocaust – the sheet music with an original composition, written in 1941, for the Passover liturgal poem Had Gadya,” said Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev. “This page is the voice of the individual in the Holocaust, whose essence and spirit we are trying to rebuild with the help of names, photographs, documents, artworks and films that Yad Vashem has been collecting for the past six decades,” added Shalev. A token of remembrance with a facsimile of the sheet music, photos and the Page of Testimony was presented by Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev to President Obama at the conclusion of his visit. Rare pre-war footage of the Cantor in the main synagogue of Amsterdam is viewable in the Yad Vashem Archives film collection. In the Yad Vashem Guest Book, President Obama wrote, “We are ever mindful of the incredible human cost of the Holocaust- an evil unprecedented in the annals of history. And yet we recognize, through this place, the triumph of the Jewish people and the human spirit, and vow to be ever vigilant in

President Obama lays a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem in memory of the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

preventing such horror from ever happening again.” Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority, was established 60 years ago by the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, in 1953. Located in Jerusalem, it is dedicated to Holocaust remembrance, documentation, research and education. Through its International School for Holocaust Studies, International Institute for Holo-

Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev presents the musical notes to Had Gadaya to President Obama. The music was composed by Cantor Israel Maroko in 1941 in Amsterdam. Cantor Maroko was murdered in Sobibor in 1943.

The sheet music with the composition written by Cantor Maroko.


Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Art and Culture

Ashkenazy to conduct Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra As part of its Masterworks series, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPO) in conjunction with its sponsor CIC Investor Services Limited, will showcase world renowned musical conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy and soprano Camilla Tilling in a programme at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall on 24-24 May.

Decca / Jim Steere Decca

for the past 20 years. Formerly Chief Conductor of the Czech Philharmonic (1998–2003) and Music Director of NHK Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo (2004–7), in January 2009 he took up the new position of

The programme will feature the works of composer Richard Strauss and Sibelius.

Ambassador’s talk in Myanmar

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Elisabeth Music Competition in Brussels in 1956, and joint first prize with John Ogdon in the 1962 International Tchaikovsky Competition. Since then, he has built an extraordinary career, not only as one of the most renowned and revered pianists of our times, but as an artist whose creative life encompasses a vast range of activities and continues to offer inspiration to music-lovers across the world.

Ashkenazy was born in Gorky, Russia. His Jewish father was a well known pianist and composer David Ashkenazi and his mother was actress Yevstolia Grigorievna,

He began playing the piano at the age of six and was accepted at the Central Music School at the age of eight. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, having studied with Lev Oborin. He won second prize in the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw in 1955, first prize in the Queen


Ashkenazy, both a pianist and a conductor is a musical giant of our time. His concerts are always thrilling, his interpretations sublimely artistic. These concerts mark his début in the HKPO season, and feature aptly passionate masterworks. Sibelius’ Fifth Symphony, a heroic celebration of Finland’s native wonders, evokes profound darkness and gleaming light. Richard Strauss’ Don Juan captures the blustering romance of a reckless lover. Then, from much later in Strauss’ life, the Four Last Songs mark a farewell to life and love.

Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. They collaborate on a number of exciting projects including composer festivals, major recording projects and international touring activities.

Conducting has formed the largest part of his activities

On 7 February, Israel’s Ambassador to Myanmar, Hagay Moshe Behar was invited to give a talk to students at Horizon International School, Yangon. Ambassador Behar spoke on Israeli culture and traditions. The Grade 6 students of the school are studying different

cultures around the world as part of the school curriculum. Their teacher, Ms. Maayan Sapir requested Ambassador Behar to give a talk so that they will be able to understand one of oldest ancient and historical cultures and to learn some of their important values.

Ambassador Behar pictured with the students


Stefan Temmingh

“The master of recorders.” Abendzeitung München


Programme includes Bach Partita No 3 in E,BWV1006: Prelude Debussy Syrinx and more solo works for recorder


Bring your recorder for a “Play Along” session after the concert!

Stefan Temmingh Recorder Masterclass



HK City Hall Concert Hall Observer Tickets: $40


ChAgAll ‘‘A

vision in my dream’’

May 21st - June 10th 2013

HK City Hall Concert Hall $180 $100

Tickets at URBTIX 2111 5999 | Programme Enquiries 2836 3336 | Hong Kong Sinfonietta reserves the right to change the programme and artists Hong Kong Sinfonietta is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Hong Kong Sinfonietta is the Venue Partner of the Hong Kong City Hall HONG KONG.PARIS.MONACO.LONDON.GENEVA.NEw YORK.BAL HARBOUR.SINGAPORE.SEOUL.DUBAI

G/F - 3/F, W Place, 52 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong. T +852 2810 1208.

