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A MESSAGE FROM THE president: The Iran agreement

Fall 2015 / staV 5776

Susan Minsberg


Dear friends, On Sept. 20, the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul approved the following statement on the Iran agreement: Like millions of Jews in the United States and around the world, we, the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul (Federation), have spent the last two months studying, discussing, and debating the proposed agreement between the “P5+1” countries (the UN Security Council’s five permanent members, namely China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany) and the government of Iran. As we write, the Congressional debate over the agreement appears to have come to a close. The Federation serves the full and diverse gamut of the St. Paul Jewish community. That being understood, we are nevertheless unanimous in our commitment to Israel and keeping it safe, strong, and prosperous. Our commitment transcends policy disagreements, partisan affiliations, and the 24-hour news cycle. We harbor no illusions about the leaders of Iran, who have consistently called for the destruction of Israel even after agreeing to the P5+1 deal. Iran has made it clear that Israel is its primary but not only target. None of us can remain indifferent to ongoing and foreseeable threats. We therefore call on President Obama and future presidents, and our current and future representatives in Congress, to pursue the following policies: • Prevent Iran from ever building or obtaining a nuclear weapon. This includes closely monitoring and strongly enforcing Iran’s compliance with the deal, assuming it is enacted, as well as responding by any means necessary should Iran “break out” to a nuclear weapon after the agreement’s restrictions expire. • Take all actions necessary to sustain and strengthen the security of Israel, including financial, technical, and intelligence support that would enable Israel to prevent or respond to attacks by Iran. • Heighten efforts to combat Iran’s continuing support of terrorism, proxy groups and destabilizing forces in the Middle East and beyond. To this end, we also endorse the statement recently issued by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas. As this and other statements stress, it is crucial that we heal whatever rifts the Iran deal debate may have caused within and outside the Jewish community, so that we remain united in our shared ideals, values, duties, and obligations. Among those is to reiterate louder and stronger than ever before our unwavering support for Israel and its rightful and enduring place in a peaceful Middle East.


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FEDERATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS *Denotes Executive Committee

OFFICERS * Susan Minsberg (President) * Steve Brand (President-Elect) * Charlie Nauen (Vice President) * Mary Ann Barrows Wark (Vice President) * Randi Roth (Secretary) * Deb Weiss (Treasurer) * Alissa Abelson Mark Adelman Jay Baldinger * Wendy Baldinger Rabbi Zalman Bendet Sharon Benmaman Alan Bernick * Lisa Bernick Jon Brod Farber Charles Fodor Barry Glaser Bruce Goldfarb Karen Gordon Mitzi Gramling Andrew Greenseid Jerry Helfand Beth Johnson * Harold Katz Linda Ketover Peggy Kipp David Krco Lisa Lane * Nancy Lane Elyse Levine Less

Charlie Levine Sarah Levine Michael Levitt Rick Linsk Sally Lorberbaum * Alan Milavetz Neil Moses-Zirkes Linda Nides Jeff Oberman * Jon Parritz Bob Perry Bonnie Resnick Lynne Sanders Michael Saxon Polly Saxon Marsha Schoenkin Yoav Segal Michelle Shaller Steve Shaller Susan Shapiro Sally Silk Loren Taple Marni Tselos Mark Usem Royee Vlodaver

EX-OFFICIO Rabbi Morris Allen (Beth Jacob Congregation) Rabbi Jeremy Fine (Temple of Aaron) Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker (Mount Zion Temple) Rabbi Asher Zeilingold (Adath Israel)

Connections is a publication of the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul Julie Swiler, editor Contributors: Nancy Crotti, Harold Katz, Nancy Lane, Susan Minsberg, Marilyn Ruby Cover and back page photos: Sue Lund Photography

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We’re building a vibrant, cohesive and inclusive Jewish community. What we did. We listened to 350 people across our community and engaged agency, lay and rabbinic leadership to determine the 5 priorities for the future of Jewish St. Paul.

What’s next. Each panel is recommending strategies to realize our vision for a dynamic, engaged and enduring Jewish community. Follow us at

What we’re doing. 50 community volunteers serve on Research and Recommendation Panels convened by Federation. They are conducting in-depth research to learn the best methods to implement our priorities.

We are committed to working together with lay and professional leaders from Jewish agencies, institutions and synagogues in ever-increasing collaboration and with a common purpose.


restoring hope


Where do you turn in a financial emergency? Meals for someone homebound? Our St. Paul agencies have the answer. The St. Paul Jewish community has woven quite a safety net for people in need. It’s stable and enduring, interlacing the programs and services of Jewish Family Service of St. Paul (JFS), the St. Paul Jewish Community Center (JCC) and Sholom, with funding provided by the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul. To be effective, every safety net must have strong services and social programs, according to Barbie Levine, director of adult services at the JCC. They intersect to address the physical and social needs of the elderly, offer fun and interaction for people with disabilities and provide emergency funds for those in financial straits.

“This is the place for inclusive Jewish opportunities,” said Leah Wing, inclusion and accessibility services coordinator. “We want everyone to know they are part of our community and are welcome here – especially adults who don’t have that social circle naturally.”

KOSHER MEALS The JCC, Sholom, JFS and Federation work together to provide Kosher Meals on Wheels to about 68 people on a regular basis, according to Tim Gothmann, assistant director of JFS. Sholom prepares the food, a JCC driver delivers it, JFS administers the program and Federation provides funding.

COUNSELING JFS provides therapeutic counseling to people of all ages. For the past five years, the agency has been engaging with elders to determine whether they are socially isolated and/or suffering from depression. Through the stateSue Lund Photography funded Life Enrichment Activity Program (LEAP), the agency sends a counselor to visit elders identified by friends, family members or social workers, and help them to become physically and intellectually active.

SENIOR TRANSPORTATION The JCC provides transportation for people aged 60 and older to medical appointments, errands and social events. Rides to medical appointments are crucial, but it’s also important to provide what Levine called “quality-of-life transportation.” Federation provides funds for this service through the Twin Cities Inclusion Collaborative, a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul and the Minneapolis Jewish Federation specifically designed to provide transportation for seniors and people with disabilities. Riders also pay a fee according to a sliding scale.

INCLUSION PROGRAMS The JCC also has a strong inclusion program for adults with disabilities. They can take advantage of programs for people of all abilities including fitness classes and cultural events. There are also specific inclusion programs, like Sunday Fit and Fun, that offer fitness classes, art classes, and outings to restaurants and events like the Jewish Humor Fest and KosherFest.


“We’ve screened about 250 people, and we find about half of them come back with signs and symptoms related to depression,” Gothmann said. Unfortunately, many elders associate the word “depression” with shame or deficiency and don’t want to be identified with it, he added. JFS has changed the language it uses to discuss depression and isolation several times, finally landing on “sadness” and “alone.” “Men are the hardest to reach,” Gothmann said. “Overcoming the stigma is a big deal, and it’s one of the things that we’re trying to focus on.”

