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21, 1940 '

of said officers shall be fixed bj a suggeston of war which I hate. Since anuary 1, 1940, unem- duties the Board of Trustees. But if it came to a defeat of the ployment compensation weekly Any vacancies in any of said offices thaU be filled by the Board of Trustee*. Allies what will be left to Amerbenefits totaling $1,053,038 have The Board ol Trustees shall have authorcans but armed fear heaping u been paid to men and women ity to make all rules, regulations and byinouiitaiious supplies of anna laws for this association, and may alter w a g e earners of Nebraska, and £mend the same by a two-thirds vote merit for defense. through May 31, 1940. During of cli the members of the Board of TrugBy AL 8EG&L God forgive me for suggesting Futnkel Heads May of this year, 16,542 weekly tets. a step that may bring youth f benefit checks totalling $140,813 The Board of TruKtets shall meet at THIS WAR another dreadful travail, but i Local Wnai B'riih least oticc a month, or at such other time, were issued to temporarily un- i>a the president or a majority of the Dear Mr. Segal: I think it is Hitler wins the war what is tc employed Nebraskaus who were Hoard itself may direct. Leon Frankel succeeded Albert timely to state wlsp.t should be be the future of American youth Article V. The regular annual meeting An intelligent Jew'a attitude in a world under the shadow o Fox to the presidency of Council eligible for benefits because of Ehu.ll be held t.t such place in the city I revious employment iu occupaBluffs Brai B'rith Lodge No. 683 toward the current events. As a great fear? of Omaha as the Board of Trustees may determine, on the test Sunday in May Jews we have been reluctant to This monstrous thing must he at a business meeting on June 10. tions covered under the job in- of each year. Written notice of the regspeak up in fear of being misun- beaten. When that has been done isurance law. ular annual meeting of the members shall Other officers who were elected Le given by the secretary at least five derstood. There should be some we can take up the task of beat- for the coming year are Milton DUNN & BECitEB sad days before such meeting. public declaration by somebody. ing down our own home-grown Yudelson, vice president; A. L. 2IEGLEB, MANOLI, Attorneys. A special meeting of the members may E., Chicago. I hot National Bank feidg. monsters — unemployment and Katelman, recording secretary; be held at any time or at any place named on call of the president or a mapoverty. Poverty and social deteri- Colman Yudelson, financial secre- NOTICE OF AMENDE!! ARTICLES O* jority of the Board of Trustees. Notice of such meetings Ehall be mailed by the secWell, I see no reason why ouroration will become devourin tary, and Albert Fox, monitor. Notice Is INCORfOKATION hereby given that a epecia. monsters in a nation that must retary to each member at his address at Louis Katelman was named treaspublic expressions should be kept meeting of the members of the Wise least two days before the time fixed for in restraint by the fact that we pay out its substance for arma- urer for a second term. Memorial Hospital Association held a_ lidding such special meeting, and such Omaha, Nebraska, on the 7th day of notice shall specify the object of such are Jews. Because Coughlin, Hit- ments for protecton against agJune, 1940, it was voted to alter and meeting. ler, et al., have suggested that gressors. The aggressor must be amend the articles of association to read Article VI. The terms and conditions as follows: Arnold Hoffman Jews are war-mongers should not destroyed first. of membership shall be as follows: Any Article II. The name of this corporaIf this is responsive to E's inhibit one's' self-respect from Jewish faith may become a tion shall be Wise Memorial Hospital AB- person ofofthe said association upon payment joining all other Americans in question I should add that it is Elected to PBK socltlon. The place of business shall be member of the annual dues. Every member shall at the City of Omaha, Douglas County, contribute yearly forthright sympathy for the cause only one man's opinion. I can not the use and benefit Nebraska. The period for which it Is in- of Bald hospital for association such annual of the Allies. In the current state speak for the opinion of. all Jews. Arnold Hoffman, son of Mr. and corporated Bhall be fifty years from and dues as may be determined by the Board For myself I know that if gangof the world we tremble with all Mrs. A. Hoffman, who was gradu- after September 30, 1931. of Trustees. No person Bhall participate mankind under the butcher's sters were roaming up and down ated from the University of Iowa Article III. The object of this asso- or vote as a member of this association ciation shall be the establishment, sup- unless he or she shall have paid the anknife. (We used to tremble quite my street killing and robbing I his month, was elected to Phi port management of a hospital to be nual dues to the association as provided could not say this was none of my Beta K a p p a, national honorary knownand alone.) as the Wise Memorial Hospital As- for by the Board of Trustees for the prebusiness as long as the gangsters raternity. Arnold majored iu for- sociation; to lender medical end surgical ceding year. No fear of being called a Jew- were still operating on the other care, aid and assistance to tick, infirm Article VII. These articles may b* or disabled persons irrespective of race, amended ish war-monger restrains me from side of the street. I would take eign languages. at any regular members' meet* color, creed or religion. ing any such members' meeting called shaking my fist at the butcher, up a gun. Article IV. The affairs and business for or purpose, provided such amendat least. That's about all I can of this