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JNF Buys Land Duff Cooper tells Czechs to Revolt For Settlement Why Go to Camp?

GOULD-GOLDWARE At an early Sunday morning wedding ceremony, June 16, Miss Bess Goldware, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Goldware, became the bride of Leonard Gould, son at Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Gould. The wedding took place in the home . -of the'bride with Rabbi Isaiah Rackoveky and Cantor Schwacz, kin officiating. ' The bride wore a gown of white lace fashioned on princess lines. Her finger-tip veil, edged in lace also, fell from a coronet of pearls. . She carried a white Bible covered with a corsage of gardenias which she wore later on her going away outfit. Miss Esther Goldware of New York City, sister of the bride, served as maid of honor; She wore an afternoon print and a •corsage of sweetpeas and roses. Mrs. Ooldware, mother of the bride, also wore an afternoon " print, and Mrs. Gould wore a navy blue sheer. Both mothers had corsages of sweetpeas and roses also.,i, ;.' ' ' ' '' ' Arthur Gould served as his brother's best man. Music was played by Miss Gertrude'Oruch. - Following the wedding ceremony, a breakfast was served at home to members of the two immediate -families. Out-of-town guests here for thejceremony were Mr. and Mrs. ; 8. Wolf of Lincoln, Neb., and , - theik- daughters, Ruth, Sylvia and •:• MaryAnne. Miss Esther Gold/.' ware came from New York City , lastj week to be present at the , wedding. The couple, left for a two-week trip-west and will reside in Oma, ha ipon their return,

DOLGOFF-FRIED Miss Lillian Fried, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Fried of Council Bluffs, last Sunday afternoon became the bride of Sol Dolgoff,- son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Dolgoff of Omaha, at the Adas Yeshurun Synagogue, in Omaha. Rabbi Nathan Feldman officiated. Tbe bride wore a gown of white net trimmed in lace, with full skirt and train, and with a veil. Matron of honor was Mrs. Philip Mulnick; bridesmaids were Mrs. Harry Lewis,' Miss Esther Lazerson, Miss Dorothy Weinzvlg, Miss Belle Lewis, and Mrs. Irvin Cohen, Best man was George Dolgoff; ushers were Jack Levy, Fred Cohen, Jay Lazerson, Phillip Mulnick, and Harry Lewis. The couple will make their home in Des Moiues. LEAVE FOR WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Priesman, sons Ernest and Justin, and daughter, Sallyann, leave Friday evening of this week for Chicago to attend the marriage of Miss Jean Raphael, daughter of Harry Raphael, to Ernest Priesman on Wednesday, June 26, at the home of the bride, 4901 South Drexel boulevard, Chicago. VACATIONS IN L. A. Miss Bette Ann Brockman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. I.. Brockman, will leave June 25, tor Los Angeles, Calif., to spend her summer vacation aa guest of her aunt, Miss Goldie Hittleman,

B e t t e r health, acquaintance with nature, self-reliance—these are the results of a vacation at camp. Campers gain first in health, because they play outdoors most of the day, exercise regularly, eat tasty, wholesome meals, and sleep long hours. Warm sun, good food, and plenty of rest insure a welltanned, happy, healthy youngster. Getting to know nature at first hand gives the -camper a sincere appreciation of the outdoors. It's fun to recognize birds by their morning call and to know wild flowers, trees, and insects. Hiking through the woods is more than just walking for an hour—it becomes a real adventure in nature lore. And watching the sun rise from the top of a hill as a prelude to an outdoor breakfast will never be forgotten by tbe early-morning campcrafter. Every child has to learn .selfreliance. What better environment for this and for the development of initiative than camp! Think of the many things the camper learns to do, that add to his. ability, and personality: to build a woodman's fire; to pitch a tent; to swim; to lay a rock trail; to know some of the stars and their stories. These things spell camping at its fullest. Camp life provides Just the getting for health, fun, adventure, self-reliance, creative leisure.. Such are the values of camp. And these are the reasons your child should go to camp!

