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JEWISH EDUCATION literacy, science, math, art, and movement. An example of this is when a class recently investigated construction based on the teachers noticing how many houses the children were building in the classroom. The teachers and children found a house that was being built in the neighborhood and spent the year visiting the house, watching, sketching and documenting the progress. They interviewed electricians, architects, plumbers, foremen, carpenters, locksmiths and more. A banker visited the classroom to tell them about how to get money to build a house. A carpenter visited the classroom and showed the children how to work with tools. A locksmith brought his truck to school and children learned how locks work and made their own keys. Through this, and other, similar investigations children learn about a wide variety of subjects and work on cognitive, motor and social emotional skills vital to maintaining a love of learning.

Staff We have a wide range of experience, degrees and specialized certifications represented among our teaching staff including masters degrees in early childhood education, social work, and nursing. We are pleased to have a teaching staff that brings longevity, experience, expertise, diversity and a dedication to viewing the child as competent members of our community. Teachers participate in an orientation class and ongoing continuing education (18 hours/year minimum) in the areas of child growth and development, healthy and safe environments, developmentally appropriate practices, the Reggio Approach, family relationships, cultural and individual diversity, and professionalism. Enrichment We offer a variety of enrichment opportunities through auxiliary staff members. We have a yoga instructor who works with the children every other week.

We have an optional gross motor and movement class provided by Amazing Athletes. And we often invite special guests into program for specific celebrations or investigations. Our Judaic specialist works closely with the teachers to bring lessons of Jewish values, holidays and traditions into the classroom weekly. With great intentionality, she incorporates the lessons with strong connec-


tions to their classroom experiences. Our connection to The Temple is considered among our most meaningful assets. The rabbi, the cantor and our Judaic specialist work with the children within the classrooms and they are also an important part of our weekly celebration of welcoming Shabbat. Come check out what The Temple Preschool can offer you and your family! •



The Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017 • 43

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017  

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017  

Guide to Jewish Nashville 2017