association ehall be conducted by ment the to the articles of the association to My regret la that if it comes to ANNOUNCE BAR MITZVAH a Board of fourteen trustees, twelve of be voted do anyway. upon shall first have received Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Galpert ansaid trustees to be elected by Its mem-the approval war it will not be I who will be the majority of th» Four trustees shall annually be members of theofBoard I wish I were twenty-five years called on to take up a gun. I louuce the Bar Mitzyah of their bers. of Trustees of said who fihall serve for a period of association, and no amendment shall b« old or thereabouts. Then I could think it would be more socially on, ,Alvin Howard, on Saturday, elected three years, or until their successors made to the articles of the assoclatoia with good conscience say emphat- economical if all wars were f.une 22, at the Chevre Bnai Israel have been duly elected and qualified. Two unless the majority of the trustees shall of said trustees shall be appointed by the at a regular or special meeting have reically that we should go into this fought between men of middle- ynagogue. Federation for Jewish Service of Omaha corded their vote In favor of such amend* • war now. Then I might myself age who are about through with who ehall serve for one year or until ment or amendments and which must have their successors have been duly appointed, been have to go to fight and, perhaps life anyway and certainly are done prior to submitting such OPEN DRUG STORE provided, however, that (should said asso- amendment die in the war. or amendments to the memthrough with love. ciation cease to be affiliated with the bers of said association. Federation for Jewish Service of Omaha But, being in middle-age, I Their work is about done. I, Thrifty Drug Store and Ju- the eald Federation for Jewish Service Article VIII. The association shall feel restrained from saying this. for example, may still have a few iusThe not be entitled to any representa- have full power and authority to purchase, Prescription Department has shall tion on said board, and the affairs of sell and convey any and all real estate Not I would have to go to fight. columns left in me to write. So ecently been opened, at 3 2 5 9 the said association shall be conducted by necessary for hospital purposes; and it I will eit comfortably in my liv-what? What if these columns are twelve trustees. In case of any vacancy may mortgage or otherwise encumber the 'arnani St., by Julius A. Froom. occurring ing room listening to the war not written? on said board, except such as same to raise. money neehed for the purmay be appointed from the Federation for poses of the association. Mr. Froom is a pharmaceutical Jewish news. On that account I can not If it comes to war it would be Service of Omaha, such vacancies WISE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ASSO' Conscientiously urge youth to go more economical to send me (I hemist, having graduated from shall be filled by the Board of TrusCIATION "and fight and die to make this could drive a tank) rather than he Crelghton College of Phar- tees and smell appointee shall hold his ofIsidor Ziegler, President. fice until the next annual, meeting of the II. A. Wolf,BySecretary. 'world a more comfortable place my sons. lacy in 1931 and received the members shall elect from those Dominatfor me In the years that are left (Copyright, 1940, by Seven Arts Bachelor of Science d e g r e e in ed by the nominating committee or by members a trustee to fill the. unexplred to me. 932. He is a native Omahan and term Feautre Syndicate) of such trustee whose vacancy' was ttended Technical High school filled by appointment. If there Is any I hear the voice of youth all vacancy on the board by reason of the around me protesting against goInternational M e t r o delivery efore entering university. trustees from * the Federation for Jewish ring into war. I read almost daily tracks are built especially for dry For the past five years Mr. Service refusing, neglecting or being unthe resolutions of college groups: cleaners, laundries, bakeries, dair- 'room has been manager of one able to act such vacancy shall be filled by the Federation for Jewish Service in "No! We must not fight. We ies, etc., w h e r e deliveries are f Omaha's largest drug compan- such way • as it may provide. No one Bhall not fight. There is no good numerous and time is an essential es. shall be eligible to be elected or appointed a trustee or fill any of the offices of in war." item. The body is so constructed Association unless he or she Is a memOne can sympathize with this us to give a maximum of loading VEBB, BEBER, IUAJTZNICK & KELLUY the ber of the Association, except such trustee aa may be appointed by the Federaprotest. This youth was born in space, is built low, thus saving ::00 Service Life Bids., tion for Jewish Service. The trustees of Omaha, Nebraska. the years immediately after the many steps for the driver. The this association whose terms do not exlast war. It grew up in the tragic body has twice the cubic loading pire et the time of the annual election Of INCOIIFOBATION OF shall act as a nominating committee and •years in which the consequences space of u conventional p a n e l ; NOTICE "WK8TISIIN JltKUlIiT SERVICE, they ehall, at least two weeks prior to of hat war turned out to be a with this space and arrangement INC." the annual election, nominate from membetrayal of the bright dreams the driver may work the load sys- Notice la hereby given that the un- bers of said Association such as they ersigned have formed a corporation un- deem qualified as candidates for offices that were held before the eyes of tematically and save time, not ier laws of the State of Nebraska, of president, vice-president, secretary, the young men who died in it. having to hunt througli