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Community Currents Preschoolers in the Rambam Day School of Savannah, Georgia learn about By Ezer Mizion Staff the Aleph Bais and their names.

On Sunday, October 13, the Yeshiva of Central

From Italy To Israel: A Medical Miracle Queens kicked off its Parent-Child Sunday Learning Program.

nalisa and Luca had no contacts in countries with larger Jewish populations. The chances of curing Luca seemed infinitesimal. Logically, they were corWhen Annalisa and Luca of Bologna Italy were rect. But logic has no place when it comes to Am Yistold the shocking news, they were devastated. Leuke- rael. A tiny flutter of hope. They were told of Ezer mia. Their worst fears. Family members were tested to determine if Mizion, a Bone Marrow Registry in Israel, the largany were a DNA match but, none were. Their world est Jewish registry in the world, with close to a milturned black. A bone marrow transplant could cure lion people whose only reason for registering is to him, but if family members were not a genetic match, save a life of another Jew, anywhere in the world. who would be? And even if some stranger, somewhere They were told that Ezer Mizion had an extremein the world, was a match, how would they find him? ly high per capita rate of registrants because Jews this month, Rachel’sinChildren Reclamation Foundation held its annual of stoRareally care. They were told of commemoration the many success AndEarlier why would he be the interested inconveniencing chel Imeinu’s yarzheit. A buffet dinner was held at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center on October 14. The ries, of the thousands of people whose lives had been himself for the sake of a man he never met? keynote speaker was Rabbi Jonathan Rietti who gave a dramatic presentation on the relationship between Rasaved. The Jewish community in Italy is small and Anchel Imeinu and the nal Geulah.

And then one day…they were told: Yes! We have a match! The donor was contacted by Ezer Mizion. It never occurred to him to refuse. True, he would have to put his schedule on hold for a short while. But to save a life?! What’s the question! Ezer Mizion did all it could to make things easier and soon it was “all systems ready to go.” Yes, Luca and Annalisa were right. Logically his chances were small. A matching donor was not easy to find. He lived an ocean away. He didn’t know them personally. In the normal course of events, it would take a miracle to find him. But that’s what Ezer Mizion is all about. Miracles. A Jewish chessed organization. Where teva has no place.

A Special Day For Children Rescued From Arab Villages From there, the mothers and Hatafas dam bris was held recently for Jewish children rescued from hostile Arab villages by Yad their children proceeded to the hatafas dam bris, which is required L’Achim. Before the ceremony, the children were brought to by halacha even for those who the office of the Rishon Lezion, Rav Yitzchak Yosef, received a Muslim circumcision. who delivered words of inspiration to the children It was performed by Rav Shimon and their mothers, encouraging them to continue as Dror. Afterwards, each child received links in the chain of Jewish generations. Keynote Speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rietti a personal gift from a Yad and L’Achim “You should be proud that you have merited to Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus, Chaim Deutsch, Evelyn and Evelyn Haies, founder and president of RCRF. belong to the Jewish people and that you Haies. are about activist, followed by festive singing to fulfill the mitzvah of hatafat dam habrit. Have and dancing and a seudas mitzvah. The mothers and children then no fear and continue to be strong in Torah and yirat went to Kever Rachel, where they Shamayim.” He also blessed the chairman of Yad L’Achim, davened for good and happy life Rav Yisrael Lifschitz, with continued success in his among the Jewish people. They also prayed that all other children efforts. As the visit wound down, the mothers asked for a in captivity merit to be delivered blessing that their sons grow to become kosher Jews from their distress soon. and yirei Shamayim. The rav gave them this blessing A child rescued from an Arab village receives a blessing and a sweet as well as sweets to each child. from the Rishon Lezion. (Photo credit: Yad L’Achim)

Senator Felder met with Co-Presidents Ike Chehebar and Ike Sutton of the Sephardic Heritage Museum and Director Rabbi Raymond Sultan to discuss a new education initiative whose goal is to “educate and perpetuate” by bringing the glory and beautyAvenue of Sephardic history to life Honorees pose behind the Jewish Mother’s Day cake donated by Pressers Bakery M. (L-R) Mark Langfan, Breaking the Silence Award; Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus, Rahel Imeinu Chessed for Community schoolchildren. Award; Evelyn Haies, Fran and Stephen Epstein Actualist Award; Esther Lamm, Young Leadership Award; and Mitchellof Shapiro, esq., Rachel Imeinu Activist Award. A group student leaders from Chabad Cen-

ters on Campus in Illinois met with Governor Rauner in advance of Rosh Hashanah together On October Zicharon, an organization that Chabad assists people Rabbi 2, Avraham Kagan of Lubavitch of on issues relating to dementia, hosted an informative evening in Menorah Hall featuring Illinois, Rabbi Dovid Teichtel of Chabad UofI, renowned dementia experts who provided the audience with much-needed advice and information on dealing with this and Rabbi Chaim Telsner, ISU Chabad. 

disease. Among the speakers were Rabbi Eliezer Kaminetzky; Dr. Gary Kennedy, chief of Geriatric Psychiatry at Monteore Medical Center; and Matt Kudish, senior vice president of caregiver services of the NY Chapter of the American Alzheimer’s Association.

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Community leaders and police liaisons at the annual High Holiday briefing at One Police Plaza in NYC. Matt Kudish (Photo credit: JDN)

Dr. Gary Kenneday

As the new school year starts, many children are outfitted with new clothing or even have shiny new supplies to take with them to school. For hundreds of thousands of needy New Yorkers, however, that’s just not an option. Thus Met Council, America’s largest Jewish communal social safety net, recently distributed over 1,800 backpacks to students in need - the largest distribution of free backpacks in Met Council’s history.

(Photo credit: Zalman Umlas)

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