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Dr. Jeffrey Weber

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The Broader Benefits of Chiropractic any trace the advent of modern M medicine to the Flexner Report, written in 1910, which resulted in

major reforms in American medical education. It set much higher standards for American medical schools, requiring a thorough training in basic science and the scientific method for medical students, and led to the elimination of ineffective and scientifically discredited methods of treatment which were still in widespread use. During that same period, Dr. B.J. Palmer was instituting similar reforms in the teaching of chiropractic medicine and its techniques at the school that his father had founded in Davenport, Iowa, the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Based upon more than a decade of research, Dr. Palmer developed more effective chiropractic techniques focused upon the manipulation of the spine, also known as adjustments, as well as the principles of natural medicine, which the conventional medical establishment largely ignores. Thanks to Dr. Palmer, today’s practitioners of chiropractic — known as Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), Chiropractic Physicians, or Chiropractors — receive some of the most extensive training of all the health professions. Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of chiropractic medicine go far beyond the effective treatment of back or neck pain. Chiropractic treatments are effective in optimizing general patient wellness, in conjunction with nutrition and therapeutic exercise. Getting regular chiropractic treatments can help prevent progressive spinal degeneration, i.e. osteoarthritis or disc disease. These can cause pain, as well as dysfunction in your internal organs and cells. Unfortunately, chiropractic treatment is vastly underutilized, because the public is largely unaware of its broader wellness benefits. Dr. Billy DeMoss, a chiropractic physician with a practice in Newport Beach, California, says, “I try to get people to understand that your nervous system and your brain control every function of

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your body. When we have a condition in chiropractic called subluxation, which is misalignment or dysfunction in the spine. . . it can cause nerve interference, which will interfere with communication that flows from the brain over the spinal cord and nerves [to every part of the body].” Getting regular chiropractic treatments can not only help to prevent progressive spinal degeneration, but can also prevent the resulting dysfunctions in the internal organs and cells. The vertebrae and discs in the spinal column are designed to protect the components of the nervous system that are very sensitive to pressure, and which can lead to a number of health problems and ailments. Research by Dr. Chung Ha Suh and his colleagues at the Biomechanics Department of the University of Colorado found that a minuscule amount of pressure, the equivalent of the weight of a dime, on the nerve roots connected to the spine can reduce the nerve’s ability to transmit electrical impulses from the brain by up to 50 percent. According to Dr. DeMoss, anything you do to protect and nurture your spine will promote “a greater health quotient. Healthcare is really about doing everything you

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can to get the body back in alignment. . . Where I think chiropractic shines is that we address the cause of the problem. Somebody might have high blood pressure, [but it] is not due to the fact that they [lack] high blood pressure medication. Your child might have asthma, but it’s not because of a shortage of albuterol; an ear infection is not [due to] a shortage of amoxicillin. Those [medications] have their place in a crisis situation. But [chiropractors] don’t look at the symptoms; we look at what caused the symptoms. Many times [it is due to] nerve interference lowering the function of organs, [which] can contribute to the body not functioning at 100 percent.” A study done by Dr. Ronald Pero, chief of cancer prevention at New York Preventative Medical Institute, found that people who receive regular chiropractic adjustments can increase the strength of their immune systems by between 200 to 400 percent. A study of AIDS patients found that six months of chiropractic adjustments yielded a 48 percent boost in their immune systems’ function. Yet another study, which examined the blood taken from test patients 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after a chiropractic adjustment, found a significant increase

in a chemical indicator of immune response, while a test group which received a placebo treatment showed no increase. The level of serum thiols in the blood is a recognized measure of overall human health, as indicated by the presence of an enzyme which is a catalyst for the repair of damaged DNA in the body. A published and peer reviewed 2005 study found that patients who received chiropractic wellness care have higher serum thiol levels than patients who don’t. While every chiropractor treats neck and back pain, some may not focus as strongly on other aspects of chiropractic wellness care. Many chiropractors will agree to a nocost initial consultation, at which you can decide whether your health philosophies and personalities are compatible. In part two of this article, to appear in our next issue, Dr. Weber will discuss the value of regular chiropractic care for children. Dr. Jeffrey E. Weber MA, DC, DCBCN

is a certified Chiropractic Kinesiologist, and is Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Medicine. He is in practice for 37 years at 2037 Ocean Ave (between O&P). Tel.: 718.376.2300 — www.oceanchiro.net

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