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Art and Culture

Vinikur performs at the Rhythm RevelDay caps Philippine visit of the Earth World Festival One of Israel’s hottest contemporary violinist, dancer and vocalist, Tania Vinikur and her band was invited to appear at the Rhythm of the Earth World Festival which was held in Bangkok. During the festival she invited a group of Islamic artists from Thailand’s southern province, Yala, to jam the tune with her on stage. The show conveyed a deep message that cooperation beyond difference is also possible through arts and music. She debuted her new show Shine while in Thailand. Vinikur takes fusion a bold step forward, starting with Latin passion and the flamenco world and mixes them with World Music, Chill Out, Groove and Electronics creating her own unique signature style. Band members include: Itai Abramowitz on keyboards, Moi

Nathanson on drums and Thys Vlaszaty plays bass. Vinokur and her band also gave an exclusive performance in the mini-concert at Israel’s Ambassador to Thailand, Simon Roded’s residence on 22 March. She surprised the audience by inviting Khun Kamala Sukosol, Thailand’s legendary singer, to join her on stage performing the song Hava Nagila. The Rhythm of the Earth World Festival takes place annually in February. Now in its eighth year it features ethnic groups from all parts of the world, such as fascinating drums and dance performances from Africa, rhythm and dance from Latin America, Indian ancient music, middle east sounds and much more. Local and international musical arts perform for free at the Central World Shopping Mall.

Tania Vinikur

Volunteer on a farm, Israel style A recently-launched initiative is offering tourists a new way to experience Israel, by volunteering on an organic farm for several hours a day, five days a week in exchange for free board and lodging. The programme is open to anyone over the age of 18 and is run by Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) Israel. It offers participants the opportunity to learn organic farming methods, meet volunteers from around the world and experience rural life in Israel. The minimum time for volunteering on one of the farms is one week and the maximum is three months. However, during harvest time, it is also possible to volunteer for the day. Members of WWOOF Israel can access about 70 farms and hosts listed on the website and select the one that best suits their interests and needs. Testimonials and photos add to the information provided. WWOOF Israel hosts include kibbutzim, moshavim, farms and private families. Volunteers can choose between different volunteer-

ing opportunities, such as organic gardening, cheese making, vineyard, animal care and many more. Volunteers can also make their selection according to geographical area within Israel, type of farm, and even according to special requirements such as children, special needs and special dietary or religious requirements. WWOOF Israel is the active local branch of an international organisation of the same name that was launched in the early 1970s in the UK. For further details

The multi-talented duo of RevelDay, performed at the Ayala Museum in front of a capacity crowd and thereby, officially ending their debut in Manila. As a treat for their new found fan base in the Philippines, the duo also sang a rendition of Rivermaya’s Himala which brought the crowd to a roaring applause with famed Filipino bossa nova singer, Sitti. RevelDay, are Guy Mentesh and Yahel Doron. The duo first met at boarding school at an early age and have been playing and creating together ever since. They are both from Tel Aviv and began to engage the music industry working with some legendry artists in Israel. They previously made waves with their performance at the Greenbelt Park and recently made their Philippine TV debut on music channel MYX.


They were featured on the channel’s Daily Top 10 programme, followed by a guesting on variety show ASAP ChillOut. Their first hit I Dunno What To Say launched them into Israel’s music charts. The duo have since pro-

duced their own self-titled album RevelDay in 2011 and are now working on their second album, RevelDay II.

The group was part of the great roster assembled for the 2013 Philippine Jazz and Arts Festival in partnership with the Ayala Museum, with the participation of the embassy of Israel.


Jewish Times Asia April 2013

Art and Culture

Indian made films looking to tap Israel market

Food experts visit Manila

The Indian film industry is looking to broaden its global reach and has identified Israel as an interest showcasing Hebrew translated Indian and Telugu movies.

Two of Israel’s renowned food personalities visited the Philippines bringing their culinary expertise and journalist experiences to the country’s shores and taste buds.

The industry makes the maximum number of movies annually. However, at the other end of the spectrum, they also get the least number of nominations at international film festivals.