We want eve ryone to know they are part of ou r community a nd are welcome here.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE JFS has also found some stigma around asking for financial assistance in the Jewish community. Past or present JFS clients and members of area synagogues may qualify for a $500 grant or a $1,000 loan to meet emergency needs, such as car repairs, medical or utility bills, or housing, Gothmann noted. Rather than giving money to the applicant, JFS cuts a check to the person or organization requiring payment. JFS also takes applications for the Jewish Free Loan Program, administered by Jewish Family & Children’s Services in Minneapolis. Low-wage earners are particularly vulnerable to financial disaster, according to Gothmann. “If you’re employed and you’re making $10 or $11 an hour, you’re about one car repair away from having to ask for emergency assistance,” he said.


If you’re mak in $10 or $11 an g hour, you’re about one ca r repair away fr o having to ask m for emergenc y assistance.

Sholom offers activities and personal assistance to elders who live in the community through the Roitenberg Family Adult Day Center. The center’s clients might be socially isolated or their caregivers might need a break, according to Jenna Burns, adult day director for Sholom in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Whatever the reason for their attendance, the program offers these seniors activities for a few or several hours a day, Burns said. Participants may attend two or three days a week or the entire week, she added.

Sue Lund Photography

Doing good together in St. Paul: • 15,000 Kosher Meals on Wheels served • 8,900 rides provided to older adults for medical appointments, etc. • 8 medical interpreters attended 4,493 medical appointments • 43 families received emergency financial assistance • 610 counseling sessions provided to individuals and families • 353 seniors assessed for signs of depression •

212 unemployed and underemployed job seekers participated in job placement programs

Activities include exercise, music, and outings for lunch, to a park or a coffee shop. A physical therapist works with clients who need assistance. A German shepherd walks around and dispenses kisses, according to Burns.


Some families pay privately, but those who cannot afford the $81 per day may qualify for aid from the county, state, or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. “I think that people just don’t know that it’s so affordable,” Burns said.

Local Agencies

The program is licensed for up to 40 clients and averages 16 per day. They need not be Jewish, but the program respects Jewish traditions and holidays. The Adult Day Center enables clients to live in their homes rather than in a care facility, according to Burns. It’s also convenient for clients and families. “This is such an affordable alternative for people to do,” she said. “Metro Mobility will go and pick you up at your doorstep and bring you back home.” St. Paul’s Jewish social service organizations want the community to know that they can help, according to Levine. “There’s room for more people,” she said. “The last thing we want to do is to be a best-kept secret.” ­– Nancy Crotti

Jewish Community Center of the Greater St. Paul Area Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas Jewish Family Service of St. Paul Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest Lubavitch Cheder Day School Minnesota Hillel Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company Nechama, Jewish Response to Disaster Rochester Chaplaincy Sholom: Adult Day Center and Kosher Meals on Wheels Talmud Torah of St. Paul

OVERSEAS AGENCIES American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Jewish Agency for Israel World ORT



2016 annual campaign leadership team Dear friends, Our community’s 2016 Annual Campaign is already off to a great start. We’re excited to lead the campaign this year. One of the best things about it is getting out and talking to folks about all the things happening in St. Paul. It’s also an opportunity to let people know what the greatest needs are and how they can make a difference. This year, you have the opportunity to make an additional impact. We’re asking for a little extra to provide bus passes for Jewish Family Service clients who depend on public transportation. See details below. We look forward to working with our 2016 Campaign Leadership Team: Lisa Bernick, Women’s Board chair; Mark Adelman, Men’s 2017 Campaign chair-elect; and Marni Tselos, 2017 Women’s Philanthropy chair-elect. We are also grateful to the more than 100 volunteers who generously give their time. They are the backbone of our campaign and are vital for our success. If you’ve ever thought about donating your time to help others in need, we encourage you to volunteer for the campaign. It’s a chance to connect with people, and indeed, really make a difference. Plus, you can sign up for activities that fit your schedule, interests and abilities. Interested? Contact Dan Lepow, Campaign director, at 651-695-3185, or Sharyn Effress Pesses, Women’s Philanthropy director, at 651-695-3186. Thank you for your continued support,

Harold Katz

Nancy Lane

Men’s Campaign Chair

Women’s Philanthropy Chair

Annual Campaign leadership team:







PROJECT BUS PASS Your additional gift will provide bus passes for Jewish Family Service clients who have no other means of transportation.

Please give…a little goes a long way.


We’re asking for a little extra to help Jewish Family Service clients. 70 percent of JFS clients seeking jobs depend on the bus and/or train to go to job interviews and to the job they secure. When you make your pledge, please give to Project Bus Pass, too. It will make all the difference to people getting back on their feet.

Thank you to our 2016 Campaign Volunteers Sandy Aaron Betty Agranoff Wendy Baldinger Betty Baumgarten Stuart Bear Lynne Sanders Sharon Benmaman Beryl Berke Alan Bernick Merrill Biel Stuart Bloom Steve Brand Avrom Brendzel Arnold Brier Sheila Brod Holly Brod Farber Amelia Burgess Dori Denelle Neil Derechin Sherman Devitt BatSheva Drori Joan Farber Jon Farber Mark Fellman Frances Fischer Charles Fodor Deborah Frishberg Thomas Frishberg Barry Gersick Joanne Gillman Robert Gillman Barry Glaser Bruce Goldfarb Carol Goldstein Edith Goodman Karen Gordon Phyllis Gorin Andrew Greenseid Jerry Helfand Beth Johnson Laurie Kamman Lee Kamman Jennifer Kaplan Phyllis Karasov Barbara Kaster Ira Kipp Luciano Kolodny Roger Kramer Randall Lane Esther Lerman Charlie Levine Jimmy Levine Sarah Levine Stephanie Levine Rick Linsk

Sally Lorberbaum Maggie Madden Donald Mains Rhoda Mains Scott Marvy Ron Matz Michael Minsberg Susan Minsberg Neil Moses-Zirkes Charles Nauen Sara Lynn Newberger Louis Newman Linda Nides Jon Parritz Linda Passon-McNally Linda Perry Robert Perry Bonnie Resnick Aron Rolnitzky Irving Rosenblum Toby Rosenblum Betty Rosenstein Marty Rosenstein Barbara Rutzick James Rutzick Jodi Saltzman Michael Saxon Polly Saxon Marsha Schoenkin Yoav Segal Michelle Shaller Diane Smookler Richard Smookler Margie Solomon Susan Spiers Harlan Stern Rabbi Avi Strausberg Tracy Truesdell Alexander Tselos Mark Usem Mary Ann Barrows Wark Esther Winthrop Harvey Winthrop J. Peter Wolf We apologize for any names inadvertently omitted or misspelled. Please advise us of any changes for future publications.


