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ultimately, been made by another &nd admiration from all honor- a double while Ray Shapiro hit scientist. In the scientific field able men and women. Dr. Roth one circuit clout that did most of proprietary rights do not exist. bas not only served his own peo-the damage to Max Friedman's Whenever the Jew was allowed by ple with this volume, but all men club. his non-Jewish neighbor to serve of good will. It is a definite conNext Sunday's Games and to enhance and to ennoble tribution to the literature on the Wardrobe Clothiers vs. LeavenJews, and one which will gain in life, he did so. By DR. THEODOEE N. LEWIS esteem and importance with the worth Market, East Elmwood. Assimilation lias always been, Rtbbi, Progressive Sycegogue, Brecklyis, M. Y. Lincoln Tavern vs. Nebraska as it still is teday, a most contro- passing of time. Fruit Market, 3Ed and Ca«s. versial subject. Some ignorant A. P. T. vs. A. Z. A. No, 1, 32d individuals attribute Jewish per•THE JEWISH CONTRIBUTION upon the thought and life and secution to the Jew's supposed and Dewey. A. Z. A. No. 100, bye. failure to assimilate, and even TO CIVILIZATION, CECIL faith of the race. . "The Process of Degradation'' Beat the beat; enjoy swimming are guilty .of such folly. ] ROTH, UNION OP' AMERICAN is a melancholy chapter, dealing Jews correctly. Parents, send your chilThese demand not the assimilaj HEBREW CONGREGATIONS; with the uaceasiog effort of the tion'of the Jew, but his.annihiladren to the Center pool for clean | CINCINNATI—268 P&ges f2.50 church, dedicated to the pursuit tipn. The Jews have been expert fun. Swim for health's sake. Fifty Ths is a book to enjoy, to of truth and love, to degrade the at combining loyalty to Judaism Won cents per month for kiddies. * \ •tudy and to prize. For those of Jew, to make him an outcast, an vith acceptance of the mores of Leavfuworth Market Wardrobe Cieiiiier* * J us who have grown weary and effort at which it was eminently the country of their birth or Liucoba Sfftvera f * faint with struggle, it will serve successful. So strongly condition- adoption. The Jew has always as- A. Z. A., No. 160 8 5 A. Z. A., No. 1 • * • SB an exhilarating tonic. During ed was the Medieaval mind by similated and still does, the best A. i \ T * 2 the last six years or more, who the clergy and the anti-Jewish in his environment. He rejects Neknwlut Fralt Martet • • among us has Dot questioned the legislation of the Church that no that which conflicts with his own Keselts Last Sunday excellence of Israel, what Jew has crime was too hideous or too foul moral outlook and religious tra- At 33d and C&ss: Montevideo (WNS) — Extranot succumbed to an attack of to be beyond the Jew. This chapLincoln Tavern 401 020 0—7 U 2 which is antagonistic Ltavecworth Market . .000 013 1—5 8 3 ordinary precautions have been shame and inferiority? Very few ter should be read in conjunction dition—that Jewish ideal. Batteries: Norm Korney and • Meiche*; taken by the governments of ArIndeed have managed to pass with an essay on a related sub- to Assimilation M. Epstein, Paul Steinberg -and N. gentina and Uruguay against an is irresistable, through the ordeal of this Hitler ject the author contributed to a and prevailed in the Medieaval Giventer. attempted Nazi uprising following At 32d acd Dewey: era without injury to the psyche. volume of "Studies in Memory of days, R H £ even among the most official disclosures that Nazi3 For the multitudes of Israel as Linda R. Miller." That the Jew pious and 2. A., No. 1 100 252 O-rlO « 3 of rabbis. Though written A. planned to seize Uruguay and for many of their tired leaders, was not broken by the intolerable in Hebrew A. Z. A., No. 100....100 211 0— 5 5 5 themes were Batteries: Gerber and 'Kerschenbaum; establish a military base on the this record of Jewish achievement oppression is the miracle of mi- "European intheir conception." The GUBS and Manny. River Plate, it was learned here, and of contibution to the life of racles. The contribution of the Sheelot Teshubot" of the rabbis At Elmwood: mankind will be a moral uplift of Jew to human learning and hu- found their counterpart E. H. E. Uruguay's Minister of Defense in the Fruit O02 MO 0— 6 4 2 no ordinary character. Those who man welfare in view of his cul- church canon. Even In the litera- Nebraka P. T. 003 271 X—13 T 1 has posted troops at important will read the book will uncon- tural isolation becomes even ture of moral and ethical aspira- A.Batteries: I* Novak,* Max Friedman coastal points, at all bridges and sciously but positively make the more astonishing and incredible. designed for the average and Shryer; Bam Ruderman and Epstein. railroad