Supplies to Jews In Warsaw Arrive

VISITS DAUGHTER Mrs. Jennie Katler, formerly of Omaha, who has been residing In New York-rrThe World ConSan Francisco for the past two gress announced today that a col. years, is visiting in Omaha with lective shipment of pharmaceutiANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT Mr. and Mrs. M. Polonsky an- her daughter, Mrs. H. Freshman. cal products addressed to the nouhce the engagement of their Jewish community of Warsaw daughter, Jeanette, to Mr. Floyd VISITING SISTER and sent via the International Mr. H a r r y Simons of Miami, Red Cross has safely reached the Cohen, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Florida, formerly of Omaha, is President of the Jewish commu' C o h e n of Tarkio, Mo. Miss Polonsky is a graduate of visiting his sister, Mrs. Ethel Lev- nity. the University of Nebraska and a inson, for a week. This shipment represents the "member of Sigma Delta Tau sofirst to be sent by any Jewish or: JOSLYN MEMORIAL ,; ; rorlty. ganization safely to have reached • Mr. Cohen attended the Uni- At 2:30 o'clock Sunday after- its destination in Poland. Addi;. Versity of Nebraska and is a mem- noon, a s o u n d film, "Summer tional shipments will be sent by i;ber of Sigma Alpha Mu* fra- Outing," will be s h o w n in the the World Jewish Congress. Concert Hall. At- 4 o'clock in the ternity. : ' ' N o date has been set for the Concert Hall there will be an Organ recital by Dr. M a r t i n W. wedding. DIAMONDS Bush, who w i l l be assisted by ROSENBERG-NOVAK Henry Brahinsky, violinist, and Collections of Unique ;: Miss Ann Novak, daughter of Houghton Furr, accompanist. j ' i Mr. and Mrs. Ben Novak, became Diamond Engagement ); the bride of Mr. Mervih Rosen- LEAVES FOR EAST Wedding and Anniver?•; berg, Bon of Mr. and Mrs. J. Rosary Rings, individualNate Fine left Sunday for a .;•- ieenberg of Pekin, Illinois, on Sun- three-week motor trip through ly designed and Priced •day, June 16. The ceremony took the east. While in New York he with good old-fashion: i)lace at the home of the bride's will attend the World's Fair. ; ed moderation. ; t parents In the presence of the imConvenient Terms Can Be mediate families. Rabbi David A. Arranged at No Extra (Palcor Agency)— * :• CSoldsteln and Cantor Aaron Ed- AsJerusalem Cost a defense measure police and V -gar officiated. military officials yesterday roundt i f ^ijiMiss Merlon Novak was her sisup scores of Italians through• vK teip'a attendant, and Mr. Jay'Rob- ed out Palestine. Suspected of 'fifth ;#4;ins6n of Peoria, 111., was the column' activity, these citizens of ^: sgrbom's best man. ; j o ; ^ dinner for the immediate Italy have all been interned. ;;%^ianiilies was held at the Paxton ^SSthoiel following the ceremony. ?& i ' ^ft§r a honeymoon in Califorv-- nia "the couple will make their v home in Pekln, 111. AFTER WEDDING :;;;M;fBses Ann and Aline Rosenb returned to their home m., after attending the ovak wedding, while they were the guests of Mrs. Ben Novak.



!0i§JWMtk> David Kline, former Oma?M0::'"<*&*President who is now living in' ?^lfiS%li Bernardino, Calif., will acasil^ijcbjipstoy the Priesmans to the and also visit her Harry Alpirn, who also ^ijil* fbfmer Omahan. Mrs. Kline Slev a sister of Mrs! Harry Pries$* KpfjMiss; La Brina Herzoff left SunJV|i§yVfOr Denver, Colo.', where she "•^SwJJl spend the summer visiting ^'ISrttifc-Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Ber-

London (WK'S)—la a radio broadcast, the British Government urged tbe people of Czechoslovakia to revolt agaifist their Nazi masters when they see that Germany is beginning to stagger under the strain of war. Alfred Duff Cooper, British Minister of Information, assured the Czechs that they wo Id soon' be given tbe opportunity to rise; up es they did during the World War and "once more erect a free country in the center of Europe.'* Declaring that all freedom-loving people of Nazi-held territor* ies were praying for an Allied victory, Mr. Cooper taid: "Those millions are longing for the hour to strike which will sound the funeial of Nazi Germany so as t© allow fearful revenge to be in-; flicted upon the vile men who spread the war over all Europe in order to satisfy their own ambition, own desire for . wealth, President Lincoln, was present own lust for conquest and & at the death-bed of Brlg.-General hatred of the freedom of civilization." Leopold Newman. . .

Jerusalem, (Palcor Agency) — That Palestine Jewry is carrying forward with its constructive program despite the war was again emphasized yesterday with the anEounceiaent of the launching of one of the most ambitious settlement programs undertaken in many months. A cew urban Jewish settlement is shortly to arise on 600 dunaiHS of Jewish National Fund land near ancient Beisan. The settlement will serve as the center for ten Jewish villages which have been established on the Beisan Plain since 1936. The colony, which will comprise a network of shops, workshops, a hotel and a clinic, will be settled by 250 families including 50 Sephardic families who had lived in Beisan until the Arab disturbances began.

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