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PAGE ."S—THE- 'JEWISH- -PRESS," 'FRIDAY,'"NOVEMBER" 27, 19S1. tufbed possession, and • disposal of r^similate themselves to their „ sur- IS, • 17S1. On December 19 'of the jeets, without distinction of creed and jto assume fixed family names ta their property. A -week later, on Oct. adopt the language of the same year, lie abolished the poll-tax nationality to participate in the 'wel-serve in the army, in. each case the "§ Plans are complete for the Chanu- 21, 1781, Emperor Jossf issued an- roundings, and establish schools accord- directed tiie authorities to treat the fare and freedom of his government. first instance of the kind in Europe. kah dance and bridge sponsored by other order, abrogating all the laws country ing to modern educational principles, Jews like fellowmen, end command The specific ecclesiastical restricthe Daughters, of Zion, which, will be tttssa held a t the municipal auditorium on which had required the Jews to wear that they should be allowed to enter i&at Jewish children in the public tions the Jews dating- from • c all' high schools and universities, to schools should receive proper considSunday, Dec 6. ; : \ a distinctive dress. lease lands for agricultural purposes, eration, . . Cherished Plan. Those. who wish to reserve tables worked it, with Jewish hands, • The toleration decree, the so-called are asked to call Mrs. L Kulakofsky, The enlightenment of the Jews -was if they - to engage in all - mechanical Toleranzpatent, was • introduced, fcy • The • November : meeting.. of- the Atlantic 1S43, or Mrs. Louis Shaf ton, one of his cherished plans. To this •and trades, arts and wholesale commerce. the emperor with a stateiuest that ; Council of Jewish Women will be held Harney 6202. ; This decree was issued on October it was his a i n to permit all Ms sub- He .also compelled the .Tevcs in 17S7! for.^ht for Lr.t*-ic.n in<\:r>ci\'u"xicc end he demanded that the Jews should on Monday, November 30, at 2:30 p.•;.- Admission for the affair, will be 25 m. at the Jewish; Community-Centex. cents,- including both the bridge. ;and The Peace Study Group is sponsor- dance. -A bazaar will be held in coning the "program and invites'members junction; with the bridge and dance." and.friends to "attend/' Following the ; "I trust -that everyone -will give ? _- i l \ ; "program a tea "will be" given. --Mrs. their : fullest 'co-operation.: whenever 'A. H. Brodkey, chairman, - is in called upon to the.bazaar," : Sirs. S.^Flatt, president of the organcharged - •'• " • '"- " ization, stated. - "It is,only with the President William" Sealock of the - r rTTniversity" of Omaha: ; will be" guest helpof .every Jewish individual in the ^ ^ S ^ ^ •- , y y , • I. "speaker. - His- subject #01 he "Howcity that:we, can make this event a "Education; jCan]*" Further - Universal success." •_. .The j;pmmittee in charge ' Peace." - - Dr. - Sealock is a. newcomer aims to^ make this a real Chanukah -in Omaha,'and this will be his" first social ; affair where everyone, both young and old,- can enjoy himself. An •appearance" Before the Council.' - The - Nominating" Committee: "will outstanding orchestra will play. "make a report concerning "the election v-^ of a vice president. - - . • - .. The Daughters of Zion announce A board meeting will, precede the the following box collections for the regular' meeting at 1:30. • ' Jewish National Fund: Mesdames J. - The following • new. members -have B. JRobinson, J. Bosenberg, S. Katz, j^Ta." ~i^-,.U-a.-^!i.-*WiaaCi?^. •••»Si«»m« been-announced by-Mrs. Mose Yous- A. Hirsch,,A._-Kaplan, N. Levinson, a a b em; membership chairman: -Mesdames S.,Fellnaan,(tree.donation). -••, - - ~\; a The Ideal Bottling Co., featuring -Morris Brandeis,; Irviri C. .Levin,' "J. '' The organization requests all mem."Ideal beverages, purest and finE. Solomon, .K. W. Natelson/.LlBern- bers-who have" boxes to bring.them est," have - been - is. their present Wrecked Cars Eebuilt We Solicit : stein, Ahe.Kazlowsky, J;.A. Solomon, to the next meeting or t& call ithe location, 1S02 .Ko. 20th. St., for AUDITS . Curtains and Upholstering Your Business Sam - Goldblatt, Dave Epstein and committee.": -..; • -•'-. •the past fifteen years. Flans are SYSTEMS • ; > -Morris Brick. " - -• v - ; -- - ;'_ And CKD. Assure You : being made to enlarge their presDoors Tightened to Fit . _ eat plant and erect the most of E Pleasant Business ; INCOME TAX Woodwork and Painting • _ -The-Current^ Topics'course iander modern - beverage. plant", in the .the direction of Eabbi^pavfdA. GoldRadiator Repairing ' middle-west." ' • • ' .stein, wiUjmeet. at .the Jewish "ConvS ' : Sara' Platt and William Kaiman," inunity-Center Tuesday," December.i, officials "of. the company, have recElectrical Contractor "at "10:3.0 "a. ml". D£ Goldstein's " " . ently added another member to j"ect_wUl be "Fascism.