“Raj Kapoor’s films are a hit in Russia while Rajinikanth is popular in Japan. We want to broaden our reach by organising an Indian film festival with a regional focus very soon,” says Udai Ken Sagar, Chairman, Indo-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Human Resources Manager

Sagar said Israel was interested in Indian and Telugu movies, given the size and potential of the film industry. He said that while just about 35 to 50 films were made in Hebrew every year, Israeli technicians worked mostly on movies made in Hollywood. To emphasize a closer partnership between the two countries, a four-day Israeli Film Festival was showcased recently in India. The festival kicked off in February and ran through to March. Starting in the capital, New Delhi, and then to Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore.

The Festival is a joint initiative of the Hyderabad Film Brooklyn Rider in Recital-Jewish Times Asia Apr Issue-05-OP.pdf 1 5/4/13 12:16 PM Club, Israel’s Embassy in InIntimate Grammar









dia, Indo-Israel Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Federation of Film Societies of India. Six popular Israeli films were screened: Intimate Grammar (2010), the Flood (2011), Lonely Planet (2010), The Human Resources Manager (2010, Bena (2009), and The Matchmaker (2010).

Lonely Planet

Michal Ansky, a gastronomist and food expert, is also a judge on Israel’s version of the ‘MasterChef’ franchise, and has guested on the US version alongside Chef Gordon Ramsey. She has also conducted several lectures on food history and was recently featured at Tedx Jerusalem.

Routhie Rousso, on the other hand, is a noted food columnist in one of Israel’s biggest and most popular newspapers. She also starred in Israel’s version of the ‘Iron Chef’ franchise - portraying the “know-it-all” judge.

best dishes of Israeli cuisine, such as: a healthy dose of eggplant with Tahini; the ever popular Shawarma salad and Lamb Kebab with pita bread; and some nut-laced yogurt ice cream.

The natives of Tel-Aviv also held events on the sidelines, with a kitchen demo and dinner at Atelier 317, owned by Ms. Stephanie Zubiri. Ansky and Rousso met local chefs and other notables of the food industry. In conjunction with the visit, guests were given a box of dates from Israel, manufactured by Mehadrin, a leading company for quality dates.

Ansky and Chef Rousso, partnered with the Embassy of Israel, Restaurant 9501 by Chef Myrna Segismundo and The Peninsula Manila, and held a Taste of Israel event. Noted personalities and members of the diplomatic corps attended the culinary night. The dinner showcased the

Michal Ansky and Routhie Rousso

Jewish Times Asia April 2013


Art and Culture

Top 10 Israel museums chosen by CNN Travel

Jerusalem Innovative Tourism Summit 2013

With more than 200 museums awaiting the visitor to Israel, the highest number of museums per capita in the world, it’s little wonder that the CNN Travel site chose to spotlight their list of the top 10 museums in the Holy Land.

The Jerusalem Innovative Tourism Summit of 2013 (JITS) will take place on 28-29 May at the Jerusalem International Convention Center.

The list includes some expected entries such as the worldrenowned Israel Museum and Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. But it also includes some “offthe-beaten track” museums, all worth a visit according to CNN travel writer Netta Ahituv, a journalist living in Tel Aviv. These include the Umm El Fahem Art Museum and the Museum of Art Ein Harod.

The list reads as follows: 1 Israel Museum: “Israel’s largest cultural institution”: www.imjnet. 2 Tel Aviv Museum of Art: the writer recommends beginning your visit in the new wing which was opened in 2011. www.tamuseum. com. 3 Museum of Art Ein Harod: Israel’s first museum that “amasses 16,000 pieces since its first opening” in the 1930s. 4 Design Museum Holon: “a bustling museum that constantly hosts industrial, fashion, textile and jewelry design weeks, exhibitions and events” 5 Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem: “A tour of Jerusalem is inconceivable without a visit to Yad Vashem…a singularly moving experience” 6 Umm El Fahem Art Museum, “a vivid cultural center, connecting Arabs and Jews with art and culture” 7 Museum on the Seam: “the most provocative museum in Israel… unflinching exhibitions taking on various political concerns…dramatic views of the city and a pleasant café on its roof. www.mots. 8 Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem: “one of the most impressive archives of Islamic art in the world… and the vast collection of antique watches” 9 Negev Museum of Art, Beer Sheva “contemporary Israeli art; hosts a range of live summer concerts in the courtyard.” www.

The Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum

10 Madatech, Haifa: “a funky museum of science, technology and space …a hit with the kids”

Notice to our readers: Jewish Times Asia March 2013 Issue ‘Investment in Israel’ sponsored 8 page supplement

Invest in Israel Invest in Israel Dear valued reader,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the website address that was advertised in the supplement ‘Investment in Israel’ was incorrect. Dear valued reader, Dear valued reader, For information on Israel’s exciting investment opportunities please visit: Duemore to unforeseen circumstances, the website address that was advertised in Due to unforeseen circumstances, the website address that was advertised in the supplement ‘Investment in Israel’ was incorrect. the supplement ‘Investment in Israel’ was incorrect. We hope found the supplement For more information on you Israel’s exciting investmentinteresting opportunities please visit: For more informationand on apologise Israel’s exciting investment opportunities please visit: for the inconvenience, We hope you found the supplement interesting Kindthe regards, We hope you found supplement interesting and apologise for the inconvenience, and apologise for the inconvenience, IMP Group LTD Kind regards, Kind regards, IMP Group LTD IMP Group LTD

The tourism industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the Internet era. JITS 2013 will serve as a summit of innovation and showcase discussions about the latest ground breaking technologies and trends introduced by key players of the tourism world. This year a special emphasis will be placed on Urban Tourism as well as innovative technologies in the world of tourism and travel.

be attending include; Sheldon Adelson, Chairman, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, renowned businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Uri Levine, CoFounder and President of Waze, famed architect, Moshe Safdie, and Shahar Waiser, founder and CEO of Get Taxi.

Additionally, the summit will conduct a competition for the best tourism application and invite innovators to submit their ‘apps’. The first three winners will be given free passes to the event and the chance to present their technologies and an opportunity to network with all the key players in the industry.

Global leaders, academics and experts in the field of hospitality will conduct panels discussing a wide range of issues affecting the tourism industry and a special panel will focus on technology in tourism, including tourism-related ‘apps’.

The target audience will include key figures in the global tourism industry, decision makers, entrepreneurs and investors. Leading speakers that will

Sheldon Adelson


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Rambam hospital teaching international medical teams to treat trauma victims

The two-week course, held with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a simple and essential goal: to share Rambam’s rich experience and know-how in treating trauma victims with medical personnel worldwide.

This is the tenth annual course of its kind. Global interest continues to rise, along with the number of attendees. Countries that took part this year include Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Belize, Barbados, Ghana, India, Vietnam, Nepal, China, Serbia, Portugal, Colombia, Kosovo, Costa Rica, Kenya, Russia, and Thailand. One of the course highlights was the practical workshop in applying moulage (simulated

Currently, the hospital is constructing an underground emergency facility, which should be ready for operation in the next few months. When completed, around 2,000 patients can be absorbed, and in the case of chemical warfare, detoxified, treated and hospitalised. The Rambam Health Care Campus academic hospital serves more than two million people in northern Israel. It is also the tertiary referral centre for twelve district hospitals, the Israel Defense Forces Northern Command, the US Navy Sixth Fleet and the UN Peacekeeping Forces posted in the region.

Group picture of participants and organisers

injuries). During the workshop, some of the course participants were “wounded” to various degrees and in various ways with the obliging help of professional makeup artist Moran Fridner. The makeup workshop helps in visualizing the treatment of trauma and mass casualty event victims, a medical specialty in which Rambam has accumulated wide experience over the years.

Pioter Fliter

The course consists of lectures, workshops, simulations and tours throughout Rambam and Israel. All prepare attendees

trauma facility, Rambam admits the most severely injured patients in times of natural disaster or war.

to build systems for treating victims of disaster both natural and man-made in their own countries.

Pioter Fliter


ast month, 26 doctors, nurses and hospital administrators from 17 countries completed a unique seminar at Rambam Health Care Campus.

trauma hospital. It treats the highest number of seriously injured patients in the country, twice as many as any other medical centre. The international trauma course is just one example of activities held by Rambam’s Teaching Center for Trauma, Emergency and Mass Casualty Situations, which offers wideranging programmes both at Rambam and abroad.

Located in Northern Israel, Rambam is the only Level-1

A course participant during a makeup workshop

The hospital is committed to promoting and fostering medical research, and educating and encouraging students and physicians to become leaders in medicine and medical research. To develop the next generation of innovative therapeutics to the benefit of people worldwide.