Rabbi Lynn Liberman Sue Lund Photography

Where can unaffiliated Jews turn for spiritual counseling? Who helps Jewish seniors, shut-ins and residents of non-Jewish nursing homes who can’t attend synagogue? How are we meeting the needs of Jews in prison? Thanks to a new program created by Jewish Family Service of St. Paul (JFS), St. Paul has a community chaplain who can serve these needs. Ted Flaum, JFS executive director, explained that the Minnesota Rabbinical Association began discussing the need for a community chaplain 15 years ago because rabbis realized that the most vulnerable in the Jewish community often were “falling through the cracks.” Nothing happened, though, due to lack of funding. The need for chaplaincy services has grown, which prompted JFS to submit an allocation request to the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul. The agency was awarded a $25,000 increase and opted to apply part of that increase to funding the chaplaincy program. JFS Community Chaplain Rabbi Lynn Liberman, an ordained Conservative rabbi for 22 years and a trained chaplain, began working as a volunteer two hours per week with JFS at the end of 2014.

THE NEED IS GREAT The demand for her services quickly exceeded those hours. In response, JFS made the community chaplain a staff position. She immediately had six clients

responsibility one for another,” Liberman and now averages 10 hours per week. said. “We are reaching Jewish people Liberman says that she could work full – those who are less affiliated and less time and still not meet all the needs. integrated.” Liberman’s current clients include Jewish offenders in area prisons and an elderly “We don’t require ‘signing up,’ and we Jewish woman who is well cared for but don’t ask for money. lonely. “We just This is the heart of talk, and I offer chaplaincy work. her a prayer,” We are re We all need to know Liberman said. aching that when we support Liberman also Jewish pe ople — JFS or Federation, offers comfort t h o s e who are we profoundly are to a woman doing something dealing with less affilia ted extraordinary.” dementia whose and less family does not For more information, live here, but integrated . or if you are in need wanted their of chaplaincy services, mother to remain contact Jewish Family connected to her Service of St. Paul at Jewish roots. 651-698-0767.

RESPONDING TO UNAFILLIATED JEWS Rabbis in St. Paul have been very supportive. “Half of the Jews in the Twin Cities are not affiliated, and there are many needs to be met by pulpit rabbis,” Liberman said. “What a gift to be supportive of my colleagues in the congregations and to serve as a resource to our congregations.” She added that she can offer many resources and referrals to her clients because the chaplaincy program is anchored at JFS. According to Flaum, the chaplaincy could evolve into a full-time position serving the entire Twin Cities. “Eventually, we’d like to offer a para-chaplaincy program to train volunteers,” he explained. “For example, if we learn of a Jewish person in a rehab facility in Minnetonka, we could call the volunteer to help.”

— Marilyn Ruby


Would like to talk further about hopes and challenges Is struggling with the uncertainty of illness

• • • • • •

Is experiencing grief, loss or a life transition Has persistent fears or questions about the future Desires prayer or assistance with religious rituals or sacraments Is lonely, afraid, anxious or stressed Is struggling with making decisions Has questions or doubts related to faith/beliefs

“The chaplaincy program represents the Jewish community at its best because we are taking



HELPING JEWS ESCAPE VIOLENCE AND BUILD NEW LIVES IN ISRAEL France: Leaving Anti-Semitism Behind Though he’s been in Israel for less than a year and is far from his family, Thibault already feels more at home there than he ever did in his native France. In Paris, he felt like an outcast. Though his grandparents are Holocaust survivors, Thibault grew up in an assimilated household with little connection to the Jewish community. Yet his Jewish last name still left him a target for rising anti-Semitism. Looking for a new path, he turned to Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel. A NEW WAVE OF FRENCH ALIYAH Thibault’s story is one of many from a Jewish community at a historic crossroads. For Thibault and many other French olim, the January 2015 Paris terror attack on a kosher supermarket was the final straw. “That was it,” he said. “I knew I had to make a change.”

The Jewish Agency assisted every step of the way, from offering pre-departure counseling and arranging his travel to providing him with temporary housing, Hebrew courses and more to jumpstart life in his new home. BUILDING A NEW HOME TOGETHER Thibault now lives in a Jewish Agency-run absorption center near Tel Aviv. He’s surrounded by fellow young French Jews eager to begin new lives while trying to adjust to their new language, culture and reality. It’s a diverse and supportive community that— with the support of Federation—is growing stronger every day.

HELPING FRENCH JEWS MAKE ALIYAH: • 9,000 French Jews are expected to make aliyah in 2015 • 13,000 prospective olim attended Jewish Agency-sponsored aliyah fairs in France in 2014 • 130 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in France from 2013-2014

WELCOME EDEN KOHALI We are excited to welcome our new shlicha, Eden Kohali. Eden is 24 years old and is from Hod Hasharon. She served in the IDF for the last six years. Most recently, Eden was an officer, attaining the rank of captain. In high school, Eden was chair of her school’s student council, and in that role she organized community service events, seminars and school events. She also took part in the Youth Council in her town. In addition, she participated in LEAD, an organization that teaches leadership skills to teens throughout Israel. When she was 17, Eden organized a project between her town and Sderot for Hanukkah, making gift packages for children.


Eden already has solid experience teaching about Israel. In middle school, she took a training course to get to know Israel and guided school tours as part of the project. Eden describes her family as warm and loving. She has a sister who is 21 and a brother who is 14. She likes to cook and bake, be with friends, read and spend time at the beach. She says that participating in shlichut is a dream come true, and she is looking forward to the opportunity to meet, learn, work together and experience the world’s Jewish community.

Ukraine: Refuge for a War Hero While his family was fleeing the Nazis during World War II, Gregory Margolin, only 16 years old, was fighting them in the Soviet Red Army, first as a sniper, then as a commander. Now, at 86 and beginning to struggle with Alzheimer’s, he still proudly wears his uniform bedecked with medals. After surviving one war, the last thing he ever wanted was to be caught in another one. But when a stray rebel missile destroyed his home in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, killing his daughter Ira, Gregory and his family knew it was now their turn to flee. “The moment it happened, we decided that’s it. Here and now, we’re moving to Israel,” says Gregory’s granddaughter, Liora. Thankfully, Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel was there to help them figure out how. PROVIDING A SAFE HAVEN Gregory is not alone in seeking safety in Israel. Since fighting broke out in 2014, Ukrainian Jews have been making aliyah in

record numbers – more than 5,900 olim in that year alone. That number is expected to more than double in 2015. For each step in the perilous journey, The Jewish Agency provides everything from pre-aliyah counseling and travel arrangements in Ukraine to temporary housing, Hebrew lessons and social services once in Israel. And for those who choose to remain in Ukraine, on-the-ground representatives offer trauma services, support Sunday schools and bolster community events to help keep Ukrainian Jewish communal life strong. STARTING A NEW CHAPTER Gregory and Liora are now living in safety with his niece’s family in Ramla. With the help of Federation, Gregory and so many other Ukranian Jews affected by the ongoing conflict now live in safety, comfort, and dignity.

URGENT NEEDS IN UKRAINE: • More than 5,900 Ukrainian Jews made aliyah in 2014 • 3,000 internally displaced Jews have fled fighting in eastern Ukraine • $5 million raised by Federations to help Jews affected by the conflict in Ukraine

JOYFUL, MEANINGFUL SUMMER CAMP This summer, Federation provided 46 scholarships to St. Paul children attending 12 different Jewish overnight camps. Research shows that young people who get a Jewish camp experience are significantly more likely to embrace Jewish life as adults. Plus, it is a great way to enjoy the summer and make new friends. We receive many nice thank you letters from campers – we’re sharing one here. Lauren, we’re glad you had such a great experience! Scholarship applications for the 2016 summer camp season begin in January. Contact Sharyn Effress Pesses at or 651-695-3186 to learn more.