the load. ndefthethe name of "Western Freight treasurer and trustees, and no one shall Democracy! Making the world Gear shift control is mounted on lervice, Inc." with its principal place of be elected as an officer or trustee unless usiness In Omaha, Nebraska. The gen-he or she lias been nominated by the safe! Youth seems resolved not the s t e e r i n g column, allowing ral nature of the business to be transcommittee or nominated at the to be made to suffer another such more space for small packages cted ana the object and purpose for nominating annual meeting of the members. The secFROM-TH* LEADING betrayal. hlch this corporation la organized Is to retary, In sending notices of the annual within easy reach of the driver. (ASTERN meeting,, shall state the names of the mgage In the van and storage business NI»HT a Yet were I young I might say, candidates selected by the Dominating nd to handle the shipment of all kinds The bodies are equipped with a CLUBS f freight. The authorized capital stock committee and the respective offices for IL'Well, yes, youth was betrayed corporation shall be $10,000.00 and which they have been nominated and are in the last war but we can't let sliding rear door with an opening illf the of said stock shall be common and of to be voted upon at the annual meeting. 34 inches wide by 5034 inches Hitler win this one. A victory of he par value of $100.00 per share and The members of this association, at their be fully paid up and non-assessable, annual meeting, shall elect a president, • Hitler would be the betrayal of high, giving the driver choice of hall corporation shall commence doing bug- vice-president, secretary, treasurer and All the.decencies that mankind working the load from. front or 'he ies3 upon fjllng Its Articles -with the Sec-such number of trustees aa there are vahas established during his long rear. etary of State of the State of Nebraska cancies and no one shall be elected to any shall continue for a period of fifty office unless having.first received nominFor any type of delivery work nd travail toward the stars. It is jars from said date. The affairs of the ation by the nominating committee as true that force is wicked but how see the International Metro deliv- orporation shall be managed by a Board herein provided or having been nominated by the members at the annual meeting as is an evil force to be put down ery truck, % and % ton, before f Directors of three members. The an-herein provided. The president, vice-presiual meeting of the corporation shall be except by force. My ideals, no- you buy. Call for demonstrations. eld on. the first Monday In February -of dent, - secretary and treasurer shall be trustees ex offlclo and shall hold their body's ideals can stand unarmed ach yeari at which meeting the stockiOlders. shall .elect a Board of Directors offices tor one year and until their sucagainst mechanized brutes. The Metropolitan Produce Co. 1 thereupon the Board of Directors cessors are elected and qualified, The - "The dreadful world that will will supply Turner's Market, lo- .nd hall elect a President, Vlc6-Presldnet and come out of a Hitler victory will cated at 1702 No. 24th St., with ecretary-Treasurer. ^These Articles may ie amended at any regular or special be a world that I and my genera- line fish. Turner's market will fill nesting the stockholders by a majority tion will have to live in for a long your need for appetizing fish for oto of of the outstanding stock. time, since we are young. I, a your table. In Witness WheVeot the parties hereto ave hereunto set their hands this 11th young man, may not look at curay. of June, 1910. rent events complacently and say. Jacques Nissim Pasha, a SalonB. SLUTZKY, This means nothing: to me." A. PORTER. lea Jew, reformed the' sanitary i the presence of: ./ {- Thus I should speak were I SAM -BEBER. „ G-14-40-4t. J young. I know it is easy for me system of the Turkish army. . at this desk, in iny middle-ago, to give out valorous utterancea, to look back at my remote youth : and imagine what a challenging epirit I would be. ,-..'•'•'•< • - . Yet that seems to be the sum : of it. It is their social morals and humanity that hold back men, Jews and non-Jews, T from saying outright that we should go in and give all the help we can to make an end . quickly . of - a monstrous system that otherwise' will encumber-the happiness of the human kind for a long time to come. •, In the secret, recesses of'their . minds men—non-Jews and Jews —meditate fearfully that if we don't give help against the totalitarians now we may have to fight them alone some other day. You want nppearcace and last. Men know that America does ing protection . . . a quality roof that rightly tops off not stand alone in safe aloofness from everything. American desyour investment Our job is assisting home owners in tiny is bound up in one bundle this particular problem. It has been our experience that with the British and the French. the .answer is a BIRD ROOF. May we aid you in selecCast a coal shadow over your faco The common sense of most Americans does not agree with people ting ono euitabie for YOUR home? .-— to mako you look enchantingly lovely like Lindbergh that it doesn't matter to us who wins this war. and completely feminine. In new rough' (The Communists, too, say it doesn't make any difference who straws, freshy and snowy with' q®« wins it and are impudent enough Gents^ of crisp jibbon. A wldo array, to denounce America's effort to make ready for trouble, but they think only of the good of RusilLL HEADSEESl MANY 0TYUES1 sia. They have taken to themselves the sinister aspect of foreign agents.) . .-.-' • , No. 1—19til & Nicholas No. 2—200 W. B'dway In my heart I say Gad forgive]1 JA SO0O—Omaha sie foe giving utterance even t o ! Tel. 398 Co. Bluffs

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