Being designated a Level-1

m D is on s ’ o t u t

65th Anniversary Greetings to the State of Israel Yom Haatzmaut - Independence Day May 2013 edition

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Sharon Ser and her par to the Sta tners wis te of Isra h Mazel el on its Tov 64th Ann iversary We are the firs t interna tional law to the firm ded busine ss, per icated sonal interes and phi ts of suc lanthro cessful pic people families , their bus and adv inesses, isers.

Mazal Tov to the Sta te of Is rael on its th 64 Ann iversary and ou r deep es t wishes of Pea ce and Prosper ity

We are proud to Ha6th support on its ppy 64 Jew year An th niv Inders eparendeish Times Asia y nce



Mazal Tov to the State of Israel on its 64th anniversary and our deepest wishes of Peace & Prosperity



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Mazal Tov to the State of Israel on its 64th Anniversary and our deepest wishes of Peace & Prosperity !‫חג עצמאות שמח‬

Congratulations to the State of Israel on its 64th Anniversary

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The Jewish Welfare Board 24/26 Waterloo Street Singapore 187950

Join BH 64th In I in celebratin depend g ence Da Israel’s y

Head office: 25/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 3107 1000 Email: Tel Aviv office: Modi Ashkenazy, Principal Consultant Tel: (972) 3 691 1171 Email:

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teway to Isr

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Wishing peace and security on Israel’s 64th Anniversary

Wishing Peace and Security on Israel’s 64th Anniversary Celebrating with the State of Israel its 64th anniversary! Your business partner offering tailored financial and strategy advisory services to accelerate your growth and success in Greater China.

!‫חג עצמאות שמח‬

Celebrating 7 years of Jewish news in Asia

Wishing Peace and Security on Israel’s 64th Anniversary

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Business Scalability

Site selection critical - for positioning a retail outlet Supplied by

By Bill Churchfield , Head of Real Estate/Licensing, Tranic Development

In my last article I spoke about the importance of a real estate strategy as a brand enters the market. I dwelt on the significance of “billboard” sites. By definition, a “Billboard” location is one that has all the aspirational qualities for the brand but not necessarily the ability to be profitable. Many of the brands in Fifth Avenue New York and in Regent Street London are there as a “Billboard”. I only touched on the importance of site selection and the methods that I have used to ensure that almost all sites were successful. Real estate is a significant pillar in the brand DNA. No doubt the most expensive, the positioning of a retail outlet is

critical to its success. This is an obvious statement but, it never ceases to amaze me, that many entrepreneurs will choose a site because “it feels right”. The wrong choice can prove disastrous. One of our clientele once asked me for advice on the site that they had chosen in Birmingham in the UK. They were perplexed because there was a huge footfall of people passing this site and, potentially the right demographic, but they were not coming in and purchasing. “How can we get them in?” I was asked. After having understood the location the only solution would have been to trip them and pull them in. The site was badly positioned because the flow of people was moving from one spot to another. They were en route and the presence of this shop did not

provide sufficient incentive for them to break their journey. In order to successfully choose a location you need to be in possession of as much data that you can lay your hands on. You need to know your own demographic requirements, and if that demographic will visit that location. You will need to understand who the other retailers in the area are. Who are their customers and what do they buy? Who works or lives in that area and who uses this as a destination to do their shopping? Will the shop that you plan to rent have enough exposure to the market? Does public transport provide sufficient service and is there adequate parking? The site needs to be examined closely so that it meets all the requirements retailer will need. These include: •


Network Solutions Ltd.

Visibility - the posi-

tioning, size and exposure of signage is critical. •

Size and suitability.

All major retail chains have developed their own site selection criteria and have matrices they use to assess whether a particular location is suitable. These criteria often dictate what other brands need to be in a particular mall shopping centre. These are brands that historically attract a similar demographic to the chain considering the location. Normally the site will need a score of 80% before the management of that retail group grant approval. In markets such as Hong Kong with the dire scarcity of retail real estate, sites may achieve a score at the lower end of the acceptable spectrum, but can be made to work with innovative marketing campaigns. In the modern era the use of

social networking and smartphone apps have enhanced capability of the retailer to direct customers to his shops. Nevertheless, above and below the line marketing including “in mall” campaigns are always necessary. In summary, a complete analysis will determine whether the store that has the “feel right” quality is indeed right or a shop that appears on a first take to be “iffy” actually has real potential. If I was given a decent bottle of Scotch every location that, after analysis, changed its perspective, I would be very happy. Bill Churchfield has 30 years’ experience in franchising. He was a senior executive of McDonalds in its international and US divisions, and played a leading management role in its establishment in over 30 countries.