July 15, 2015 Dear JFOSP, Camp means a great place to meet new people that I can connect with. I have so many great friends from Herzl. We could not have afforded camp without your help. That was a very generous scholarship. Thank you. Before camp I had only known Jewish people from my synagogue, and now I have so many friends that I keep in touch with. For example: This older girl Jenna, I had looked up to her and known her forever & she was one of my counselors this year and we really got to connect. Herzl really is my home away from home. It really strengthens my Jewish identity going to Herzl. At Herzl you learn leadership and community skills that you can use later in life. My experience at Herzl is frankly wonderful. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Lauren Mitchell


St. Paul

Upcoming Events in the Community Log on to for details about these events and many more. ONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 1


Journey of the Soul: Where Does the Soul Go After It Departs This World? Six Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9 p.m., @ the St. Paul JCC, 1375 St. Paul Ave., St. Paul

St. Paul Young Adults Division Hanukrawl Save the date! Stay tuned for details.

A six-week course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, in partnership with the St. Paul JCC, explores the realm of the soul and the afterlife through the lens of ancient, mystical and Talmudic teachings. Taught by Rabbi Zalman Bendet.

For information and registration, call 651-998-9298 or

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Twin Cities Jewish Book Series Presents Walter Mosley 7-9 p.m., at St. Paul JCC, 1375 St. Paul Ave., St. Paul

For further information, contact Dan Mogelson at 651-695-3189 or

FEBRUARY 7-11 Heart To Heart: A Woman’s Journey to Israel Join smart, motivated women on Heart to Heart, a journey to Israel that will fill your soul, open your mind and renew your spirit. Spend 5 brilliant days touring Israel and meeting women who are making their world a better place. This unique experience fosters enduring bonds among the women of our Federation movement. A $1,000 subsidy available to the first five women who sign up.

Mosley, one of America’s most celebrated writers, reads from And Sometimes I Wonder About You, his latest work featuring NYC-based private eye Leonid McGill, East Coast foil to the immortal LA-based detective Easy Rawlins.

For more information, contact Sharyn Effress Pesses at 651-695-3186 or

For further information, visit:

See Israel with Pride: LGBTQ Mission to Israel

MAY 26 – JUNE 2

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Cardozo Society Dinner 5:30-8 p.m., Marriott City Center, 30 S. 7th St., Minneapolis Honoring Alan Silver, shareholder, Bassford Remele; The Honorable Myron Greenberg, retired judge, Hennepin County District Court; and Valeria Sinelnikov Chazin, student, William Mitchell College of Law. Guest speaker is Professor Irwin Cotler, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Emeritus Professor of Law at McGill University, and powerful voice against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel lawfare.

For further information, contact Dan Mogelson at 651-695-3189 or

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22 PJ Library introduces JBrick, Jewish-themed custom Lego® sets 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., St. Paul JCC, 1375 St. Paul Ave., St. Paul Come to a Lego party with PJ Library! JBrick, a local company, makes Jewish-themed activity kits with real Legos. Children will be able to play with the Legos and make menorahs, dreidels and more. Sets will be available for purchase – a great Chanukah gift idea!

For further information, contact Marni Tselos, PJ Library coordinator, at or 651-695-3195.


Encounter Israel and Federation through a uniquely LGBTQ lens. Gay rights and gay issues are experiencing a surge of positive energy in the Jewish homeland. From the ancient streets of Jerusalem to the hotbed of innovation in the North to the spectacular beaches and vibrant nightlife of Tel Aviv, experience it all. And share the experience with a diverse, dynamic LGBTQ community.

For more information, contact Dan Lepow at 651-695-3185 or

Are you a University of Minnesota Alum? Minnesota Hillel is building the most comprehensive Jewish Alumni Directory ever, and they need your help. Let them know you are out there! Go to and filling out the alumni information form. It only takes 2 minutes. Thanks!

St. Paul

seen in st. paul [2]

[2] (L-R) Seated: Abby Schneider, Alan Garelick, Royee and Zlata Vlodaver, Nechama and Rabbi Zalman Bendet; Standing: Steven and Alissa Abelson, Melissa and Michael Ginzburg at the Federation Gala. [4] (L-R) Stuart Bear and Marsha Schoenkin, and Yoav and Roslyn Segal at the Federation Gala.

[1] [1] 315 people attended our Annual Campaign Gala on Oct. 11. The evening included a concert by the Maccabeats. Event co-chairs were our 2016 Annual Campaign leaders, Harold Katz and Nancy Lane. All gala photos: Sue Lund Photography. [3] Paul and Connie Ross at the Gala.




[5] Young Adults Division had a special cocktail hour with the Maccabeats (kneeling) at the Federation Gala. [6] Jacy Grais and Wendy Rubin co-chaired the annual Lion of Judah luncheon at Oak Ridge Country Club on Oct. 1.

[7] The Young Adult Division hit the high seas for a Jewzcruise on the St. Croix River on Aug. 9. [7]


[8] The Twin Cities Cardozo Society honored U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger at its June 4 summer event. (L-R) Andrew Luger and David Krco, Cardozo Society program co-chair. [8]


2015 Annual CampaigN Honor Roll Reflects pledges made through August 31, 2015.

$100,000 and up

$10,000 - $24,999

Edelstein Family Foundation • Harry Kay Charitable Foundation •

Alan & Elisa Bernick • Herman Birnberga • Tammy Birnberg • Carl Birnberg • Shirley Bloomfield • Calmensona Endowment Sherman & Lois Devitt • Ernest I. Fink Agency–Bruce and Neil Fink and Family • Karen Gordon • Dean and Marilyn Greenberg • Brian & Sandra Kamin • Dr. Jimmy Levine • Stephanie Levine • Marvin Pertzik • Dr. Kenneth Rosenblum • Dr. Paul & Karen Schanfield • Stuart Bear & Marsha Schoenkin Dr. Yoav & Rosalyn Segal Steven Shaller • Michelle Shaller • Joanne Silverman • Eli & Miriam Skora

$50,000 - $99,999 Don & Rhoda Mains • Mary Ann Barrows Wark & David Wark •

$25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Steven & Wendy Baldinger • Calvina & Beverlya Calmenson Family Foundation • Martina & Esther Capp Foundation • Howard Gelba • William Lipschultz • Marion Newmana • Annette D. Newmana • Lewis & Annie Paper Foundation• Rossy Shaller • Michael Silverman •

• Silver Circle

a Of blessed memory

David and Dede Smith • Diane Smookler • Howard Stacker Betty Sweeta Mark Wilf J. Peter Wolf • Lawrence & Honey Zelle •

