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Entered as Second Class Mail Matter on January SI, 1931, at tttfH of Omaha, Nebraska, under the Act of March I. 1879


and Lodz FRENCH JEWRY Warsaw Scenes of Typhus FLEES BEFORE INVADINe ARMY Armistice Terms Demand Return of German Subjects London (JTA) — Thousands of German Jewish refugees who had not been able to flee from France and those in the French colonies were in danger this week of being turned over to the Reich tinder the terms of the.crushing jjnntetice agreement, which proyides for surrender of the French fleet, disarmament of the French army and Nazi occupation of more than half of France. Germany's p o w e V to demand any German subject it desires Is stated In Article XIX of the armistice* agreement, w h i c h says: *'. . . The French Government is to hand over all German subjects Indicated by the German Government who are in Prance or French overseas territory." How many of France's 400,000 jews and 42,000 German refugees remained in the country was impossible to ascertain since there had been an exodus during the week between Premier H e n r i Philllppe Petain's request for an armistice and the signing of the agreement. Refugees were reported to be pouring across the Spanish border In disorderly flight. Baron Eugene de Rothschild of Paris, with only five centimes an hia person, was said to be among a group which arrived at San Sebastian, Another member of the famous banking family, Baron Robert de Rothschild, philanthropist and a leader in refugee aid in Paris, arrived in England; himself now a refugee. He had joined the French army last September. Rothschild in Bread-Lino Baron Robert, together w i t h (Continued on page 12.)

AROUND THE WORLD TO THE AMERICAS FOR 500 REFUGEES Budapest (JTA) —- Within two weeks approximately 500 refugees from Nazi persecution will embark on a journey that will take them almost entirely around the globe before they reach their destination in the new world. With the assistance of the Joint Distribution Committee, the refu, gees will leave Berlin, Prague and Vienna and proceed across Soviet Russia and China to Japan. From Japan t h e y will be transported across the Pacific to the countries of their destination; • • • • • • The refugees, all of whom bear ' immigration, .visas: for the .United States and. countries in S o u t h .- America, have been u n a b l e to book passage py* Way' of Atiahti6 ; and Mediterranean ports' because

London (WNS)—Apitiful lack of medical supplies has left unchecked the typhus epidemic which continues to decimate the Jewish quarters of Warsaw and Lodz, it was reported here oh good authority. It was reported that in Warsaw alone 300 typhus cases are reported daily, 95 per cent of them in the Jewish quarter. The sole Jewish hospital. in Warsawis swamped with critical cases, many patients lying on makeshift cots in the halls and corridors. The unusually hot weather which has prevailed over Europe the last few weeks has aggravated the situation. Sanitary conditions in the Jewish quarters, are, for the most part, non-existent, while milk and bread are virtually unobtainable. It was reported also that the Nazis have confiscated all leather shoes from the Jews in Lodz and replaced them with wooden ones. The leather shoes, it was understood, wero sent to Germany where the German army in faced with a shortage of leather. In an earlier dispatch it was reported that Jews in Austria have been forced to wear the new wooden shoes.

MOBILIZATION IN PALESTINE Amendment of 1939 Act Authorizes Call for Men, Property

Plans were completed this week by state and city civic leaders for the reception of more than three thousand visitors who will attend the seventy.second annual convention of District Grand Lodge, No. 0, of the IVriat It'rith, and the eighth annual meeting of women's auxiliaries of this district, July 7th, 8th, and Oth. Governor Roy L. Cochran of Nebraska, Mayor Dan B. Butler, of Omaha, and Henry Monsky, president of the national order of B'nal B'rlth, will be among the many prominent state and city leaders who will greet delegates at the opening assembly. In addition, there will be greetings from Rev. E. J. Flanagan, Boys' Town head and founder, and from other Catholic and Protestant spiritual leaders of the community. Rabbi David H. Wice, Rabbi David A. Goldstein, and Ifrancls P. Mathews, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus will be among those to welcome the visitors. Stressing the Importance of emphasizing tolerance and understanding between all faiths and creeds. Governor Cochran of Nebraska, has termed B'ual B'rlth the outstanding unifying force for American Jewry. Proud of Monsky In signifying his acceptance of an invitation to greet delegates, Governor Cochran stated: "The people of Nebraska know of the splendid accomplishments of the members of this organization in the service of their fellowmen. We are proud of the fact, that Henry Monsky, the national head of B'nai B'rith, is-a Nebraskan. So, on behalf of the people of Nebraska, I extend to the Grand Lodge of the 6th District and to the women's auxiliaries a cordial welcome." Mayor Dan B. Butler has added his assurance of welcome to that of the Governor, stating: "Many of the leading citizens of Omaha are members of this organization, the largest, oldest and most representative Jewish society iii America. For almost 100 years B'nai'.B'rith has been devoted to philanthropic, vocational, cultural and civic movements for the betterment and advancement of its members and of American Jewry. Its r e c o r d is one of achievement and inspiration. I feel that Omaha is honored by having this convention in t h i s city and I hereby, on behalf of the people of Omaha, extend a most cordial welcome to the dele(Continued on page 9)