He was also responsible for the development and opening of new markets for Starbucks in Asia. His roles with both companies included sourcing suitable franchisees and/or joint venture partners to facilitate expansion.


Jewish Times Asia April 2013

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Jewish Times Asia April 2013

The life and legacy of King Herod on display


he Israel Museum, Jerusalem, is currently premiering t h e w o r l d ’s f i r s t exhibition on the life and legacy of Herod the Great, one of the most influential and controversial figures in ancient Roman and Jewish history. Currently on view through to 5 October 2013, the landmark exhibition Herod the Great: The King’s Final Journey is presenting approximately 250 archaeological finds from the King’s recently discovered tomb at Herodium, as well as from Jericho and other related sites, to shed new light on the political, architectural, and aesthetic impact of Herod’s reign from 37 to 4 BCE. Among the objects on view, all of which have undergone ex-

Herod’s mausoleum

tensive restoration at the Israel Museum for exhibition display purposes—will be three sarcophagi from Herod’s tomb and restored frescoes from Herodium, his private bath from the palace at Cypros; never-beforeseen carved stone elements from the Temple Mount; and an imperial marble basin thought to be a gift from Augustus. Lionized as the “the greatest builder of human history,” King Herod was also demonized for his uncertain ethnic and religious pedigree, controversial political alliances, the execution of his wife and three of his children, and erroneous association with the New Testament narrative of the “Massacre of the Innocents” in Bethlehem. The exhibition seeks to provide a better understanding of this ancient figure through the monumental architecture he created and the art and objects with which he surrounded himself. It examines Herod’s remarkable building projects, complex diplomatic relations with the Roman emperors and nobility, and dramatic funeral procession from Jericho to the

ment and enriched our understanding of Herod, his reign, and his role in the history of the region,” said James S. Snyder, Anne and Jerome Fisher Director.

Herod Handle of a footed marble basin decorated with Silenoi heads 1st century BCE

mausoleum he constructed for himself in Herodium. A striking reconstruction of the burial chamber of the mausoleum is a centerpiece of the exhibition. In 2007, after a 40-year search, renowned archaeologist Professor Ehud Netzer of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered the ruler’s tomb at Herodium on the edge of the Judean Desert. The site included a fortress palace and a leisure complex with gardens, large pools, decorated bathhouses, and a theatre with a royal box. In his final years, Herod reconfigured the architecture of

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“Professor Ehud Netzer capped his decades-long excavation of Herodium with his discovery of King Herod’s tomb in 2007, and over the past five years, archaeologists excavating the site have made remarkable discoveries that have deepened our appreciation of Professor Netzer’s remarkable achieve-

The exhibition is curated by David Mevorah, Curator of Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Periods, and Dr. Silvia Rozenberg, Rodney E. Soher Senior Curator of Classical Archeology.

The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive 250page catalogue, published by the Israel Museum, featuring the first publication of the tomb complex and other discoveries from Herodium. The catalogue includes scholarly articles on Herod’s life and the legacy of Herodian architecture, written by Professor Netzer before his death, and by other leading experts in the field.

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the complex to prepare the setting for his burial procession and site, and constructed a magnificent mausoleum facing Jerusalem. The Museum’s exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Professor Netzer, who died in 2010 at the site of his seminal discovery.

“We are proud of the extensive restoration work that our conservation staff has been able to complete and thrilled to present these important finds to the public for the first time in an exhibition that will illuminate a pivotal period in the history of the Land of Israel.”

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April Parashas speaker himself while he or she undergoes spiritual purification.

6 April 2013 / 26 Nisan 5773: SHEMINI SHABBAT MEVARECHIM The Parsha begins with the seven-day inauguration of Aharon and his sons. The ceremonies for the Mishkan consecration had begun. Over 40 offerings would be brought on that first day. Aharon blessed the nation with the standard priestly blessing. The deaths of Nadav and Avihu are recorded at the very same time that fire descended from heaven to light the Mishkan. Moshe instructs Aharon and his two remaining sons, Elazar and Isamar, that they are forbidden to overtly mourn the deaths of Nadav and Avihu in the standard manner. It is from here that we are taught the standard practices of tearing Kriyah and of mourners not cutting their hair. The basic laws of Kosher and Non-Kosher animals, fish, and fowl are recorded. The basic laws of purity and impurity are recorded.