$5,000 - $9,999 Gary & Susan Bloom • Steve & Gail Brand • David Feinberg • Janet Gabor • Thomas Gabora Endowment • Drs. Michael & Cynthia Garr • Barry & Rena Glaser • Myra Greenberg • Joan Hymanson • Scott & Sally Johnson • Suzanne Kaplan • Dr. Jeffrey Kohen • Harold & Judith Kuller • Elaine Kuretsky • Dr. Stephen & Nancy Lane • Allen & Nancy Levine •

Joyce Malmona Endowment Charles Nauen & Pati Jo Pofahl Louis Newman & Rabbi Amy Eilberg Richard & Joan Newmark • Jonathan & Robin Parritz • Jacki Paster • Drs. David Rischall & Flora Soumekh • Steven Rubin • Wendy Rubin • Polly & Michael Saxon • Sandra Schloff • Jerome Simon • Nancy Skadron • Dr. Richard Smookler • Henry & Janice Snyder • Gerald Swarsensky Twin Cities Fan & Blower Companies Robert Weinstine • Barbara Winthrop • John Wolf Judy Wolf •

Women’s Philanthropy Pillars Canary Lion $50,000-$99,999 Mary Ann Barrows Wark Rhoda Mains Emerald Lion $25,000-$49,999 Annette Newmana Rossy Shaller Beverly Calmensona

$2,500-$4,999 814 Endowmenta Dr. Neil Arnold • Florence Baera Endowment Barbara Braman Dr. Richard Brody Mary Calof • Thomas Edelstein • Freeman Family • Deborah Frishberg • Thomas Frishberg Eunice Gelb • Loren & Rosie Geller • Dr. Barry Godes • Bruce Goldfarb


Ruby Lion $10,000-$24,999 Wendy Baldinger Shirley Bloomfield Esther Capp Karen Gordon Stephanie Levine Mary Mersky Raline Paper Michelle Shaller Joanne Silverman Diane Smookler Tammy Birnberg Fred Gordon • Minna Heima Endowment Jerry Helfand • Gerard & Ingeborga Hirschhorn • Elizabeth Johnson Todd Johnson Lee & Laurie Kamman Phyllis Karasov & Dr. Alan Olstein • Stanley & Delores Karon • Dr. Phillip & Mary Kibort • Leroy Kieffer • Michael Launer Suzanne Leonard •

Lion of Judah $5,000-$9,999 Lois Devitt Delores Fink Janet Gabor Jacy Grais Marilyn Greenberg Myra Greenberg Joan Hymanson Sandra Kamin Suzanne Kaplan Elaine Kuretsky

Frank Lerman & Carol Simon Joyce Levitan • Dr. Leonard Levitan • Robert Loewenstein William Marver • Ron Matz • Michael Minsberg • Susan Minsberg • Neil & Susan Moses-Zirkes Dr. Charles & Nancy Reich Ruth Rischall • Mitchell & Sarah Rubinstein • Barbara Rutzick • James Rutzick • Susan Shapiro •

Joyce Malmona Jacki Paster Wendy Rubin Barbara Rutzick Polly Saxon Karen Schanfield Sandra Schloff Marsha Schoenkin Rosalyn Segal Nancy Skadron Miriam Skora Dede Smith

Yetta Simon • Dr. Thomas & Laurie Smith • Mollie Tankenoffa Endowment Bernard & Deb Weiss • Sandy Wolkowicz •

$1,000-$2,499 Edward Abramson • Edward Alch Jeri Glick Anderson & Charles Anderson • Stuart Appelbaum & Jean King Naomi Arnold • Deborah & Bernard Bachrach Jennifer & Dr. Paul Bagdade

Barbara Winthrop Judy Wolf Sandy Wolkowicz Honey Zelle

Jay Baldinger • Robert Baldinger Sharon Benmaman & John Allen Dr. Sheldon Berkowitz & Carolyn Levy Herbert Bernick • Marcia Bernick • Dr. Merrill Biel • Emanuel & Maxine Block • John & Sally Blumenfeld • Dr. Arnold Brier Holly & Jonathan Brod-Farber Dr. David Broude • Jane Broude •

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Dr. Amelia Burgess Susan Cobin • M. Jamie Cohen • Dori Denelle • Haddie Derechin • Dr. Neil Derechin • Barry Divine Nomi Dworkin • Drs. Brooks Edwards & Terri Leonard Edwards Dr. Ronald & Betty Ellis • David & Carol Epstein • Ronald & Phyllis Ettinger • Herbert Fantle • Elliott & Joan Farber Dr. Ed Feinstein Mark Fellman & Robin Caplan Edmar Fink • Dr. Henry Fink • Daniel Fram • Eric Galatz & Lisa Tiegel Maurice Garbera • Burt & Lucille Garr • Anita Geller • Barry & Linda Gersick • Jonathan & Abigail Gewirtz Harold Gillmana • Ronald Glassman • Debbie Goldberger Joe & Jane Goldberger Dr. Malka Goodman • Arlene Goodman Alm • Dr. Phyllis Gorin Jacy & Jason Grais Family Fund Candyce A. & David A. Gray Family Foundation Dr. Leslie Hahn Barney Harris & Dr. Pamela Harris • Marc Hertz Steve Hunegs Harold Kaplan • Dr. Harold & Kathleen Katz Miriam Kieffer • Thomas & Joanne Kieffer • Alexandra Klass & Stephen Warch Marion & Gary Klein • Daniel Kleinberger & Carrie Sachs Dr. Jerry Kobrin • Dr. Luciano Kolodny • Laurie Kramer • Drs. Gary Kravitz & Anna Schorer • David Kristal Ted Kuller • Harriet Lane • Sharon Lazarus Dr. Stanley A. Leonard • Dan & Susie Lepow Lisa Lerman • Mark Lerman • Dr. Irving Lerner • Dr. Richard Levey •

Charles Levine & Marjorie Dana-Levine Harriet Levy • Naum & Marina Liberman Rick Linsk Dr. David & Betty Sue Lipschultz • Dorothy Lipschultz • Dr. Stephen & Katherine Liston • Lee Litman • Steven & Ruth Lowenthal Sidney Makieskya Endowment Howard Malmon • Robert Marvy • Diane Mast • Joseph Mast • Sarah McGee Lester & Eileen Meltzer Alan Milavetz & Bonnie Resnick • Judge Rosanne Nathanson • Leslie Novak • Jeffrey Oberman & Kathy Conner Leonard Oppenheimer & Lydia Schultz • Dr. Robert Perry Sharyn Effress Pesses Walter Pistner • Susan Pred Elyse Rabinowitz & Jim Porter Andrew Rapoport • Edward & Anne-Monique Rapoport • Dr. Ellen “Betsy” Rest Drs. Dan Rischall & Karen Blumberg • Aron Rolnitzky • Ronald Rosenbaum Drs. Michael & Sagit Rosenberg Dr. Freeman & Shirley Rosenblum • Robert Rubenstein & Susan Andrews • Sandy Rutzick • Dr. Daniel & Jodi Saltzman Ellen Sampson • David & Fern Sanders • Dr. Laurence Savett • Berthaa & Philipa Schlesinger Endowment • Dr. Leonard Schloff • Dr. H. Laurence Schochet • Steven & Judy Schumeister • Wendy & James Shapiro Dr. Leighton & Dianne Siegel • Edith Smith • Dr. James Smith • Norman Smith • Miltona & Evelyna Smith Endowments Rabbi Adam & Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker Elaine Steinman •