^ "__ J the executive staff of the firm; 653 Electric Bide. I . r v ; •'. >.*-^r; 16th and 'Cuming Sts. 852 Brandeis Theatre Bldg. " JAckson 1045 " Peter Greenberg. " ' The Peace Study ~group" will meet — Moscow.—(J—T. A.)—-Bira -Bidjan, JAckson 7640 JA.4811 The Ideal Bottling features all Tuesday, December 1, following "Dr. Far" Siberian Soviet district, will not lines of beverages, Including pop, Goldstein's class- at —the Community be proclaimed' a" Jewish' republic-as lime rickey and 'pale dry gin<rer Center. "National Defense" is the stated last week by President Kalinin, ales. They are the distributors for text being used this year. Mrs. Her- it was officially indicated here. Inthis state of the nationally-known bert Arnstein will read a paper on stead it will be. established as a JewPrima beer. "Cqznznnnism Versus Fascism." As re- ish autonomous region, similar .to the When the Ideal plant is runview of Grandi's visit to the United Kalinindorf Jewish region in the ..-.-.•• -. -:•.-.ning at peak, thirty men are emStates and its influence on peace and Ukraine.Bowl for Your Before Buying ployed. They boast of the fact also a review of the Blanchurfan situ- - This plan became known through that it is a horne-owned instituation up to date will be given at this instructions issued ! by the Ziky the Health's Sake A New Automobile tion. jtime.; This group will meet the first Central Soviet Government, to the It Will Pay You Alleys Open "imaTthiraTuesday of "eachTnonth im- Far?!agtprn Rfcate Planning {fonrmtc;•~" TcTCOMtUt™™ ™ " mediately following the Current sion, which is in charge of the work ~' xiie Topics course. Mrs. A. H. Brodkey is of. upbuilding in. Far Siberia. The been in -its present locatics for Max Barish 0, — ^ r^r'nj^ f, the leader of the Peace department. Commission together with the Comzet tprelve years, and during all this is ordered to take immediate steps to time has been owned and operat*s e s , - - »• AK-SAE-BEN secure detailed figures governing all ed by Phil Krnisl. Paring- this . Women's Welfare -; branches in the economic and cultural BOWLING ALLEYS period their feature has been the - " — " n - r - r - . f- - - " - ' upbuilding of Bira Bidjan, "bearing • .. •Federation"."•svhistle bottle". This bererage 16th and Harney—4th Floor 507 So. 12 Street 2562 Famam in mind that a Jewish autonomous has been tested and approved by The December meeting of the JewELLIS snd LA HUE, Proprietors JA. 1997 ATIantic 11?2 the bureau of Good Housekeepish Women's Welfare Federation will region must be formed there by the •: . ing. be held at • the Jewish . Community end of 1933." - - - . Center on Tuesday, December 1, at Mr. Kruinl has lately vnder.'i S r j 2:30 p. m.. -. ; - - . .-'' taken the Vess Beverage in the The principal speaker of the afterlarge 24 ounce bottle and has noon will be Father Flanagan of the made a success of it. For the Father Flanagan Home" for. Boys. consumer's protection, all bottles Max Yaffe, Jewish violinist, is beeas A. Petersrr J.-M. CALABEIA An outline of the program of ac-ing featured as violin soloist with the sre filled and capped in a glassx( lowerstivities as 'an auxiliary of the Com-Harry Fisher orchestra now. appearBarber and Chirotonsor, Scalp covered room. The company has For .All Occasions munity Center will be' given- a t "the ing a t . the Ro'selaiid Gardens with the latest modem machinery' in and Facial Manipulations" J j j i G C t-Vl C €iX ••••"-•-"PP' ^ ' meeting. - • ": producing' this larg-e bottle. Stanley Hall. Arthur Euildinjr—2©8 So. ISth The nominating committee . will Yaffe is the youngest violinist in IsEiic ESSS "The sanitation of the factory Down Stairs make its -report and election of of- the Omaha Symphony orchestra.' He and the appearance of the delivery ficers will follow. All members are has been a radio soloist for the past trucks speak well for our bever•urged to'attend. . A board meeting five years appearing on many comages," I,lr. Kruml stated. "Also, . will precede the regular meeting at mercial and local programs.'. Helis Whistle has proven a favorite for The Sign of 1:30 p . m. . also in charge of all music at the j j Floral Displays many years." Barber—For Those Good Workmanship Our Specialty "Who Are Particular . Mr. Krmnl has devoted his 2004 Fcmam Strrrt Ladles JLaibor Lyceum E8S5E re. Sith Btveet—KB. Offices Brandeis Theatre 31dg life's work to the bottling- busii ATlantic 4486 Paxfoa BUUarfl Barber SJioj. ness. nf I t TTiffe Tlcwerf' OMAHA ; :; , ' lGth & Fornam Eva Morse, win. lecture before the Ladies Labor Lyceum Club "oh Tues~v day, December 1,'at 8:30. p . m . " The public is invited; admission is free.

