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uikiks are hands free shoes. These shoes are designed with the rear portion tilting back on a hinge to create an extra wide entry, allowing the foot to slide right in. As the individual steps down, the back automatically rotates closed and fastens with a magnet. To get out, the individual simply strikes the heel on the floor and the momentum causes the back to open so the foot slips out. No bending, or hands required. This is perfect for the teenager or adult with developmental disabilities, or physical impairments that prevent the individual from donning and fastening shoes with hands. Other features and benefits of Quikiks shoes, aside from looking like a regular pair of sneakers are the large toe box, the elastic to prevent the tongue of the shoe from falling down, fully functional laces and straps for adjustability, an antimicrobial lining, removable

double padded insole for extra comfort, and wide flat bottoms for stability. Quikiks shoes are available in various styles and widths. Anyone with a documented disability who lives with a family member may be eligible to receive a free pair through a special family reimbursement program. This program is open to people who live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx with a documented need. People interested in applying for the free pair can e-mail Steve Kaufman, Founder of Hands-Free LLC at info@quikikscom. Therapeutic Benefits:  Increases independence in ADL skills  Improves self esteem

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