Stuart Steinman • Dr. Loren Taple Robert Tilsen • William Tilsner • Alexander & Marni Tselos Mark & Lynn Usem Dr. Zeev Vlodaver • Judy Weinstine • Carol Weisberg • Sanford Weisberg • Dr. Irwin Weisman • Dr. Michael Wexler • Dr. Peter & Madee Wilton Dr. Kenneth & Shelley Zucker •

$500-$999 Sandra Aaron • Norman Abramson Gretchen Anderson Paul Applebaum Harold Arenson • Cheryl & George Bier Henry & Debra Brandis Sheila & David Brod • James Bunin • Beverly Bunin-Gillman • Judge Lawrence & Kathi Cohen • Harold Coopermana Endowment Dr. Robert & Susan Donsker • Gene Engelson • Kenneth Epstein • Jason & Laurie Fink Mitchell Fink • Dr. Bert Finkelstein William Fox • Beth Friend Gerald Frisch David Gantman Dan & Tanya Gelb Gary Gerding • Lael Gerding • Nancy Getzkin • Joanne Gillman • Richard & Esther Gillman • Robert Gillman • Chad & Debbie Goldenberg Celia Goldetskya • Howard Goldman • Philip & Renae Goldman • Max Goodman • Nettie Grabscheida Endowment • Mitzi & Richard Gramling • Andrew Greenseid Carol Gurstelle • Mark & Marina Guterman John & Elsie Halper Foundation Alden Hoffman • Leonard Horowitz • James & Marcella Kahn • Robert & Jennifer Kaplan Nancy Karasov •

Ira & Peggy Kipp • Sternie Kissen-Rosen • Judy Krasnow • David Krco Gracia Kuller • Matt & Laura Kushner Lisa Lane • Randall Lane • Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Jack E. Leibman • Esther Lerman • Tom Lipschultz • Sandra Loewenstein Paula & Paul Maccabee Florie Marvy • Scott Marvy Irving Nathansona Endowment Sara Lynn Newberger • Gayle Newman • Jane Newman • Howard Orenstein & Barbara Frey • Rachael & Joel Paper Dr. Michael Pergament • Linda Perry Andrew Pogoler Gary & Roxanne Portnoy Kenneth & Bonita Prawer • Mildred Rein • James Robins Ellen Rolnitzky • Irving & Toby Rosenblum • Roanne Rosenblum Betty Rosenstein • Marty Rosenstein • Allan & Helen Rossman • Bernice Rosten Olivia Rothstein • Mindy Rutzick Mark & Alison Savin Ethel Schaen • Earl Schwartz • Bernard Sherman • Grey Staples & Lisa Silverberg Ethel Smith • Marilyn Smith • Michael Smith • Shelli Smith Judge Richard Spicer • Susan & Mark Spiers Vicki Stern Anne Strasser & Peter Douglas • Marilyn Tamsky • Morgan Tamsky • Sandra Tilsen Sharon Farsht Torodor • Jane Trosdahl • Dalia Vlodaver • Michael Waldman Lisa Walker Honnen Weiss • Jean Witson Ron Zamansky

Marsha Zimmerman

$100-$499 Julie & Joseph Abelovitz Alvin E. Abrahamson • Bonnie Abrahamson • Mark Adelman • Cino Adelson Rabbi Esther Adler Betty Agranoff • Roman Akselrod Amy & Jeffrey Alch Elaine Alper Rabbi Davida Alperin Carol & Gordon Altshuler • Ameriprise Financial Mary and William Andler • Dr. Fred Apple • Tracy & Dr. Sam Arnold Marsha Baer-Dennis • Dr. Michael Bahr • Earl Bailey • Baird Foundation Karen & Ron Balto Charles Bans • Sally Bans • Lois & Walter Baum • Betty Baumgarten • Jane R. Becker • Howard Bell • Lynne Bell • Sally Applebaum Beloff Doris Berde • Alyssa & Doug Berg Beryl Berke Marilyn Bloom Stuart Bloom Lois Bloomberg Dr. Paul Bloomberg Randall & Susan Blum • Geri Blumenfeld Milton Blumenfeld Dr. Bernard Bomberg Rolla Breitman • Avrom Brendzel & Ida Dreyfus • Judith Brier • Yuriy & Manana Bro Edwin & Beth Brody Barbara Brooks Deborah Brown Rita Brown Christopher Brunelle & Serena Zabin Shawn Bulgatz Joni Lipschultz Burg • Stanley Calof • Lisa Capp • Philip Chansky • Jon & Janice Chasman • Rick & Janice Chiat Mary Clark Mark & Jill Cohen Mary & Philip Cohen • Jon Cohn Howard & Barbara Cutts

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Tom Cytron-Hysom Michal Daniels • Connie Davis • Victoria H. Dim • Stacy & Michael Dockman Ivan Doneshefsky Lisa & Paul Dorn Janet Dubinsky & Howard Mironov Elaine Dufresne Joseph & Jodi Dvorkin Rabbi Shoshana Dworsky Marjorie Edwards • Ardyce & Lawrence Ehrlich • David Eijadi Ian & Elizabeth Ellis Rhoda Engelson • Naomi English Evelyn Esrig • Deborah Evans • Erwin Farkas • Sonia Feder-Lewis & Michael Lewis John H. Feldman Rabbi Manachem & Dina Feller Claire Fink • Marjorie Fink • Eleanor (Honey) Finn • Sheldon Finver & Deborah Albert Ted Flaum Charles Fodor • Marjorie Fox • Linda Fried Nancy Fushan • Neal Gale Sandy Gale • Charles Garber Todd & Amy Geller Gordon & Beth Gendler Gilda Gieske • Nancy & Stephan Gilats Hugh Gitlin Harriet Glick Howard & Karen Gochberg Robert & Rebecca Goffman Robert Goldaris Mark & Karen Goldberg Scott M. Goldberg • Barry Goldman • Howard Goldman • Irene Goldman Joel Goldsmith Carol Goldstein • Jules Goldstein • Mavis A. Goldstein Nancy Goldstein Raymond Goldstein Leah Goldstein-Moses Charles & Dina Goodman Edith Goodman • Frank & Carolyn Gordon • Rabbi Yosi Gordon • Neal Gosman & Sandy Pappas Esther M. Graham • Drs. Jay & Marya Greenberg •