junctions and along the only effective response to our op- The amazing scope of the auth- tion, The Lincoln Tavern ten played frontier with Southern Brazil. All Jewish layman, the Jews borpressor, and one at which our or's undertaking can best be ap- rowed much. heads up ball to down the Leav- telegraph offices have been "There is little esforefathers were masters a re- preciated by listing a few of the difference between the enworth Market 7-5.. Norm Kor- placed under army supervision,'' sponse of contempuous disregard. chapter headings: "The Jew in sential writings of Berthold of Rengens- ney pitched a great game for the Argentina increased here miliMany previous efforts have been Letters"; with special attention burg and those of his Jewish con- winners and was never really in tary forces In the territory of made at recording Jewish contri- to his role in the Journalistic temporary and fellow townsman, trouble except in the late innings Formosa, which was said to fog butions, notably by Joseph Ja- field, a subject very popular compiler of the collection when he let up. Harry Altsuler one of the Nazi objectives In any cobs and by Singer in "The Leg-amongst the antl-Semities. "Art, Judah, of godly anecdotes known as "The waa the defensive and offensive attempt to seize South America*' acy of Israel." This volume excels Music, Stages"; "The Jew in Eur- Book star for the victors, hitting for of the Pious." not only by its more comprehen- opean Thought"; "Scientific ProThose who prate about the re- the circuit with one on base in the territory. sive scope but by the beauty of its gress"; "Medicine"; "The Eco- sistance of the Jew to assimila- fifth inning, and he made two style. An account such as. this nomic Sphere"; "Public Life;" tion simply do not know what beautiful stops at third base that only too often becomes a mere "The Great Voyages of Discovery" they are talking about. The Jewwere labeled cinch hits. Morrie For the Bent art Hart catalogue of names and therefore is a most fascinating chapter, and has assimilated but with Epstein was relieved by SteinEconomical BcrrfCM dry and uninteresting. But Air. The Greatest of these is Char- caution and prudence.always berg in the sixth canto but the That which Roth is so skillful a compiler that ity" an intensely human one. might have endangered his sur- damage was done. Ned Giventer GAS--OIL lie has escaped this unfortunate The epilogue is a necessary bit vival he bravely refused to "as- hit a homer for the losers. tendency. His account is a con- of interpretation which should similate" The Mother Chapter upset the Scientific Lubrication tinuous unbroken narrative, one not be missed. It is a timely warn- ionable. even when it was fash- Century boys by spanking out a that will delight as well as in- ing against chauvinism. In all to CAR WASHING In these harsh days of bigotry decisive win, 10-5. Gerber held struct. many instances, the author em- and fanatical anti-Semitism, this the No. 100 boys in check and Ruderman's clouting feaAnother notable feature of this phasizes, the achievements of the volume should be most welcome Morrie tured the A. Z. A. No. I attack. Jews were made possible by effor the light and truth it contains book is the immense scholarship Sam Ruderman held the Neforts and studies of non-Jews. In on the role and life of the Jew and tremendous research which it Fruit to four scattered SHELL SERVICE represents. Dr. Roth writes not of true humility the author recog- throughout the centuries. Here is braska blowe as the A. P. T. downed the one age, not of one topic, and of nizes that even so substantial a a graphic, vivid, and detailed re- Nebraska BLOCH Fruit Market 13-6. |Mth andHAROLD Bart . • AT 1048 course not of one climate or land. contribution as Dr. Ehrlich was cord of the Jewish adventure, one He covers a period of several privileged to make would have which should call forth praise Dave Rlchaidshit two homers and thousand years, a wide and varied range of subjects, many, many lands and diverse; eras. Those •who will earnestly read.and study this authentic record of Jewish contribution will easily recognize what a stupendous achievement SaMBtr Star* Horn the volume represents. The volume opens with a su9:00 A. M. to 5:00 fc M. perb analysis of "The. Hebraic Ttltphoa* JA 3381 Heritage." The unique qualities of this heritage, the doctrines of human brotherhood, justice and mercy, truths so magnificently Correct Clothes ' proclaimed by the prophets of Israel have become the very soul of our civilization, so embedded that their origin and source are rarely if ever recalled. The Bible has left Its deep and abiding impress


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