To Participate in Conclave

[ Vienna Jews Are: -.. * Facing Starvuiion Bucharest (JTA) — Reports • from Vienna • indicate - acute- dis. ' tress a m o n g the city's 46,000 • Jews. Men are,forced,to,w^qr^.at loading trains and as huildin'g laborers, receiving 75 pfennig hourly. Women are forced to work in ' the fields. \ - .. Jews are faced w i t h famine since,'being restricted to;,certain , hours*In making purchases, they o f t'e n find ^supplies exhausted ' when they go to shop. Dr. Josef Loewenherz, president of the Vie n n a Jewish Community, has lsi sued an appeal for material ajd. Nazi. anti-Jewish propaganda over the Vienna radio is" increasingly violent having a marked effect tKrowghourRumania.. "---•••

Plcvs r B'rith

Jerusalem (JTA) — Mobilization of Palestine's manpower and property was authorized in an amendment to the E m e r g e n c y Powers Act of 1030 published in a special edition of the official Palestine Gazette. The amendment provides f o r "requiring persons to place themselves, their services and property at His Majesty's disposal as appears to him expedient for public safety a n d the defense of the realm, maintenance of public order or efficient prosecution of any war or maintenance of supplies or services esentlal to the life of the community." Position of I r o n Guard Anti-aircraft batteries opened Presages- Official * :'-••'. fire on an unidentified plane flyiug over Haifa. Anti-Semitism The Jewish Agency asked the Palestine Government in a memBucharest (JTA) — Rumania's orandum to provide transportanew totalitarian Government offi- tion for 16 Palestine-bound Jewcially decreed that no one who is ish refugees aboard the Italian not admitted In the n e x t two steamship Rodi, which was capmonths to the newly created Par- tured, by a British warship and ty of the Nation, which has suc- taken to Malta. Many Jewish refceeded the less militantly Fascist ugees with Palestine certificates Farty of National Rebirth, will be who had been in Italy fled to permitted to continue as an exe- Greece, whence they have b e e n cutive in any commercial or In- trying to reach Palestine train. dustrial enterprise ,to practice a The Agency is attemptingbyto obprofession or to hold public office. Although Jews are not mention- tain for them the necessary transed specifically in the decree, it is it visas through Turkey and Syria. Refugees Arrive thought unlikely that they will be admitted to a party in which the ' Sixteen Polish Jewish refugees anti-Semitic Iron Guard will ad- have arrived In Haifa by way of Yugoslavia and Beirut after esmittedly play a dominant role, , The decree may be tantamount caping from Trieste. Several Italian Jews, Including to exclusion of all Jews in business, professional and public* life (Continued on page 5.) throughout Rumania in the opinion of observers here. EARLY -DEADLINE Formation of the totalitarian regime, direct result of intense Because of the Fourth of July German, pressure coupled with the collapse of France, brings Ru- holiday next Thursday, it will mania more than ever under Ger- be necessary for the "Jewish man influence. ° Press" to be published a day early. Jews Excluded News for next Friday's, paper While it is expected that King must be in the office of the Carol will do his' utmost to main- "Jewish Press" by Tuesday, tain the present situation, it is July 2, before o'clock. Items belioved here t h a t he will be brought in after4 that canobliged to increase economic re- not appear in the Julytime O issue. lations with the Reich and to give (Continued on page 12.) •

o f t h e w a r , *-.,•• • • » • « ' • • • > # « « . s « » .

VOL. XVII—No. 34

Jury Disagrees on Five Other Brooklyn "Frontists" New York (JTA) — After «iic days of deliberation, the jury M* the Brooklyn Federal Court trial of 14 men on charges of seditious conspiracy and (heft of Government property Monday acquitted 0 and reported disagreement on the remaining 6 defendants. The verdict created a sensation in the courtroom, where, despita Judg Marcus B. Campbell's warn* ing against demonstrations, tha relatives of the defendants crowding the room broke into excited and elated murmuring. Those acquitted on both counta are: J o h n F. Cassidy, Michael Vlll, Alfred J. Qulnlan (the sedition count in his case had been dismissed earlier), Andrew Buckley, Michael" Joseph Bierne, Frank Michael Malone, John A. Gr^f, John Franklin Cook and Lerpy Keegan. ^he other verdicts were: William Gerald Bishop, disagreement both counts; John Albert V i;ebrock, disagreement both counts; Macklin Boettger, disagreement both counts; William H. Bushnell Jr., disagreement on s e d i t i o n . (Continued on page 10.) -,

Myron Cohen, son of Mr, and Mrs. Goodman Cohen of Omaha, on Tuesday evening, J u n e i8 f p l a y ed as soloist at the fiftyfourth annual commencement con* cert of the American Conservatory of Music at Chicago.; The concert was at Orchestra Hall, tho home of the Chicago Symphony orchestra. The selection of soloist is on a merit basis and la an honor, the soloist being chosen after a series of elimination contests.'. Myron is a former p u p i l .of Frank Mach, ,0 m a h a violin instructor, and is a graduate of Central High school, where he was soloist with the chorus. He has taken honors at several state high school music contests and .at Teacher's college at Peru. At the conservatory he is studying u n d e r Mr. Scott Wlllitz. ; : At the Chicago commencement concert Myron, accompanied by the American Conservatory orchestra, played the first movement of the Saint-Saens B minor cda1 certb.

Workmen's Circle ' . ' Picnic on Sunday The annual picnic of Workmen's Circle, Branch 173, will be held Sunday, June 30, at 2 p. m. at Hanscom Park. M e m b e r s and their families and friends have* been Invited to attend. ') v Ice cream, c o l d drinks,-and candy will be s e r v e d without charge. Featured on the programs will be games for gown-upa and children. ••••.?; David Rlcardo, an English Sephardi, is usually considered th$ founder of the science of Political Eddie -Cantos'

• E c o n o m y , . -

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