Rita Grossman • Martha Gulner Harriet R. Guthertz Roberta Harosh Madeline Harris • Lorraine Hertz • Janet Herzberg • Marshall & Dr. Julia Hoffman Judge Carol Hooten & Alan Gilbert Marilyn Horowitz • Janet Jackson • Emmy L. Jacobson • Marvin & Mildred Jacobson • Dr. Bruce Johnson • Ellen Johnson • Hart Johnson • Scott Joseph & Nancy Hamilton Theresa Joseph Evelyn Kamin • Daniel Kaplan Deborah Karasov Barbara Kaster Judyth Katz Michelle Katz Jane Kerr Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman Andrea M. Kircher Nadine Kivens Dr. Floyd Knight & Belina Reisman Esti Koen & Andy Meltzer Leah Krawetz • Robert & Rose Krawetz • Elliot Krelitz Dr. Jerome Kroll • Shirley Kulevsky Mitchell Kvasnick • Theodore Kvasnik • Walter & Renee Kvasnik • Lou & Muriel Lachter • Elizabeth Lamin Donna Lande Morris & Millie Lapidos • Pam Lauer Janice Lazarus Janet Leavitt • Robert Lebowitz Robert Leibman Janice Leichter • Dr. Louis Leichter • William Lerman & Mary Maguire-Lerman • Dianne Lev Charles Levenberg Family Foundation • Steven Leventhal Seth Levin & Mia Nosanow Stephen Levin Barbara Levine Harriet Levine • Sarah Levine Elyse Levine Less Ann Leviton Michael Levitt

Rabbi Lynn Liberman Helen Lifson • Ronny & Sandra Loew Sally Lorberbaum Dr. Andrea J. Lubov & Allan Schultz Dr. Ruth Lynfield & Michael Sethna Dr. Yelva Lynfield Ellen Mack • Sylvan Macka Endowment Maggie Madden Dr. Paul & Bebe Magee Fred Malver • Karen Malver • Louise Mark Richard Markovitz & Valerie Penner Karen Matz Ethel Mayeron • Lynn & David Meyer Laura & Brian Millberg Carla Millera • Ronald Miller • Steve Mindlin Dan & Marlee Mogelson Nora Mogol Susan Mueller Lindsay Nauen & Dr. Richard Weil • Sandra Neren Lois Newberger John & Linda Nides Nancy & Walter Novillo Sally Orren • Tim Oskey John Ostfield Philip Oxman & Harvey Zuckman Linda Passon-McNally • Eric & Dr. JoAnn Pasternack Beth Pearlman Mischa & Barbara Penn Adela Peskorz Margery & Stuart Pihlstrom • Roman & Agnes Pilko • Stefan Plambeck & Sharon Arad Julie & James Podlich • David Polansky Jeff Prauer & Barbara Grossman Ida Rapoport • Leonard Rapoporta Endowment Mindy Ratner Dr. Harold & Lenore Ravits • Cindy Reich Judy Rein Hoffman Sumner & Joyce Richman Amy Rogovin Jason & Lindsey Rose Pearl Rosen • Christine Rosenthal Susan Rosner Constance Ross •

Paul Ross • Aleksandr Rozenson & Yelena Surova Robert Rubenstein • Dr. Rosalyn A. Rubin • Marilyn & Bob Ruby Mindy & Craig Rutman Melanie Rutzick Amy Sadoff Naften Sadoff Nina F. Samuels • Stuart Sanders Anne Rae Sanderson • Dan & Lisa Schibel Linda Schloff • Martha & Stuart Schmitz • Michael & Lisa Schmulewitz Lois Schochet • Paula & David Schraber • Allan Schultz Barry & Tina Schwach • Ruven & Wendy Schwartz Thomas & Sue Schway • Dr. Norman Segal Avron (Bud) M. Seltzer • Jamie Shacter Stewart Shacter Daniel & Emily Shapiro Michael Sher Sherwin & Diana Sieden Dr. Steven & Carrie Siegel Marjorie Sigel • Sally Silk & Thomas Wolfe Marilyn Silver Myndal & Daniel Silver Fern S. Silverman • Lee Silverstein • Leon & Maxine Simon • Stephen Sitkoff • David & Ellen Sloane • Edwin & Helen Smith • Daniel Sogin & Emily Duke Larry Solomon Margie Solomon Lee Sperling • Elizabeth Spicer • David Spitzer & Susanne Pelly-Spitzer • Charles Stander Peter & Sue Stein • Rabbi Sharon Stiefel Thomas Stillman • Arthur Stone Doug Stone Paul Storch Scott Strand Richard Strimling • Sheryl & David Sturm Lizabeth & Martin Swaden • Deborah J. Tabert • Susan Taple James Tilsen & Deanna Wiener • Ryvelle Tilsner • James Tintner • Arnold & Harriet Usem

Shirley Vinitsky • Royee & Zlata Vlodaver Marjorie Volk • Tracie & Jeffrey Ward Felicia Weingarten • Rita Weiss David Wick Amy Windmueller-Markon & Charles Markon Esther Winthrop Harvey Winthrop Mitchell Wittenberg & Jaine Strauss Diane Wolfson • Dr. Scott Yarosh Sheri Yarosh Robin Zaban Rosanne Zaidenweber David Zanick • Mary & Michael Zaslofsky Betty Zats • Harold Zats • Laura Zelle Patrick Zimmerman

$1-$99 Suzanne Abrams Elaine Adelman • Miryam Amnuel • Nancy Anderson • Arlene Appelbaum • Murray Appelbaum • Dr. Harvey & Judy Arbit • Ivan Elliot Arenson Ben & Bree Axelrod Rokha Axelrod Mr. & Mrs. Aleksandr Babin Marion Bans • Ella Baskina Beverly & Richard Behr Michael Bell Rabbi Zalman Bendet Albert Benjohar • Steven & Vivian Bernick Ariel Biel Elianna Bier Elias Bier Imanuel Bier Beth & Ed Bingham Donna Blacker • Joan Blumstein Nancy Blumstein Lewis Blustin • Marge Blustin • Felix Blyakher Eric Bomberg Mary Boraas Gregory & Inna Braginsky Jonathan & Irina Brenner Michael & Inna Brezman Dr. David Brownstein Deborah Buch C. Scott Bunin • Carol Carlson Sharon Carlson Jeanne Chacon

We apologize for any names inadvertently omitted or misspelled. Please advise us of any changes for future publications.

Judy Chansky • Eugene Chaplin Carmella Chazin Bassheva Cherevatskiy Mikhail Chulok Victor & Eleanora Chursin Marvin Cohan • Sharon Cohan • Lisa Cohen & Amy Jacobson Loretta Cohen • Nissim & Chaya Cohen Dr. Candy Corey Charles Davidson Maureen Davidson Eileen Deitcher Ira & Peggy Denenholz • Laurie Derechin Heidi Derhy Rami Derhy Vladimir & Galina Dreytser Rabbi Reuven & BatSheva Drori • Sophie Dudovitz • Michael Dvorkin Bobbie Edelstein Rebecca Edelstein • Larry & Linda Eisenstadt Errol & Cynthia Ekstein Michael & Bobbie Elle • Karen Engelbretson & Steven Nusbaum • Gennady & Rita Epshteyn Jennifer & Zachary Feinstein Jeffrey Feldman Rabbi Moshe & Mindelle Feller Larisa Fershtman Rabbi Jeremy Fine Joshua Fineblum & Andrea Golden Adam Fink & Galina Guterman Keven & Frances Fischer Jackie Flaum Victoria Fodor • Vladimir & Alla Fridman • Rabbi Manis Friedman Margo Friedman • Mordichai Friedman Morley Friedman Morris Friedman Scott & Elizabeth Friedman Charlotte Friend Mark & Adel Ganopolskiy Alexandria Ganzel Yakov & Lidia Gelfand • Beth & Gordon Gendler Leslie Gerstman • Sondra Glassnapp Harriet Gleeman • Peter & Vera Gochberg Judith Goldberg • Sharleen Goldberg • Yisroel & Rivkah Goldberg Lynn Goldman Alyssa Golob Steven Goodman David & Suzon Gordon