13 April 2013 / 3 Iyar 5773: TAZRIA / METZORA Two types of bodily spiritual impurity are described. The first occurs after childbirth. After a period of 33 days in the case of a boy, and after 66 days in the case of a girl, the mother would complete this period by bringing an offering to the Temple. The second, which is incorrectly termed as leprosy, comes in several forms affecting the body and the home. Our sages deduce the cause of Tzara’as is Lashon HaRah- speaking badly about others, which can have the effect of excluding the target of such talk from the community. The remedy is to exclude the HOLIDAYS/ FASTS/ ROSH CHODESH Yom Hashoah: 8 April 2013 (28 Nisan 5773) Rosh Chodesh: 10 April 2013 (30 Nisan 5773) 11 April 2013 (1 Iyar 5773)

Yom Hazikaron: 15 April 2013 (5 Iyar 5773) Yom Ha’Atzmaut: 16 April 2013 (6 Iyar 5773) Lag B’Omer: 28 April 2013 (6 Iyar 5773)

The Parasha continues with the purification process for the metzora, the person afflicted with Tzara’as and then the home afflicted with Tzara’as. The portion ends with the purification process for discharges from the flesh. The disease progressively afflicted home, clothes and then one’s skin -unless the individual corrected his ways and followed the purification process stated in the Torah.

20 April 2013 / 10 Iyar 5773: ACHAREI MOT / KEDOSHIM The Parasha of Acharei Mot is possibly best known as it is also read on Yom Kippur and contains the key Yom Kippur service that was performed by the Kohen Gadol. The Kohen Gadol cast lots to designate two goats – one to be sacrificed, the other to be driven to a place called Azazel. The parasha then proceeds to explain with the various types of relationships specifically - sexual laws – who you are not allowed to marry or have relations with. Parasha Kedoshim deals with the commandment to be holy, accomplished by observing both the ritual and ethical laws of the Torah, including from honouring ones parents to keeping Shabbat. From being honest in ones’ business dealing and to making offerings on time. From this we learn that if one makes a pledge to give charity, it should be redeemed promptly. The Torah repeats the prohibition of incest and other forbidden sexual relationships.

27 April 2013 / 17 Iyar 5773: EMOR The main theme of the Parasha is also the commandment to be holy. One way this is achieved is to separate oneself from all matters that may taint oneself and prevent achieving a state of purity. The Kohanim by the very nature of their position and service in the Temple services are commanded to uphold a very high standard of holiness and purity. They therefore are not allowed to come into contact with the dead, with the exception of their seven closest relatives, and they are not allowed to marry a divorcee or a convert. Included in the Parasha is the mention of the establishment of Shabbat, Pesach, the Omer, the counting of the Omer, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Laws of the Ner Tamid, the Showbread, the incident with the blasphemer, and the penalties for blasphemy conclude.

Candle Lighting Times for April Countries

5 April

12 April

19 April

26 April

6:12 6:23 6:26 6:22 6:05 6:04 5:51 6:35 5:51 5:57 5:51 6:39 5:53 5:47

6:13 6:30 6:28 6:24 6:09 6:10 5:51 6:37 5:42 6:02 5:42 7:38 5:57 5:53

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6:15 6:45 6:34 6:29 6:16 6:21 5:54 6:41 5:27 6:11 5:27 6:58 6:03 6:04

Bangkok Beijing Guangzhou Hong Kong Katmandu Kobe Manila Mumbai Perth Shanghai Singapore Seoul Taipei Tokyo Candlelighting times are taken from


Chabad of Hong Kong: 1/F Hoover Court, 7-9 Macdonell Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2523 9770


Ohel Leah Synagogue: 70 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2589 2621

Jacob Ballas Community Centre & Maghain Aboth Synagogue: 24-26 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187950 Tel: (65) 6337 2189

Beijing Chabad House and Community centre: Fang Yuan Xi Lu, next to the south gate of Si De Park, Beijing, PR China Tel: (8610) 8470 8238 ext. 210, (86) 13910740109

United Jewish Congregation (Reform): Jewish Community Centre, One Robinson Place, 70 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2523 2985

United Hebrew Congregation (Reform):

Shuva Israel (Orthodox): 2/F Fortune House, 61 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2851 6300

Chabad: 744-18 Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul 140-893, South Korea Tel: (82) 107 730 3770

Chabad of Ya Bao Lu: Jian Guo Men Diplomatic Bldg, Building 3, 2/F, 223 Chaoyangmennei Street, Beijing, PR China TeL: (86) 1352 2016 427 Email:

Kowloon Kehilat Zion (Orthodox): Unit 105, 1/F, Wing on Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon Tel: (852) 2368 0061


Kehillat Beijing (Reform): Capital Club Athletic Center, 3/F., Ballroom, Capital Mansion, 6 Xinyuan Nanlu Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China Tel: (86) 10 6467 2225

Chabad of Kowloon: 11 Hart Avenue, 2/F, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Tel: (852) 2366 5770 Email:

Taipei Jewish Community: 16 Min Tsu East Road, Second Floor, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Tel: (886) 2 2591 3565


Taipei Jewish Services: Sheraton Taipei Hotel, 12, Zhang Xiao East Road, Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan Tel: (886) 2 2321 5511, (886) 2 2394 4240

Kenesseth Eliyahoo Synagogue, 43 Dr V.B. Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai Tel: (91) 22 22831502 / 22839617


Chabad Jewish Center House # 32, Street 228, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: (855) 85 807 205


Guangzhou Guangzhou Chabad: 31 He Ping Lu, Overseas Village, Guangzhou, China Tel: (86) 137 1050 5049 Shanghai Shanghai Chabad (Shanghai Jewish Center): Shang-Mira Garden Villa #1, 1720 Hong Qiao Road, Shanghai, 200336, PR China Tel: (86) 21 6278 0225 Chabad of Pudong: Vila # 69, 2255 Luoshan Road, Shanghai, 200135, PR China Tel: (86) 21 5878 2008 Sephardi Shanghai Center: Building B. Apt. 3 (Room 103), 1000 Gubei Road, Shanghai, PR China 201103 Tel: (86) 21 6208 8327 Mobile: (86) 15900808733 Email:, Shenzhen Shenzhen Chabad: No.4, Block A, Guishan Xiaozhu Yanshan Road, Industrial Area, Shekou Nanshan District, Shenzhen, PR China Tel: (86) 755 8207 0712


Jewish Community Centre: One Robinson Place, 70 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2801 5440

Magen David Synagogue: 340 Sir J.J. Rd, Byculla, Mumbai Tel: (91) 22 23006675

Kurla Bene Israel: 275 C.S.T. Rd, Jewish Colony, Kurla (W) Mumbai, India Tel: (91) 22 511-2132


Kobe Ohel Shelomoh Synagogue and Community Center: 4-12-12, Kitano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650, Japan Tel: (81) 78 221 7236 Tokyo Tokyo Chabad: 1-5-23 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 108-0073 Tel: (813) 5789 2846

Chesed-El Synagogue: 2 Oxley Rise, Singapore 238693


Taipei Jewish Center: 2/F No. 8, Lane 180, Songde Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan Tel: (886) 9 2392 3770

Jewish Association of Thailand: 121 Soi Sai Nam Thip 2, Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand Tel: (662) 663 0244 Chabad of Thailand: 96 Rambutttri St. Banglamphu, 102000 Bangkok, Thailand Tel: (662) 629 2770 Bet Sefer Chabad: 221 Sukhumvit Soi 20, Bangkok, 10110 Thailand Tel: (662) 258 3434 Chabad of Phuket 52/32 Ratch U-thit Song Roy Pee Rd. (opposite Patong Post Office), Second row of town houses, Patong, Katu District, Phuket 83150

JCC Japan: Tokyo Jewish Community Centre, 8-8 Hiroo 3-Chome, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150 0012, Japan Tel: (813) 3400 2559

Chiang Mai 189/15 Chang-Clan Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand, On street of Night Bazaar, 100 Meters before The Empress hotel Tel: (66) 81 870 2249



Chabad House: GHA-2-516-4 Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: (977) 980 324 1294


Beth Yaacov Synagogue: 110 H.V. de la Costa cnr, Tordesillas West, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila 1227, The Philippines Tel: (632) 815 0265

Chabad: 5A (villa) Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Dakao ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Tel: (84) 90 9166770


Jewish Times Asia April 2013

April 2013 • Volume 8 • Issue 1 • Nisan / Iyar 5773  

Jewish Times Asia, was established in 2006, and is the regions first independent community newspaper for Jewish residents, business travelle...

April 2013 • Volume 8 • Issue 1 • Nisan / Iyar 5773  

Jewish Times Asia, was established in 2006, and is the regions first independent community newspaper for Jewish residents, business travelle...