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we build a caring community

our community needs us. now.

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We’ve saved Jewish lives around the world for decades. We’ve established a nation. Now, suddenly, the crisis is here in the community we have built together. Whether we know it or not, every one of us has a family member, a friend or a neighbor who struggles to survive the most devastating economic downturn in generations. The initial jolt—a business collapse, a breadwinner’s unemployment, a debilitating illness or unexpected death—gives way to waves of aftershocks: home loss, food insecurity, family conflict, withdrawal from communal life as Jewish affiliation and education become unaffordable.

Throughout time, Jews have always taken care of one another. Jewish Federation & Family Services will ensure that every community member has a Jewish option in every facet of life – humanitarian services, education, leadership, social action and more.

with you , we can offer lifelines.

•E  mergency financial assistance for housing, utility bills, car repairs, gasoline and food •E  mployment guidance and economic empowerment programs to surmount obstacles to financial health and well-being • J ewish Free Loans for education, health, special needs and business development •B  est-in-class counseling, offering a Jewish approach to life challenges •S  pecial Needs Advocate, providing sustainable solutions for people with physical, emotional or cognitive disabilities

Any one of us could need a lifeline. Every one of us can offer a lifeline.

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People in crisis face numerous challenges. Jewish Federation & Family Services extends lifelines.

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Jewish Federation & Family Services

embraces every senior as a family member.

For many older adults, issues of health, mobility, finances, and social connection can be difficult to manage. For seniors alone, the challenges can be overwhelming. We can meet these needs for our parents, grandparents, siblings and ourselves. We can ensure senior participation in Jewish traditions, culture and learning. In partnership with Heritage Pointe and the Ezra Center, Jewish Federation & Family Services provides:

with you , we can care for our seniors. courtesy jfna

• SilverStreak transportation - to Jewish community activities, Shabbat services and more • Holocaust survivor services - emergency assistance, care management and Café Europa social programs • Care management – expert assistance in managing critical health, financial and legal issues

•B  ereavement support – helping surviving spouses to cope on their own •C  ounseling – enabling seniors to cope with isolation and build social connections

Our Jewish seniors deserve the best life we can provide. If not now, when?

Every Jewish child needs a Jewish education. Jewish Federation & Family Services opens the doors. In a time of economic crisis, the resources of our families, programs and institutions are strained beyond measure. Jewish Federation & Family Services opens the doors to a range of Jewish educational experiences for our youngest community members: • The PJ Library turns bedtime moments into Jewish moments through free Jewish-themed books and music sent monthly to families with preschool children • Tuition assistance for Jewish day school students guarantees an immersive Jewish education for every family that makes this important choice • Passport to Jewish Life® helps children and young adults to reach Jewish destinations they’d never dreamed possible: camp, Maccabi, TALIT Nation, religious school, Israel study and more

We can create the Jewish future. Starting today. photos courtesy jfna

with you , there is a Jewish future.

Visionary, passionate leaders. Every Jewish community needs them. Guiding a Jewish community takes vision, courage, commitment and passion, in the best of times and especially in the worst of times. With your support, Jewish Federation & Family Services can provide emerging leaders with extraordinary leadership tools and skills: •T  he Rose Project prepares Jewish students to be leaders on campus and in the community. The Rose Project strengthens Jewish programming on campus, supports Israel education and advocacy, and promotes dialogue and bridge-building • SKILLSETnpo®, our executive-level Jewish nonprofit leadership development program, produces skilled lay leaders. They emerge with a deeper understanding of the needs of our community, prepared to elicit excellence and innovation in every aspect of Jewish communal life. They are energized, they are inspired and they are ready to lead • L eadership training conferences and missions for young and emerging leaders are a powerful experience of shared learning, professional growth and personal commitment. Participants return with stronger bonds to one another, to Israel and to our community

with you , we will have leaders.

Step up and stand out. Invest in our Jewish leaders.

Israel. The heart of our global Jewish partnership.

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Our Jewish community reaches from Anaheim to Ashkelon and back again – a Jewish geography that spans time zones and traditions, continents and cultures. Through Jewish Federation & Family Services, Israel comes alive in programs at home and abroad:

with you , our global family is complete.

•K  iryat Malachi and Ashkelon Coast – our Israeli sister communities offer exciting opportunities to adopt a project, host a Youth Ambassador, create b’nai mitzvah connections, and so much more •S  afeSchools: Protecting Children in Israel – Israeli school shelters become welcoming multi-purpose rooms for children’s activities in times of peace or conflict •T  aglit-Birthright Israel – Jewish young adults, 18-26, build identity through first time educational trips to Israel • I srael Expo – a unique opportunity to experience Israel in Orange County, with thousands of friends •M  issions – a bonding experience like no other, in a country like no other

A strong heart = a healthy community. Locally and globally.

with you , we are stronger.

A caring community… from Aleph to Zayde. We can build it, together. Your involvement and support ensures that we will have… • • • • • • •

Emergency resources for neighbors in crisis Lifelines for the ill, unemployed, abandoned or abused Transportation, care and connections for seniors Affordable Jewish education Young adults prepared to defend against hate on campus Leaders ready to face any challenge Strong bonds with our family in Israel

Each one of us is essential to the health and strength of our community. Each act of giving bonds us to our extended Jewish family. Each act of giving fuels the programs and services that sustain us as Jews.

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When you give, you make it happen.

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Together we build a caring community