Elaine Goren • Tim Gothmann Susan & Jeffrey Gottlieb Jacob & Elaine Govze Rabbi Dovid & Chanie Greene Steven & Stephanie Greenstein Grigory & Alexandra Grin Mikhail & Klara Grinberg Boris & Feygina Grinshpun Rabbi Gershon & Ruchie Grossbaum Rabbi Yosaif & Jo Grossbaum • Ian Grunberg • Alice Gurstelle David Harris Barbara & Norman Hillesland Fred Hirsekorn • David & Laura Honan Natalie Hopfield Dale Horniak Verner Hultman Louis Hurvitz Anatoly & Yvonne Introlegator Sofya Introlegator Elena Izakson a Philip & Barbara Jacobs Mark Jaffe Catherine Johnson Kenneth & Deborah Jopp Joseph & Carolyn Kahn • Beverly & Sherman Kaminsky Wendy Kane Jean Kanter • Barry Kantrowitz Andy Kaplan Benjie Kaplan & Libby Lovich Marilynn Kaplan Moishe & Sterna Kasowitz Yitzy Kasowitz Leon & Carole Katzovitz Marvin Kauffman • Daniel Kaye Faye Kelberg Michael Keller Yosif & Sofya Khaskin Helen Kipp Jason Kipp Scott Kipp Michael Skoler & Maria Kirsch Regina Klachko Vladimir & Anna Kladnitsky Dan & Nancy Klausner Nataliya Komarnytska Alexander & Bella Kopilenko • Sofia Kopylova Gennady & Leliya Kosach Masha Kushnir & Justin Romer Jonathan Kvasnik Jeanine Lange Anatoly Lapitsky Robert Larson & Lizbeth Stein Fran Lebahn Suzanne Lechtman Erika Lefton Dora Lender Jennifer Leonardson

Joel Levenson Seymour Leventhal • Daniel & Susan Levey Charles Levine Rae Levine Ronald Lifson • Laura Lipkin Gloria Livingston • Shari Lowenthal Joanna Lowinger Sue & Eric Lund Mary Lutz Sandra Lyksett Patti Lyons • Stephen Lyons • Moshe & Chana Cohen Irina Margolin Roxanne Markoff • Geoffrey Marshall & Dr. Laurie Radovsky Leslie Martin Jeannie Steinberg Marver • John Marver • Dan Marvy Jennifer Mason Estelle & Michael Mauer Azriyela Maymind • Joe Mckenzie Gedaly & Alexandra Meerovich • David Milavetz Rose Mintz Boris Mishchenko & Larisa Blinkina Revital Mitchell Laura & Tony Mogelson Ronald & Kay Mogelson • Eddie & Becky Moradian Paul Moss Mitchell Multer Eugene & Marina Natarius David Nathan Taryn Israel Nechanicky & Mark Nechanick Gerald Nemer Scott Newell Marilyn Nolan • William Nolan • Mr. Ellis Nolley • Riva Lee Nolley • Inga Oelschlager Pam Orren Simon & Fira Ostrer Alina Ouchveridze Janet Pawlak Lanie Paymar & Curt Sward • Lyz Peck Mary Lou Peilen Alexander & Sophia Pekker Dimitry & Celia Perelman • Joseph Peskorz Howard Pfefer • Jeff Zuckerman & Lisa Pogoff Mr. & Mrs. Aleksandr Portnov David Rafferty Phil Raskin

Phyllis A. Reha • Anne Rickert Janet Ringer • Sherman Ringer • Eileen Robbins • Ethan Roberts & Naomi Dean Andrew Rose Frances Rosen Revelle Rosen • Gail Rosenberg Dr. Sandra Rosenberg & James Liston • David Rosenbloom Jeffrey Rosenfeld Stewart Rosoff • Christina & Robert Rothstein Yael Rubin Cori Rutchick Sheila Rutman Danielle Salus Millie Schapiro Arlene Schatz Raleigh Schechter • Marjorie & Bart Schneider Jeanne Schnitzen Deborah Schnur Elizabeth Schoen Marc Schoen Marlene Schoenberg • Michael Schoenberg • Adam Schraber Jack Schribman Roberta Schribman Jerry & Sue Schwartz Michael Schwartz Cantor Neil Schwartz Walter Schwarz • Lois Seltzer • Grigoriy Serebrenik Ross Shaich & Sarah Squillace Dr. Joseph & Martha Shapiro Bert Shear • Gerald & Isabelle Shear • Emery Sher Bruce Shine • Boris Shtern Vladislav Shub Vitaly & Sima Shumilovsky • Elliot Siegel Ann Silver Ken Silver Jack & Andrea Silverman • Steven Silverman Howard Simon Judy Sharken Simon Ruth Sloven Lucy Smith • Miles & Aileen Snyder Beatrice Spector Anna Spektor Corrin Staiger Marina Star Amy Stern Harlan Stern Anne Stevens Bethelee Stine

Marcia Stone • Rachel Stover-Haney Leslie Strohm Dr. Matthew & Rayna Sturmer Maureen Sultan Wayne Sultan • Jill Swiler Laurie Taschler Faina Terk Kelly Torgersen Shirley Tramer Alexander & Pauline Tylevich Mira Udodovsky David Unowsky • Carolyn Usem Alla Valdberg Euginia Valdberg Allie Varhula Jane Vaynerman Debbie Vertelney Inessa Vigdorovich Sofya Vigdorovich Raisa Vinetskaya Val & Ludmila Vinnik • Victor Vital • Cheryl Waldman Kevin Walker Michael & Jennifer Wall Jennifer Wallen Bert & Anna Walter Clara Watchman • Barbara Weil Richard Weinberger Gloria Weinblatt Elisheva Weiss Anita White Carol Whitman Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm Alex & Marguerite Wilson Jenny Winkelman Marvin Wolf Mariam Zamansky Terry & Sheila Zats • Anatoly & Irina Zatuchny Daniel Zelle Ronit Zemel Elena Zilberman

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our Mission To unite, sustain and enhance the St. Paul area Jewish community and strengthen bonds with Jewish communities in Israel and around the world. We fulfill this mission through financial resource development and planning, and by working in partnership with social service agencies, educational institutions and synagogues. 651-690-1707 Sign up for our monthly e-newsletters on our homepage!


Through Federation, you stand shoulder to shoulder with Jews everywhere. In Europe, where Jews are facing attacks on schools and businesses. On North American college campuses, where Jewish students are all too often encountering a hostile environment. You are standing up for our St. Paul Jewish community and any Jewish community in need of support, protection and solidarity. Please give today. Contact Dan Lepow, campaign director, at 651-695-3185 or