'.daughters, ©f Zion



Ee§- 'Barish-Motor Co.




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JS. <CA: '.,

*.-•• A. V."



..Thorpian Athletic Club - The. treasure hunt' given by the , .club last Saturday night, winding up with a banquet at Olive Crest, proved to be a highly successful affair. The1 committee in "charge was Sam Zwie Tjack, Samuel •Friedel,- and Irvin C. • L e v i n .

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National Tire &. Battery ;-;-"": ^ . -"




A Chanukah program, exchange of gifts, and refreshments" are" being planned for the Junior Hadassah meeting" of December 3.•-This' meeting is being sponsored by the Pep committee of which Blanche Binstein c h a i r m a n .

• tith ana Capitol Ave.—AT. &I27 . Xonx JPatronaso Solicitea


. • ;•'

" Preparations are well on the way to make the annual New Year Eve affair the club's outstanding' event. > The newly-decorated Some Hotel has again been engaged. The committee, consisting of L Levin, Morris FrankMas Yaffe lin, L Elewitz, and Dr. L Stein, are sparing no expense in their enter- Community Playhouse and has aptainment features, which - will be peared as soloist on numerous Temple cabaret style." A limit of 100 Israel services. _ In addition, he . copies is being made. played for Francis McMillian, famous and "for" the State Music ; Jr. Hadassah'- • - ; violinist," Teachers convention. ".',- The Omaha Unit of Junior Hadas- • Nate Hurwitz, Jewish saxophonist, _£a!h will organize several Young formerly with" I&y Miller's orchestra, Judea clubs Sunday afternoon,: No- is also a recent addition to the Rosevember 29, at 3 p. m., at the J. C. orchestra i personnel. All girls of-the ages from 9 to 13 and 14 to 17 are asked to attend the organization meeting." '


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Vienna.—(J. T. A.)—The Jews of Austria are commemorating the 150th . A..Z. A. anniversary of the promulgation of On Monday, Nov. 23rd the A. Z. A. the Toleration Decree by Emperor ND. l.held a pfetThanksgiving Get- Josef H, the son and successor of the Empress Maria . Theresa, which together at the J. C. C. iEabbi Goldstein gave a short talk gave-recognition to the non-Catholic connecting young _ Judaism with religions in the Austrian empire and Thanksgiving. • Harry Trustin, an ad- opened a new era "for the Austrian viser, leld his audience spellbound in Jews by giving them their emancipa; ; ,, relating his. various, observations in tion. different parts of the world. Other The Emperor Josef was an admirer advisers who spoke are Harry Cohen, of Voltaire, and a disciple of the Mike Freeman and Stanley Levin. ' school of enlightenment, so that when - .•'Israel Hornstein of Boy; Scout he cams to the throne he adopted a .Scout Troop No. 72 gave two enter- liberal attitude towards the Jews of taining recitations;";.Two fast-moving his country, differing from that of his boxing matches -were p'rtt'.oa between mother, who had imposed: many reLouis Le^insbn and Charles Weisman strictions on them, considering it his and Art Lipp and Louis Minken. Sirs. duty to improve their conditioiu" Beatrice Levin rendered a few vocal , The principle underlying the decree selections.. to the accompaniment of of toleration published on October 23 Easiest I^rissman. . 1781, Vfas the guarantee to all reErvin Wezelmari, in charge of the ligious bodies, recognized by law, of affair, presided. Eefreshments were ( freedom of worship, the inanageiaent served. ox their own affair, and the tm

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